Chainsaw Chains for Hardwood & Firewood

A quality chainsaw is the one that is equipped with a good chain as the entire cutting operation depends on it. Chains with a tinge of blue on its metallic surface are a bit robust compared to the chains of any other brand. Since chains get overheated or worn-down due to prolonged and frequent usage, a quality chainsaw chain comes with receptors, where it stores oil to keep the chain joints well-lubricated.

There are many other factors to determine which chain is to invest in. We have provided a buyer’s guide where you will find about these factors. But before that, let’s check out the array of some worthwhile chainsaw chains, in case you are for one already. 

Chainsaw Chains for Hardwood

1. Oregon S52 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain: Product

Oregon S52 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S52 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain is compatible with any chainsaw option. For example, the chainsaw models from Poulan Echo, Homelite, and Craftsman, all of which come with a saw bar of 14 inch in length. This chain model is perfect for the occasional chainsaw users or DIY enthusiasts. If you are looking for a chain to conduct heavy duty hardwood jobs, then Oregon S52 is the one.

From sawing storm damaged vegetation to home yard work, this semi-chisel chain ensures smooth cutting., the product is tolerant of dirt and debris. So, you can continue your wood cutting job for prolonged hours. This chain is well designed and engineered to meet the safety and ANSI cum UL low kickback needs. Other than that, the chain is equipped with auto-lubricating capability that makes it durable.

Oregon’s LubriTec lubricating mechanism is developed in a way that delivers top of the line oiling for the chai. so you can work smarter and your saw lasts longer. The chain is longer as well, as sharper and comes with an external coating of industrial chrome to make the product sturdy. The extra strengthened chainsaw rivets protects the chain surface from frequent wear and increases the chain strength with limited tension adjustments.

In all fairness, you get precision sawing. Exceptional chain design makes sawing quite fast and smooth with least kickback. sheat-treated, and hard-chromed cutter chain


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Equipped to maintain safety while delivering quality performance

  • Advanced technology promises sharp and tough cutting

  • Heat chromed and treated chain ensures longevity

  • Some users reported that the chain wears out frequently. 

2. Oregon R45 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain : Chain under Budget

Oregon R45 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon R45 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain is a versatile option as it is compatible on the following chainsaw models; Craftsman, Ryobi, Dewalt, Husqvarna, Black & Decker, Echo, and similar others which have the bar length of 12 inch. The chain is an ideal fit for the DIY hobbyists; can handle tough sawing jobs, home yard tasks and pruning of storm/lightning damaged trees.

With this semi-chisel type chain model, you can expect smooth sawing of hardwood logs with maximum tolerance to dust and debris. The chain is designed and developed keeping user safety in mind. Plus, it also meets the ANSI and UL low kickback needs. The auto-lubricating mechanism of the chain makes it a durable choice even after its prolonged, rigorous usage. The chain features a pitch value of ⅜ inch with 0.043 inch and 45 gauge value and drive links count, respectively.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Easy to fit on any chainsaw bar of 12 inch in length

  • Long lasting sheerness with reduced risks of wearing out

  • Sometimes the chain may deliver poor cutting performance, or may vary in quality.

3. Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain H30-72  : for Bore Cutting

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain H30-72

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain H30-72 features low vibration during its application. The chain is designed to deliver the least kickback and meet all the peculiar requirements of current market’s lightweight chainsaws. The chain is perfect for bore cutting. If you are a pro-grade arborist or have smaller-size chainsaws in your production shop, then Husqvarna is the one.

The H30-72 features a pitch value of 0.325 inch with 0.050 inch gauge, which is perfect for utilizing in any type of sawing job, typically the hardwood cutting. Lightning damaged trees and others are also easy to cut with this chain. Overall, this chainsaw chain retains its sharpness and high performance features even after rigorous application.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Perfect for occasional users, commercial arborists, etc.

  • Great for general use

  • Robust and swift functioning

  • Good quality and easily fits the chainsaw bar

  • Some buyers reported that there is faulty printing of the chain specifications on the packaging.

4. Stihl Chainsaw Chain 26RS68 : Customer Service

Stihl Chainsaw Chain 26RS68

Stihl Chainsaw Chain 26RS68 is yet another outstanding choice for the regular woodworkers who look for precise and hassle free sawing of hardwood. The good part of availing this saw chain is the company’s outstanding customer service, in case you face fitting issues of the chain on your existing chainsaw.

The design of this chain is such that you can expect a smooth cum sharp cutting of your hardwood projects in no time. So, if accuracy is what you are looking for in a saw chain, consider buying Stihl. The firm built of the Stihl 26RS68 lets you easily cut through rough and hard wood projects. Plus, the chain can withstand rigorous application for long hours keeping it’s sharpness undisturbed.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Hard-chromium coated saw chain

  • Ensures swift and smooth cutting performance

  • Minimal to no vibration

  • Durable saw chain

  • Value for money

  • Chain wears out too soon

  • Manufacturer should focus on the chain quality

5. Oregon L67 ControlCut : for Stihl Chainsaw

Oregon L67 ControlCut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon L67 ControlCut Chainsaw Chain is fit to be used on certain chainsaw brands; the names of which you will find mentioned on the product package. The chain fits on a saw bar of 16 inch (in length). Other than that, the chain’s pitch (per cutting attachment) value is around 0.325 with 063 gauge value and 67 drive link count. For minimal kickback, the UL is classified to follow the ANSI 175.1 standards. If you are a Stihl chainsaw user, then Oregon L67 is the right one for your saw. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Easily fits the chainsaw bar

  • The price matches the quality of the chain

  • Some users found the product does not fit well on the saw bar.

Other Great Picks

6. Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain H80-72

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain H80-72

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain H80-72 is a low vibration and minimal kickback feature saw chain. It is designed and manufactured to meet the particular requirements of currently trending lightweight chainsaws. The chain delivers uncompared bore cut and conventional sawing performance. H80-72 is suitable for the pro-grade arborists, commercial users, plus those users who utilize compact chainsaws in high-production workshops.

So, whether you are a professional or an occasional enthusiast, this saw chain is the one to avail. The manufacturer promises flawless product quality and performance. Starting from premium grade sawing equipment to budget-friendly consumer options, Husqvarna chain renders superior cum design with unmatched sawing output. Overall, whatever be the type of your sawing requirement is, you can always consider buying Husqvarna H80-72 chain. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Easily fits the chainsaw bar

  • Long lasting and value for money

  • Perfect for regular hardwood sawing operations

  • Fit for occasional users, arborists as well as general chainsaw users

  • Versatile saw chain

  • Some users complained about the poor quality of the chain.

7. 051338 Poulan Pro Chainsaw Chain

051338 Poulan Pro Chainsaw Chain

051338 Poulan Pro Chainsaw Chain is a perfect replacement saw chain of 18 inch (in length). The pitch range of this chain model is ⅜ inch with 0.050 gauge value. It is a durable option for those who are looking for a rigorous chainsaw application on hardwood logs. The twin chain corners render quality performance. It features notched bumper drive links with chamfer cum chisel shaped cutters.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Easy to install on the chainsaw bar

  • Cost-effective

  • Durable choice

  • Some buyers complained that the chain does not fit perfectly on the bar and hence, delivers poor performance.

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose a block plane?

As discussed at the beginning, there are certain primary factors you must count on while buying a chainsaw chain. The intent is to help you in making a smarter investment in a chainsaw chain that matches your work purpose. 

Types of Chains or Tooth Style

There are 7 types of chainsaw chains. By type, we mean the tooth style of the chain. This factor is the ultimate thing responsible behind a chainsaw’s cutting performance. You need to be specific to your demand and then choose accordingly. 

  • Full Skip

    Full skip chain features 24 inch blade teeth. However, the bigger the blade teeth size, the better it is in cutting logs of hardwood, firewood, etc.
  • Ripping

    This chain type is perfect for sawing hard and wide wood planks uniformly. This chain features a 10° angular shape, thereby allowing
    smooth cutting with acute precision.
  • Semi-chisel

    Semi-chisel chains feature sharpness for a longer duration compared to the other chain types. This type of chain comes with round radial edges and works akin to the low-profile type of chainsaw chains. It is a versatile chain type as with it you can cut for hard and softwood.
  • Low-profile

    This chain type is the standardized model that is available with typical spherical edges.
  • Full Chisel

    Full chisel chains are perfect for sawing hardwood planks. The chain is swift and efficient enough in cutting down huge logs of wood easily.
  • Square Round

    The sharpness of this chain type is a bit hard to maintain. However, square round chains are also a good choice for wearing down wide logs swiftly and efficiently.
  • Chirper

    This chain type is ideal for lopping off branches and other small wood pruning tasks. You can also utilize this chain for clearing overgrowth.

    If you are a pro-grade chainsaw user, then it is smarter to choose between semi-chisel and full chisel chains types. Other than that, all the rotatech chain types mentioned here are made of high quality materials. So, choosing any type will prove to be a reliable performer.


Pitch refers to the mean distance between 2 consecutive rivets on the chain of the chainsaw. The guide bar helps you with the pitch that you want on your saw chain. You may also find the required pitch value from the master link of your existing saw chain (printed on it). You will find any of these measurements: 0.325 inch, ¼ inch, ⅜ inch, or .404 inch. In case you fail to locate your saw chain’s pitch value, check the user leaflet, or try contacting a chainsaw dealer to meet the exact pitch requirement.

Chain Gauge

The gauge of the chain is responsible for the proper or improper fitting of the guide links of the chain to the guide bar of the chainsaw. If the chain gauge is too sleek, the chain will not fit/sit perfectly on the bar guide. Hence, there are high risks of getting the chain slipped from the bar in the middle of the sawing operation. On the contrary, if the gauge is sufficiently thick If it is too narrow, then also it will not be a proper fit to the saw bar. The good quality chainsaws demand chain gauges that range from 0.050 inch to 0.063 inch.


The length of the chain is determined by the number of drive links and pitch. It is always suggested to count the number of drive links to make sure if there is a correct replacement for the chain available. However, looking for a chain replacement (for a bar length of 18 inch) is not enough. To get the perfect chain fitting, you must know about the drive link count and the pitch.

Chain Drive Links

The drive links on the saw chain are located at its bottom side. They securely fit into the saw’s bar guide and have to be of accurate size for the chainsaw to function perfectly. Like the chain pitch, the drive links count is also found printed on the chainsaw bar. However, if you are unable to locate it, simply remove the chain and measure the drive links manually.


Selecting the right chain for your chainsaw depends on the type of hardwood tasks you deal with. It also somewhat depends on your level of expertise of handling the same. The chain models vary according to the size of your wood cutting projects. We hope that the above list of reviews will help you find the one-handed suits your purpose. Else, you can check out our top three picks below:

  • Oregon S52 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain This option for those who are looking for an advanced saw chain that delivers quality sawing of harwood while maintaining the ultimate user safety.
  • Oregon R45 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain It is a versatile choice for those who own a variety of chainsaws (with bar length of 12 inch) in his workshop with minimal wear or tear.
  • Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain H80-72 This option is for both the occasional DIY hardwood crafters and the pro-grade chainsaw users.

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