CNC Controllers in 2023

If you are a DIY enthusiast looking out for assembling your first ever CNC machine then we understand the curiosity to choose the CNC motor driver controller.

A CNC controller is like the brain of your entire machine, a better brain means better functioning and excellent results. When looking out for a CNC controller, there are a few things you should consider like how many stepper motor drivers can the board connect and how many axis machines can the controller handle at a time.

Once you have clarity of all the things you want to make your own custom CNC machine then you can opt for the CNC control board that’s appropriate for your machine. 

Looking for a 3-Axis CNC Controller ? Check out this article where we review 10 3-axis cnc controllers available in the market.

CNC Motor Driver Controllers

1. Cloudray 2-Phase Stepper Motor Driver DM542S : Product Overall

Cloudray 2-Phase Stepper Motor Driver DM542S

Cloudray Stepper Motor Driver DM542S, is a digitized 2-phase drive. TI’s 32-bit Digital Signal Processing platform is the basis of this motor driver.

Also, the system is embedded with micro-stepping technology along with auto-tune facility of power-up parameters.

It ensures the generation of less noise and vibration with low heat and high-speed high-range torque output. These features of the motor driver make it fit for most stepper motors. The power voltage is rated from (24 to 50) V DC, where the supply voltage is recommended either 36 V or 48 V.

You can apply this product typically for marking machines, carving machines, plotters, auto assembly equipment, cutting machines, filatir, die bonder, wire-stripping, lasers, and the list goes on.



  • The motor noise is extra-low motor noise, ensuring excellent quietness while in operation.

  • It is basically an industrial-level stepper motor controller.

  • Good quality product housing

  • Perfect for high to medium current motors.

  • Does not support 3.3 V signal even if the product specifications say that it does.

2. Songhe TB6600 Stepper CNC Controller : Product under Budget

TB6600 Stepper CNC Controller

TB6600 Stepper CNC Controller is another graded and high quality driver. The electrical input signal is Transistor Transistor Logic supported stationary current is auto-reduced by ½. This product is applicable for small to medium size automatic devices, including X-Y-Z tables, laser cutters, labeling machines, pick-place devices, engraving machines, etc.

High-speed bipolar constant current chopper High-speed optocoupler signal isolation input The metal voltage supply rated within DC 12 ~ 48 V with an operating temperature ranging from -10° to 45° Celsius. Plus, the storage temperature is rated from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius.

The maximal driving current is 4 A with a chopping frequency of 20 KHz. Note: The different displays and light shooting will perhaps affect the item color (which is black in color). The maximum range of error allowed after the measurement is +/- (1 to 3) cm.



  • Easy to utilise and good value for money.

  • Has a wider range of applications in conducting industrial processes, like engraving, labeling, and so on.

  • Some of the end-users complained about the most part of the green terminal connectors.

  • Sometimes issues may occur with the controller board in terms of connection and functionality.

3. Ethernet SmoothStepper CNC Motion Controller : Premium Choice

Ethernet SmoothStepper CNC Motion Controller

Ethernet Stepper CNC Motion Controller, as the name suggests, is a motion control equipment which links to the router’s or computer’s network port.

It reads the commands inputted to the system via CNC software Mach3, and generates pulse trains of very high quality, driving the direction and step motors. You will not require to use a PC with a parallel port. The device produces pulse output rated up to 4MHZ. Plus, it has a total of 34 input-output ports. The power voltage supply is supported at 5 V. Lastly, if you wish to pick this product for your business, then make sure to buy a ribbon cable adapter and an Ethernet cable, separately. 



  • The Ethernet smooth stepper feeds all the complex processing to the controller device rather than the computer to which the driver is connected. This allows you to perform more than one task on your PC, simultaneously, as the PC will be kept free from multiple processing loads.

  • The package does not come with an Ethernet cable and a ribbon cable adapter. So, you have to purchase them separately.

Other Great Picks

4. Usongshine Stepper Motor Driver TB6600

Usongshine Stepper Motor Driver TB6600

Usongshine TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver requires a power voltage supply ranging from 9 V to 42 V DC. Maximum current of 4.0 A of 8 types of output current.

The widest 32 sub-division of the six models are discretionary.This controller product is compatible with 8 wire, 6 wire and 4 wire stepper motors.The product has a semi-automatic energy-saving current lock function with an inbuilt over current and temperature protection feature.

Under voltage protection and hindrance to reverse are the other added protective forms of the product. Can handle both the forward and reverse rotation of the 2-phase stepper motor with the following 2-phase excitation mode: W1 -2 , 2W1 -2, and 4W1 -2.This controller is fit for a vast collection of stepping motors of Nema 23, 17 and 24 can be utilized in varied machine types, like the X-Y-Z tables, laser cutters, labeling machines, pick-place devices, engraving machines, pick-place devices and many others.



  • Affordable stepper driver product which gives fine hold and works great.

  • Easy to use in controlling the motor and so, is the ultimate value for money

  • With this product you can only expect medium running speed which is not the case with the expensive ones.

5. STEPPERONLINE CNC Stepper Motor Driver

STEPPERONLINE CNC Stepper Motor Driver

Stepperonline CNC Driver is an industrial-grade product with an entirely digitized stepper drive. The controller is designed by an advanced control algorithm of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and based on the high-end motion control technology.The parameter auto-configuration and auto-identification features of the motor enables instant setup to optimal modes using different motors.In comparison to other TB6600 chips or analog drivers, it is capable of driving a stepper driver motor at quite lower noise, and lower heat, facilitating much smoother movement.



  • Offers a wider operating temperature range of -10°C to 45°C.

  • Has inbuilt over current and over voltage protection forms.

  • Anti-resonance offers favourable torque nullifies the mid-range instability.

  • Auto reduction of idle current.

  • Keeping the product in a dusty, oily fog or in the environment carrying corrosive gases may damage the controller.

6. MYSWEETY TB6600 4A 9-42V Stepper Motor Driver

MYSWEETY TB6600 4A 9-42V Stepper Motor Driver

Mysweety TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver is another controller with power voltage supply ranging from 9 V to 42 V DC.

Maximum current is rated at 4.0 A of the 8 types of output current. Optional 32 subdivision of the six models. The product has an innate protection feature against over current and temperature.

Plus, it has a semi-automatic energy-saving lock system. Lastly, the controller is capable of handling both the forward and reverse rotation of the 2-phase stepper motor. 



  • A cost-effective product ensuring excellent work output.

  • Flawless functioning of the motor controller.

  • Too easy to learn its utilisation even without requiring a manual.

  • Some users complained that the product when connected to the stepper motor produced loud static sound.

7. STEPPERONLINE Digital Stepper Driver

STEPPERONLINE Digital Stepper Driver

If you are looking for a CNC controller with easier setup and easy to use, then Stepperonline Digital Stepper Driver is the one for you. It is also a digital stepper driver in the list of other top 9 CNC controllers. This controller product is developed by the advanced Leadshine stepper control technology. The driver is capable of smoothly powering both 2-phase and 4-phase stepper motors within a favourable torque range, causing minimal motor noise and heating. The operating voltage lies within 20 to 50 VDC with an output current rating up to 5.6 A. All the output current and micro step setups are managed via Dual In-line Package switches.

So, the DM556T controller is an ideal pick for applications that require simple direction and step control of NEMA 24 and 23 NEMA stepper motors.



  • The anti-resonant feature of this product to get smoother motion at optimal torque with low heat and noise generation makes it an ideal choice.

  • The product has auto-configuration of parameter and auto- identification features, ensuring optimal torque from a wider range of motors.

  • Can reduce idle-current automatically.

  • DM556T is appropriate for the operations requiring 3.3V voltage supply. The minimum range has to be 4 V.

8. 4 Pack TB6600 4A CNC Controller

4 Pack TB6600 4A CNC Controller

Tb6600 CNC Controller is another 9 to 42 V DC power supply device with a maximum current of 4.0 A of the 8 types of output current. The feature is quite similar to the ones as mentioned in the above products. That is, the controller has an inbuilt protection system providing security against temperature and over current with a semi-automatic energy-saving current lock function.

The controller capacity includes 2-phase forward and reverse rotation of the stepper motor, with 1 to 2, phase excitation mode of W1 -2 , 2W1 -2, 4W1 -2. Just the pulse signal of the clock can be driven by bipolar 2-phase stepper motor in order to achieve high work efficiency and reduce the course of vibration.The input signal executes photoelectric isolation at much higher speed.

The interface of the single pulse is of common anode standard. Plus, the semi-close housing is adaptable to a more severe environment.Lastly, it has a semi-automatic energy-saving current lock system with a built-in protection feature against temperature and over current.


  • Works just perfect even at 2 A.
  • Flawless stepper motor CNC controller at an affordable range.


  • Some users gave a setback regarding the heat sinks denoting the size issue (which is not as displayed in the model image).

9. NVUM USB MACH3 Motion Control Card CNC Controller

NVUM USB MACH3 Motion Control Card CNC Controller

The NVUM USB Mach3 CNC Controller is another motor driver which runs at a frequency rated at 200 KHZ.

The product is compatible with MACH3 software, supporting the stepper systems of 3 to 6. Also, it has the same pulse output of 2000 KHZ at each of the axes.

Apart from MACH3 there are a lot of other CNC softwares that you can can on you machine.The power voltage supply of the main device ranges between 12V to 32 VDC, where the minimum current range should be greater than 0.5 A. current should be higher than 0.5A.

The overall system supports the MPG (Manual Pulse Generator) input. Added to that, it is compatible with the MPG digital display from the same manufacturer.Most of the controller products listed in this article lack a proper manual for accurate device application. However, you will get it in this case. 



  • The product did not receive any such positive response from the user-end so far.

  • Some users gave a setback regarding device power start or boot up issues.

  • The stepper motor control drivers may function inconsistently at times.

10. Steeper Motor Driver DM556

Steeper Motor Driver DM556

The Steeper Motor Driver DM556 delivers quality manufacturing output maintaining professional quality.

It ensures minimum speed zero vibration followed by lower noise production, giving you an excellent using effect experience.This steeper motor controller acquires strong anti-interference capacity to achieve high precision positioning, even in severe environmental risks.The power voltage supply is rated within 24 V to 50 V DC with output current of 1.0 A to 5.6 A of 8 adjustable level. The input signal of optical isolation with a pulse response frequency rating up to 200 KHZ.



  • This steeper controller has a wider practicality, that is compatible with a 42/57 stepper motor. Plus, it can be utilized in engraving machines, auto-packaging systems, and many other automation devices.

  • No such off trade response has been received from the customer-end yet.


We hope while you are on the way to make your own CNC machine, our guide on the cnc controllers helps you buy the of motor driver controllers.

Just make sure to check for the compatibility of the machine and also that the driver board can withstand everything your cnc machine opts for. 

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