6 Best USB CNC Controllers: Top Choices Reviewed

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Usually, the USB CNC controllers are associated between a personal computer and motor drivers which support the direction control. One of the highlighting traits of CNC controllers is that they are compatible with various drivers.

In most of the cases, the controllers are able to provide a complete and fully integrated software/hardware solution. In other words, you don’t need additional motion control software. 

A CNC controller can fully exploit the features of the purpose-built hardware. It comprises an array of advanced features to help you with day-to-day operations related to CNC machines. Also, note that the USB CNC controllers feature advanced interpolation algorithms. 

Importance & Functioning

Usually, a majority of CNC controllers nowadays can handle from 4 to 9 axes simultaneously. It is important to note here that these CNC controllers based on USB take over all the real-time tasks which need precision timing. 

In other words, it provides relief to your computer’s processor. They usually have a higher degree of PWM output along with a higher resolution. They are adept in facilitating toolpath simulation along with automatic homing procedure. 

6 Best USB CNC Controllers

Offline CNC Controller G Code PLC CNC Router Control Engraving Milling Machine

It is important to note here that the main control equipment is 24V-32V DC power. This single aspect makes this controller stand apart from products. It features 17 operational features along with a USB drive built-in that can be really useful when you are using your G-code. 

Moreover, the size of the G-code file has no requirement. In other words, you can even use a large-sized file for your G-code input. It is a 4 axes motion controller which has been produced by Faster CNC. Note that the control period of each position is only four milliseconds which have a higher precision. 

The highest uniaxial output of this CNC controller is 500KHZ. This USB CNC controller undoubtedly sports some of the best specs. For instance, it features a 4.3 inches TFT screen with a good resolution. It also comes equipped with an ordinary digital input interface of 3-circuit optocoupler isolation. 

2 Axis CNC USB Stick G code Spindle Control

This CNC controller from Top CNC is an upgraded version of the TC55. It can easily control 4 feeding axes along with 1 analog spindle. It comprises both the Servo motor and the stepper motor and gives you liberty to load your own logo.

It comes equipped with 16 input ports and 8 output ports which exude practicality to modern workers. As it supports the input of G-code files from the USB drive, you will not have any problems operating your CNC machine

Another highlighting trait which sets apart this USB controller from other products is that it saves the current coordinates if there is a sudden power interruption. The maximum pulse output frequency is 400 KHz which is kinda best keeping in mind the current specs.

4 Axis CNC Controller USB Stick G code

Top CNC since long has been engaged in the manufacturing of quality USB CNC controllers. This controller is the 4 axis and 4 axes motion controller that has been researched and developed by Top CNC.

It is worth noting here that the control period of each position is only 4 milliseconds along with a high control precision. It also has the ability to adjust the common stepper and servo motor. It is important to note here that the numerical system is based on the ARM+FPGA design framework. 

The ARM can finish the part of human-computer interface and code analysis and the FPGA can finish the part of the underlying algorithm and control pulse generate, with reasonable design, reliable control and easy operation. The panel layout structure is rational and the common line operation can be finished only with the 17 keys.

3 Axis CNC Controller USB Stick G code Spindle Control MPG Stand

It is one of those CNC controllers that come with a digital input interface of 16 circuits and 3-circuit optocoupler. The display style is LCD which exudes practicality in today’s context of CNC machining. The switch style is a push button and the device features batteries as the included components. 

It is important to note that the power source is DC current and you have to buy a backup power source to ensure that the coordinates are not lost when it switches off suddenly. Phenomenally, it boasts off servo and stepper motor support that exudes practicality.

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4 Axis Offline Stand Alone Replace Mach3 USB CNC Motor Controller Router Engraving

It is one of those products which can support the multi-coordinate systems with ease. It is based on the embedded shell structure and can punch a square hole on the equipment cabinet and then embed the equipment in the squire hole. 

It supports the FANUC with high universality to be compatible with the G code set. This specification introduces the operation method of caving machines' special off-line CNC system.

GOWE 3Axis Offline Controller MPG 500 KHz USB CNC Controller System Card

It is a 4-axis stepper motor control along with a ARM9 algorithm chip and FPGA screen of 4.3 inches. One of the highlighting traits of this USB CNC controller is that it comes with a technical advantage. The control period of each position is only 4 seconds. The ARM processor can finish the part of human-computer interface and code analysis. 

It supports the FANUC with high universality to be compatible with the G code set. Moreover, the port of this controller is expandable. It also has the ability to support 128M external manual operation and has the ability to spin clockwise as well as anticlockwise.


Let’s hope that the products as mentioned above would help you to select the best usb cnc controller as per your preference. All these features contribute immensely to the increase in work efficiency and productivity. Also, these CNC controllers are compatible with MAC OS and virtual machines emulating Windows.

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