8 Best Router Tables: Reviews and Buying Guide

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Are you planning to add one of the best router tables to your garage or your shop for woodworking? If yes, then you will be making one of the best investments in your hobby. We all know that it is one of the most fantastic tools for a woodworker, and if you are thinking of adding some advancements to your setup,  you should surely include this. 

The first router table was made by Oscar Onsrud and his son in the year 1915. Since, then to today there have been uncountable changes in its manufacturing and functioning.

When finding the best router table for yourself, you will find innumerable options in the market or online. But, the main problem that you face is which one is the right for me. Isn’t it? Whether it is better to buy the one with a flat top or the one with a solid top?

Similarly, numerous other questions run in your mind, and hence, today we are here to help you by providing the good choices of the router table in different categories.

8 Best Router Tables

1. Bosch RA1181 :Best Router Table

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

For precision and durability, the Bosch RA1181 benchtop table offers a huge work surface. It also has a huge tabletop made from aluminum which makes the table both sturdy and portable. Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 has been launched after 1171 which is a very famous product of a German manufacturer. 

This router table can be attached to any workbench. It also has an aluminum fence that has an MDF faceplate and also an aluminum router mounting plate. The Bosch RA1181 has a router table with three fitting plates with the insert rings. This is used as mounting hardware for almost all the Bosch routers, adjustable transparent protection, starter pin, two feather boards, and also has shims for the outfeed. 

With a work surface area of 27 inch X 18 inch, this is definitely one of the best picks of all the other router tables that we have reviewed. It also comes with a year of warranty. There is a throat opening of 3 5/8 inches.


  • One of the best build quality among any router table
  • Gets easily attached with any workbench
  • You can add important accessories like featherboards and dust collection systems
  • Massive 27 Inch by 18 Inch work surface which is enough for projects at medium scale


  • The mounting plate is a bit on the rougher side
  • You can get some vibrations during intense machining work

2. Bosch RA1141 Router Table : Best Budget Option

Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

This one is fitted with an easy to click router mount that can be connected and removed in seconds. The RA1141 Portable Router Table from Bosch is very easy-to-use, affordable, and also provides enough stability while the user is working on it. It has a leveled and smooth laminated MDF top which is fitted with adjustable MDF face sheets which makes sure to provide better support. 

The table has an on-board storage space in it which makes it very easy for the workers to store their knick-knack items. The table has a very high fence which can hold a huge stock in it and also has a double feather board. This then provides more control over the table while the stock is being molded. The Bistro-height gauge provides such a setup that is very user-friendly and also offers improved cutting accuracy. It is pre-fabricated with a pair of folding legs that ensure to offer comfort and mobility.


  • With MDF top, Bosch RA1141 is one of the best option for people with the need of a portable router table
  • Table comes pre-assembled and also storage space
  • Table has a easy router mounting system making it easy to use different routers


  • Can be hard to use when doing precision intensive work

3. Kreg PRS2100 Runner Up for #1

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

The Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table provides a feature that makes it eligible to give it a capability of a full-size board and a commercial table that comes in a mobile package. Kreg PRS2100 offers a solution for you, whether you wish to use it in a shop or a job site. It has a fence that is made up of anodized aluminum and independent sliding faces. 

Kreg PRS2100 is made up of a rugged steel stand which also has rubber feet in it that attenuate the vibration. The tabletop of this router table is reinforced with MDF and also has edge-banded. Other than this, it also has an insert plate of the full-size router which is of dimension 9-1/4"x11-3/4"x3/8 and 3 Level-Loc reducing rings. It also has insert plate levelers at the bottom up for balancing the accuracy.

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  • Made out of vibration and noise resistant MDF
  • You can easily slide your workpieces across the table
  • Noise absorbing MDF makes the whole operation very quiet
  • Comes with full featured fence made from aluminium 


  • Comes with cheap quality plastic insert rings
  • The edges are bit too sharp

Grizzly Industrial T10432 - Router Table

This Grizzly Industrial T10432 – Router Table with Stand is one of the most amazing tables which is presented to you by the President of Grizzly. You can add this router table to your shop or garage and has a very large-sized tabletop for your carpentry and woodworking purposes. The width of the table is 31-7/8” and it is 24” deep. 

Grizzly T10432 features a fence with a T-slots, a very robust A-frame, 2-1/2" dust port, and a universal router plate. Also, the table is of thickness which is 1-3/8" and has a height which is of 34-5/8". The top has a very stable MDF core with very durable melamine which is laminated and also has its edges made up of polyethylene. Grizzly T10432 is a very standard which has a router plate that measures up to the size of 12 ``X9''. It also contains two removable freehand and inserts routing start pin. The split fence of this table has an MDF frame which is 33" long and also has an anodized aluminum mounting plate.

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  • Most value for money work table from Grizzly
  • Comes with steel pads under the insert table
  • The kit is very easy to assemble and portable


  • The mounting plate is not of the expected quality
  • The router table inserts may bend when you install a router

5. Bosch RA1141: Best Benchtop Router Table

Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table Best Benchtop Router Table

We are mentioning the same machine Bosch RA1141 because when it comes to recommending the best benchtop router table then nothing matches the RA1141. It is very user-friendly and also offers stability when one is working. It is equipped with an easy click router mount which gets attached and detached within a second. There is no requirement of leveling. 

This router table has a laminated MDF top which is very smooth, and also is equipped with adjustable laminated MDF face plates which are for providing better support. A higher fence helps in holding a taller stock, and also has a double feather board which is providing additional leverage over the table when the stock is used for working. 

The Bistro-height gauge helps in providing a setup that is very easy to use and also provides enhanced precision in the cutting. Bosch RA1141 is pre-assembled with folding legs, storage compartments for comfort and portability, with a convenient-to-store folding style. The guard and the starter pin in the Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table which helps in supporting the workpiece to make sure that routing is done properly.

6. Rebel W2000 Router Table : Best Professional Router Table

Rebel W2000 The Rebel Router Table

The Rebel W2000 Router Table converts every workspace perfect for all the professionals. This specific router table provides pinpoint accuracy and is very user-friendly which outperforms all other shop-built or house-center store designs.

This one is an excellent choice when a large production is required or any shaping job that requires simple set-up and superior precision. It also has an instruction manual which makes it very easy for the user to learn using this router table. 

The tabletop measures 24 inches wide and is 17 inches deep. It also includes a safety guard and a miter gauge. There are 3-inch and 12-inch independent fences. This one weighs around 35 lbs. It features a miter scale to help with making accurate and clear cuts. It includes three built-in customizable stops out of which two are at 45 ° and one is at the right angle which is 90°. These are engaged by pressing on the stop button. These stops implement adjustments to the miter gauge angle.


  • Rebel W2000 comes with a miter gauge and a safety guard
  • A huge workspace area of 24-Inch wide by 18-Inch deep by 17-Inch tall
  • The brand also provides two adjustable fences with the router table


  • A bit expensive considering its features

7. Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table: Best Hobbyist Router Table

Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171

For accurate woodworking, the Bosch RA1171 Router Table showcases a cabinet design with a soft laminated worktop making it an excellent benchtop solution for any workshop. The cabinet style is appropriate for obtaining steadiness, storage, and dust collection.

The table has a very sturdy aluminum router mounting plate that is already drilled along with a number of other common routers for gaining proper compatibility with a range of different routers and for alteration in table height.  

The high fence manages a larger stock. On the other hand, the feather boards and MDF face plates help in maximising the versatility and precision. It also includes a dust collecting port for optimum dust management. These are located at the fence and the other is at the cabinet. The router table also offers convenience with its dual-outlet switches that have a 6-foot power cord, three mounting plate rings, two outfeed fence shims, starter pin, and guard.


  • Good for tasks that require heavy precision in the end product
  • The entire structure of the router table is build using aluminium which makes it light yet strong
  • Comes with fence that have adjustable MDF plates


  • Despite an adjustable fence, the movement is not smooth
  • The surface of router table is not the smoothest

8. Keter Folding Table Workbench: Best Router Table for Beginners

Keter Folding Table Workbench

The Keter Folding Table Work Bench offers the user a very versatile mobile workspace on which a huge range of projects can be done. You can call dibs on this foldable table as it also provides reliable support for work with its four table legs for almost everything. Its durable steel legs also provide strength which you require to feel comfortable when performing every mission. Along with this, a pair of single-handed clamps firmly holds your material in a place. 

If you are a beginner, then this one is surely perfect for you due to the support that it provides. Other than this, the legs of the table are made up of aluminum and it is made up of heavy-duty resin. It provides a workspace of 1000 lbs. It is strong due to the weather-resistant polypropylene used in it and which prevents denting, rusting, & peeling.


  • The entire structure is made from heavy duty resin along with aluminium legs
  • The router table won’t get impacted by any harsh weather conditions
  • Lightweight yet sturdy since it weighs only 30 LBS
  • Comes with 4.4 inches storage space


  • Make sure to check the weight it can handle since it won’t be able to sustain more than its limit

Buying Guide

So, now that you have planned to invest your money in buying a router table for yourself. Then there are a few things which you need to keep in mind before you buy it.

Adjustable Fence

An adjustable fence is the most important component of a router table. It will save a lot of your time and will help you complete the task easily. The point of having a fence is that it can be adjusted easily so that it sits in the desired place. There are two types of fences, which are two-piece and one-piece. You need to make a choice as per your needs.

Work Surface

The work surface is a priority while you buy the router table. Make sure that it is flat, strong, and rigid. Also, see that there are no bumps on the work surface since this is what will add to provide a précised work. It is best that you choose an MDF work surface which is laminated with melamine.

Dust Collection Port

While performing the woodworking task, a lot of dust is generated and hence it becomes very important for us to keep the area clean. For this ensure, that you get the router table which has a dust collecting port in it. This not just maintains cleanliness, but also reduces the exposure of the workers to this dust.

Base Plate Quality

Always make sure that you look for a table with a sturdy base since a lot of pressure is applied while performing the task. Therefore, the base should be strong enough to handle the pressure exerted on it by the user.

These are a few things which you need to pay attention to while you choose to buy a router table for accomplishing your woodworking projects.  


To enhance the precision of your woodwork projects and for creating excellent pieces, choosing the best router table becomes an important decision. It is designed to make your work more effective and easier. 

If you are trying to look for a router table to accomplish your woodworking game, then the router tables are way too useful tools for you, as they help in creating different shapes and grooves in the items. To do this safely and effectively, router tables are necessary and the products for selection are enormous out there. 

Within this wide assortment, we are sure you'll be able to find the right router table for you. To choose the right one, first, we recommend getting the space you have and also what your requirements are.

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