10 Best Grease Guns In 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Grease guns are extremely useful tools that can help you lubricate different parts of the machinery in your workshop. They are also helpful for certain types of DIY projects, or for doing some maintenance jobs around the house or in the garage. Whether you want a gun with that functions with air pressure, or just a simple hand pumped one – there are endless options available.

Before coming to a conclusion and to find out what the best products in the market start, check out the list below. You can also read the buying guide that follows to find out what factors you need to keep in mind to find the right gun for you.

Product Name

Operating Pressure

Special Features


Ultimate Choice

10,000 Max PSI With 5.0 Oz./Min

Comes With High Flow With Better Visibility

All rounder

10,000 PSI Max Operating Pressure With 10 Oz. / Minute

Best In Class Precision Which Comes With Air Bleeder Value

Budget Friendly

7,000 PSI

Has Rod Lock To Protect From Accidental Damage

10 Best Grease Guns

1. DEWALT DCGG571M1 : Best Product Overall

DEWALT Cordless DCGG571M1

The cordless grease gun by Dewalt weighs just below 15 pounds with an output of 5 oz. Per minute. The shell of the gun is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which makes it perfect for everything from the easiest works around a house or small workshop, to the toughest ones in a professional workshop.

The internal parts of the gun are made of die cast magnesium, and the fasteners also matched the overall quality of the gun. It has a 20 volt battery and a powerful motor that can deliver pressures up to 10,000 psi – which, given its size, is quite impressive. It’s also a very compact and lightweight gun.

The runtime of this tool is 16 cartridges per charge and it also comes with a 42-inch flex hose which allows you to breeze even the most difficult to reach areas. There’s an LED light which makes it easy to work in the dark and the trigger is pressure sensitive, so it allows you to control the flow of grease. Although it’s not a very cheap gun, it is a durable, reliable and best product which will not let you down. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Quite powerful

  • Good output permanent

  • Pressure sensitive trigger

  • Can be a bit expensive 

2. Milwaukee 2646-22CT Gun : Best Multipupose Grease Gun

Milwaukee 2646-22CT Gun

Operated cordless, the Milwaukee grease gun is a handy tool which gives you the ultimate freedom for movement. It’s also a very durable product and will last you a lifetime with good upkeep. The gun has been manufactured using high quality materials and an ergonomic design. You can also choose between two different flow rates with this product, the maximum being 10 ounces of grease released per minute.

It has a 48″ hose which is very flexible, so you can reach even the hardest to access places. The battery is rechargeable and powerful enough to run 10 grease cartridges without needing a recharge. The product is packed with a shoulder strap which is extremely comfortable and makes it easy to carry the gun with you on the go.

The 18 lbs. Tool is light enough that you can add it to your toolbox without increasing too much weight. Although the gun is a little bit pricey and you might have to figure out a larger budget, it will also last you for a lifetime, so it’s worth every penny. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Powerful and long lasting

  • Adjustable flow rate

  • Cordless operation increases maneuverability and functionality

  • May be a bit too pricey 

3. Lumax LX 1152 Grease Gun  : Best Under Budget

Lumax LX-1152 Grease Gun

The heavy-duty grease gun by Lumax has an extensive 18″ hose which allows you to reach far away and inaccessible areas. Since the hose is flexible, it also functions more precisely and accurately compared to a rigid hose. The powerful motor of this gun is capable of developing pressure of 7000 PSI, which is quite impressive given its size and pricing. Lumax LX 1152 grease gun comes with an air bleeder which allows you to release any trapped air before you start filling it with grease.

You can also use the filler nipple for checking how much grease is left inside the cartridge. There are three options for loading the grease gun – standard cartridge, bulk fill, and suction fill. You can use the one that is least messy for you.

The head of the gun is made with cast alloy which increases reinforcement, and the handle is oil resistant, so that you can get a good rubber grip even if your hands are slippery and greasy. There’s a tough follower fitted inside to form a tight seal and eliminate any leakage. Lumax is one of the best grease guns for the money since it’s appropriately priced. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Extensive 18-inch hose

  • Lightweight and allows one hand operation

  • Quite affordable

  • Sometimes the plunger fails to release any grease

4. Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Gun : Best Premium Pick

Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Gun

Lincoln 1162 one is a little upgrade over the previous grip grease gun, because it uses pressurized air for pushing grease through the nozzle. It also has the ability to control the flow speed of the breeze, by using a pressure dependent trigger.

You can slow down the release of grease from the gun if you are working on a precision project, or speed everything up if you want a quick work. Another salient feature of this gun is that it keeps running until the cartridge inside it is completely empty.

Lincoln 1162 allows you to work faster and in a more precise manner without having to stop again and again. It’s also a very durable product and is made with sturdy materials that will last you a lifetime. It comes with a one-year warranty, and the 30″ hose included with the setup will allow you to reach even the most difficult to reach areas. Lincoln 1162 can also remove the cause if you want to use the gun directly for quicker jobs. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • One year warranty

  • Air operated and more powerful

  • Consistent operation until the cartridge is completely empty

  • More expensive than hand operated models 

Other Great Picks

5. Astro 101 Mini Grease Gun

Astro 101 Mini Grease Gun

If you are mostly focused on touch-ups and basic things around your home, you might be better off investing in a mini grease gun like this one by Astro. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it is also extremely lightweight at just 0.6 lbs. You can carry it around without adding too much bulk, and just tow it away in your toolbox when you’re not using it.

The needle tip nozzle of the grease gun is meant for precision tasks and will help you target even very small areas. It’s a hand operated device and it uses pneumatic technology in order to push the grease through the gun and on the surface that you need to lubricate.

The canister of the gun is capable of storing up to 3 ounces of grease, which is just enough for small time jobs. Having said that comma it may not be the best choice for professional usage, precisely because it can hold only a small amount of grease. Moreover, it uses a hand pump mechanism for pushing the grease on the surface which may become cumbersome and tiring if you need to use it for a long time making it the best mini grease gun. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Affordable mini gun

  • Comes with a precision tip

  • Extremely lightweight and portable

  • Not suitable for professional use

  • Hand pump mechanism can induce fatigue

6. Lincoln Lubrication Heavy Duty 1134

Lincoln Lubrication Heavy Duty 1134

The lubrication gun by Lincoln is a heavy-duty tool which is powerful enough to handle rough and tough conditions, and still comes at an affordable price. The gun has a little bit more capacity and power compared to the previous option, but it still manages to be a budget friendly and money saving alternative.

You can control this gun completely using your hands, so you don’t need to recharge it or use any batteries. It’s also a very durable tool and at 2.8 lbs., Extremely durable. It has been designed in such a way that the pump head of the grease gun is cast in solid metal. This makes it resistant against grease and also increases the longevity and strength. The handle of Lincoln 1134 is also quite easy to use, and the nozzle has a flexible cable which allows you to reach even the most difficult places.

At the bottom, there’s a small wall with which you can check how clean your gun is. This eliminates the need to dismantle it when cleaning is required. It is also one of the best american made grease gun. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Flexible cable allows you to reach hard places

  • Solid metal pump head maintains longevity and strength

  • Affordable

  • May be a bit taxing on the hands

  • Needs to be cleaned after every five or six refills


Lumax LX-1152 Grease Gun

The pistol gun by Bravex has a salient feature that sets it apart from its competitors – it arrives with an O-ring sealed high pressure piston design. This design prevents any leakage of grease as it leaves the gun from the pump head. The tool also has a metallic case head which is durable enough, combined with a steel made canister.

This ensures that if you accidentally drop this gun, it will not be damaged completely. There’s also an air bleeder valve which removes trapped air to ensure that it is completely empty before you fill in the grease. The 18 inch heavy reinforced flex hose, combined with a coupler, are also part of the package and allow you to reach into inaccessible areas with the flexible hose.

A 5.5 metal extension tube which has a sharp nozzle further ensures that when you are dispensing grease, it is precise and accurate. The gun also comes with a high capacity battery, so you can rest assured that it will stay functional during the entire work session and since it also comes with a coupler, we recommend it as the best grease gun that comes along with a coupler. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Flexible hose for reaching inaccessible areas

  • Sharp nozzle for precision greasing

  • Air bleeder valve to remove trapped air

  • It's a little bit heavy and bulky 

8. GreaseTek 910100 Pistol Grip

GreaseTek 910100 Pistol Grip

The pistol gun by GreaseTek is ideal if you need to oil any inaccessible areas. This is because it arrives with a slim nozzle that can deliver up to 1 oz. Off lubrication. The machine is capable of storing up to 400 cc of grease, which is just enough for even the longest working sessions. Besides the pistol gun, the package also includes an 18-inch hose, a bleeder valve, and an extension pipe with a grease gun coupler.

There’s also a bulk file valve included. In other words, you will not have to buy any accessories with this particular package. The greasetek premium pistol grip handle, combined with the knurled barrel improves your ability to grip the grease gun for extended periods of time and decrease any fatigue or exhaustion.

The new and improved design of the gun also prevents any leakages when you are using it. You can also switch out the hose with a regular application rod if you want to improve precision and efficiency of the work. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Ribbed handle makes it easy to grip

  • Gives a good output with every stroke

  • Includes all the accessories you can possibly need

  • There's no LED like for working at night 

9. Alemite 555-E Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Alemite 555-E Pistol Grip Grease Gun

The grease pistol gun from Alemite he’s capable of delivering up to 1 oz of material with just one stroke. It’s a multipurpose gun because you can choose between a high pressure delivery function, or high-volume delivery depending on the kind of job that you are doing. The canister inside the grease gun is capable of storing up to 16 oz of material and also delivers the pressure of 7500 psi when releasing the lubricant from the gun.

Moreover, this product also comes with a robust spring, a coupler, and an 18-inch pliant hose – which means that it is ready to use right out of the box. You can either load the gun in bulk, or with the help of a canister. There’s a bleeder wall to remove any extra air and extra pressure on the gun, which also improves its life. In other words, it’s the best tool for workshops, home usage, as well as cargo handling. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Reasonable output

  • Will last a long time

  • Has bleeder walls for removing trapped air

  • Can be a bit expensive 

10. Bravex Grease Gun 


Operating at a pressure of 6000 psi, this is a gun because it is not only convenient, but also capable of performing heavy duty work. It arrives with an 18-inch flexible hose that you can use for reaching inaccessible areas and increase the maneuverability of the gun. It also has an air bleeder wall for removing any air pockets. The O-ring sealing design of the gun prevents leakage of grease when it is released from the pump.

You can also choose between three types of loading systems depending on your requirements, and also to prevent any messy loading. At just 3.99 pounds, it’s quite a lightweight tool and can also be handled with just one hand quite easily. Besides the elastic hose, it also comes with a stiff hose that measures 6 inches.

This hose is exceptionally useful then you are working on accurate and precise jobs. The nozzle of the grease gun also increases its precision and efficiency when releasing grease. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Comes with staff as well as flexible hose

  • Output is great

  • Air bleeder valve for removing air pockets

  • Does not come with an LED light for nighttime operations 

Buying Guide 

Here are the most important factors you need to keep in mind when buying a grease gun 

Type of Work

It’s obvious that increasing alone more would be quite different from greasing the ball joints of a tractor. You can use a small gun if you just want to keep things around the house well lubricated, or a cordless, battery powered gun for any DIY projects. On the other hand, professional work or larger projects will need an automated grease gun that should be more powerful and presides.

This is why you first need to figure out the kind of job you need to do and then find the right one for that job.

Delivery method

Grease guns used three different types of delivery methods – traditional, hand operated ones, pneumatic grease guns, and cordless grease guns. Each of them has their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional hand guns are manual and push the grease out by building up pressure. They’re great for reaching inaccessible parts. On the other hand, they are quite exhausting and fatiguing. Cordless grease guns are portable and do not exhaust you, but you need to charge them constantly to keep working.

Pneumatic grease guns use compressed air for pushing grease, and they are great for professional jobs. However, you cannot use them with light moving parts as they might end up tearing the bearings. They’re also more expensive.

Loading method

You can load your gun using suction or cartridge. The latter process is more convenient and cleaner, but it is also more expensive. It also prevents mixing of old and new grease. Fraction loading method is a little messy, but it is also much cheaper.

Safety and durability

You need to make sure that your grease gun is safe and will last you a very long time. You can do this by buying from manufacturers that are based in the EU, Canada, or the US and conform to the strict safety standards

Miscellaneous features

An LED light to illuminate your workspace may be helpful if you work at night, but may not be worth the extra cost if you are just going to use the gun during the day. You should also see if you can get a gun with a grease meter, so that you do not over grease the parts. Other features worth looking for are accessories, air bleeding, and O-rings for sealing the gun.


What is the best air grease gun?

The best air grease gun depends on your purpose and nature of project and based on our observation, we think Lincoln Lubrication Heavy Duty 1134 is a great air grease gun. It’s a rough and tough machine and should last longer.

What are grease guns used for?

A grease gun is used for the primary purpose of lubrication. The grease gun has a nozzle which is thin enough such that you can insert and lubricate hard to reach areas of a machine.

Which is the better Milwaukee or Dewalt grease gun?

Both Milwaukee and Dewalt grease guns are great but it boils down to your mode of your operation.


There’s a wide variety of grease guns available in the market and many of them are quite good at their job. But many of them also have a lot of features that increase the price tag, but do not increase their functionality. This is why you should keep in mind what kind of job you need the grease gun for before you pick the best product for you. 

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