Axes for Woodworking in 2022

There’s more than just the size and the features of an axe required for different woodworking projects. Woodcutting is an art and to accomplish it in the correct way, adhering to the industry standards, it is better to get hands-on quality and durable axe items. Not all axes are quality ones. So, a little market research can help you invest in the correct option. Whether you are engaged with basic or professional woodworking projects, you have to choose an axe that can be used easily. So, we bring to you some of the top-rated items to help you narrow down the options and pick the correct one.


1. Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch

Are you in search of an efficient axe with great design? The above said splitting axe could be your perfect pick. As it is 36 inches in length, you can easily cut long pieces of log in just one strike. The handle is fixed on the axe in such a way that it is easy to hold it and cut any piece of log in just one strike easily.

Manufactured from high-quality items, it weighs 5.85 pounds and therefore, it is easy to carry and portable. It will last for a long time and therefore, worth the money you will spend. So, when beginners are in search of an all-rounder axe that makes chopping easy, this is one of the recommended options.


  • Durable and sturdy axe to use
  • Perfect pick for tall users
  • You can cut medium size wood in single strike


  • The part of split on the axe could have been a little strong

2. Fiskars X7 Hatchet 14″”

Fiskars X7 Hatchet 14 inch

If this is the first time you are looking for a wood splitting axe, the above said option is the ideal option to try. It offers great grip with a good handle, making it comfortable on your palms even when you have to hold the axe for a longer time.

As this is 14 inches in size, this hatchet is perfect for one-hand use and provides the precision of cut. To cut small to medium size logs, this is the ideal option. With an ergonomic handle, it is a comfortable and proper balance when cutting wood pieces.

Moreover, the blade of the axe is balanced in such a way that it easily cuts the wood log in one strike. Apart from this, the axe has sharp ends that give ultimate cutting required for woodworking projects.


  • The axe is easy to use
  • It is comfortable to hold it for long
  • It comes with lifetime warranty


  • The handle may get slippery after long hours of work

3. TABOR TOOLS Chopping Axe, Hand Axe

TABOR TOOLS Chopping Axe, Hand Axe

When looking for an axe perfect for chopping and cutting, this is the one. This durable option is suitable to be used for wood cutting, cutting fallen trees, cutting tree branches and the like options. The size of the axe is perfect to cut different sizes of logs with ease.

Moreover, it is installed with a fiberglass handle that is durable and does not slip when you need a good grip to cut a long piece of wood. It is suitable both for heavy-duty and medium cutting procedures. It feels comfortable on your hands even after using it for long hours.

This 12 inch hatchet has compact design and therefore, perfect to fit in backpacks in camping or traveling to places. Get the one that you can easily hold for long time without causing any pain to your palms when cutting the large pile of woods.


  • This is a multipurpose axe
  • It is easy to swing
  • It is installed with non-slip fiberglass for better grip
  • It has non-stick blade and it is lightweight
  • It is suitable for chopping big size wood and trees


  • It is not perfect for heavy-duty cutting purposes
  • It tends to lose from its edge

4. Fiskars 375581-1001 Chopping Axe, 28-Inch

Fiskars 375581-1001 Chopping Axe, 28-Inch

Are you in search of a powerful axe to work with? The above said one could be a good option to invest for with which you can cut trees in seconds. This is suitable to accomplish heavy duty tasks and perfectly cut large wooden logs in woodworking projects.

The blade is fixed perfectly such that each hit cuts deeper with précised results. Moreover, it is manufactured from quality items that make it resistant to rust. The blade is manufactured from the quality item and therefore, it does not require frequent sharpening to get the perfect cut.

The sharp end of the blade will last for a long time and thus, it is a perfect choice to use it in different woodworking projects.


  • This is a powerful axe to try
  • This is among the trusted brands
  • The design is excellent to cut different size of wooden logs


  • The steel material used on the blade tends to be fade out soon

5. Estwing E44A 16-Inch Steel Camper’s Axe with Nylon Sheath

Estwing E44A 16-Inch Steel Camper's Axe with Nylon Sheath

Looking for a handy tool for camping and woodworking projects? Well, the above said one is an ideal option to try. It is made from a single piece that stays together in place and gives the maximum force when cutting a long piece of wood in one try.

The axe has a leather grip making it comfortable to hold the axe for long hours without any discomfort in your palms. It also helps in safe and easy usage. The above product has been manufactured adhering to the latest standard and safety measures to manufacture an axe. However, to protect the axe, it has a nylon sheath connected that prevents damage and retains the sharpness of the blade for long time.


  • It is a suitable option for camping
  • It is one of the preferred options to get précised results
  • It is suitable for outdoor activities
  • Installed with quality material, it is a sturdy one


  • The hatchet blade tends to become dull

6. Columbia River Knife & Tool CRKT Woods Tomahawk Axe

Columbia River Knife & Tool CRKT Woods Tomahawk Axe

It comes with a primitive feel and chops wood efficiently with one hand. In other words, this modern tactical axe is the perfect choice for accomplishing different woodworking projects. Perfectly designed and offers great utility, this has a 1055 carbon steel blade that helps get the required curve on wooden pieces.

To cut big wood chunks with ease, it is none other than the above said one. Though it has an ancient look, it is great for smooth handling even after hours of using it. With a fantastic look, the blades are great to work with for years to go without problems of rust and the like.


  • It is manufactured from quality steel blade
  • It is installed with premium quality leather sheath
  • Handle has good grip offering comfort


  • The axe fails to give correct finish after using it for long

7. Estwing Sportsman’s Axe – 14″ Camping Hatchet

Estwing Sportsman's Axe - 14 Camping Hatchet

Are you in search of a long lasting and durable axe for your woodworking projects? It is none other than the above said one that is available at an affordable range. The design is made in one piece and it offers outdoor versatility as you can easily carry it when going camping.

From splitting firewood to chopping logs, this product is the perfect option to invest for. It is installed with quality ballistic nylon sheath that protects the sharp edges of the axe. As the grip is manufactured from a quality leather option, it is comfortable on your hands and does not result in any pain even after long hours of use. It is carefully constructed with a balanced weight that offers affectivity at its greatest.


  • It comes with a quality grip when using it hours
  • It is installed with heavy duty sheath
  • This is the perfect option for outdoor activities
  • It is a durable and long lasting option


  • The corners of the edge tend to become dull

8. Husqvarna S2800 27″ Composite Splitting Axe

Husqvarna S2800 27 Composite Splitting Axe

If you are in search of a powerful axe required for splitting logs, it is none other than the above said one. This splitting axe from Husqvarna is installed with quality fiberglass that makes it comfortable on your palms even when cutting huge wood logs for hours. For effective and easy use of a hammer for splitting purposes, the axe head and other parts of the axe are perfectly designed.

In this, it is correctly fixed to the shaft along with a steel wedge that makes it tight to use on long pieces of wood. Also, it has a light shaft that boosts the power of cutting the wooden logs in one single strike. With precision of cut, the blade is manufactured from quality items and it is worthy to invest for as it would go for years long.


  • It has optimum power for perfect splitting
  • The fiberglass gives good grip on the handle
  • Handle is lightweight and so, you can use it for long


  • It has heavy weight

9. Fiskars IsoCore Maul, 36-Inch (751110-1003)

Fiskars IsoCore Maul, 36-Inch (751110-1003)

If you wish to invest for a quality axe that is perfect for splitting wood, the above said product would be the safest bet. It is installed with a quality shock control system that prevents shock and vibration problems when using the axe for long hours. It functions great when compared to wooden handles.

The blade geometry gives better penetration when you have to cut long wooden logs in one strike. For professional woodworking projects, this axe is the perfect option that is sure to help you even when you are working for hours with it.

Installed with great performing handles, it does not swing and cause any discomfort in your palms. Moreover, it has an inseparable head portion that prevents sliding even when you are striking it on wooden logs with great force.


  • It has flared handle
  • It offers textured grip
  • It has quality blade for precision of cut
  • It comes with rust –resistant finish on blades


  • The construction of the axe could have been better

10. Cold Steel All-Purpose Axe with Hickory Handle

Cold Steel All-Purpose Axe with Hickory Handle

Installed with European style head, it has one 4 inch blade and a 4 ½ inch cutting edge for précised cutting results. With every strike, it is possible to get a deep cut. The features incorporated make it sturdy and durable with a solid handle.

This has a traditional look with a hickory handle. Made from quality materials, this is a lightweight one and it is durable to use for a long time. The toughness of the axe makes it easy to hold it tight and get the cut on your desire in woodworking projects. If you are a professional woodworker, this axe is the suitable option to try.


  • It has a flared handle
  • It is installed with a European style blade
  • Blade made from quality carbon steel


  • The fixing of the handle could have been better

What are the tips to buy an axe?

When buying an axe the first time, it is better to go by some vital considerations. It shall help you know whether the axe is worth spending. A durable and sturdy one shall help you work perfectly with the axe for your woodworking project.

The Final Words

As there is a wide range of axes and hatchets in the correct, try to follow the above mentioned tips. In addition to this, go through the features mentioned above that shall help you pick the right one. The axe you invest for should have the latest features making your woodworking projects an easy going one.

Though cost cutting is possible on the features and the size of the axe, you should not compromise on its quality and durability that it offers. Better quality items indicate quality and a comfortable handle that does not result in pain even when you are using it for a long time. So, only after thorough research, you have to invest for the correct one that would go a long way. It should be such that the axe can be used for a wide range of woodworking projects.

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