Cabinet Saw Vs Table Saw : Which One Is Right Choice | Key Differences

When you have taken woodworking already as your career choice, you must also have all the requisites necessary while dealing with construction or material working. There are numerous such tools you will need to achieve desired performance and result. However, in this article, we are going to discuss the cabinet saw Vs table saw. Why? Because a saw is what you will primarily require to bring any piece of wood into an optimal shape or size before you actually get started with the main operation.

So, it is necessary for you to have some ideas about the features and capabilities of the two most used saws in the woodworking industry; cabinet saw and table saw. This would also keep your buying process simpler and purposeful. Both cabinet saw and table saw are the two most sought tools to craft varied types of materials with ease and without harming its quality or precision. However, the way to achieve the dedicated result will greatly vary based on your level of on-hand experience and more. These are some of the basic reasons why most construction builders and other pro-grade crafters go for cabinet or table saw.

Based on your workspace, the type of material you deal with, etc. will determine which saw will be more impactful to your project. So, let’s get started with first figuring out the differences, but remember that both the cabinet and table saws have their respective benefits and setbacks.

Differences Between Cabinet Saw and Table Saw

  • Cabinet saws are powered by the induction motor ensuring longer run times under any condition. Table Saws, on the other hand, include belt-drive type and direct-drive type combination motors, plus employ a riveting knife which minimizes the kickback effect while sawing varied types of workpieces.
  • Cabinet saws are meant for heavy-duty construction works, and so, they are resistant to damage and are durable. Table saw is more durable than its counterparts and is used in the fabrication of large sheets or panels, solid timber, etc. used in large manufacturing industries.
  • Table Saws feature a folding arm that is used to make rip and cross cuts rather thick workpieces. Cabinet Saws include extensions that increase the ripping capacity of the table saw by a up to 50 inches.

Note: Cabinet saws are literally table saws but coming under a different variant with different cutting capabilities and functional purposes. Now we will check out the different types of table saws in addition to the cabinet saws for a deeper understanding of the differences between the two.

Table Saws


A table saw is a type of saw that includes a table-like integrated platform upon which the work is carried out.

Cabinet Saws

SawStop PCS31230-TGP236

A cabinet saw is also a table saw but of another type; it includes an enclosed design resembling a cabinet. Cabinet saws are typically meant for the pro-grade woodworkers who require fast and reliable access to any tools or accessories needed for instant working with any material. If you are looking for comprehensive construction works, then the cabinet saw is the perfect one concerning high power delivery compared to other table saw counterparts. Cabinet saws are basically made of iron or steel materials and have high tensioning mechanisms which enable you to deal with denser materials. They also come with arbor assemblies which minimizes the overall vibration level of the motor equipped within it, during an ongoing cutting operation.

Portable Saw or Jobsite Saw

Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Table Saw

Portable or jobsite saw are the handy tools that work proficiently without affecting the effectiveness and power during work. Portable and jobsite saws, as the names suggest, can be carried to the job sites anytime required, and are equipped with induction motors. Plus, they have many such capabilities that are similar to a large table saw. However, the jobsite table saws are comparatively smaller, both in size and scale than the standard saws as the former is redesigned with the purpose of portability. Note: Most jobsite saws and portable saws feature universal motors, meaning that the motors lack in delivering sufficient power and can be loud during use. Portable table saws include durable aluminum tops that let you work on almost any type of project keeping the saw unharmed. But there is a downside that you cannot use a jobsite saw for cutting thicker materials. So, this is something you must consider before making the final decision of purchase.

Contractor Saw

Craftsman Evolv 10-inch Table Saw

Contractor saw is designed with the purpose of mobility and versatility on workplaces because of its open-base construction which employs a straight-blade design. Contractor saw is a lightweight choice that makes it easy to carry for the professionals who are always on the move. The table top of a contractor table saw is made of solid iron which allows working on thicker materials with any hassle or a fatigue feeling. Most contractor saws include extension wings that let you use open webbed design which can either include a stamped metal or an iron cast top.Contractor saws are generally used in cabinetry or trimming works, carpentry, and other minor woodworking projects. Contractor table saws and circular saws include an assortment of tools and tensioning mechanisms that might be helpful for your overall project requirement.

Hybrid Saws

Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Table Saw

Hybrid saw is a combination of the elements taken from professional saws and other contractor saws. It generally comes with the elements of a cabinet saw which makes the hybrid saw a comparable cum comprehensive option on the market. Hybrid saws feature enclosed bases and legs, which is what makes the saw easy to mount on any work site. Hybrid table saws and circular saws include more high-end belt drive stems with more tensioned bearings, thereby allowing working on heavier and thicker materials compared to other counterparts out there on the market. These types of saws are typically light in weight and feature high-quality components and functionality which add versatility to the saw. Hybrid circular and table saws are the compact editions of cabinet saws.

Things to Consider While Buying a Saw

With so many models and options, it would be hard for you to pick one and stick to that decision until you finally purchase it. But there are certain grounds based on which you have to make the choice. Here are some of those factors that you should consider and check if those are in line with your type of work and work material. For instance, power rating and the blade configuration of a saw are two important points that determine how successful you will be in conducting your desired woodworking projects.


The saw blade will determine what type of sawing tasks you can deal with. In simpler words, it decides what type of material you can cut with it. Most saw models include adjustable blades that give you the benefit of modifying the overall cutting power of the saw in an instant without causing any interruption in the ongoing task of the project.Blades come in varied shapes and sizes, which give you a wider scope of selection of what type of blade is suitable for cutting what type of work material. Blades that come employed with the saw can be installed in varied patterning options that may facilitate you to adjust the type of cuts you can make on the workpiece.

Hand Wheel

The handwheel mechanism lets you adjust the height and cutting potential of the saw with absolute ease. Handwheel is a significant factor to consider while choosing a saw for purchase as it will determine the depth of cut and flexibility of the saw in achieving a cut while working on a project. It also determines how accurate the cuts will go.

Dust Blower

While sawing wood or any other material piece, it will definitely generate dust, thereby causing a mess around your workplace. So, make sure to buy a saw that comes with a dust blower or port, so that you can immediately collect the dust within it as soon as it is produced in order to keep your surroundings clean, with no hassle involved.Dust blower is a significant point from a healthy point of view as it protects your breath and eyes from the harmful dust of the workpiece which if enters your body might pose serious health risks. Dust blowers are fit for the people who daily deal with lots of dust production and other harmful air pollutants.

RPM/ Motor Power

The overall power as well as the RPM rating of your chosen saw would differ based on the model and its construction. So, you need to go through the specifications of whichever model you choose and might confirm if it delivers the amount of power and RPM value that you are looking for. Also, the rating should be such that the device is able to cut through a variety of materials. The overall width of your work materials and the maximum depth of cut will depend upon the motor power of that saw.

Size or Weight

The overall weight and size of your chosen saw will decide its degree of mobility followed by the size and type of materials you can work on with it. Consider the space of your workshop and then choose the saw accordingly, so that it perfectly fits into your workspace prior to jumping to a conclusion that which saw suits your purpose. While it is good to go for a contractor saw for a smaller workspace, a table saw to conduct your work smoothly provided that you have a greater space to move within your workshop.

Base Material

The base material of the saw is yet another point that determines the thickness and type of material that can be worked on with your selected saw. To work on thicker work material for cutting or molding purposes, the base material of your chosen saw should be made of cast iron or any other durable metal type base.

Top Picks of Cabinet Saw and Table Saw

Now that you have a better idea than before regarding the features and factors to consider while purchasing a saw, let’s have a look at some of the currently trending cabinet saws and table saws on the market.

1. JET 708678PK 3HP 50-Inch Deluxe Xacta Saw

JET 708678PK 3HP 50-Inch Deluxe Xacta Saw

JET 708678PK 3HP 50-Inch Deluxe Xacta Saw is an exclusively commercial tool that includes a T-square design along with a JET downdraft which lets you remove harmful dust particles that are produced on whatever task you deal with. The shrouded blade reduces the amount of dust which can be collected while working on with any material type. The push-button of the JET 3 Horsepower Motor Saw allows easy and quick changing of the saw blade as needed, based on the type of material that you are about to craft or contour. The quick-release riveting knife of the saw reduces chances of frequent kickback and binding during the operation. If you are looking for an optimal sawing option , then go with this 3 Horsepower Motor Saw. It features a powerful motor and runs without you needing to stop the work to adjust the specific angle or positioning of the blade.

2. SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Professional Cabinet Saw

SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Professional Cabinet Saw

SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Professional Cabinet Saw features a 52 inch pro-grade T-glide fence along with a safety system that immediately stops an ongoing cutting operation on detection of any malfunction or obstruction.The T-glide facilitates smooth functionality, adding versatility to the saw with no additional hassle involved. With that G fencing system, your cutting becomes precise, irrespective of the type of material piece used. The saw has a long lasting solid work surface which lets you conduct work on a variety of materials, with simplicity and ease.The lockdown deflection mechanism will prevent any flying object or debris from the operation from coming in contact with you while you work on the project. The operating mechanism of the magnetic contactor motor control makes it easier for you to maneuver control over the saw under almost any condition.

3. Powermatic 1792001K PM2000 Table Saw

Powermatic 1792001K PM2000 Table Saw

Powermatic 1792001K PM2000 is a 50 inch Accu-Fence System featuring table saw. Its Rout-R-Lift includes a quick-release riveting knife that helps in reducing the kickback and binding frequency, and debris contamination which you may come across during the application. Consequently, the Rout-R-Lift increases the smoothness of the blade in cutting regardless of the type of materials used. The retractable caster system integrated to the Rout-R-Lift allows you to easily move the saw from one place to another without restrictions.

4. Craftsman 10 inch Table Saw with Laser Trac 21807

Craftsman 10 inch Table Saw with Laser Trac 21807

Craftsman 10″ Table Saw with Laser Trac 21807 features a laser tracking system to guide you in detecting the line of cut, so that you can make precise cuts on the workpiece of any material. If you are looking for a high level of accuracy and speed and don’t want to worry about poor cutting experience, go for this table saw.The dual roller of Craftsman makes the saw easily movable cum portable regardless of the workshop type you might be working on. The clamps combination of the saw allow easy and faster disassembly of it. The wide base gives a stable support to handle any type of workpiece. The maximum power score of 21807 is about 5,000 RPM and it employs a 15-amp motor that delivers sufficient power and makes sawing of any material easier.

Cabinet Saw or Table Saw: Which is Better?

A cabinet saw is actually a different version of a table saw, as discussed above. Talking about the table saws, there are many types of it other than the cabinet saw. For example, if you want a portable saw for your on the move project locations, then a jobsite table saw is the choice. A cabinet saw, on the other hand, is fit for handling large workpieces and other professional woodworking tasks. Then there is this contractor saw for the people with a limited place of installation within their workshop. So, it basically depends upon the user requirements and circumstances according to which the saw selection has to be made. What looks good for one user might not be for another. Also, make sure to consider the factors responsible for the accurate purchase of a saw. However, the experts always suggest going with a compact and lightweight one as it makes the working easier with reduced fatigue feeling.

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