Bosch ROS20VSC vs Bosch ROS20VSK | Choosing the right sander for you!

Bosch is a brand that is known for their power tools. Over the years they have built a reputation for themselves and it serves them well. Because of the huge fan base they have there are people who use tools only from Bosch and they seem happy with their choices. But being too good is also a trouble when you have to choose between two products of the same category from the same brand itself.  

Bosch has a wide variety of tools and their sanders are one of the best in the market. So if you are looking for a sander from Bosch there are two options that you have to have a look into, one being the Bosch ROS20VSC and the other is the Bosch ROS20VSK.

Bosch ROS20VSC

There are a lot of good things to say about this hand hander, but let’s start with the most important of them all. No matter how effective an instant or tool is, if an end user is not able to use it easily then it’s not a good product. Thankfully this sander takes care of it. All you have to worry about is aligning the eight hole disk with the eight holes in the sander and it clips right on with a gentle press. 

Bosch calls this the hook and loop system. The next thing that you would want to know is how easy it is to use. So when it comes to a sander the vibrations that the tool produces has a huge impact on the outcome of your work. 

This sander took care of it and it leaves very minimal vibrations, combining that with their damping brake system. In addition to this, there is also a controller to adjust the vibration level on the tool. You can also control the speed at which the disk spins and the range is between 7500 – 12000 OMP. This is a great option to have so that you can use the sander according to the material in contact. 

The 2.5 amp power from this is great for almost all sanding functions. And doing so much sanding could leave a lot of dust which you don’t have to worry about as the inbuilt advanced dust collector takes care of it. 

Bosch ROS20VSK

By going with this version of the Bosch sander you are in no way holding back. This comes with a 2.5 amp power support that can make the pad spin somewhere between 7500 – 12000 OMP with ease. This along with its damping technology leaves no makers on the working surface leaving you with a fine smooth surface at all times. 

The Bosch ROS20VSK has an inbuilt dust collector that sucks in all the dust as it stands and makes the cleaning process effortless. The dust that is collected is stored in a pod which can be easily cleaned once the work is done. 

The handle ok this tool is also a tad bit wider giving you more space to grip and get the work going. This allows you to have a firm grip on the tool and work effectively. As for the blade it has a 5 inch hook and loop technology that gives you absolute confidence while clipping on the blade. Furthermore the disk locking mechanism makes sure no dust particle escapes into the tool and damages it by any means. 

Bosch ROS20VSC vs Bosch ROS20VSK


  • Both the sander are powered by a 2.5 amps power unit.
  • The OMP speed is in the range of 7500 – 12000
  • The features on the sanders are identical like the damping brake system, dust collector are all the same.
  • Overall look of the tool is similar to an untrained eye.


  • The Bosch ROS20VSC comes in a soft carrying bag with a zipper, the inside is lined with a soft lens to protect the tool from gaining any scratches.
  • On the other hand, the Bosch ROS20VSK comes in a hard plastic case with a latch system to close it. The inside is fitted with a foam underlayment to help it stay firm inside the box and helps the tool stay away from scratch.


Both the sander costs the same. So there is nothing much to think about. It all ends in which one you like the best as they both will get the job done just the way you want it. 

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