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10 Best Sanders for Wood in 2021 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Even after hours of crafting a masterpiece from wood, without sanding, even the most creative piece wouldn’t look appealing. Sanding is essential to give it a smooth and glossy finish. It is an inevitable part of every woodwork at our homes. It is possible to sand your wood crafted products just by using sandpaper. But if you are a professional woodworker, and you are looking for an option to smoothen all your woodworks in a jiffy, then here it is. Manual sanding takes a lot of time and it is difficult to obtain a clean finish.

Powered sanders perform better and save time in giving a stunning look to your woodworks. Here again, there are multiple options available. Each sander has a task to perform. Not all types of sanders are suited for all wood and material. Here is the list of best sanders that you can rely on for a clean and perfect finish within a short while. 

10 best sanders for wood

SKIL 7510-01 Sandcat

When it comes to sanding wood for a larger flat space, belt sanders work the best. For example, sanding tables. SKIL 7510-01 Sandcat is the best choice when it comes to belt-sanders. This belt sander runs on external electric power that can be connected with the help of a cord provided with the device. Sandcat comes with pressure control technology. This unique technology gives a warning every time you apply excess pressure during the process. The device also contains an auto-track system that keeps the belt centred so that you get a uniform and clean finish.

A major problem during sanding is the dust that causes discomfort to the worker. With the micro-filtration technology in this device, even the minute dust particles are captured and contained in the space within the sander. The canister containing dust is designed with transparent material. This enables the user to visualise when the canister is full. The entire belt region is 3 inches x 18 inches, that makes sure your work gets done within a short span. 


  • Easy to work with high efficiency
  • Best suited for flat surfaces
  • Built with pressure control technology
  • Transparent canister for easy visualisation of dust collection


  • Belt sanders are not ideal for a highly smooth finishing

WEN 6500 4 x 36-Inch Belt and 6-Inch Disc Sander

The nest on our list is a hybrid sander. This instrument contains both a belt-type and a disc-type sander. And so, this device could be of use in multiple areas. You can use these sanders for multiple purposes from smoothening rough surfaces to varnishing. The machine consists of a 4x36 inch belt sander, that could be used to flatten and prepare a uniform surface. On the other hand, the disc type sander could be of use in intricate work areas. The belt in this sander could be tilted from 0 to 90 degrees. This makes it a versatile sander for woodwork.

The work table that lies close to the disc region makes it easy to work with. Not just this, you also get to enjoy a two-year warranty for the product that makes it a more desirable and ideal option for woodworks. 


  • Two types of sanders that makes it easy to work
  • The belt could be tilted for a versatile performance
  • Ideal for removing splinters and varnishing
  • Disc sander with a steel base for a better grip


  • Heavy when compared to the other types of sanders

WEN AT6535 3.5-Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander

This WEN AT653 is a versatile device for sanding in an area, be it intricate or wide. This is because the oscillating spindle sander comes with 5 different sized spindle sanders. From ½ inches to 5-inches, the different sanders could be fitted on the device for efficient usage. The sturdy base on which the device is built is ideal for work on any surface. You can move this table from 0 to 45 degrees to work on inclined areas with ease. The device also contains a dust port, which could be used for effective dust collection.

The motor in the WEN AT6535 rotates at a very high speed of 2000 rpm for a clean and perfect finish. All the accessories including the different sanding tubes can be easily fitted within the available space, making it easy to store and carry. 


  • Best oscillating spindle sander
  • Spindles of different sizes for versatile working
  • Dust port for an easy and quick clean up
  • Effective storage space for all the accessories


  • The device is suitable for polishing intricate areas. However, it is not the best option for sanding large areas.

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander

The Black+Decker random orbit sander is ideal for all working areas. Be it small or large, you can work on any space with this highly versatile device. It is suitable for all users, from professional carpenters to DIYers. Anyone can handle this device and work with ease. The Black+Decker random orbit sander comes with a dust bag and sanding sheet. The dust bag contains and keeps all the dust away. It is also easy to change the sandpapers after it is worn out.

The efficiency of sanding is also high when compared to the other sanding devices available in the market. The compact and hand-held device makes it easy to work on any surface. 


  • Easy to use and replace papers
  • Compact and versatile to work on any surface
  • Dust bag to have a dust-free working space 


  • Not suited for heavy work

Makita BO4556K 2.0

The Makita BO4556K palm sander is the best option if you wish to give a smooth and perfect finish to your furniture. Not just wood, palm sanders are versatile and can be used even on materials like paints and plasters. Makita BO4556K is one among the most compact sanders available. The ball bearings within the device make sure that the device works smoothly without any noise or vibrations. This means you get an extra grip on the sander while working.

The rubber palm gripping provides a better hold while working on angled and inclined surfaces. The clamping lever is largely facilitating an easy paper change. The dust pad in this device makes sure the workspace is clean. The bottom of the pad contains 6 holes, through which the dust is sucked in and filled up in the dust bag provided. 


  • Better gripping for effective and easy working
  • Large clamping levers for quick paper change
  • Provision for dust bag to ensure a clean working space
  • Palm sanders are ideal for working on all surface and angles


  • This is not the best option to work on rough surfaces

Jet 723520K

Drum sanders are more suitable for professional works. This could be the best option if you wish to smoothen or flatten boards. The JET 723520K is an ideal choice for polishing and finishing cabinet doors and boards. Sandsmart control is one of the main reasons for preferring Jet 723520K. This technology makes sure that a consistent amount of wood is fed through the machine.

The machine is highly independent in functioning. It does not require an individual to stand near and push through the machine. The device on its own will pull in the planks and level them up. The dust hood is one another reason for preferring this device. This makes sure that all the little dust particles are trapped. So a very little cleanup process is required. 


  • The best choice for polishing and finishing boards and planks
  • Sandsmart technology ensures normalised input
  • Easy to operate and work with


  • Heavy and less portable when compared to the other sander types

Black+Decker Mouse detail sander

This is yet another device that is compact and highly portable. The Black+Decker mouse detail sander is a perfect choice for beginners as well as professionals who work on intricate areas. The functioning of a detail sander is almost similar to that of a palm sander. The only difference between these two is the shape of the sanding surface. Here is a detail sander, this space is usually triangular.

This shape enables the sander to execute its function even in the sharp and minute spaces. The entire instrument weighs just 2.8lbs, that makes it a perfect choice for working on any space. The device also comes with extra sandpapers and finger attachment. The gripping provided on this device makes it easy to hold and work with ease and comfort. 


  • Easy to use with a sleek and compact design
    Highly portable
  • The detailing base which makes it easy to work with perfection even in difficult areas where the other sanders cannot be used
  • Micro-filtration to capture all the dust.


  • This sander is not the best choice for working on a large area and for heavy material

Chicago Pneumatic CP7200S Kit

For people who are working in fine detailing or in minute spaces, large sanders are not highly preferred. This is where the kits from Chicago pneumatic comes into the picture. These kits could be effectively used for working in small areas with maximum detailing. The kit comes with a mini random orbital sander, backing pads and sandpapers of various grits. It is usually easy to use these devices and even change the sandpapers after they have worn out.

The entire contents are compactly packed in a durable case, that makes it easy to carry along to your workplace. One can even adjust the working speed of this random orbital sander.


  • Super compact and lightweight for maximum portability
    Easy to use and fix new sandpapers
  • Adjustable working speeds
  • Small and sleek machine to work in tight spaces


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work

Dewalt random orbital sander

The Dewalt Random Orbital sander is next on our list of top sanders. The machine has a 3 amp motor that functions smoothly without causing trouble. The switches are dust sealed to make sure that the dust from work does not enter inside the machine, thereby ensuring a longer machine life. The machine is designed to work with reduced vibrations. The vacuum locking system in this machine grabs and pulls in all the dust from work. Thus keeping your workspace clean. The dust bags are directly connected to the ports.

The machine is just perfect to work on wood, metal and any other material. All of this comes in a compact bag that makes the saner portable. The machine also comes with a 3-year limited warranty that makes it more reliable.


  • Compact and sleek design
    Effective dust locking system
  • Suitable to work with wood as well as metals and plaster
  • The rubber mould for better gripping at work


  • The speed cannot be adjusted

WEN 6307 Variable Speed Detailing File Sander

When it comes to carpentry, the most difficult task is the fine detailing. Not just in carpentry, even in construction works or in plumbing where it is essential to smoothen pipes, it is indeed difficult. Here is WEN 6307 Variable speed detailing file sander, that makes it possible to smoothen even difficult to reach areas.

It is easy to use these devices. With their variable speed options, they are reliable and versatile tools for effective carpentry work. It is even possible to pivot the belt up to 55 degrees for working in difficult and tricky areas. Also, it is easy to change the belt and to work with comfort using the WEN 6307.
The device has a dust port attachment, that makes it possible to remove all the dust and ensure a clean working space. 


  • The best choice for working in intricate areas
  • Easy to work and change belts
  • Compact and highly portable
  • Dust port for attachment, that ensures a dust-free working space


  • The instrument gets heated up fast and is not the best option for heavy work 

Buying guide


The first thing that you need to understand while buying a sander is its application. If you are a professional worker, then you might require a sander, that works for hours together and performs heavy work. On the other hand, A DIYer might not require such an extensive machine. Depending on the nature of work you would be performing, pick up the sander that matches your requirement. Large-sized sanders work on high power and are less portable. Most compact sanders are battery operated and are not suitable for long and heavy work.


The next thing that you need to note is the speed with which the sander works. There are sanders available that have just one fixed speed. Sometimes, people tend to think that these sanders are more effective as they operate with a very high speed. But choosing sander with variable speed options can make your sander more versatile, as it can be put to use in several areas and on different material.


The next thing to note in a sander is the grip. Most compact and portable sanders have rubber overgrip, that provides the support to work. In extensive sander, these are usually fixed to work tables and hence there is not much necessity for a gripping. Choose a sander that has proper gripping. This is essential to perform neat and proper work. Not just this, better gripping ensures better safety to the user.

Dust removal

Not all sanders come with dust removal technology. Normally during sanding, a lot of sawdust is liberated out. This dust causes a messy workplace. It also causes discomfort to the worker present. Mechanised sanders come with an effective dust removal technology. They contain a dust port, which can be connected to a dust bag to collect all the dust. A few machines also have a transparent dust container that can be emptied once in a while. Both of them work fine in most cases.


When you pay and get a sander for work, the most important thing to consider is the life of the sander. This is where the term warranty comes into the picture. There are sanders in the market that come without a warranty. In such a case, if the machine is damaged then you cannot repair the damage. It is always better to pick a sander with a warranty. Most sanders come with a warranty that starts from one year. There are a few popular brands that offer a 3-year warranty on their sanders.


Can a single sander be used for multiple purposes?

Sanders are of different types to work in different areas. The purpose of every sander differs. For example, a belt sander or a drum sander is an ideal choice for a flat surface. When it comes to intricate regions, these sanders cannot be used. However, sanders are not just for smoothening wood. They can also be used for varnishing, smoothing paints and also plaster as well as metals.

Are random orbital sanders the best choice for sanding wood?

All sanders work effectively on wood and random orbital sander is not an exception. It could be effectively used for sanding wood. However, Random orbital sanders leave circular marks on the wood. If you wish to present your final product without these circular marks, then you might have to choose some other sander for sanding your wood.

What are the power options available in sanders?

Some sanders work on electric batteries. A few of them come with cords, that can be plugged in to supply an input current. There are also pneumatic sanders that work on compressed air. Pneumatic sanders are an ideal choice for professional woodworkers. Whereas for DIYers or less-frequent users, the cordless or battery run sanders are more suitable.


When it comes to buying sanders, there are multiple options available in the market. Based on the power supply, based on the purpose of the sander, the nature of the sander and the nature of the material to be worked on. Of all the available choices, the WEN 6500 4 x 36-Inch Belt and 6-Inch Disc Sander  and Dewalt random orbital sander are among the best choices for wood works. These sanders are efficient to give a smooth and shiny output with effective sanding. However, users, depending on their requirement can purchase any of the above-mentioned sanders for a perfect sanding experience.

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