Block Planes for 2023

Block planes are one of the most-sought tools in the woodshops. For over centuries, people were benefited by its usefulness in doing various woodworking tasks, and is still prevailing for a good cause. A beginner or the one planning to settle as a serious woodcrafter in the long run would prefer having a razor-sharp block plane.

A good quality plane is all that is required in a carpentry shop to make one’s career successful. Block planes are capable of turning a rough irregular piece of plank into a smooth regular lumber which could grab the attention of a number of customers, and bring you instant cash in that process.

Nevertheless, to make the selection task easier for you, we have compiled a list of top 11 block planes in the market. We hope that going through each of the product reviews will help you find the right one. Let’s dive in to unleash the one that could maximize your woodworking potential.

Block Planes

1. Japanese Wood Block Plane KANNA 40mm Double Edge Senkichi : Product Overall

Japanese Wood Block Plane KANNA 40mm Double Edge Senkichi

The Japanese Wood Block Plane KANNA 40mm Double Edge Senkichi is indeed a great addition to the list of Japanese block planes. It shows many similar features as that of other Japanese tools and is still priced very less. Also, the form of Senkichi is a bit different since; this one is longer and narrower in shape. Due to the wooden frame, we can say that this block plane is light in weight compared to its competitors.

Blade is made up of carbon steel, which allows this product to shave through the wood effortlessly. Also, the Japanese blades are much sharper in comparison with the western blades. It can help reduce end grains from the task, thus enabling you to achieve desirable results. Using this product, experts guarantee clean, safe, and excellent output at work. The Senkichi block plane is ideal for both professional woodworkers and hobbyist gardeners.

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2. YOGEON Tiny Woodworking Block Hand Plane : Under Budget

YOGEON Tiny Woodworking Block Hand Plane

The very famous YOGEON Tiny Woodworking Block Hand Plane helps you to get precise results. One of the things about this block plane is the compact size. The plane is made up of high-quality steel, which is extremely durable and very sharp. Yogeon has blades machined from 1/8 inches of steel and is grounded for flatness. The handle is contoured so that the user can have a comfortable grip to the user while working.

This planer can be used for flattening, smoothing, and squaring. It provides an excellent result in every situation, and hence can be used in various projects. This tool is made from materials that gives the product an incredible strength against high impact force.

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3. Woodstock D3831 Adjustable Block Plane : Premium Choice


Are you looking for a block plane that has a low blade angle of around 12 1/2 degrees? If yes, then Woodstock D3831 Adjustable Block Plane is the one that will help you create a low angle with its 1 3/8 inch blade. It enables the chipping of wood in both large and small projects. Block lane guarantees accurate wood trimmings even when the blade is set at a higher angle. The Woodstock block plane fits perfectly in the user’s hand due to the ergonomic design.

If you’re working with a lot of wooden furnishings, it will be a useful tool for you to smooth rough edges and shave end grain. The body is made of cast iron, whereas the blade is made of high carbon steel. Furthermore, the adjustable throat feature helps you to modify the cuts. That will enable you to get the accurate result that you have been looking for.

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4. Stanley 12-220 Block Plane : Heavyweight Block Plane

Stanley 12-220 Block Plane

Last comes the Stanley 12-220 Block Plane, which is worth every penny that you spend on it. This is about twice the weight of your typical block plane, which is undoubtedly a complicated deal. Many users are a bit upset about its heavyweight, while some love the control and comfort that this product offers. This layout also promotes power with a relaxed forward finger-rest, a function that is lacking in many other versions.

Since the cutter rests at an angle of 21 degrees, it is perfect for cross-grain planing and glides comfortably and rapidly through several types of woods. All in all, this is a great place for users who know how to sharpen the blade. In addition, this Stanley’s block plane is worth the amount at which you purchase it .

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Other Great Pick

5. E.C. Emmerich 649P Adjustable Block Plane

E.C. Emmerich 649P Adjustable Block Plane

E.C. Emmerich 649P Adjustable Block Plane is one of the most famous block planes amongst all in the list. It tends to come with a compact wooden frame that also means the weight of this plane is much lower than metal models of similar dimensions. The sole of this tool is made from Lignum Vitae, which has been used because of its durability, strength, and density.

Although this plane has a wooden frame, it still has an adjustable screw. This screw helps you to alter the height of the blade as per the task requirements. We can say that this block plane allows you to monitor how deeply the cutter shaves the wood. The frame’s edges are smoothed to give you a convenient grip when trimming. The iron blade’s width is 39 mm, which allows the user to cover a large area with each movement of the block plane.

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6. Stanley 12-920 6-1/4-Inch Contractor Grade Block Plane

Stanley 12-920 6-1 4-Inch Contractor Grade Block Plane

The next block plane on the list is Stanley 12-920 6-1/4-Inch Contractor Grade Block Plane. This tool includes a gray cast iron base covered with long-lasting epoxy to make the product sturdy. It is polished and hardened, making this block plane a precise steel cutter with a ground tool. There is a cam lock for quick release, which ensures the fast removal of the blade. This is highly suggested for the plastic and end grain materials. Not only this, but is also an excellent and tested tool for helping you get rid of debris while working.

With this Stanley block plane, users can get a good finish. This is made up of hard and tempered steel, making this tool very productive, reliable, and durable. The length of the block plane is up to 6-1/4 inches. Not only this, but the users using this product can also enjoy a limited lifetime warranty. The knob and handle are polished to ensure the delivery of high impact performance while chipping off the wooden objects.

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7. Silverline 633569 Block Plane

Silverline 633569 Block Plane

Silverline 633569 Block Plane is constructed with the help of grey iron casting. This makes the block plane both durable and that of excellent quality. This tool is designed ergonomically to give you ultimate comfort while also providing accurate and consistent cuts. It is suitable for end grain tasks, and can also be convenient for getting a smooth finish. The blade is smooth and well kept to render even & cleaner cuts.

With the help of an adjustable mouth, the block planes allow the users to increase and decrease the gap. This gap is between the cutting edge of the iron and the opening of the mouth. This can also be adjusted when switching between fine and coarse woodwork. The brass screws lend the users with higher power when modifying the block plane’s height. It is capable of working with higher wood capacity due to the 41 mm blade. 

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8. Sheffield 58452 3 Inch Block Plane

Sheffield 58452 3 Inch Block Plane

Sheffield is yet another reputed brand that has been known for its high-quality product. This block plane is very compact but gives outstanding results. Sheffield 58452 3 Inch Block Plane is made up of S-2 steel, which is exceptionally durable. It has a die-cast body that is contoured as per the user’s grip for comfort.

It features a polished and hardened frame, which allows the device to withstand possible damage while dealing with harsh planes. The contoured body is to render a stable grip on the tool while working. Since the tool is compact, it does not take up too much room in your toolbox. There is a 1-inch long cutter which is designed to produce precise shavings. The thumb-screw is convenient to use and helps you fasten the iron for steady operation. Lastly, its two-piece design tends to provide extra strength to all kinds of wood cutting projects, which can satisfy the users. It’s one of the block plane for the money. 

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9. KAKURI Woodworking Japanese Block Plane

KAKURI Woodworking Japanese Block Plane

The KAKURI Woodworking Japanese Block Plane is a very easy-to-use tool. This made in Japan product measures around 42 mm and has been giving excellent results. The frame of the block plane is made of high-quality oak wood and is known for its durability. This plane polishes the wooden surfaces by pulling motion, unlike other planers that function by being pushed. Due to this operational function, the plane allows equal force distribution, which then provides excellent results.

KAKURI planes are made of high-quality Japanese steel, which helps in making sharp cuts on the wood. It’s a mini plane that is easy to carry, and you can operate with one hand. The size, which is 1.6 × 5.9 ×2.1 inches, helps users carry this tool comfortably. You can change the blade height significantly by striking on it with a hammer.

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10. Faithfull No.60 1/2 Block Plane in a Wooden Box

Faithfull No.60 1 2 Block Plane in a Wooden Box

Faithfull No.60 1/2 Block Plane in a Wooden Box is a very sought-after block plane for accurate results. The cast-iron design provides this product with the ability to perform heavy-duty functions. This feature allows the tool to expect the task of finishing different types of woods. The block plane’s rear side is shaped to fit in the user’s hands, whereas the front knob is curved to provide sufficient grip. As a consequence, when you push the blade back and forth, you won’t have problems.

The plane has an iron set at 13.5 degrees, which works effectively on plastic and end grain laminates. In addition, these planes are configured for single-handed operation. The low angled cutter and adjustable mouth make this block plane ideal for all end grains.

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11. Power Tools 3pc Micro Brass Block Plane

Power Tools 3pc Micro Brass Block Plane

If you are planning to enhance your woodworking results, then Power Tools 3pc Micro Brass Block Plane is perfect. All the fittings are well designed and can assist you in performing efficient tasks. This block plane is user-friendly, and therefore you will not have to face a tough time working with it. The knobs of this three-piece block plane are made up of brass while constructed using sturdy hardwood.

With this planer, you get a block plane, bullnose plane, and a scraper plane. The bullnose can aid you in planning the corners or edges which are in tight corners. By combining these methods’ outcomes, we can see that it offers an impressive result, which will please you. The user can adjust the blades according to their needs. They can be moved at an angle of 23 to 25 degrees. 

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Buyer’s Guide: How to choose a block plane?

Now that you have gathered pretty much knowledge regarding the products and their pros and drawbacks, it is time for some tips. Well, while choosing any products, the first thing to keep in mind is whatever you pick should meet your purpose. For that, there are certain important factors you must consider while making the purchase since you will always have a choice to choose an electric hand planer.

Block planes are basically made to smoothen any rough or worn out wooden surface, be it a cupboard, or thick lumber, and others. If any rough surface is left behind after the milling process, then the block plane is the tool needed to get the end grain sorted. Similarly, the sharp edges of a board are left as it is, it causes harm to the user and affects its overall beauty. Or, sometimes the board may not fit the space where it is meant to be. This is when the need for a sharp block plane steps in so that you can shear the extended part keeping the board shape undisturbed.

Not just that, but you can also do the chamfering tasks with the plane  tool. That’s  what makes the block plane a more generalised tool for wood shop users. Although numerous varieties of block planes are now available in the market, only few are such that can deliver the feeling of craftsmanship that you otherwise get from a traditional old-fashioned block plane use.

Low Angle Vs Standard

Two categories of block planes are there. First is the standard block plane in which the blade is fitted at an angle 20 degree. In general, the standard plane models have a sharpened angle of 25 degree, overall making the total of 45 degree angle. It implies that with a standard block plane you can control the cuts at ease without shearing too much at a single stroke.

This block p,and type is quite efficient and you can apply the stroke on the same spot a number of times to make it the way you want. Without prior experience it is questionable to successfully overshoot in a single go at the first attempt, that too with a standard plane.
The second type is the low block plane meaning a low-angle plane tool. Here also, the same cutting blade sharpened at 25 degree angle is fitted.

However, the bed angle of 12 degree includes the base. So, the total angle of 37 degree is found in low block plane type. Believe it or not, but the product can more efficiently shave (far more wooden jobs at each pass) than what a standard block plane does. The ultimate verdict is that the latter one (low angle block plane) is the better option to efficiently polish the end grains of rough wood pieces. However, with the latter, you must maintain the safety precautions for proper usage of the tool.  


Quality is always a necessary factor that is considered while buying any or every product. Similarly, while selecting a block plane, you must look for the quality that promises durability and high performance delivery. Basically wood and metal are the two material types of a block plane. Many of the wood crafters prefer a wooden model to the metal one. Wooden block planes are not only aesthetic in appearance, but also maintain the retro conventional feeling that many users look for in the first place while selecting a block plane. Well, it is also a fact that most of the wooden block planes do not promise longevity compared to the metal ones. The ironwood counterpart, on the other hand, might be worth buying.

Though there is nothing aesthetic in a metal block plane, it ensures absolute durability which is just the vice versa of a wooden block plane. However, it is always better to diligently check out each of the relevant brands and models, as chances of poor quality parts used in the metal one is quite normal these days. So, spending the hard earned money in a fraudulent tool is of no point. Focus more on the product usability and durability rather than simply sticking to its look. Certainly numerous blooming companies are doing great jobs in enhancing their product quality, yet it is for a metal block plane. 


What is a block plane for?

A block plane is for purposes when you have to fit a wooden component by shaving some of its edges or surfaces. A block plane can also be used for Chamfering and removing any glue lines.

Are block planes bevel up?

Yes, Bevel faces upwards in a block plane.  

What is the difference between a block plane and a bench plane?

The key difference is the bevel’s face. In a bench plane, bevel faces down while it’s upwards for a block plane. Both have different sizes, a bench plane has many different sizes and types like “standard angle, low angle and pocket size” while block plane is only 6 to 7 inches.

Final Verdict

If you made it up to here, let’s check out the first three picks from the list. If you want a convenient cum lightweight block planer where it being a wooden model is not an issue for you, then go with E.C. Emmerich 649P Adjustable Block Plane. Faithfull No.60 1/2 Block Plane in a Wooden Box can be operated single-handedly. However, the bulky design of this model makes it rank the second in the list. Stanley 12-220 Block Plane is an affordable block plane, however, meant for the pro-grade woodcrafters only, making it rank the third. Else, all the aforementioned products are some of the block planes you will ever find. Whichever you pick, must meet your workshop requirements.

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