Benchtop Jointers of 2023

Are you a professional woodworker or a DIYer who is looking for excellence in all the products they create then you surely would have heard of a benchtop jointer. In this post, we will be looking at the benchtop jointer in 2023. 

A benchtop jointer is an electrical tool that flattens out warped pieces of wood. These power tools have a broad base and a flat surface on the top and a metal ball at the rear. There are three main types – Benchtop jointer, Long bed jointer, and Closed stand jointer. In this article, we will be going into the details of Benchtop jointers in the market. 

Benchtop Jointers

1. Cutech 40160H-CT : Product Overall

Cutech 40160H-CT 6 Bench Top Spiral Cutterhead Jointer

The Cutech 40160H-CT 6 Bench Top Spiral Cutterhead Jointer has a 6-inch wide spiral cutter head, 90 to 135-degree fence, powerful motor, and adjustable tables. The Cutech 40160H-CT has a 30-inch table width, a 2.5-inch dust extraction port, and a cutting depth of 1/8 inches. This joinder is ideal for woodworkers on a budget and for doing it yourself people.

It can also be used by professionals working on the smaller workshops as it uses spiral rutters rather than helical ones. This jointer is lighter and quieter than the other benchtop jointers and gives the smoother finish. When paired with a good vacuum cleaner, this becomes very easy to clean and mess-free. Although you should be careful while using the jointer on hard words such as hard maple as the engine might slow down, nevertheless, this jointer will handle anything under 4 feet beautifully. This is one is the benchtop jointer available in the market at present and an unbeatable price. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

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2. Delta 37-071 6-Inch Benchtop Jointer : Comes with 5 Year Warranty

Delta 37-071 6-Inch Benchtop Jointer

Whenever you are looking for woodworking tools, Delta Power Tools is the company that has made its name themselves and has been around close to 90 years in the market, developing every other woodworking tool you could imagine. This signifies that their products are made with extreme accuracy and precision. Most of the parts of this tool are made of durable cast iron, which reduces vibration, improves stability, and gives finer results, also explaining it’s heavyweight.

The price point of this jointer is slightly higher on the scale but is justified in all ways. Although in terms of dust collection, it does not come with an internal exhaust fan and requires an external vacuum system to be used at all times. It is essential that you use a vacuum device at all times as the wood shavings will get everywhere in your garage. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

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3. Grizzly G0725 6 by 28-Inch Benchtop Jointer : Runner Up

Grizzly G0725 6 by 28-Inch Benchtop Jointer

This benchtop jointer weighs 80 pounds, which helps to keep the vibrations to its minimum and increases its stability. This is one tough jointer whose table and fans are both made of cast iron. The only plastic that has been used in this machine is it on off switch. Although if you are using this machine in a small area, it might be difficult to cut longer boards. But any piece of wood under 3 feet will be cut perfectly by this pointer, and everything above this size won’t get a perfect finish.

Be assured that the size of this bench jointer is not a limitation and does not affect its functionality. Because of its weight, there have been mixed reviews among people who have been using this pointer. Some of them have found this a perfect fit right out of the box for all their needs, whereas some of them have reported that the cast iron tables are not leveled and not adjustable causing the whole equipment to not work properly.

There have also been some reports of weak fence brackets, broken pieces, and stripped bolts. These might be cases of the product being mismanaged during shipping, and obviously, it could be painful when your product does not come in perfect condition. The good padded you can always return if there is an issue. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

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4. POWERTEC BJ600 with Built-In Dust Collection : Product Under Budget

POWERTEC BJ600 with Built-In Dust Collection View 1

If you are looking for a benchtop jointer when you are working on a budget, or you are looking for the value of your money, the power tech BJ600 benchtop jointer is great to buy. Just like other expensive jointers, the table and fence of this jointer is made of cast iron. You will find that it is at a reasonable price and will not be needed to replace any time soon as it’s built to last.

Another positive part is the rotation of the fence at 45 degrees in both inward and outward direction, which makes both chamfer and bevel cuts smoother on any piece of wood. If these reasons were not enough to motivate you to buy the BJ 600 jointer, you would be thrilled to know that it comes with its own internal dust collection system. You will not be required to hook your vacuum cleaner for dust collection as this comes with its dust collection bag.

Depending on how much you need to cut off the word, you can easily raise and lower the tables. This benchtop jointer comes with a 1 3/4 horsepower peak motor, cutting width at 6 1/8″, and a maximum cutting depth of 1/8″. The cast iron table measures in at 28 1/2″ and the fence at 22 7/8″. 


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5. PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Benchtop Jointer : Benchtop Jointer for Beginner

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Benchtop Jointer

This is the benchtop jointer for beginners. First of all, this tool is super affordable for anyone who is on a budget as it is worth every penny because of its endless good features. First of all, it can cut pieces up to 6 inches wide and around 3 feet long. Whether you are interested in edging or face jointing or flattening, this tool will simplify your work. The quality of this pointer is not even debatable. Even though this Porter cable jointer is not made for longboards, its features will leave you amazed.

The first one is its feature of speed control, where you can choose the speed of cutter from 6,000 to 11,000 rotations per minute depending on the job at hand and thickness of the wood. Also, you get an efficient and smooth cut. You can also replace them with ease and tilt the fence to the desired angle. Although it does not come with the dust collection system of its own once an external vacuum is hooked up, it works great. Setting up Porter Cable 6 Inch Variable Speed Bench Jointer is easy, and you can start cutting wood in under a half-hour. It will be great if you do not expect to cut a 10-foot board with this jointer, but for what it’s worth, this jointer surely packs a punch. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

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6. Jet JJP-8BT 8” Jointer/Planer Combo : Premium Choice

Jet JJP-8BT 8” Jointer/Planer Combo

For anyone who is low on space and wants to achieve a lot, the Jet JJP-8BT is the perfect fit. With a powerful 13 Amp motor, this jointer gives you 18000 woodcuts in a minute craving wood effortlessly. An Important feature of this joint is that this is a machine that comes with two tools – benchtop jointer and a planner.

The company has perfected their art of killing two birds with the same stone. It also comes with an 8-inch board width, which is also the greatest selling point. Anyone who is working with wider boards, the tool at this price in size, will be a high plus point. Although there have been complaints about loose bolts, mismanagement of infeed and outfeed tables, and the dust collection ports made of plastic which are prone to cracking under pressure. The last one is a design flaw, other problems arise either as manufacturing issue or shipping issue. Keeping these complaints apart, this is a grade benchtop jointer that gives smooth cards and comes with a quality guarantee. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

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Other Great Picks

7. WEN 6560 Jointer (Benchtop Model)

WEN 6560 Jointer (Benchtop Model)

This WEN 6560 Benchtop Jointer is priced higher than its competitors, and you can expect expert performance as well. Weighing 80 pounds, this jointer uses a cast iron base that reduces vibrations and brings stability during woodcutting. It also comes with an adjustable fence, a two-year warranty, and the 20,000-Cuts per minute (CPM) performance is at par with the overall build of this tool. You might also be interesting in knowing more about the router lifts


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

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8. Woodtek 6” Bench Top Jointer

Woodtek 6” Bench Top Jointer

The Woodtek 6” Benchtop jointer has a maximum speed of 15,000 CPM (cuts per minute) and is portable as it weighs only 42 pounds. This is one of the benchtop jointer in terms of portability available in the market, which is also affordable. Another positive feature is the use of cast iron and the use of an aluminum fence that can be adjusted for different cuts such as chamfer, bevel, and straight. This is also preferred for its long-lasting capacity.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Benchtop Jointer

You must make informed decisions while choosing the right benchtop jointer. We understand that it gets challenging to pick out what tool will work for you with all the noise especially if you are new to woodworking. Although a general rule a lot of people follow is that spending more money is proportional to getting a quality product and mind it, jointers are no exception to this rule. Among many factors, your tool must be safe and reliable as these power tools are susceptible to accidents. 

Why do you consider purchasing a benchtop jointer, or should you look for its mobility, size, capacity, cut death, fence, cut head, and dust collection. We will be talking at first about these factors and then carry on with the detailed review of benchtop jointers.  You can also read our guide on the benchtop mills.


Benchtop jointers are great wood cutting tools that fit into small spaces and are perfect for small projects, both personal and professional. You should always check for the mobility of these power tools as most times; they are fixed to benches.

Cutter head width

While purchasing a benchtop jointer, the width of the cutter head is another important feature. You usually get a size of 6 inches. What this means is that the widest number that you can cut from your joinder will be 6 inches. So depending on your larger requirements, buy a jointer that matches your requirement with a cutter head. Although the size of 6 inches is enough for most of the professional woodworkers and hobbyists. But if you need a larger size, you could get stand jointers for 16 and even 18 inches. 

Cutting depth

This feature determines how much you can cut off through the joint in each pass. Many drawing machines come with cutting steps that can be changed depending on the requirement. As the cutting death will determine how many times you will have to run the jointer until your board is fully flat, thus make sure you choose a jointer that is of your desired cutting depth. 


The efficient working of your jointer depends on the motor used and the power that it delivers. Even though all the machines work on electricity, it does not imply that their Power capacity will be the same. The power will also affect the speed of your benchtop jointer. As these benchtop jointers are designed keeping in mind the home workshops, thus they do not require extra power, but if you are going for industrial jointers such as stand up joint or you might require a dual-phase outlet of 440 watts. 

The fence

The fence is the part of the drawing, which is used to stabilize the word as you are running your machine through it. It is also used to check if the wood is flat once complete. At times you need that the wood can be cut at different angles, and thus it is essential that the jointer has an adjustable fence. You also need to check if the fence is sturdy. 

Dust Collection

if you are buying a benchtop jointer, it means that most probably, you will be using it in your home workshop or garage, and cleanup is a messy and painful task. So make sure that your jointer has the ability to dust collector in place. Some jointers either have a dust collection bag attached to them or pipe fitting that can be attached to an external vacuum system to collect all the sawdust. 


We hope the above reviews help you choose the benchtop jointer. There are a variety of benchtop jointers in the market which vary in price, speed, power and features being offered.

You can pick the right one only after you are sure of your requirements. We are always testing and looking out for new routers that can help you in your woodworking project so our list will continuously be refreshed. 

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