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10 vs 12 Miter Saw – Which One is Better and Why?

10'' vs 12'' Miter Saw

Looking for that perfect piece of miter saw for your woodworking shop? Well, you are the right place to get guided by a good deal of data regarding the significance of a miter saw featuring a quality blade, meant to perform an array of applications. There are varieties of miter saws available on the market …

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Everything About CNC Controllers | The Edge Cutter

Everything About CNC Controllers

1. What is a CNC controller? CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. In simple words, the CNC controller is a machine that transforms the design provided through CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software by numeric inputs. These input values are the coordinates of the design graph and they play a significant role in controlling the cutter movement. …

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How much does it cost to build a CNC router? | The Edge Cutter

How much does it cost to build a CNC router The Edge Cutter

If you are a beginner machinist or professional and looking to build your own CNC router, but don’t know the cost, then this article might help. Here, you will get all the necessary details regarding the price range of the CNC parts if bought individually from the market. So, let’s begin. Cost of Different Types of …

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What is the difference between a CNC router and a CNC mill?

Difference between CNC router and CNC mill

To make customized machine parts, many hardware manufacturing companies utilize CNC routing and CNC milling applications.  Though both the types are CNC-driven, there are certain significant differences between a CNC mill and a CNC router. Both the machines are designed differently and so they work on different types of material jobs. They also have many …

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7 Best Woodworking Books for Beginners [Reviews] | Top Picks

Best woodworking Books

There are numerous recommendations for beginner-friendly woodworking books, available on the internet. However, there are certain differences that make only some rank in the top trending list. So, we have profiled a list of top 7 woodworking books for beginners to learn the overall concept of woodworking and its usability from the grassroot level. All …

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