Bosch Colt Vs Dewalt 611 | Thing you should know about them?

The wood routers have played an important role in every woodworking and crafting task or project throughout all these years. This tool has been endorsed by DIYers, enthusiasts, and professionals to complete a project successfully. The difficulty is that there are so many types of wood routers on the market nowadays that it may be challenging to decide which one to buy, especially for beginners. The good news is that you have the solution to that problem right here in this post. Take a look at how the two most popular wood routers- Bosch Colt and Dewalt 611 can efficiently help you in woodworking tasks.

A brief overview of Bosch Colt

The Bosch Colt electronic palm router of variable speed combines versatility, precision and power in this compact sized tool. It comes with a 5.6 Amp, 1.0 HP motor that rotates at a variable speed of 16,000 to 35,000 rpm. The speed dial is mounted on its top conveniently. This router comes with a constant response circuitry that detects heavy loads and helps maintain a consistent speed while increasing the power to maintain the required rpm. The soft-start feature of this tool helps to reduce the startup torque. A palm-shaped, rubber over-molded grip on the motor housing enables comfortable use.

A brief overview of Dewalt 611

The Dewalt 611 Variable Speed Compact Router with LEDs has a 1-1/4 HP motor with variable speed control for the best bit speed in each application. It enables quick and simple modifications to the bit and base. Bit visibility is improved because of the LED light and the transparent plastic permanent base. The adjustable ring allows for precise bit depth variations of 1/64 inch. The big, low-pressure spindle lock button enables easy bit changes with a single wrench. A Dewalt router can perform all the functions of a laminate trimmer. It can edge details like chamfers and round overs, flush-trimming, and mortising for hinges.

Comparison between Bosch Colt and Dewalt 611

When it comes to wood routing, Bosch and Dewalt are among the top brands offering top quality tools in the industry. To get a better idea about how these two wood routers work, ensure to go through the comparison made between them below.

Motor Power

A 5.6-Amp motor produces a maximum of 1 horsepower in the Bosch Colt Router. This HP rate is pretty low, and hence, it lowers the number of routing projects that can be done using this palm router. However, you may use it for various small-scale projects, but it won’t be able to perform more difficult routing chores or larger woodworks.

The DeWalt 611, on the contrary, is driven by a 7-Amp motor with a maximum output of 1.25 horsepower. This rate, too, falls low compared to a router’s standard power, although the Dewalt offers more than the Colt model. This implies that the DeWalt unit can be used for more project applications than the Bosch unit.


The horsepower of a router’s motor is one of the most significant elements to consider when purchasing one. Because the DWP611 isn’t designed for pros, its power output is more than enough for various users. The general-purpose routing activities for which it’s designed are present in this device, making it light, easy to use, and inexpensive. The Dewalt 611 also has specific capabilities that can assist users in improving the quality of the finish on whatever they’re working on.

The Bosch 1.0 HP Colt Palm Router is a highly flexible tool because of its small size and powerful performance. It’s great for trimming deck boards, hinge mortising, edge shaping, slot cutting, dovetailing, window cuts, and ornamental inlays, among other things. The Colt Kit features a palm-grip design with Soft Grip, making it the most ergonomic router in its class. It has enough power to accomplish the task and is more comfortable and easier to operate than the larger ones.

Ergonomics And Accuracy

It’s essential to have hand support on the router’s gripping surface if you want to have a firm grip on the tool. The Bosch Colt is equipped with more ergonomic features as far as ergonomics is concerned. It comes with excellent security and stability features like finger support pockets that give you a proper grip while handling the router. Unlike the Bosch Colt, the Dewalt 611 lacks proper security features, and it is also heavier than Colt. Hence, it may not be suitable for you to carry it around.

Talking about the accuracy, both the PRO20EVSNK and the DWP611 include features that assure precise and accurate cuts on any project you’re working on. The devices provide micro-fine depth adjustments and quick and easy bit replacements.


To wrap up, both Dewalt 611 and Bosch Colt come with their unique features. Hence, the comparisons made above will help you make the right choice when buying a wood router for your project.

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