CMT Router Bits: CMT or Freud Which one to go for?

Router bits are the small metallic attachments at the tip of a router that ensure router’s operations through any material. In this article, we will look at the detailed review of CMT Router bits. Usually, bits are varied and are available for a range of purposes. There is no general way of classifying router bits.

They can be grouped according to the material of creation- carbide or high-speed steel(HSS) tipped. Innovation has even led to the manufacture of solid carbide bits which are much more powerful than the normal carbide tipped bits. One can also classify the bits based on their mode of operation- edge bits and non-edge bits. 

Edge bits are the ones that can be used for moulding purposes. Non-edge bits, on the other hand, work on the surface of the wood in association with CNC routers to drill holes or carve designs on to it. Router bits can also be classified through their shank diameter. The available standard diameters are ½ inch, 12mm, 10mm; ⅜ inch, 8mm, and ¼ inch, 6mm shanks. No matter what the diameter is, every bit is loaded with a fence. 

Edge bits have a ball bearing attached to it that acts as the fence while non-edge bits have a fence attached to the router table or the workpiece! This ensures that you do not scrape off more wood than was required and damage your work in progress! The speed at which the router bits rotate can be maintained in modern machinery. It is better to use the ½” bit because it is sturdier and likely to last longer at such extreme speeds. The speed of a bit can be controlled anywhere between 8,000 to 30,000 rpm.

CMT Router Bits Review

About CMT Orange Tools

CMT is a company based in Italy and is a major producer of cutting tools. They are heaven for woodworking enthusiasts as they can craft all kinds of ​tools used in woodworking. It should also be mentioned that they make use of the latest technologies to craft all of their tools. Just like what comes out of a slab of wood depends upon the effort put in by the worker, the quality of the tools also depends upon the makers. 

At CMT, they understand this simple fundamental idea and have hired a team of leading experts to design and craft all the woodworking tools. They make a range of products such as circular saws, rip saws and other such kinds of saw blades. They also manufacture bits that can be paired with CNC routers and run at very high speeds to garner desired results. 

Their bits range in function to all kinds of woodworking operations- mortising, drilling, moulding and carving. They are made from premium materials that are not likely to break easily.

Why to choose CMT bits?

  • The steel that is used to craft router bits is made fatigue-proof. The steel is cast in such a way that all the fibers are aligned in one direction giving way to a singular, strong and resilient bar. The bits are sturdy enough to resist the most challenging thermal as well as mechanical stresses.
  • All CMT bits are crafted on a CNC lathe. This ensures that all the bits that they produce are perfectly shaped with meticulous dimensions for the most finished look.
  • Micrograin carbide produced at Luxembourg is used to craft the carbide tips of the various tools that are manufactured at CMT.
  • Once the bits are turned and brazed properly, they are layered in a P.T.F.E. coating which allows these bits to last longer and function better!

Why not to choose CMT Bits?

CMT Bits come with the same set of disadvantages as any other router bits. Their durable and precise finish ensures that the bit never comes off the router in working condition. However, if you are not too careful, such a fatal accident can easily take place.

The tips of the bits are made from such things that they are not affected by heightened temperature from repeated use. However, the tips can get so hot that it chars the surface of wood it is working on if you are not too careful.

Reviews of Top 5 CMT Router Bits

The top recommended CMT bits chosen by users are:

  1. CMT 191.008.11 Solid Carbide Upcut Spiral Bit
  2. CMT 663.004.11 Surfacing Bit
  3. CMT 800.505.11 13-Piece Bit Set
  4. CMT 861.032.11 Corner Beading Bit
  5. CMT 812.691.11 B Pattern Bit

1. CMT 191.008.11 Solid Carbide Upcut Spiral Bit

CMT 191.008.11 Solid Carbide Upcut Spiral Bit

Are you looking for a drill bit that cuts in the smoothest of holes through your workpiece? If so then the CMT 191.008.11 is an excellent bit for you. This bit is made from specially crafted high quality micro-grain carbide and hence features cutting edge sharpness.

The bit is so designed with a spiral having a low angle that it always ejects the wood chips outside. This enables it to cleanly pass through the fibers giving you a very smooth hole. Because of this efficient milling mechanism, this bit also remains much cooler compared to other bits even after repeated cutting actions.

The tough carbide body of this bit and the innovative spiral with a low angle makes the bit so sharp that the milling edge works for a longer time. It is not easily eroded as other bit options and efficiently goes on cutting through wood pieces. It rotates in the clockwise direction and can be used to make a 1” hole.

This router bit will work fine on several products such as laminates and plastic along with wood. It can be attached to either CMT routers or Point-to-Point machines such as a drill machine.

2. CMT 663.004.11 Surfacing Router Bit

CMT 663.004.11 Surfacing Router Bit

There are times when you need to cut through a larger surface area. Small router bits can effectively cut through it but it is very time-consuming. If you had a bigger cutter bit that covered a larger diameter, this process would become so much easier.You can go for the CMT 663.004.11 Surface Routing Bit if you want to create a wider hole. It covers a large diameter of 2 3/8″. The bit ends at 3 cutting edges, each having a four-sided carbide blade.

The carbide coated blades are very sharp and can easily penetrate through a variety of materials. Hardwoods, softwoods, MDF, and even plastic do not stand a chance in front of these exclusive blades.This bit is attached to a very sturdy shank made from solid steel. The shank spans over 12mm in diameter x 50 mm in length. You can attach it to a CNC router or a point-to-point machine and it will work wondrously to cut through a large surface area. The sturdy shank ensures that this bit does not break off while conducting its heavy operations.

3. CMT 800.505.11 13-Piece Router Bit Set

CMT 800.505.11 13-Piece Router Bit Set

Buying individual router bits is a good idea but wouldn’t it be better if you can for a whole set? If you are a wood enthusiast and like woodworking then the CMT 800.505.311 13-Piece Bit Set is an excellent option for you.As the name indicates, this is a whole set of different bit tools, all of which come handy at some point or the other. You get a complete set that can cut dovetails, straight holes profiles, and so on. Some of these bits are even equipped with a bearing that can act as a fence as you go through your woodworking operations.Kickback in router bits is a dangerous thing and can lead to fatal accidents.

However, some of the bits in this set are loaded with anti-kickback mechanisms to ensure a high degree of safety. You can cut through any woody material such as hardwoods, softwoods, MDF, plywood, and so on using this exclusive set of bit tools.All the bit tools are loaded with carbide-tipped blades. This ensures that they work effectively over a long period. All the bits also have ½” shank made from sturdy steel to ensure durability. The set comes in an exquisite hardwood case that is sure to trigger the wood enthusiast in you.

4. CMT 861.032.11 Corner Beading Bit

CMT 861.032.11 Corner Beading Bit

Any flat-topped or flat-edged furniture top such as tables, shelves, etc look great when they are lined with edge moulding. When you shape the edges it brings a sophisticated look to the whole setup. CMT produces many such shaping and beading tools but the CMT 861.032.11 Corner Beading Bit is to use.This round tool has a diameter of 7/8”. The minimum length of a cut with this tool would be ¼” while the maximum cutting length is 19/32”. The bit together with the shank covers a length of 2 9/32”.

It implies that the shank is long and sturdy and can support the fast rotating bit underneath as it cuts through a variety of materials.The corner beading bit is loaded with two blades having resilient carbide tips. High-density industrial grade carbide is used to craft the tips such that each blade can last for a longer period with getting eroded.

You can work it on any flat surface to give it an attractive edge. If you pass it once you will get a partially rounded edge. If you are looking for a corner that is completely rounded you have to give two passes if this bit tool. The body has a non-stick coating to keep it clean of wood wastes. The bit is so designed that it features an anti-kickback mechanism thus preventing mishaps and ensuring a good cut.

5. CMT 812.691.11 B Pattern Bit

CMT 812.691.11 B Pattern Bit

You can cut a slot into a piece of wood using conventional woodworking tools. However, if you were to use the CMT 812.691.11 B Pattern Bit, it’ll not only take you less time but also give way to exact replicates all the time. If you are using high quality bit tool, you would never have to worry about getting the wrong dimensions.

The bit tool features 2 blades made from high-density carbide tips. The carbide used for the tips is industrial grade quality which ensures a long and productive use of every cutting edge. The cutting edge spans over a length of 2″ and can easily cut up to 2″ slots. It is also loaded with a bearing mechanism such that you never go off-track as you are milling through a piece of wood.

The edge together with the shank covers 3 ¼” length which is sufficient to make this bit sturdy. It is equipped with such a design that the wood chips created as it cuts through are ejected outwards. This makes way for a clean cut with breaking or splintering the wood. You can effectively use this tool for woodworking and even composite materials such as plywood, MDF, OSB and so on!

Freud or CMT? Which router bits are better?

When you are going for router bits both Fred and CMT are very trusted names. However, CMT has incorporated the latest innovations into its products giving way to a more efficient design. Every bit that you purchase from CMT will have a coating of high-density carbide to make it a better and long-lasting cutter. This is not the case with Freud.

On the other hand, Freud is capable of making more durable bits compared to CMT. It is difficult to compare between the two as both of them are equally placed as far as the cutting operations, resharpening, sturdiness, and other such factors are concerned.


How do i know if my router bit is dull?

To know if your bits have gotten dull, check the router bit by scraping on your finger nail and if it does that that’s a sign of a dull bit. If it burns the wood more often then that can also be an indication of a dull router bit.

Step 1: Clean the bit with a brass brush or a normal brush. This way, all the residue will clean up

Step 2: On the edge or tip of the router. rotate them slowly and check for any shiny spot, it can be a spot or a thin line. if it’s there then the bit is definitely worn down.

How to sharpen a router bit?

The way to sharpen a dull router bit is by using a diamond paddle. Use a 600 grid if the bit is slightly dull and a 30 grid for the ones which are in very bad shape.

In case of a carbide bid, Take out the bearing and start with brushing off the profile edge of the bit. Rub the flat side with the diamond paddle.

Step 1: Clamp the paddle on a workbench
Step 2: Use some water for lubrication and less friction
Step 3: Make 5-10 strokes on the cutting edges, make sure to do so equally on all sides

Should you go for CMT router bits?

CMT Router Bits are some of the finest bits that you will find in the market. They are crafted in Italy and only the quality materials are used to craft these bits. Be it high-speed steel or high density, industrial grade quality carbide tips, the cutting edges on a CMT but is sharp and durable and can take a lot of milling operations.

The bits are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes to carry out any operation or cut out any shape that you can ask for. The carbide coating is often thinner on a CMT bit compared to other premium bit brands but that does not affect the cutting in any way.


CMT router bits are loaded with many additional functions that make a worth buy. They have a layer of non-stick material coated on to them which prevents wood waste, glue and such materials from sticking to it. The anti-kickback design in most of their drill bits prevent mishaps and also ensure a clean cut. All the router bits are so crafted that they eject out any wood chip produced as they cut through wood. This also ensures a clean, smooth and proper cut without cracking or splintering of the wood surface.

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