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There are numerous alternatives to select from when it's about picking the best spray adhesive. Being a professional woodworker, you would definitely prefer a quick drying, fast tack cum hold up adhesive; a general purpose item that can bond different material  types and withstand higher temperature surroundings.  

Well, whatever be your woodcrafting needs,  we have profiled a list of 5 best spray adhesive products for woodworking. All the items have unique features with their own pros and cons. So, let's dive in. 

Best Spray Adhesives for Woodworking 

1. Camie 365 Spray Adhesive : Best Spray Adhesive Overall

Camie 365 Spray Adhesive

Camie 365 Spray Adhesive is much preferred for its strength to hold any type of material tightly. It is an all-purpose spray adhesive. This product lineup is in collaboration with Camie-Campbell. With over 60 years of superior quality adhesive production, the company has gained a wider clientele base  for staying committed to the customer demands.  

Camie 365 is perfect for construction applications, where fast tack and high bonding are the two must requirements. The adhesive works equally well under varied thermal work environments for binding dissimilar material types, and is better compared to other aerosol adhesives.


  • It is a fast bonding spray adhesive
  • Take only (10 to 120) seconds to achieve green strength
  • Suited for multiple substrates, including wood, fabrics plastics, foams, and metals
  • Features high temperature resistance and strength, plus it is water resistant
  • Colorless spray with a nozzle let's you disperse spray in any pattern as required
  • Value for money


  • -

Other Great Picks

Bostik SuperTak Foam and Fabric

Bostik SuperTak Foam and Fabric is yet another top aerosol adhesive, ideal to be used on fabrics, including foam. This product is generally used in the marine interiors and upholstery industries. However, if you are a woodworking professional, you won't regret using Bostik SuperTak adhesive as it ensures superior quality substrate bonding of varied materials. This spray adhesive features fast tack up and pliability. In a nutshell, this product is easy to use without leaving behind any glue line.


  • Perfect to bond a wider range of substrates, from fabric to latex, foam, polyethylene, wood, urethane, as well as plastics
  • This orange colored adhesive sprays in a lace pattern, ensuring full area coverage of the material surface
  • Takes about 1 to 5 minutes to bond one surface and 1 to 10 minutes for double surfaces
  • Ensures permanent bond and features a low soak characteristic
  • Earth-friendly aerosol spray makes it a most-sought adhesive product for industrial applications


  • Few users reported that the product's bonding strength is not up to the mark.

3M's Hi-strength 90 Spray Adhesive

3M's Hi-strength 90 Spray Adhesive is another reliable cum high-strength product. This adhesive has now become a household item. The company was established in 1902 as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing industry. Today, the company produces about 60,000 products, selling across the globe. 3M's Hi-strength is one of their top productions of Minnesota till now.

This adhesive is a solid performer of various applications, be it any DIY hobby project to general household repair and maintenance. Hi-strength 90 is an all-purpose spray adhesive with fast-drying capacity and incredibly high bonding strength. The best part is the item works equally effective on concrete.


  • Best for commercial applications that demand high level bond strength
  • The adhesive works best on rubber, glass, felt/fabric, flexible foam, and wood
  • Features high resistance to heat, super quick tack, water resistance and low soak-in
  • Has a pliable nozzle adjuster to dispense varied spray patterns directly on the work surface, thereby minimizing wastage and reducing the need of frequent cleanups


  • Some users complained about the poor quality spray nozzle and unsatisfactory adhesive material.

Weldwood 122

Weldwood 122 is ideally manufactured to serve the woodworking projects. As the name suggests, the product works the best on woods. It is a DAP manufactured adhesive and most preferred for providing consistently superior performance in gluing woods together. 

The Weldwood 122 is cost effective  compared to other similar spray adhesives on the market. You get the same features (more or less) but at much lesser price. First is the high bond strength and second its applicability on any material type.


  • Best for woodcrafter's and DIY hobbyists
  • Bonds to plywood, leather, wood, fabrics, paneling, rubber, paper, lamination, and more
  • Quick hold capacity, so you won't have to use clamps and the bond will get permanent within 10 minutes
  • Feature moisture and high temperature resistance
  • The product is available in gallons and quarts for heavy woodworking projects that need adhesive spray in substantial amount
  • Applicable to both indoor and outdoor applications; an all-in-one spray adhesive your woodshop might need


  • The adhesive quality could be misleading at times.

Prime Industries Fast Tack Spray Adhesive

Prime Industries Fast Tack spray adhesive is our last, yet a valued choice on the list for a fast tack solution. This spray adhesive is perfect for craft makers as well as hobby shops and craft makers. The product performs well in every application, and is easy to store and use. The instant drying quality of this adhesive lets you avoid the use of clamps. 


  • Fast tack adhesive
  • Suitable for DIY hobbyists
  • Dries instantly on applying


  • -


Does spray adhesive work on wood?

Yes, spray adhesive does work on wood. Many woodworkers may use glue or epoxy but you can also use spray adhesive as a quick alternative. It works faster and covers maximum area.

What can I use instead of spray adhesive?

Instead of a spray adhesive, you can use glue from brands like Gorilla and you can also use epoxy which is a thermosetting polymer depending on the type of material you are working with. 

How long does spray adhesive last?

A high quality spray adhesive lasts for a maximum of 2 years. The life of adhesive is also based on factors like the condition in which the material is kept. The maximum a spray adhesive can last is 3 years but you will have to make sure it stays in normal weather conditions and is not affected by too much moisture or heat. 

How long does spray adhesive take to dry?

Although it varies from brand to brand and also on the adhesive’s inner composition. A usual spray adhesive takes approximately 3 - 15 minutes to completely dry.  

Does spray adhesive stay sticky?

Yes, a spray adhesive is super sticky since it's meant to stick two materials which are hard like wood or fabric.

Does spray adhesive leave residue?

Not all but Yes, some spray adhesives do leave some residue but most of that residue can easily be cleaned off by wet cloth or by rubbing the surface with some alcohol. You should always make your purchase decision based on the strength of the spray adhesive and not if it leaves any residue or not.

Is spray adhesive permanent?

No, spray adhesives are not permanent and they do have a life of a maximum 3 years before it starts to come off.


The general characteristics of any spray adhesive is more or less the same and equally effective to the users. Now that you will pick one of the best spray adhesives, just make sure that it has higher temperature resistance cum high strength. These two factors are mandatory to check in the adhesive if you need it for heavy woodworking projects. Also, check if the adhesive works effectively on all material types. Many spray adhesives come with a nozzle; this mechanism helps the users to disperse various spray patterns according to their specific industrial requirements. 

Today, with the availability of a wider range of adhesive spray products in the market, finding the most suitable one from the many is simpler than before. However, Camie 365 Spray Adhesive is the top deal of the day for its applicability on various material surfaces. The other two runner ups from the list are Weldwood 122 and Prime Industries Fast Tack spray adhesive for being fast tack cum woodwork centric.

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