Bobs CNC: Every Router Engraving Machine Tried & Tested

BobsCNC is a company run by Bob, Pam, Kathy & Keith who are professionals in their respective fields. They have been providing high-quality machines for the last 25 years and have gained customer respect for the quality machines they manufacture.

BobsCNC has some great reviews on their machines especially the E3 (Evolution 3) and E4 (Evolution 4) which are the selling BobsCNC machines. In this article, we will look at all the CNC routers made by BobsCNC and help you decide the machine.

Your choice on the CNC router depends on factors like nature of project, your budget and materials that you will be working with. 

If you are a woodworker then you should be able to figure out the CNC router from the ones that BobsCNC makes, all because of quality and price. 

BobsCNC Router Review

Bobs CNC Review

Here we will be looking at some of the machines that BobsCNC makes and walk you through what each one of them does the. 


BobsCNC machines are customer favorites because of the reason that they have the software apart from producing really affordable machine with excellent features. The software is easy to understand and use and that ensure there is no misunderstanding between the operator and the way a router takes commands. 

If you wish to have a custom software for your machine then you can select the cnc software from this guide.

Once you have bought any machine, What really matters is the customer support which is great as they ensure no matter what issue you have, its been taken care of. You can purchase these machines from different online stores that support shipping to your area. The prices are also affordable and low as compared to others.

BobsCNC Routers in the Market

1. KL744

KL744 CNC Router

With a bigger cutting space, the BobsCNC KL744 offers enough table area to work on large sheets of wood. KL744 kit comes with 12mm 9 ply Baltic birch and an SG25U supported rail system for better performance that means the overall output will be much better. The steel-reinforced T5x15 Bell-Everman belt system provides more durability to the machine that gives a lot of confidence to the operator.

The 425 oz. in NEMA 23 Servo motor Closed Loop Quadrature Encoder and Hall Effect Home Switches allow better current management in the machine that is also important from a safety point of view. Drag chain wire management allows the operator to easily do the job without getting the wires tangled or any other problems with the cables. The DeWalt DW611 router OR Makita RT071C is also included in the kit.

The KL744 is designed to use GRBL firmware on the Arduino Uno with the self squaring gantry which allows working easier. This machine has a dual 48 VDC power supply which means less consumption of energy. All these features are available in a single machine price around two thousand dollars.

2. KL733

KL733 CNC Router

Just like the KL744, the BobsCNC KL733 kit carries the same basic features. From the Baltic Birch to the power supply, both these machines provide the same features. The main difference between these two is the assembled footprint and the cutting area. The assembled footprint has a length of 48″, 48″ wide; the height is 37″, and it has an estimated weight of 160 lbs which is lesser than the KL744. The milling area contains the following:

  • X: 36″ (914 mm)
  • Y: 36″ (914 mm)
  • Z: 5″ (127 mm)
  • Gantry Clearance: 4.5″ (114 mm)

These features make the size of the KL733 lesser so if you want lesser milling space then KL733 is your choice. It can be preferred by hobby woodworkers or newbies for its less space. The price of this machine is also less than the KL744. 

KL733 is not the only option for hobby woodworker, infact we compiled a list of 10 CNC router for hobbyists from where you can choose your next router.

3. The E3

E3 CNC Router Kit

BobsCnC E3 (Evolution 3)carries some great features that many old machines lacked for so many years. E3 Router comes with a rigid laser cut frame which strengthens the overall body of the machine.

The SG20U supported rail system makes the movement faster and precise to get the proper carving on the board. The GT2 belt drive on the X and Y axis and 5/16-18 nut on the Z axis allow you to work with more perfection and giving you that extra flexibility for complex designs. 

Another interesting feature making the E3 better is home switches on all axes so you have full control over the different axis of the machine. It also has an MDF Spoil-board with 1/4-20 threaded inserts. The kit also contains DeWalt DW660 router and the E3 is designed to use GRBL firmware on the Arduino Uno software.

Well if you wish to have a router of more power or with other specific requirements then read this post about some the routers for CNC machine to help you out in finding the the right one for you.

The assembled footprint in the E3 has a length of 24.8″, a width of 25.2″, a height of 18.9″ and weighs 25 lbs. The dimensions of the cutting area contain X which is 17.7″, Y which is 15.3″, and Z at 3.3″. These smaller dimensions allow the E3 to function properly without disturbing your working environment. 

It can work heavy-time and covers a very small space, hence move it easily. 

4. The E4

E4 CNC Router

The E4 is the latest model by bobsCNC and till now the last one in the E (Evolution)series. The thing about the E4 is large working table which allows you to work on large sheets of plywood, wood, aluminium as the cutting space is big. The features of the E4 are similar to the E3 except for the assembled footprint and the cutting area. Both of these are bigger than the E4 with bigger dimensions. 

The assembled footprint in the BobsCNC E4 kit is 30” long, 37.2” wide, 18.9” tall and weighs up to 42 lbs. The table area is also big to accommodate larger sheets and bigger wood pieces. The milling area has the dimensions with X at 24”, Y at 24” and Z at 3.3”. The entire construction is laser cut and you can literally see it in the design of BobsCNC Evolution 4. 

If you have to work on bigger sheets then the amazing E4 is your bet at doing this. You can easily carve any design on bigger sheets with the latest Arduino Uno. The E4 comes with a price of just $898.

Why Choose Bob’s CNC?

With so many different providers, you should always hunt for the reason as to why give preference to a particular model or brand. When it comes to bobscnc, there are quite a few reasons like a short comparison can tell why BobsCNC is better than other manufacturers. 

The first thing about BobsCNC machines is that it is cheaper than many other brands in the market. The machines at any other company, for example, Shapeoko are quite expensive but BobsCNC has some very affordable machines which can perform similar functions as shapeoko. All their products have great design since they are laser cut frame. Machines like Evolution 3 and Evolution 4 comes with Makita router fitted inside them.  

Read this post about the cheap cnc routers to find more cheaper options like BobsCNC’s routers.

Another feature is the size of these machines. BobsCNC machines are quite small-sized than many other machines in the market. With machines such as E3, you can work from your home or any other place if you do not have a large warehouse or workplace but if you see at the Shapeoko 3, it doesn’t provide you this type of comfort at all. The Shapeoko 3 is a metallic machine which is heavy and big and only a big workplace can hold it but you can put Bob’s CNC E3 anywhere.

The package also has to do a lot with the purchasing thing. With machines from other companies, you have to purchase so many things separately but if you purchase BobsCNC machines, you get so much in the box like the latest software and many more so this is a plus point.

Customer Reviews

BobsCNC has over 90% of positive customer reviews which you can check on different platforms including their official website. Customers at Amazon and eBay have given positive reviews for the products and are happy with them. You may also see some negative comments but they are just a few and BobsCNC works to improve the machines so go get your machine now. Every machines has some pros and cons but with BobsCNC products, you can ignore the cons since they don’t impact the way your end result will come out. 


Now that you know about 4 different BobsCNC routers, it all boils down to your needs or the sole objective to purchase a router. When it comes to BobsCNC, they have machines that cater for all types of different needs like for hobby bloggers, there E3 which is small but if you are a pro woodworker that works on complex designs then you can definitely prefer the E4. At our garage, we have worked multiple times on E3 and E4, we were satisfied with the entire package and most importantly the customer support given by this brand. 

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