Circular Saws for 2022

Presently, circular saws are the most fancy small power tool for several hardware projects, woodcrafters, interior designers, masons, etc. Other than the conventional hack saws or tenon saws, circular saws are receiving comparatively more preference for meeting large project requirements within a short time. Circular saw is a very useful machinery to make any kind of interior home structure like from a small kitchen selve to large garden shades and so many other unconventional usage. Though almost all the circular saws are more or less useful, irrespective of their basic applications, still a lot of factors are yet to be considered while buying an appropriate circular saw as you desire. Therefore, in this article we will discuss some important attributes that would make your product selection more purposeful.Before moving to the buyers guide, let’s check out the reviews of some trending circular saws of 2022.

Circular Saws

1. WORX WORXSAW Circular Saw – WX429L – For beginners

WORX WORXSAW Circular Saw – WX429L

Worx Circular Saw WX429L is for making swift cuts more efficiently. Plus, you can carry this tool anywhere if you don’t want to tote around with a bulky saw. The saw allows beveled edge cuts within the angular range of (0 to 45) degree with quick adjustment facility. You get up to 2 inches of cutting depth for slicing lumber, plastic, metal, tile, and many more. The left-sided optimization of the saw blade provides a clearer view to make the cutting process easier. The weight of this circular saw is way lighter because of its 4 ½ inch blade compared to other similar saws with a blade of about 7 ¼ inch. Consequently, the Worx circular saw is easily portable to carry directly to the workspot. Moreover, you can handle the tool single-handedly. The saw blade being thinner, the pressure faced on the power tool is less, enabling the saw to work harder. This product is perfectly fit for the beginners because of its easy handling ability. It does not require much effort to make precise cuts and can work for prolonged hours without much fatigue.


  • Engineered with modern cutting-edge mechanism
  • Cost-effective choice
  • Designed to last longer
  • for beginners


  • Some users found it difficult to make straight cuts due to alignment issues.

2. POPOMAN Cordless Circular Saw : Cordless Circular Saw

POPOMAN Cordless Circular Saw

Popoman Cordless Circular Saw comes with a battery replaceable facility and supports both POPOMAN and TECCPO batteries. This saw model is highly mobile going beyond all the limitations of a traditional circular saw (that is only applicable in a friendly environment). The saw comes with a 2.0 Ah Li-ion battery followed by a 2 A fast charger that can fully charge the tool within an hour.You get 2 additional high quality saw blades in the package. The saw battery is sufficiently powerful, promising fast cutting as the motor delivers a cutting speed of about 35000 RPM. You can cut any type of material which this circular saw, starting from wood, gypsum board to plastic, PVC pipe, and many more. The blade is safe and easy to remove quickly from the attachment with the help of auxiliary tools. The ergonomic design of the slim grip ensures less fatigue, and the position of the saw switch and blade guard minimizes risk of mishaps and guarantees convenient cutting application. Precise cum convenient cuts guaranteed by laser and parallel guide promises exact cuts along the edge of the workpieces, slicing in the same dimension. The saw stability during cutting is improved by an extended metal base of 9.5 inch, thereby reducing chances of inadvertent curved cuts. The cutting angle can be easily adjusted and left-sided design of the blade gives a clearer view on the cutting line.


  • Unequivocal portability and maneuverability
  • Suited to professionals who are always on a move
  • Perfect for use in off-grid environments/workspots
  • Reasonably lightweight and promotes single-handed operability


  • Some users found it troublesome to handle during prolonged application.

3. BLACK+DECKER 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw : For bevel cuts

BLACK+DECKER 7-1 4-Inch Circular Saw

BLACK+DECKER BDECS300C Circular Saw with laser facility features 13 A power to meet a wider variety of cutting applications. The laser guide facilitates flawless cutting through easily usable bevels and flexible depth adjustment. A spindle lock of the saw allows swift and convenient blade changes. The design of the circular saw is such that it is reasonably light in weight. Consequently, you can use this tool for prolonged hours experiencing the least fatigue feeling. The tool package includes a Hex key, 7 ¼ inch blade and the circular saw.


  • for bevel cuts
  • Lightweight ensuring the least fatigue
  • Laser guides promises precise cutting


  • Not suitable for straight cuts.

4. HYCHIKA Compact Circular Saw : circular saw For woodworking

HYCHIKA Compact Circular Saw

HYCHIKA Compact Circular Saw is typically recommended to the pro-grade woodcrafters. The powerful motor of this power tool lasts longer, featuring a 4 A copper motor. The motor delivers a fast cutting speed of up to 4500 RPM. You can use this circular saw for cutting tile, PVC, plastics, wood, and plaster board with ease. The upper Aluminium cover and a base made of heavy gauge iron wraparound adds to the safety and durability of the saw. The package comes with 3 blades; one for wood cutting (1 inch) , another for metal cutting (3/16 inch), and the third blade (with diamond grit edge) for tile cutting (⅜ inch). The compact size of the saw makes it a good addition to the woodcrafter’s toolbox. Not just that, if you are a DIY hobbyist, then HYCHIKA circular saw is the fit to lug around with. great for DIY projects around the house and your workshop. The laser guide facilitates cutting along a straight line. Furthermore, the parallel guide attachment offers precise cum swift cuts with ease. The cutting depth of the tool is adjustable, due to its easy-to-set depth gauge lever, within a range of 0-25mm(1 inch).


  • Soft rubber grip of the saw minimizes hand fatigue during its application
  • Comes with a saw dust pipe and dust port to attach them to the vacuum sac and maintain a cleaner workplace
  • Enhances user safety through double protection switch


  • Some users reported on the durability of the product.

5. HYCHIKA Circular Saw : circular saw For the money

HYCHIKA Circular Saw

HYCHIKA Circular Saw is yet another cutting tool featuring a powerful motor (1500 Watt) of pure motor and comes with 2 saw blades; 24T and 40T. The motor delivers a cutting speed of around 5500 RPM and can easily slice different materials including metal, wood, and plastic. The package also includes an allen key to easily change the blade based on the type of material to be cut. The maximum depth of the saw is around 65 mm (2 ½ inch) at 90° and the bevel capacity is 45 mm (1 ⅘ inch) at 45°. The spindle lock feature adds ease to the blade change with the hex wrench. The cut-line visibility of the workpiece is facilitated by the left-sided blade design of the saw.


  • Value for money
  • Can deliver flawless, precise, and pro-grade material cutting
  • Scale ruler guides and maintains the alignment of the cutting width
  • Double switch safety feature reduces risk of accidents during work
  • Aluminum guard extends the tool durability and ensures versatility in its application
  • Ergonomic slim grip reduces hand fatigue, allowing single-handed operability


  • Product construction needs improvement.

6. Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw : For Plywood

Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw

Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw is for plywood cutting. Other than that, the tool is quite easy to use and can make quick cuts. The motor is positioned inside the handle of this power tool so that the maximum weight of the product is balanced. This reduces the fatigue feeling to a greater extent, allowing you to use the device for hours. The cutting depth adjustment lever is easily accessible such that you can change the depth settings in the middle of an ongoing cutting process. The bevel adjustment lever allows bevel cuts within the angular range of (0 to 45)°. The blade change is secured by the safety spindle lock button. The left-sided blade design offers better visibility to watch out where you are making the cut (straight cuts) and how perfectly. The inbuilt vacuum port along with the dust vac pulls out the saw debris during the sawing process. This significantly reduces the mess in the workspot and also keeps the surrounding air quality clean, giving you better visibility on the workpiece.


  • Left-sided blade housing ensures clearer visibility during cutting process
  • for plywood cutting
  • Cutting depth adjustment can be even during the ongoing task


  • The quality of the spindle lock key needs improvement.

7. SKIL SPT67WL-01 15 Amp Sidewinder Circular Saw : For framing

SKIL SPT67WL-01 15 Amp Sidewinder Circular Saw

Skil SPT67WL-01 Sidewinder Circular Saw is the most-sought power tool for pro-grade quality to meet everyday jobsite requirements.The cord length of the saw is 10 feet, which gives you better accessibility to the workpiece. The saw is designed with resin housing (lightweight) followed by sturdy Magnesium base and guard. The device features a dual-field 15 A powerful motor, which is its kind as it maintains the motor heat to an optimal temperature even during the toughest cuts. The saw blade is 7 ¼ inch with the highest cutting range of around 2 7/16 inch at 90°. The maximum bevel capacity is at 56° featuring positive stop at 45° and 0°. This circular saw us ideal for decking, ceilings, framing and sidings. The tool is engineered to work flawlessly on both hard and soft woods. The package consists of an all-purpose wrench for brush and blade change and a carbide saw blade of 24-teeth.


  • for residential applications
  • Lightweight construction and sturdy
  • A great buy


  • The blade lock button needs improvement.

8. Makita XSH03Z Brushless Cordless Circular Saw : For ripping

Makita XSH03Z Brushless Cordless Circular Saw

Makita XSH03Z Brushless Circular Saw runs on an 18 Volt Lithium-ion battery. The package only includes the circular saw. The charger and the battery have to be purchased separately. The tool ensures sufficient power supply and quicker runtime for fast ripping and cutting of different materials. The XSH03Z saw is engineered following the Automatic Speed Change technology that optimizes the tool speed and torque during its use to deliver optimum performance. The device is made to last longer and can withstand prolonged application without a pause. XSH03Z also features Extreme Protection Technology (XPT), equipped to provide resistance against dust and moisture during its use in harsh working conditions.


  • for ripping
  • Smooth and strong cutting performance
  • Good addition to the toolbox for daily use


  • Manufashould focus on the quality of the product build.

9. SKIL Circular Saw : Lightweight

SKIL Circular Saw

Skil Circular Saw is another powerful cutting tool, featuring a 15 A motor which can deliver a maximum cutting speed of around 5300 RPM to make quick cuts. The saw is equipped with a 7 ¼ inch blade with carbide-tipped teeth. The spindle lock button of this power tool allows swift changing of the saw blade. The bevel capacity of the saw is 51°, allowing a wider list of cuts. The cord length is about 6 feet which is long enough for comfortable handling while cutting, and the arbor size is ⅝ inch. The product is designed in such a way that it weighs quite light in weight. Therefore, you can expect to use it for time-taking projects, experiencing reduced hand fatigue. The dust blower maintains the visibility of the cutting line by keeping the sawdust out of sight. So, cutting becomes easier. The anti-snag lower guard renders smooth operation and decreases risks of snags while making small cut-offs.


  • Lightweight cutting tool
  • Anti-snag lower guard makes small cut-offs easier
  • Laser beam features makes the cutting task easier
  • Dust blower adds to the cutting convenience as it keeps the line of cut clean from sawdust


  • The device motor needs improvement.

10. Cuz-D Industries Multi-Purpose Circular Saw : All-purpose

Cuz-D Industries Multi-Purpose Circular Saw

Cuz-D Industries Multi-Purpose Circular Saw is another portable cutting tool which is constructed of Magnesium alloy (lightweight). So, it ensures minimal user fatigue even after its all day application. The 5° degree bevel safeguards the wall board while doing flush cuts. You can also use this saw for removing door opening footplates and is the quickest dilution to rip out doors and windows. Cutting depth can be adjusted as per your desired setting. You can apply it as an undercut saw which is yet better, simpler,and safer to handle compared to the conventional type undercut saws. So, cutting hearth, subfloors, etc. are something that you can expect from the Cuz-D circular saw. The bevel capacity of the product ranges from -5° to 65°; this is the most versatile range of bevel capacity available in the industry. The inbuilt rip guide of this power tool ensures precise ripping and cutting. The posterior handle lock button and ergonomic tool grip makes the product handling easier. The saw rotates to 90° for undercut applications and 45° for bevel cuts. The trigger powered lower blade guard returns automatically to its initial position. What more? You can even do plunge cuts (the most difficult of all cuts, done basically by the pro-grade users). So, you can consider this power saw as the most versatile in the list.


  • Multi-purpose circular saw
  • Offers versatile range of bevel capacity
  • Easier to handle
  • Perfect tool for woodcrafters


  • Some users found this tool unsuitable for cutting beams or rafters.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider to Make the Purchase of Circular Saw

Designs and basic components

Circular saw is the most utilitarian tool for any kind of straight cuts whether it can be across the broad crosscuts or it might be ripcuts by the side of the board. Circular saws are even used for bevel cuts too. According to basic design and mechanical parts, circular saws are classified into two types. These are:

  • Worm drive circular sawWorm drive saws are heavy-duty and longer saws that are used for large projects. The high powered motor is positioned at the backend of the power tool. The blade is oriented at a 45°angle and the blade is on the left side of the saw. Though the blade speed is slow yet the torque is much improved that makes it well-suited for heavy work.
  • Sidewinder circular sawSidewinder saws are the common and traditional saws that are used for almost all types of circular saw applications. The motors of these types of saws are positioned alongside the blade of the gear. The blade runs directly from the motor by a hilt. Because of that the saw is more compact and the blade spins faster than the former stated saw. The blade is situated at the right side of the saw.

Power sources

Circular saws are divided according to their power sources. Each of them has some advantages and limitations. Here are two types of circular saws described below and you must choose one as per your specific requirement.

  • Corded circular sawCorded saw comes in plug in models and doesn’t need to depend on battery power. Corded saw are suited for tough cutting jobs or heavy-duty metal cutting, masonry, continuous wood cutting etc. Moreover, DIYers also prefer plug in saws because of their uninterrupted service. There are several cordless saws available in the market and the most popular ones come with sizes of 8″ max. Corded saw’s power rating is calculated by the unit called amperage. Any standard corded saw’s power rating stays within or more 15-amp, whereas, the saws that are not used frequently have the power rating in between 10 to 12 amp.
  • Cordless circular sawCordless saws are also convenient for working in even those places also where wired saws are not eligible to work with. These types of saws are  to use in compact and confined spaces as they are smaller than corded saws. Cordless saws are good for cutting wood or wood products or any other lightweight home interior carving. DIYers also like to work with these specific power tools because of their handiness. Cordless saws are not effective for cutting tough metals, as those jobs need extra power which might drain the battery capacity faster. The size variations of these saws starts from 5-⅜” to 6-½” max. The lithium-ion battery powered saws come with18 to 20 volt variables and the amp hours rating differ from 5 hours to 9 hours.

Blade details

Blade’s are key parts of the circular saws. The effectiveness of good circular saws are characterized by their blades’ dealings, like size, blade’s dynamic effectivity, cutting depth, variations etc. There are different types of blades fitted to the circular saws according to specific jobs. Such as, High steel blades, tile-cutting blades, masonry blades, carbide-tipped beaded etc. The most common and useful blade size for a circular saw is 7 ¼ ” and it is capable of cutting upto 3 and some more inches thick material. Rather than this there are also 6 ½” and 8 ¼” bladed saws are available in the market for lighter and heavier works.

Weight and size of the circular saw

The ideal weight of a handy all purpose circular saw should be approximately 9.85 lbs. Other than this the circular saw’s weight can vary from low of about 4 lbs to maximum a bit more 18 lbs. Cordless circular saws are heavier than wired ones as the weight of the battery is also included with the entire saw’s weight.

Speed and control capacity

If you are a novice or beginner to using a circular saw, you must consider checking the speed level and controlling the same of that particular circular saw. The speed of the rotation of the blade per minute would dictate the amount of work it could do at a certain span of time. Go for a highly revolutionary motor saw if you need to complete a large project in a short time. There must be a good speed control mechanism to the circular saw too.


Prices of the circular saws differ from one to another as per their workability, sizes, designs and power sources, blade variations, durability etc. Brands also play a big role to bring difference to the overall cost of saw. The circular saws cost between $65 upto $250. If you are to use the saw only once or twice in a year then you must go for smaller ones otherwise for frequent use you should invest in the quality branded ones that might be a bit costlier than local manufacturers’ saws.


Now that you have all the necessary details regarding the circular saws and its factors, selection and purchase will be easier. Or, you can check out our top three picks (from the above list) recommended below:

  • Worx Circular Saw WX429L This tool is basically for the beginners and is designed to last longer. Plus, it will be a cost-effective choice for the tenderfeet.
  • Popoman Cordless Circular Saw This model is suggested to those professionals who are always on a move. Therefore, a cordless cutting tool with single-handed operability, that too in off-grid job sites is the most preferable.
  • Cuz-D Industries Multi-Purpose Circular Saw This model is highly recommended to the professional woodworkers for its high range of wood cutting abilities; be it a bevel cut, plunge cut, undercut or others.

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