Bosch 5312 Vs. Dewalt DWS780 | How These Two Compound Miter Saws Stack Up?

Even for a professional handyman, choosing the best double bevel saw may be difficult with so many models and brands available on the market. Depending on your requirements, there are probably tens if not hundreds of options available. Without a doubt, among the list of power miter saws, you have the two best ones, namely, Bosch 5312 and Dewalt DWS780. For making precise crosscuts, these two are considered just the right choice. Hence, this article will compare both these power tools for you to make an informed decision when buying them.

A brief overview of Bosch 5312

Bosch 5312 Compund Miter Saw

Just like the other products of Bosch, this compound miter saw was mainly designed to achieve accurate crosscuts. If you need a miter saw that will give high precision and performance for all your projects, then the Bosch 5312 can be your best bet. Many characteristics make this Bosch miter saw a unique and high-quality instrument. To begin with, the Bosch 5312 boasts a massive 25–1/2-inch base that provides power and adaptability, unrivaled by most saws on the market today. Furthermore, it is driven by a 15-amp motor that can handle materials of different sizes.

A brief overview of Dewalt DWS780

Dewalt DWS780 Compound Miter Saw

The Dewalt DWS780 has a robust motor, making it the ideal instrument for various cutting jobs and even the ones that involve large stock. The woodworking activities of a professional handyman involve stock of various sizes. Still, with the help of the Dewalt DWS780, there is no need for you to change the saws while cutting through the woods of various types and sizes. The motor’s 3800 rpm with angle setting buttons is more than enough for almost everything you need to do, and its adaptability makes the Dewalt DWS780 excellent for both DIY and professional woodworkers.

Comparison between Bosch 5312 and Dewalt DWS780

Here is a list of comparisons made below between the Bosch 5312 and Dewalt DWS780 to help you make an informed decision when buying a compound miter saw.

Cut Quality

The Bosch 5312 features a 25 ½ inch base with a built-in sliding cast extending up to a height of about 4 ½ inches sliding fences. This guarantees versatile, durable, and high-quality cuts. This saw will give you a unique slot and wedge miter detent system that provides accurate and consistent miter angles. It has an efficient brake system with a unique electric function that ensures safety and security.

Dewalt DWS780 is the miter saw that can help you to achieve professional-grade cuts. You can easily make changes to your cutting angle using the positive stops, which will deliver the precision you desire when making cuts. The saw also has a cam-lock that locks your cutting angle while working on your materials, which improves the precision of the saw. Hence, the Dewalt DWS780 miter saw is a good option if you require a strong and dependable miter saw.


The durability of the Bosch 5312 miter saw is one such characteristic that sets it apart from the others. Even if it falls from a height, its functionality remains intact, which is not common with the other compound miter saws. 

Unlike the Bosch 5312, the DEWALT DWS780’s overall durability is not so promising since its functionality gets affected easily when it accidentally collides with a hard surface or falls from a height. 

Lightweight and portability

If you operate at a workstation with a lot of mobility or if you’re a mobile artisan who moves around with their equipment, portability should be one of your top objectives when buying a miter saw. In this regard, it’s worth mentioning that the Bosch 5312’s look makes it so portable that Bosch engineers prefer to use it as a site tool.

The Dewalt DWS780 is one of the lightest saws on the market. When working on surfaces in your house, you’ll also need a portable miter saw, which the Dewalt DWS780 can provide. As a result, you may easily change your workspace, which will boost your productivity.

Design and performance

Both miter saws have the same engine that drives the same blade at the same speed. With such similar characteristics, it’s no surprise that these two saws are frequently compared.

Again, Bosch takes away the credit in this category because their design allows the saw to fit in a smaller area of the workshop, which can be critical if you are low on space. It also offers various ranges of angles for cutting, making it the obvious winner in the design category.


Both the Dewalt and Bosch miter saws are excellent instruments that would enhance any workshop, and finding a third equal is difficult. There is only a slight difference between them, and if you are a seasoned craftsman, this comparison made above can help you choose the right tool for you.

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