Chalk Lines in 2023

With a framing square, marking the sides and edges of a square is way easier in terms of accuracy and working time. However, with a chalk line, things get far easier. This tool is generally used by the builders and the occasional DIY enthusiast as the reel of the chalk line winds up smoothly. So, it is not much space-consuming and is portable. A sleek and handy tool with a quick winding mechanism adds extra convenience to its functionality and application. Good quality chalk lines are capable of being used on irregular surfaces. Plus, the jam-free rolling reel of this marking tool can wind up a cord sizing 100-foot quite easily.

It can in turn be rolled back instantly at a single press of the respooling button. Make sure that the model you choose comes within a ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) case for good reasons. Most premium quality chalk line models help to mark out in clear and bold colors.Though the colors might last temporarily, the chalk dust is clearly visible. So, as you are done with the purpose of marking the required job, you can rub out the mark immediately.

Such a type of marking tool works on woods and other concrete platforms. Plus, it enables you to maintain a cleaner workspace and do your work with precision.The weight of a portable chalk line is 115 grams minimum with a dimension of 127 × 76.2 × 25.4 mm.

However, a properly-designed chalk line tool includes a clear watch glass so that the user can easily monitor the markings. Below provided are some of the chalk lines in the market. We compiled the list to make your selection process much faster and easier.

Chalk Lines

1. Keson G110 Giant String Chalk Line Reel : Product Overall

Keson G110 Giant String Chalk Line Reel

Let us first begin with the famous Keson G110 Giant String Chalk Line Reel. This product is perfect for durability and conducting large operations. A 110-foot Poly Cord made from cotton comes with this chalk line reel. This Keson string is built with an additional length of 10 percent, unlike standard chalk line reel.This product loads around 12-Ounce chalk on concrete surfaces, which provides a sharp label.

The product has wide handles that can fit-in even the gloved hands. This will provide enough space for you to put in your gloved hands while working. One of the parts of this product is that you do not need to refill this chalk line reel. It can accommodate a pound of chalk, which will make the product work for a long time. This string of the chalk line reel is connected to a pull-ring that helps create clear and bold lines on the painted surfaces. 



  • Convenient to use

  • Extremely durable

  • Large handle

  • Excellent for snapping long lines

  • Has a cotton polycord

  • Offers fewer refills of the white marking chalk

  • No end rings

  • The line made is not as thick as made by previous models

2. IRWIN Tools STRAIT-LINE 64499 Aluminum Refillable Chalk Line Reel : Runner Up

IRWIN Tools STRAIT-LINE 64499 Aluminum Refillable Chalk Line Reel

IRWIN Tools STRAIT-LINE 64499 Aluminum Refillable Chalk Line Reel is a very long-lasting and reliable product that you need to add to your toolbox. This chalk line reel boasts an aluminum alloy frame and will not let you down at any cost.

In addition, the line reel is very easy to use since; the chalk-filled operation prevents unwanted problems. And with the help of incorporating the outstanding steel-plated hook and a wide anchor ring, you can get excellent stability and holding strength to operate even on the toughest surfaces.

With this excellent product, you will be able to use the self-locking metal handle which not only provides stability but also has a plumb bob like feature. This, in combination, increases the overall functionality of the product. In addition, this 4 oz chalk can be used to make a series of line strikes at once. The highlight of this Irwin Tools tool is its automated chalking loop. 



  • Leak-proof

  • Very durable inbuilt

  • Heavy-duty storage case

  • It can be used as a plumb bob

  • The metal handle of the chalk line is retractable and has a self-locking mechanism

  • The cotton line will come out easily since there's no clutch on the reel.

3. Stanley 47-443 3-Piece Chalk Line Set : Under Budget

Stanley 47-443 3-Piece Chalk Line Set

Are you looking for a high-quality chalk line at an affordable price? You can then undoubtedly choose Stanley 47-443 3-Piece Chalk Line Set. The plastic case and 4-oz chalk bottle are ideal for big tasks. This chalk line has a foldable handle for the crank.

Stanley has kept in mind the user’s comfort, and hence, they have made the product to be very compact. Therefore, you can easily carry this to the job site or fit the tool easily in your drawers.

The ABS plastic case of the chalk line is extremely durable and can bear high-impact force. You can very easily open the handy sliding door of the chalk line to fill in the reel. Then you need to fill the chalk line with the required amount of chalk, which is around 1-ounce.

Whenever the chalk line is not used, you can hang it with the help of a hook. To make the product more satisfying for the users, the company has also provided an extra 4-ounce bottle of Stanley Blue Chalk for longer use.



  • Convenient to use

  • Resistant to corrosion

  • High impact case

  • Extremely durable ABS case

  • Foldable crank handle

  • 4-Ounce chalk bottle

  • Line formed by this chalk line is very thick

  • It has a blue chalk box but is not pre-filled

Other Great Picks

4. M-D Building Products 00760 Contractor Chalk Reel

M-D Building Products 00760 Contractor Chalk Reel

There’s no better option as worthy as the M-D Building Products 00760 Contractor Chalk Reel. With this, we bet that you will get an extremely affordable product that still manages to produce outstanding results. Be it for tile installation or to mark things for cutting, this chalk line reel is perfect.

The reel has a small hook that is attached to the line. This helps in anchoring the reel to a point or nail which is used for making lines.

If you sum up the chalk reel’s incredible lightness, you will easily create a line in the parking lot. The line is very thick, and you can pull the reel up to 100 feet with different colors. This M-D Building Chalk Reel, unlike others, is available with a marked cotton thread that carries the chalk properly and also makes the line created to last for a longer time.

The chalk line weights 4 ounces, and the product measures up to 7.5 x 4 x 1.8 inches. Reel is suitable for flushing edges of tiles of any room at the corners. 



  • Easy to use

  • Suitable for marking straight lines and starting points

  • Sturdy crank reel

  • It doesn't let you easily re-spool the reel.

5. DEWALT DWHT47257L Compact Chalk Reel Kit

DEWALT DWHT47257L Compact Chalk Reel Kit

DeWalt has probably been one of the highly reputed brands on the market, regardless of whether you think about a small planer or the chalk line. Here they are with yet another product, DEWALT DWHT47257L Compact Chalk Reel Kit, which is not excellent but also guarantees high-quality performance. In addition, this is also one of the most affordable chalk lines. It has a metal hook which helps in hanging the product anywhere.

Another interesting characteristic of this product is the sturdy plastic cover that can withstand everyday wear and tear. You don’t need to think about the harsh work conditions when you are using this high-impact material. There’s a chalk pocket, and it’s just behind the reel.

Using this chalk pocket, you can make fast refills. Not only this, but the chalk refill provided along with this product is of very high-quality. This chalk can be used by you for a long time and can help in accomplishing various tasks.



  • Very light in weight

  • Comes along with a refill chalk pouch

  • Very easy to use

  • Rugged construction

  • Compact in size

  • The cord is only 30-feet in length which is only suitable for DIY projects.

6. MILWAUKEE Elec Tool 48-22-3986 Bold Line Chalk Reel

MILWAUKEE Elec Tool 48-22-3986 Bold Line Chalk Reel

MILWAUKEE Elec Tool 48-22-3986 Bold Line Chalk Reel is one of the products that promise an outstanding performance. Available with a strip-guard clutch and even an excellent retraction ratio of 6:1 gears, this chalk line doesn’t affect your performance.

The 100-foot braided line helps the users work in industrial and residential settings. It allows you to produce better performance in both the short and long run. Whenever used, Milwaukee tends to make the line without any problem.

You can very conveniently prevent the line from splitting in between when the reel gets stuck while spinning, and this is due to the anti-strip clutch present in it. The gear available can be used for many years, making the product reliable and suitable for harsh operations.

The refill pouch of Milwaukee has red chalk. You can trace straight lines with a 100-foot cord as you map out a floor plan or gauge a workpiece.



  • Has a refill along with it

  • Anti-slip clutch available

  • No spillage of chalk

  • Offer quick retrieval ratio of 6:1

  • Has in-built strip guard clutch

  • Will break very easily

  • Has a large neck for refilling

7. TAJIMA CR301JF Chalk-Rite Jam Free Chalk Snap Line Box

TAJIMA CR301JF Chalk-Rite Jam Free Chalk Snap Line Box

Yet another popular chalk line is TAJIMA CR301JF Chalk-Rite Jam Free Chalk Snap Line Box. This product is very well known for the five gears that enable you to quickly retrieve the line. Experts claim that this product is 100% high-quality and all-rounder.

This product has got you covered by having a 1mm braided nylon of polyester and a jam-free design. The jam-free design helps in preventing unwanted issues. On the other hand, the polyester braid helps make the product’s functioning easy and simple.

The positive gear-line lock allows users to quickly make the line as it doesn’t snap. The chalk’s compartment has a wide, easy-to-fill neck that eliminates the risk of making your workplace a mess. You can anticipate a high degree of durability because of the ABS case, which is rugged. This fast-winding system also latches and holds the line very firmly.



  • Sturdy case

  • High-impact and lightweight ABS case with elastomer construction for strong grips

  • Can be used for heavy-duty projects

  • Non-slipper grip

  • Enables quick retrieval of the line

  • Jam-free snap line

  • It is not very thick, unlike other chalk lines.

8. CE Tools SnapBack Chalk Line

CE Tools SnapBack Chalk Line

If there is any contractor who wants to get rid of frustration caused due to snapping the reel, then the CE Tools SnapBack Chalk Line is your go-to option. With this product, you get a sturdy rubber grip case, which is ideal for the high-impact case. This rubber case provides an excellent grip to deter any unwanted inconveniences. One of the parts of this product is that both left and right-handed persons can easily use it.

A planetary gear system with a ratio of 4:1 is present in this tool for excellent results and durability. You always get a belt clip with this CE Tools SnapBack chalk line. Due to this clip, you get more anchoring power while working. It is a design that anyone can use without problems. The precision cord is created of braided nylon, and offers a conventional design that is stable and reliable.



  • Has a belt clip

  • Releasable tip with a thick cord

  • Sleek and durable style

  • It comes with a planetary gear system

  • Hook present on the belt clip is very bulky.

9. OX Tools Pro Chalk Reel

OX Tools Pro Chalk Reel

The OX Tools Pro Chalk Reel is also one of the most sought after products amongst the professionals due to the unexpected performance. This model comes with components that are very convenient to use. Because it is an advanced design with a gear drive ratio of 6:1, rewinding the line while performing the heavy-duty applications is quicker. It’s sturdy over-molded ABS plastic, inevitably boosts your comfort.

The handle of this chalk line comes with a button which is easy to push and stops the product without disrupting the line creation. The rewinding function also helps hold your cord secure. The string spans up to 100 feet of length, thicker than the usual chalk lines you’ll see.

This string is ideal for a wide variety of applications, irrespective of the nature of applications. This strengthened Pro Chalk Reel handle can endure sudden drops and rough pulls while rewinding the loop.



  • Gear ratio of 6:1 enables quick rewinds

  • Easy to use button present to reel the string

  • Durable build and strengthened handle

  • No chalk comes with this device.

10. Shinwa Chalk Line Manual Crank

Shinwa Chalk Line Manual Crank

You can find no better option than the Shinwa Chalk Line Manual Crank when it is about precision and outstanding outcome. Shinwa is a company that produces high-quality measurement devices, often tailored for contractors who demand precision and great performance.

Shinwa chalk line will help you get the finest line on which is just 0.020 inches thick. Therefore, the consumers who want precision will certainly be pleased with this.

When it is about filling the chalk, you only have to open the hinged plastic door and put the chalk inside. There is a foldable crank attached to this 5.6 oz chalk line. As this string is attached to a spring, you can change the length by simply clicking the release button. But over-filling the chalk case may sometimes cause the string to retract.

You can get a metal hook anchoring in nails, screws, or edges. This will allow you to make even better lines without any issues.



  • It is equipped with two different types of hooks for both concrete and steel surfaces

  • The foldable handle has a crank which makes fast rewinds

  • Designed with a safety pin

  • You will need to buy an extra chalk refill

Buyer’s Guide: Features to Consider in a Chalk Line

A better quality chalk line is always capable of performing varied layouts and marking tasks on multiple material types.Basically, the chalk lines are made with sturdy ABS plastic cases to which is fitted a rubberized handle. This entire construction makes the tool durable. Also, if you are looking for the model whose reel is benetial in many ways, below will guide you. 

Ratio of Gears

The gears rotational movement power the respooling mechanism of the chalk line after each use. Failing to have a feasible gear ratio might make your task harder to rewind the lace of your marking device.

While turning out the marking lace, it is the gears alignment and their ratios that facilitates fast winding up. However, if the gears are out of order, then the tool reel will be of no use. This is the reason why jamming happens. The respooling ratio of around 2:1 minimum ensures easy lining up of the marking lace.

The premium quality chalk lines include a gear ratio of 5:1 gear. Also, the ratio of 6:1 is developed with sturdy components for chalk lines to maintain longevity.

The line used in this clak line type usually has high tensile strength. It is also a fact that the model containing high-quality gears with big gear ratios contribute to the downtime reduction during layout applications.

Crank And Crank Handles

While selecting a chalk line, make sure that the tool has an easily usable cum reliable crank. Plus, you need to give attention to the tool design so that whichever you choose would fit your purpose.

Compared to the foldable cranks, the spring-loaded ones are far adjustable and quicker in action. The position of the crank determines the tool has to be stored so as to prevent it from damaging.

Normally, the spooling reel of the marking tool requires manual effort to retract the string after each use. If the reel is not sturdy then it means any poor quality material has been used for the crank.

So, it is better to select the model with a metal crank that can bear the rigorous working environments. As this portion gets usually managed, you need to focus more on choosing between a fixed crack and adjustable crank; whichever reel case fits your requirements.

Added to that, foldable cranks are far better than the fixed handles as they sit back to the tool housing once you are done spooling the string. However, the handle of the chalk line tool mechanized with a spring-loaded winding system can unwind faster.

The String

The outlining feature of the chalk line strung leads to the marking job. If you pick the model having a tough durable string, it delivers thick marking lines.

However, being a thick string, the markings may not be precise enough. Strings made of soft cotton are subtler quality strings. But, those made of nylon are far stronger and long-lasting. 

Powdered Chalk Refilling

While refilling the chalk line tool, you definitely won’t want to make a mess of chalk dust everywhere around. So, it is better to look for a model whose reel has a wider mouth. Most pro-grade users go for this option so as to prevent mess. Also, the decent loading capacity of powdery chalks reduces the frequency of refilling the reel after every short interval.

The chalk refilling feature is also an important point here. So, make sure to pick a high-quality chalk line product designed with inbuilt sliding doors.


What color chalk line is permanent?

Red color chalk line is permanent because it remains for a long time and also does not get washed away easily if water falls over it.

How do you fix chalk lines?


Now that you know the needfuls, finding the chalk line reel that is easy to use and portable to the worksites are the key requirements. Although every product enlisted above is unique with their own set of setbacks and benefits, here are the quick picks:

  • Keson G110 Giant String Chalk Line Reel is a convenient and easy to use model which is quite durable as well. Although the marking lines are not so thick, it reduces the problem of imprecision.
  • Shinwa Chalk Line Manual Crank is fit for those who may need the chalk line for both concrete and steel surfaces. Plus, the foldable crank makes faster string retraction. However, you have to buy an extra chalk refill separately.
  • CE Tools SnapBack Chalk Line is designed with a planetary gear system and is sturdy. The bulky belt of the product makes it third in the recommendations.

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