9 Best Hacksaws of 2021 | Reviews and Buying Guide

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Shopping for the best hacksaws online may not always be easy. As there are plenty of options available, it is suitable to go by some considerations to pick the right one. Deciding the purpose of using the hacksaw, it shall be easy for you to pick the correct one.

Before trusting a brand, make sure that you research well about its features and better understand its quality of service. To make the market research a hassle-free one, we bring some of the top-rated hacksaw options to you. Go through each of them and get clarity about features before you buy them.

9 Best Hacksaws

Stanley STHT20138 Solid Frame High Tension Hacksaw

Are you looking for an affordable one? The above said one is a suitable option that gives efficient functioning. Installed with a sturdy design and the overall framing have a durable construction to make it last for a long time. It has two adjustable blades of 90 degrees and 180 degrees that enable easy cut on a different wooden surface and other materials. It comes with a 12-inch blade that helps get precision of cut and gives the much desired professional touch. The handle has a good grip and does not slip.


  • Manufactured from quality alloy material making it durable
  •  It has blade storage for ease of accessibility
  • Installed with good grips on the handles
  • Made from quality steel and cast aluminum that prevents twisting making it rigid
  • Blade positions are in 40-degree cut and 90-degree cut 


  • Blade storing space is not easy to use 

Hacksaw Includes Hacksaw

This hacksaw tool is installed with adjustable blades that cut precision due to its 30, 000 PSI. When you have to perform professional projects and get fast cuts, it is this tool that is perfect for picking. It has one bi-metal blade and a reciprocating blade that helps to offer correct cutting on different surfaces. The 45-degree mounting also makes the tool a versatile one. This tool has two handles to operate, offering better grip and comfortable to cut woods easily and quickly. 


  • Handle offers great storage option for the blades
  • For precision of the cut, the blade has 30, 000 PSI
  • Front mounting makes the tool versatile
  • Use 12 inches and a 6-inch metal blade for easy cutting
  • 45-degree mounting helps easy flash cutting
  • Rubber handle offers better grip 


  • It is bulky
  • It is quite on expensive range 

LENOX Tools High-Tension Hacksaw

Are you looking for a hacksaw that has rigid construction? In that case, the above lenox tool is the perfect option with the high tension of 50, 000. It enables easy cutting from different angles and on different surfaces like wood and metal. The rubber handles on both ends offer a better grip making it easy to hold it for a long time and make angled cut on different surfaces. The handle of the tool enables storing 5 blades and it is convenient to carry it. Therefore, the hacksaw tool's design enables portability and ease of working in different woodworking projects.


  • Perfect for cutting metal and wood items
  • Rubber material offers better grip and comfort using
  • Inability to use 5 blade replacement
  • Rigid construction helps to hold 50, 000 PSI 


  • To change the angle of cutting, the blades take time to release

Park Tool Hacksaw - Saw-1

Do you wish to invest in a hacksaw that has simple features to use? In that case, the above said tool hacksaw is the correct to pick. It is installed with a 2-inch bi-metal blade with a convenient cutting option that enables précised and angled to cut on different surfaces. In addition to this, the tool's handles are made from quality items that offer a good grip when using the tool for longer hours. Therefore, it is suitable to be used by beginners and experts to use, and it gives professional cutting results. This can be rightly considered as the best option in an affordable range.


  • 12-inch bi-metal blade with excellent 32 TPI that helps get précised cut
  • Aluminum in the outer surface making it durable
  • Comfortable grip for long hours of work
  • Lightweight and ease of handling 


  • It lacks onboard blade holding capacity 

DEWALT Hack Saw, 5-in-1 (DWHT20547L)

If you want to invest in one that is flexible with its angle and cuts, it is none other than the above said one. It is easy to use in 90 degrees and 45-degree angles that help in flush cuts on varieties of surfaces in woodworking projects. In addition to this, it is easy to transform the hack saw to jab saw and use it in different applications. The features of the tool enable it to work in challenging places yet get the desired angled cuts. The accuracy in cuts is possible due to its heavy 330 pounds blades. Even though it is expensive, it is worthy of the investment you make. 


  • Front handle can be changed to jab saw
  • Blade can be attached in front portion making it easy to use
  • Good mechanism enables to hold up to 330 pounds of blades
  • Features make it perfect in tight spaces
  • Easy to use angles on the tool 


  • It is a bulky hacksaw 

Starrett K145 12-Inch High Tension Hacksaw

Considering a standard model of a hacksaw, this one has high tension, and therefore, it is able to offer correct angled cuts. To get a professional finish when working on different woodworking projects, none other than the above said one to try. Besides, the rubber handle is a comfortable one to use for long hours. Also, the adjustable lever options are easy and good to be used by beginners. 


  • The blade installed is a rigid and quality one
  • Features are good to use
  • It offers précised and angled cut 


  • Not enough durable
  • Framing could have been better
  • Materials used are not quality ones 

GreatNeck 100 12 Inch Adjustable Hacksaw

Are you looking for a tougher hacksaw to work within woodworking projects? The above said from GreatNeck is a suitable option to try installed with some latest cutting benefits. The blades are quality ones due to which it is easy to go on metal, wood, and other surfaces alike. But you have to know the technique of how to use the tool to get professional results. The handle also offers a good grip, and therefore, it remains comfortable when you have to use the tool for long hours.


  • It has the excellent cutting power
  • It works perfect on metal, bone and other surfaces 


  • The blades are difficult to change
  • It comes with blades that are hard to use
  • It could have been more durable to use 

CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw, 12-Inch Hacksaw

Installed with 12 inches in length and 4.375 inches in depth blades, it has 22 pounds of tension, and therefore, it enables easy cutting. It helps get professional cuts on wood, metal, and other surfaces in a quick time. It is perfect to be used both by professionals and beginners if they know the tool's correct use. Therefore, it is of rigid construction and suitable for DIY and expert woodworking projects to get the desired cut in difficult to easy edges and corners.


  • It has a professional cutting depth
  • It comes installed with adjustable blades
  • Blades are easy to work for correct angles 


  • Framing of the tool is not rigid
  • Materials are cheap ones
  • Often available with critical parts 

METAKOO Hacksaw Frame with Mini Hacksaw

Looking for a hacksaw frame that is durable to work with? Well, in that case, the above said one is a suitable option to invest in. It comes with three blades that can be installed and changed with ease. The blades' depths and the accuracy that it offers to cut on wood, metal, and other surfaces are great to work with. Besides, it contains a mini hacksaw that is perfect to work in small and challenging places. The hacksaw is a lightweight yet manufactured from quality aluminum and steel that uses the tool for years long. The précised and angled cuts are possible due to the quality blades installed with the tool. 


  • Blades are easy to change and install
  • Blades are quality and durable ones 


  • Installed with poor tensioning
  • Cheap features 

Buyer’s Guide for Hacksaws

Rigid construction and frame

As the frame is a vital part of woodworking tools, this is also the case with a hacksaw, and it should be a flexible one. Here, the blade length matters, and you help know whether you can get professional and correct angled cuts. The adjustable power of the tool enables using a blade of different lengths and get the desired result. Therefore, the frame of a quality hacksaw is manufactured with sturdy metal that makes it durable.

Comfortable handle

The handle of hacksaws are important features and having rubber grips gives comfort when holding the tool for long hours. It should be easy to operate the tool, and it is based on how flexible it is handled to use. It should work like in the cold and wet weather. Moreover, the handle needs to be spacious such that it is easy to hold with your hand.

Quality blade

The perfect hacksaw tool is the one that is compatible to work with a variety of tools that are available in different lengths. It should be suitable to work on various materials alike. The blades should be made from quality material such that it gives the required and professional cutting on different materials.


What are hacksaws good for?

Hacksaws are best used for cutting metal elements and equipment, especially by electricians and plumbers. Hacksaws are also good to cut wood and even hard plastic. 

What is the best TPI for cutting metal?

It depends on the thickness of the metal. If you are using a hacksaw for cutting a thin metal then use 18-24 TPI bi-metal blades. For cutting metals like aluminium, use 8-10 TPI blades and for thick metals, 14-18 TPI bi-metal blade would suffice.

Can hacksaws cut wood?

Yes, hacksaws can cut wood comfortably. Depending on the thickness of the wooden block, you can use different TPI blades to make the cut. To make smoother and faster cuts, use a lower number TPI blade and vice versa. 

Can hacksaws cut through steel?

Yes, hacksaws can cut through steel easily. The pitch of your blade to be used should be between 14 to 32 teeth per inch (TPI) for a hand blade. 


So, as you go through the detailed review of all the best hacksaws, you can grasp better insight into the essential features to consider. Not all hacksaws are installed with excellent features to give professional results. So, it is important to go through them before you are investing in one. The detailed section above and the buyer's guide section shall give you deep insight into purchasing the correct one. 

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