5-Axis CNC Controllers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Buying a 5 axis CNC controller can be a daunting task for DIY and beginner woodworkers. A 5 axis controller can work with multiple inlets so you need to consider factors like the voltage input, software supported, sensor support and data speed before choosing the option.

Based on your usage and what a particular type of controller offers, you also need to keep in mind that there is usually heavy documentation that you need to go through before operating these controllers.  

A 5 axis CNC controller is specially used whenever we work on a project where there is a demand for multiple simultaneous operations like when you need to control the spindle speed, arrange and make multiple stepper motors work and also ensure the feed rate is sorted beforehand. To make the task easy, we have chosen the 5 axis CNC controllers

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5-Axis CNC Controllers

1. 5 Axis Mach3 Stepper Motor Controller Board : Product Overall

5 Axis Mach3 Stepper Motor Controller Board

Are you looking for a high speed chip for better and fast inputs? The above said 5 Axis Mach3 Stepper Motor Controller Board Breakout Board interface board For CNC Router Engraving Milling Machine could be a good investment option. For stable functioning of the machine offering durability, this is the one. 

To get correct signals removing the disturbed signals, this motor controller can be the one for beginners and experienced ones. With 12 output and 7 input signals, it can be easily connected with the host computer and enable an easy connectivity flow without much disruption.

Quality LPT ports are installed that enable easy and equal power distribution. This helps in the easy connection between machine tools and computers. Due to this, it helps in the secured handling of data with better stability. 

Some of the output ports have reusable functionality. Also, there are some ports that are meant for a single task. Therefore, with high voltage supply, it has a wide array of usage. Moreover, optical coupling isolation can help in easy access to the spindle.



  • Comes with a special high speed chip for better handling of multiple operations

  • Has 5 input signals and 12 output signals(6 linkage) which means rich in functionality

  • Works easily with MACH 3 software

  • Works best only with Windows XP

Other Great Picks

2. 5 Axis Breakout Board, Maximum 100 kHz MACH3 Controller

5 Axis Breakout Board, Maximum 100 kHz MACH3 Controller

When in search of a CNC controller compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating system, this above said the system could be the safest bet. It enables easy connection of motor drivers along with smooth external connectivity.

The output frequency for the machine is 100 KHz in which the width can be changed as per requirement. Moreover, the limit switch, auto tool zero sensor, stop switch and the home switch offers convenience to use the controller machine. 

With an output speed of 0 to 10 V, spindle starts control signal, it can be used for suitable machines. It comes with an easy start and stops buttons. The 5 axis controller makes it easy to control the machine tools.

This makes the machine perfect for use by the beginners. Some other features include drive relays, control atomizer, pumps, and quality valves including other equipment. 

Offering a better signal interface, it is easy to control the driver and may not require any technical influence when using the controller for the first time.



  • You can easily connect 5 stepper motors or servo motors

  • The CNC Controller has a maximum output pulse frequency of 100KHz which can also be adjusted as per your requirements

  • Has features like auto tool zero sensor, home switch and NPN sensor

  • Doesn’t support Mac OS

3. 5 Axis Breakout Board interface Mach3 CNC Controller

5 Axis Breakout Board interface Mach3 CNC Controller

This CNC controller is compatible to run on MACH3, KCAM4, EMC2 and the like version of the software. When connected to the PC, it can easily choose the USB to supply adequate power or something equivalent to 5v. With a five step motor driver, it is easy to work on and install the setup. 

Even the interface has 5-way input that makes it smooth to connect the switch, stop switch, reset it and connect it with other signals on the controller. With an excellent high data transfer speed of up to 10Mbit per second, it is perfect to work with. Moreover, there are LED indicators on input signals that become easy to control, spindle and the like parts. 

The board offers easy installation and it has USB cable, parallel cable and breakout board in the package for better accessibility. The default configuration of the controller is compatible to run with mach3 but it is better to go through the instructions given to make it run with other machines.



  • All input mediums have signal indication through LEDs

  • Data transfer speed is upto 10MBits/s for quick operations

  • Mainly supports MACH3, KCAM4, EMC2 and few other CNC softwares

  • Does not support Mac OS

  • Not a good option for heavy tasks

4. KOOBOOK 1Pcs 5 Axis CNC Controller

KOOBOOK 1Pcs 5 Axis CNC Controller

Offering full support to MACH3 along with other computer systems, this CNC controller is a suitable option to try. Both the peripheral and USB power supply is separately connected for the safety and security of using the controller machine. With an input level of 5V driver, it can be connected with other compatible devices. 

With an excellent peripheral voltage input of 12 – 12V, it supports anti-reverse functioning. The input signals are incorporated in such a way that it can be connected with emergency stop, limit, and excellent tool setting of the machine. 

The installation of the modules requires little technical knowledge. It has 17 ports in total that are connected with the drive making it easy to control the stepper motor set up with 5 axis types.  



  • Completely supports MACH3 without any limitations

  • Security of the system has been ensured using a USB power supply and peripheral power supply

  • All the inlets have been isolated by an optical diaphragm

  • You need to go through tedious documentation as a beginner


Based on the project requirement and factors we mentioned earlier, you can choose the 5 axis CNC controller. Other factors influencing the purchase are its weight, work radius, speed of the machine, capability of power consumption, and the like. When planning to invest in an expensive one, it is better to research and consider the mentioned factors properly. 

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