3018 Vs 3040 CNC Router : Which CNC Machine is Better in 2023?

Recently, the hype, trend and applications of CNC systems have reached the peak. There are various types of CNC machines, out of which, the one that occupied its position in the industrial and other professional domains is the CNC router. Not just that, the device also made its way into DIY workshops as well.  These days, many pro-grade and DIY-centric CNC machines are frequently seen to be used by many. 

A Computer Numeric Control mill or router involves subtractive manufacturing which is akin to drilling. However, the former (i.e. the router) has the additional ability to cut workpieces both vertically and horizontally. Since a CNC router can cut materials along varied axes, the device has the potential to create a wide assortment of shapes and designs. 

So, today we will discuss and compare two such CNC routers, namely:  the 3018 and 3040 CBC routers. 

The 3040 CNC router is similar to CNC 3018, featuring high-quality material cutting and available at a cost-effective price. However, CNC 3040 is significantly larger and more powerful than CNC 3018.  

Unlike the 3018 CNC router which is limited to cutting hardwoods only, the CNC 3040 can be utilized to cut various materials types up to Aluminum. Plus, with accurate 3040 system up gradation, you can even cut certain steel-grade materials as well. If you are looking for a relatively compact router option that has versatile cutting potential, 3040 CNC is better than CNC 3018 to upgrade your workshop collection.

Talking about the specifications, both CNC 3018 and 3040 are alike. However, both the systems are significantly different in some ways:

  • Extensible Spindle: The larger housing of the 3040 CNC router allows for easy exchanging of the spindle holder. That means with this spindle holder exchanging ability, you can install a larger and sturdier spindle to cut harder or softer material workpieces easily. 
  • Control box: The control board and power supply of 3040 CNC routers are separate, which is just opposite of the desktop machines with connected power supplies. This allows the 3040 machine for easy setting adjustments,  a reliable emergency shutdown, and for uploading code.
  • Wider build area: As 3040 CNC router has a wider build area than 3018 one, you can conveniently implement major works/projects on larger workpieces.
  • Vertical Work-holding slots: The smaller CNC routers have table slots in horizontal position. But the vertical work-holding slots (as in CNC 3040) drive along the machine’s long end, allowing the workpiece to be clamped anywhere. 3018, on the other hand, is similar to 3040 but the former’s work area is smaller than the latter’s.
  • Z probe: Conventionally, you had to use the tool length sensor for zeroing the CNC router’s bit position in regard to the workpiece. This is what you had to do with the smaller CNC router. 3040 CNC router, however, comes with this Z probing feature. So, you won’t have to spend extra time doing this redundant manual zeroing of the router tool anymore.
  • Easy extensions: Updating your CNC router spindle is just as simple as swapping the holder out. The vacuum boot for a drip lubrication and dust collecting system are the two additional extensions you should consider. Both these upgrades keep the router from getting stuck or burning up.

To conclude, most of the above features that apply on CNC 3040 are akin to the smaller CNC machines. The only differences are the potentiality and size of the accessories that allow the work to be done more professionally. 

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