Circular Saw Blades in 2022

Having the circular saw blade is an important part of owning a circular saw since it decides the sharpness and efficiency with which you will cut doors, cut laminate flooring, hardwood, plywood, as well as high pressure treated wood. Not only that, they’re also quite versatile and can also help with successful metal work, or any other kind of project which requires clean cuts. A good machine with a bad blade is just a bad machine which can cause dangerous issues. Whether you are looking for the circular saw blade for working on plywood, MDF, or any other kind of material – the following options will help you make the right decision. Also make sure you check out the buying guide at the end to find out what factors you need to keep in mind when picking a circular saw blade. 

Circular Saw Blades

1. Irwin Circular Saw Blade : Product Overall

Irwin Circular Saw Blade

If you are looking for a 7 1/4-inch blade for your circular saw machine, this is the option for you. It comes with laser cut, anti vibration vents that give you precise and straight cuts. The blade also features metal cutting carbide teeth which also increase its durability and longevity. The anti-kickback truth shoulders also ensure that your safety and security is at the forefront.

The blade is ideal for cutting hardwood, plywood, laminate flooring, but you can also use it for cutting thin metal because its metal cutting carbide tips ensure that you always get a fast and smooth cut. It is also designed in such a way that it can withstand wear and tear and high impacts for a very long time. The blade has 68 laser teeth, and it does an exceptional job even if you try to cut aluminum with it.

There is no noise when you are using the blade, and very little waste material. The only drawback of this glade is that it may not be suitable for industrial cutting projects, otherwise this Irwin product is the circular saw blade for plywood. 



  • Anti Vibration vents prevent noise

  • Very little wastage of materials

  • Long lasting and durable

  • May not be ideal for industrial cutting projects

2. Concord ACB1000T100HP : Product under Budget

Concord ACB1000T100HP

The concord circular saw blade comes with a triple chip grind which not only allows you to cut cleanly through treated woods, hardwoods, plywood, etc. – But also true radius types of plastics and nonferrous materials. Indeed, since it is made from titanium carbide, it is a very sharp blade. You can use it for cutting copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, etc. The blade also has a hook angle and a thick plate, along with the triple chip grind. All these features, when they are combined in a single circular saw blade, give you a superior and clean finish. For professionals as well as amateurs, this blade will give you the most precise and smooth cuts that you have ever seen. Another advantage of this blade is that it is super flexible, because you can use it on a variety of circular saw machines. Still, it is advised to check the compatibility of the machine you have with the blade before you buy it. 



  • Triple chip grind

  • Hook angle and thick plate

  • Gives you clean and smooth cuts

  • Can be a bit noisy

3. DEWALT DW3128P5 : Premium Product


Made with tough tungsten carbide material, this blade is the epitome of longevity and durability. It has been designed in such a way that it remains sharp for a very long period of time without the need for any maintenance or sharpening. The combination of circular saw blades also has a thin kerf design which facilitates a faster and smoother cutting experience. It also comes with a balanced computer plate, which helps you reduce vibration of the machine and minimize the noise.

It also increases the accuracy off the cuts and the overall finish of the blade. Both the blades come with 32 and 80 pairs of teeth, which ensure that you can make rip cuts, crosscut styles, or any other form of cuts on plywood, hardwood, or treated woods very easily. So if you are looking for the circular saw blade for hardwood then you can opt for Dewalt DW3128P5.

The blades are also well suited for professional as well as amateur usage. The only drawback of this package is that it is not laser cut, which somewhat decreases the performance of the blades. 



  • Combination of blades that is reliable and durable

  • Computer balanced plate increases accuracy

  • Can cut through plywood, hardwood, or any other type of wood

  • Not laser cut, which affects performance

4. Freud D1050X Diablo : Non Stick Coating

Freud D1050X Diablo

If you are looking for a circular saw blade that offers you outstanding performance, accident durability, and has the ability to cut through hardwoods and plywood with the same precision – this is the right product for you. Among its myriad of amazing features, it also comes with laser cut stabilizer vents. These vents reduce the noise of the machine and also help in keeping it cool, which further ensures that there is a very little chance of blade warping. The slots that are meant for laser cut expansion will also help the blade expand further and increase its precision when it comes to cutting. Although the product is a little bit pricey, it is also extremely durable and long lasting. It has 50 teeth and an excellent overall design which ensures clean cutting. It has a thin kerf which makes it worth all the money, along with vibration preventing coating on the blade. Both these features also include the lifespan off the blade and reduce any warping. 



  • Durable and long lasting

  • Comes with coating that prevents vibration and reduces warping

  • Laser cut stabilizer vents reduce noise

  • May be a little expensive for some people

Other Great Picks

5. Rockwell RW9282

Rockwell RW9282

The circular saw blade by rockwell is one of the most well performing blades on this list. First of all, it has carbide tipped teeth which are extremely durable and can cut through almost any kind of wood, along with composite materials, plastic, etc. The blade has 60 teeth which ensure that all the cards are extremely smooth and precise. Moreover, the carbide tips also ensure that you will be able to use the blade continuously for a very long time, even if you work in a professional setting.

It is also a great blade for withstanding friction from rough materials. On top of all these features, the blade comes at an affordable price, which makes it accessible for professional as well as amateur woodworkers. Even though you may find it becoming dull a bit faster than normal, sharpening the teeth is extremely fast and straightforward. Having said that, it should be noted that this blade is only meant for some specific circular saw models. Therefore, when you are buying this product, make sure that you read the fine print and find out if it works with your machine or not. Due to its flexibility, RW9282 is the one circular saw blades for woodworking irrespective of the nature of your project.



  • Carbide tipped teeth

  • Can cut through wood as well as composite materials

  • -

6. DEWALT DW9196


Well known for its durability, control, and performance, this circular saw blade by dewalt would be an excellent addition to any woodworker’s toolkit, whether they are a professional carpenter, or a hobbyist. The front face grind of the teeth of this blade music structured in such a way that it gives you a sharper tip. This helps in reducing the cutting force of the blade and also gives you more precise and accurate cuts.

It also has a plating technology which eliminates vibration when you are using the blade, and also improves its cutting ability. The blade also has a kick back design, which reinforces the carbide tip of the teeth and enhances the overall durability of the blade. The anti-stick rim further minimizes friction of the teeth of the blade with the material. It also has a very thick kerf which increases the cutting speed of the blade. As a result, this tool can cut at a speed of 24 RPM with its 6.5-inch diameter.

All in all, the blade has a very durable and strong frame, which gives you precise and clean cuts and performs brilliantly for a very long time.



  • Front face grind gives sharper tips to the teeth

  • Reinforced carbide tip

  • Anti-stick rim minimizes friction

  • Plating technology eliminates vibration technology eliminates vibration

  • Does not come with a coating

7. DeWalt DW3191

DeWalt DW3191

The fact that this brand is on this list multiple times should be enough to tell you that their products are reliable in every aspect, and this particular circular saw blade is no exception. This tool is 7 and 1/4 inches in diameter and will work smoothly with almost any kind of handheld circular saw machine. It has 18 teeth, all of which are carbide tipped and work brilliantly for cutting along the grain of the wood, no matter what kind of wood we’re talking about. The bigger spaces between the teeth of this blade also scoop out any kind of wood chips and debris, ensuring that you get clean and beautiful rips every single time.

The rim of the blade has also been treated in order to minimize friction and speed up the performance of the blade, as well as boost its cutting power. And with all its brilliant features, this is a very affordable blade as well and that’s why it’s one of the circular saw blades for cutting doors if you happen to work on home furniture. Besides cutting wood and different types of materials, it also works brilliantly as a nail cutter. In other words, this is an exceptionally multi-purpose tool which is bound to be a great addition to your toolbox. The only drawback of this product is that it’s a bit on the lighter side, which makes it not very good for dealing with harder workpieces. 



  • Clean and straight rip cuts

  • Very affordable

  • Carbide tips of the teeth remain sharp for a very long time

  • Good for working with light and portable source

  • Can also work as a nail cutter

  • Cannot be used for heavy duty work

  • Cannot be used for crosscuts

8. Overpeak Saw Blades

Overpeak Saw Blades

The Overpeck 6 ½ inch blade has 90 teeth, all of which are packed tightly in order to give you a finish that is smooth and clean. The blade comes with a 2 by 5 inch arbor and you can use it for working with almost any kind of circular or miter saw. One of the things about this blade is that it is very compact and precise. When you are using it with plywood, you will feel like you are cutting the lumber like a hot knife cuts through butter. It also gives you very professional looking, completely splinter free cuts that are precise and accurate.

The blade has quite sharp teeth which increase the efficiency and speed with which you can work and this reason also makes circular saw blade for framing something like a picture board. Due to the fact that this blade is very affordable is also the reason why Overpeak is the circular saw blade for the money.It also has a thin kerf which keeps the dust from cutting to the minimum. Having said that, one of the biggest drawbacks of this blade is that the teeth get dulled very quickly. You will have to spend quite a lot of time on maintaining and sharpening the blade.

Moreover, the blade depth is also a bit shallow, which limits the range of wood you can cut with this blade. 



  • Affordable

  • Has a high tooth count which gives you a smooth finish

  • Can work with almost any type of saw

  • Completely dust free

  • Very easy to control

  • Gets dulled very quickly

  • Shallow cutting depth

9. Diablo D0740A

Diablo D0740A

The finishing blade by diablo has a high tooth count, hook shaped gullets, and durable build which makes it an excellent choice for people who prefer precise and accurate cuts above everything else. A large number of teeth and gullets prevent buildup of chips and dust in the machine, giving you a clean finish on the working material. The blade is 7 1/4 inches in diameter and can be used with handheld circular saws.

It has carbide tipped teeth which gives it the ability to create cleaner cuts without any damage. It also has a very thin kerf which gives you total control over the cutting power of the machine, and the stabilizer vents placed through the blade’s body keep it from making too much noise or vibrating excessively. The blade also lasts a very long time and maintains its performance without dulling. 



  • Extremely clean and smooth finish

  • Vibration free operation

  • Lasts for a very long time

  • Very comfortable to use

  • May not work with bigger circular saw machines

10. Diablo D0724P

Diablo D0724P

This pack of two blades by freud diablo is a total value for money package. It can handle big projects in professional shops, as well as the demands of a hobbyist. The carbide tipped circular blade has been ventilated in order to decrease the vibration of the blade during operation. This results in smoother and more easier cuts. You can use the higher teeth count blade for rip cuts, and the lower one for working on softer workpieces.

Both the blades give you a smooth finish which is splinter free and professional looking. Having said that, the biggest drawback of this pack is that the shield coating which prevents the metal and reduces friction gets rubbed off very quickly. As a result, the blades can get heated and warped very soon. This also makes it difficult for the lower tooth count blade to cut against the grain. 



  • Affordable pack of two blades

  • Works with circular as well as table saws

  • Gives you smooth finish

  • The coating rubs off quickly

  • Not good for cross cutting

  • Can get warped due to friction


Setting the right kind of blade for your circular saw is extremely important and can increase the efficiency and speed of your operation. The above-mentioned products are all top of their line and depending on your requirements you can choose one of them. We have made sure to keep in mind the type of users and also the number of different projects for which saw blades are used so that you can buy the greatest choice. 

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