10 Best Paint Sprayers in 2021 Reviews | Top Picks | Buying Guide

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Tired of the age-old application of brushes and rollers in painting or staining walls, cabinets, etc.? Well, paint sprayer is currently trending on the market for its fast and efficient usage to manage any painting projects much ahead of time. A paint sprayer is an uncompared painting tool which is designed to coat the home interiors cum exteriors, furniture, kitchen cabinets, metal surface, cars, and others. Secondly, the sprayer applies the paint evenly on any surface. In fact, this tool is handy for everyone starting from beginners to DIY hobbyists to painting professionals.

So, let's check in to know more about some of the best paint sprayers. 

Reviews of Top 10 Paint Sprayers

Graco 17A466 TrueCoat 360 DS Paint Sprayer

Graco 17A466 TrueCoat 360 DS Paint Sprayer would be the best choice as a paint sprayer for cabinets as it is easy to use and provides you with maximum control over its usage. It is a lightweight product of 4.5 ounces and is ergonomically balanced with extra tips and reversible spray tips. Dual speed control is also where low speed is for more power and high speed to get the work done faster.

It is made up of vac valve technology, which squeezes out all the air to spray in any direction. It delivers high-pressure poets to spray untinned paints because of the presence of stainless steel piston pumps. It can also be used for indoor and outdoor projects. It is easy to paint using this, and you will get a professional finish in work done. 


  • Lightweight with an ergonomic grip
  • VacuValue Technology
  • Dual speed control
  • Flexliner paint bag which provides fastest possible cleanup


  • It is both time and energy-consuming.

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer is best suitable for furniture work as it has a feature of fully adjustable pressure to give you the ultimate control of the paint flow. Its Stainless steel piston pump allows you to spray paint unthinned at high pressure. It also has a flexible suction tube, which will enable you to spray directly. This sprayer gives a very consistent output, which maintains the high quality of the work done using it.

It has fast and easy clean-up as the power flush adapter connects to the garden hose, and it can support up to 75 feet. So it will give you the extra reach for your projects. RAC IV switch allows you to reverse the tip when clogged, which helps you keep spraying continuously without interruption. 


  • Easy to use and clean
  • High suction capacity
  • Reliable
  • Compact and lightweight


  • It requires high maintenance
  • Needs practice for using it efficiently

Paint Zoom Pro Handheld Electric Spray Gun Kit

Paint Zoom Pro Handheld Electric Spray Gun Kit is the perfect option to go with as it is a professional electric-paint sprayer which comes with a 925 watt spray gun tool with 3 extra containers. It comes in blue colour with the item weight of 3.2 pounds. The paint sprayer features a more powerful motor as compared to other sprayers.

Paint zoom pro has the capability to transform any house into a home as even the darkest hues can be easily coated by this. It eliminates the risk of uneven coating as it distributes an even coat of paint every time. It has a handy extension and unique paint speaker nozzle which gives you maximum directional control with our unique reinforced three way nozzle head. 


  • Easy replaceable paint containers
  • Long extension hose
  • More powerful motor
  • Lightweight and heavy duty materials


  • It is not durable as it is made up of soft plastic, which is likely to break when used for a longer time.

Fuji 2903-T70 Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM - T70 HVLP Spray System

Fuji 2903-T70 Mini-Mite Spray System is the one of the best paint sprayer for fences. It has a pattern control knob to adjust the size of the fan pattern from small to large. It has a platinum turbine featuring the heat dissipation box. It also has all the mini-milte platinum models which helps in the noise reduction. It has a great power and portability for your fine finishing projects.

Fuji spray system has a 3-stage turbine motor with 6.5 psi output which makes it suitable for spraying waterborne and solvent-based coatings. It also includes a kink free spring to prevent bending and kinking at the turbine connection. Exclusive site-mounted pattern to control fan size and T-model HVLP was designed in such a way that it offers flexibility and control. 


  • Stay cool handle provides comfort and grip
  • Disassembles easily for quick cleanup and maintenance
  • Enhanced spray pattern for exceptional performance
  • Less disturbance and negligible turbulence in spray area


  • It is quite expensive
  • It is bit noisy even after noise reduction feature

Tilswall Home Electric Spray Gun Power Painter

Paint Sprayer, Electric Spray Gun Power Painter is the one of the most affordable and good quality products available in the market. It has a 1300ml detachable tank with 3 spray patterns and 3 nozzle sizes comes with 550 watt power. Its tank can be detachable anmoth is big enough for washing it easily.

Its Built-in extra filter sponge to filter air and also to prevent dust from entering into it. It also protects the motor from damaging and increases the half of the working performance. It is also easy to clean and user-friendly. It provides you with uniformity in paint and can be tackled by the beginners also.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Can also be used by beginners
  • Durable


  • Instructions in the user manual are not described properly and you have to learn its use from other methods.

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer is a reliable airless paint sprayer which is completely suitable for professional work. It also has the feature of connecting a garden hose through it for fast and the easy cleaning. Convenient cart design to easily move anywhere with it. It comes with true airless technology which allows it for high pressure pumps, high power motors and a high precision spray.

Graco Magnum comes with High pressure powers which allows it to atomize thick paints. It has fully adjustable pressure to give you the ultimate control of paint flow for any project size. Its flexible suction tube allows you to spray directly from a 1 or 5 gallon paint bucket and you use upto 125 gallons per year as per recommendation. 


  • Value for money
  • Professional purpose
  • TrueAirless Technology
  • Reliable
  • Superior quality


  • It can't work with hot solvents, lacquers and the textured materials.

7. YATTICH Paint Sprayer - Best for DIY Hobbyist

YATTICH Paint Sprayer

YATTICH High power Paint Sprayer must have paint sprayers for diy lovers as it comes with the 5 copper nozzles and 3 patterns. It is made detachable and the paint output can also be controlled by adjusting the flow control knob on the sprayer. It can also make the spraying surface more concentrated and uniform.

The rear foam pad can prevent the paint from flowing backwards, and it also blocks the nozzle which makes the spray more uniform. It also has dust and moisture resistance features which ensures the purity and the effect of spray colour. It comes with super detailed instructions which makes it more friendly for engineers also and the double layer insulation materials are designed to make this product more safer.


  • Detachable design
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Suitable for beginners also
  • Considerable thickness of the paint when sprayed
  • Best for DIY work


  • It cannot be operated by battery
  • Paint needs to refill after small use as its container size is small

8. Cordless Paint Sprayer - Best user-friendly

Cordless Paint Sprayer

Cordless Paint Sprayer, NEU MASTER Electric Spray Gun is the one of the most user-friendly spray because of its versatile nature and it comes with three nozzles to tackle a variety of projects. Cordless design is present with bigger capacity which lets you work freely. It is equipped with top capped designs which will be more convenient to add paint.

Cordless sprayer lightweight and non-slip soft grip design provided you with great comfort and control over it. Along with being user-friendly, it is also easy to assemble and easy for spraying. It is 10x faster than a brush and has more control with easy cleanup. It is also easy to set up for every project with the power settings and changeable to add paint than a normal wireless paint gun. 


  • User-friendly Product
  • Superior finish nozzle
  • Cordless design
  • Ergonomic and soft grip handle
  • Easily adjustable material flow


  • Its battery is not that strong so it can work for only a certain period of time and it is also hard to detect when the battery will die.

TCP Global Complete Professional HVLP Spray Gun Set

TCP Global Professional Spray Gun is one of the best options of spray gun set for the automobile purpose. Its item weight is 6.59 It includes a stainless steel needle, nozzle and air cap set along with a full baffle assembly that enables it to produce a fully atomized and consistent spray pattern.

These spray guns provide professional finish results for the perfect paint and it is ideal for base-coats, clear-coats and other light to medium viscosity materials. Its 1.8 mm fluid tip gun is excellent for primers, oil base, latex, and other medium to heavy coatings. It's awesome that they have the primer gun, the paint gun, and the detail gun in one package.


  • Best for automobile purpose
  • Can be used for DIY also
  • Fully atomized product ensuring professional spray finish
  • Premium build quality


  • Less effective in application than traditional sprayers.

10. Scuddles Paint Sprayer - Best lightweight

Scuddles Paint Sprayer

Scuddles Paint Sprayer has 1200 watt high power with HVLP and it includes 5 nozzles, 3 straws and a large container paint and a funnel. It is a light weight product with the item weight of 4.33 ounces only. You can also easily adjust the paint output with the help of a flow control knob. This paint sprayer is made up with the ergonomic design and can be easily fit on your hand. Included cleaning attachments make its cleaning process much easier and faster.

Svuddles sprayer comes with a 1000 ml high capacity container, you don't have to refill it again and again. It is easy to use only after a brief review over the instructions given. It can work with the large variety of paint. This creates an even mist of paint and also the suitable choice for the environment as well.


  • Lightweight
  • Turbo-blower technology
  • Large container and can work with variety of paints
  • Cleaning accessories included
  • No tools needs for assembling


  • Some parts are made up of plastic
  • Splits little bit of paint when gets low

Buyer's Guide: Things to consider for buying the best paint sprayer

To be certain that the best purchase has been made, you need to have sufficient knowledge regarding a paint sprayer, in terms of its types, capacity, feasibility, etc. This could be a time consuming task to gather details of its factors separately and understand the whole thing. So, we did that part for you and mentioned the primary considerable factors to ease down your selection and purchase procedure. 

Paint Sprayers Types

There are three types of paint sprayers:

  • Airless Sprayers

    This type paint gun is usually meant for the professionals who require high pressure for fast spraying of the paint. Plus, an airless spray gun distributes pains in large volumes, that too within a short time. So, you can utilize this pro-grade tool for projects including fence painting, home interior wall paintings, railing painting and more.

    Note: Be careful with the tool, typically while using it in outdoor painting, as even the slightest of the breeze can act on the paint spray. 

  • High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Sprayers

    This type of sprayer can spray paint at a pressure that is much lower than the above type. Consequently, the direction of paint control is easier in this case. These sprayers cannot cover a large surface at a time like the airless spray gun. So, it takes longer to finish the task, but delivers precise results without wasting a lot of paint. HVLP sprayer is best for spray painting kitchen cabinets, furniture with intricate design, crevices, and multiple corners, trims and moldings, etc.

  • Pneumatic Sprayers

    This is the third type of spray gun that comes with a removable air compressor. The best part of this sprayer type is it has a high capacity to spray paint large areas. The tool works the best if used with thinned paint as the thick paints may clog inside.

    If you are a pro-grade user, then go with the HVLP or airless spray gun.

Sprayer Tips and Patterns

This is the second most considerable factor after the sprayer type. You must know what type of nozzle tip and pattern does your chosen spray gun support. The tip size is usually the nozzle opening of .015 inch tip. It also points to the fan size at a time.

If you require a sprayer for staining purpose, then a smaller tip size with less pressure is preferable. However, a spray gun with high pressure with a larger nozzle tip is usually for heavy spray coating. Therefore, your purpose behind the purchase should be clear to you.

Now comes the painting pattern of the sprayer. This pattern is the paint output that the tool outputs onto the project surface. A high quality sprayer supports spraying in three types of patterns, namely; vertical, horizontal, and round. The availability of these three patterns indicates that you can switch a fan of wider size across a surface to a fan of similar size with up-and-down movement, without needing to switch the sprayer.

Every tip size supports multi-spray-pattern widths that differ from 6 to 14 inches. If your task relates to fenced-in painting or other small jobs, go for the pattern with smaller width. Spraying ceiling, side walls, and other larger surfaces require larger pattern width. Lastly, the tip can be either reversible or standard. If you are worried about getting your sprayer clogged, then go for the reversible one as it can be easily unclogged.

Hose Length

The sprayer hose should be 25 feet longer or more as a lengthy extension cord makes spraying task flexible and easy in regions like ceilings, corners, and other hard-to-access regions. An extended cord makes the cleaning task way easier after each use. Choosing a sprayer unit with a backpack or wheels lets you carry the paint supply and accessories to the desired workspot. 


If you are looking for large scale spray painting, go for a sprayer having large can capacity. If you are a DIY enthusiast go for a medium sized canned sprayer and check how frequently you require to refill the paint in it. Here, the GPM (Gallons per minute) value matters a lot as it indicates the amount of paint flow through the spray nozzle each minute onto the surface. Higher the GPM, better and quicker is the area coverage each minute and vice versa. 


The price of every sprayer varies based on the facilities each model promises. The choices are innumerable in terms of brands and manufacturers. Selecting the accurate product out of the many should be determined both by the user's brand preference, affordability and purpose. 


Make sure your chosen spray gun has an adjustable variable pressure control (both high and low), roller and cleanup settings to extend the lifetime of your spray gun tip. A pressure roller attachment is usually preferred as this feature allows usage in multiple paint spraying applications. The roller attachment also makes the painting task four times more swift compared with a traditional roller, promising zero mess! Moreover, thick paint layers come out of the sprayer nozzle, and it is advisable to select a higher pressure in that case to get the work done faster and vice versa.

Other Tips

  • Always go with the advanced version of the sprayer. It is just that you have to be prepared to spend a few more bucks. Also, check on the quality of your chosen paint gun. 
  • If you require a machine that can cover a large surface area with a thick layer of paint, then the GPM value is an important factor, helping you decide.
  • Give special attention to the cleanup process, in terms of easy cleaning. Always check for the sprayer that comes with removable units. The interior surface of the sprayer should be, so that cleaning from within becomes easier. 

Safety Tips

Sprayers require regular maintenance. Make sure to go through the manufacturer's product leaflet for setup, safety, and user instructions. Also, do not forget to buy a pair of safety eye glasses along with a respirator mask, especially when you are engaged in a prolonged paint spraying task.

Note: Never spray on animals, people, or plants.

Conclusion: CTA

Now that you are aware of the considerable factors in a paint sprayer, plus have a compiled list of trending sprayer products in the list, we hope your buying process will be easier. If you are stuck in deciding which one to choose, help yourself with our top picks:

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