CNC Limit Switches in 2023

Limit switches help in the detection or sense an object’s presence. They are also used to track whether the object’s motion limits have been exceeded. The primary use for limit switches, as the name suggests is to determine the limit or boundary that an object might exceed before being stopped. 

It is at this stage that the switch has to be activated to control the travel limit. Such switches are used as pilot instruments for magnetic starter control circuits, enabling them to start, stop, slow down, or speed up a motor’s functions. 

Limit switches present many essential advantages to their design:

  • Designs are usually simple and easy
  • Work well in almost every manufacturing setting
  • Exhibit high precision and repeatability
  • Are devices with power consumption
  • Limit switches are reliable and rugged
  • Can handle many loads at a time
  • Easy to Install and maintain

Limit Switch of CNC

1. URBEST AC 250V 5A Micro Switches 3 Pins

URBEST AC 250V 5A SPDT 1NO 1NC Momentary Hinge Roller Lever Micro Switches 3 Pins 10 Pcs

This product named Micro Switch from URBEST is one of the limit switch for CNC. It works in a momentary action and has a roller lever arm actuator in it. This limit switch has only a single output but it can get connected to and switch between both the outputs, which makes it a Single Pole Double Throw (SDPT) type. This URBEST microswitch has 3-pin terminals and is made up of a very robust material.

Its durability makes it good enough to use for a long time. Due to its easy installation, the microswitch can be used in automatic machines and electronic equipment. This limit switch is made up of plastic and metal which are in three colors. It is black and silver in color. This package of the URBEST micro switch contains ten of them in it and weighs 24 kg. This limit switch can also be used in the DC circuits which makes them one of the ones.

2. Longruner Nano V3.0 ATmega328P

Longruner for ArduinoIDE Mini Nano V3.0 ATmega328P 5V 16M Micro Controller Board Module with USB Cable for Arduino 5Pcs

This limit switch has the mechanical end stop kit which is perfect for the RepRap 3D printers and the CNC machines. It has been supported by the RAMPS 1.4, RepRap electronics, and many other famous RepRap boards. While you use it, the user can customize the connection provided by it with the help of 22 AWG wire. This wire has the copper wire inside it which makes it possible for the Longruner limit switch to withstand the current of 2 Amp and voltage of 300V.

Moreover, the longeruner has the ability to work in wide insulation temperatures. This means that it continues to work till the temperature reaches 80 degrees which is far better than a copper wire. Note: Always remember that when you use it in any normal situation, then the system needs to be configuring at least three switches. Longruner limit switch is very easy to install and the most commonly used cable is of length 70 cm.

3. Rattmmotor Push Button Switch

Push Button Switch AC 400V Red Sign E-Stop Emergency Mushroom 22mm NO NC + 6pcs End Stop Limited Micro Switch for CNC

This package of the Push Button Micro Switch for CNC contains an emergency stop push button switch and sis other endstop micro switch with 2-pin terminals. The emergency stop button works in a self-locking mechanism and has two contact types. One of the contact types is normally close (NC) and the other is normally open (NO). It is made up of metal or plastic and has a button diameter of 3.5cm/ 1.4″.

The limit switch has 2 pins in it and works in momentary action with the help of an adjustable roller arm. The total size of the limit switch is 52 X 22 X 10 mm and the fixing hole diameter of 2.8 mm. The emergency stop push switch has a conspicuous red mushroom cap for emergency stoppage in the industries. It is known for its advanced techniques in the electric markets, which are appropriate for the environmental protection rules. It has the benefits of durability, safety, reliability and excellent design.

4. Cylewet 6Pcs V-153-1C25 Micro Limit Switch

Cylewet 6Pcs V-153-1C25 Micro Limit Switch Long Straight Hinge Lever Arm SPDT Snap Action LOT for Arduino (Pack of 6) CYT1068

Cylewet micro limit switch works in a momentary action and has a long straight hinge lever actuator. It is made up of plastic and metal which make it last for the longest time as these materials do not get damaged immediately. It works with 1 normally close and 1 normally open contact configurations along with three pin terminals. The dimensions of the switch are 2.8× 1.6× 1 cm/ 1.1× 0.63× 0.39 inch.

This limit switch can be used to the AC and DC control circuits.It is designed in the way so as to control the movement of the mechanical part of the machinery. This micro switch is designed in such a way that it can be used easily and that too with high precision. Other than this, the Cylewet micro switch is available in three different colors which are silver, black, and red. The height of the button present on the switch is 0.3 m whereas the width of the terminal is 0.47 cm.

5. Podoy KW4 3Z 3 Micro Limit Switch

Podoy KW4 3Z 3 Micro Limit Switch AC 125V 5A Hinge Lever for Compatible with Mill CNC (Pack of 5)

The Podoy limit microwave door switch can work at the voltage of 125V and the current of 5 Amp. It works in a momentary action and has an actuator of hinge lever type. Podoy micro switch has two contact configurations which is the 1NC and 1NO. This micro switch is used to monitor the location of moving parts of machines and plants in different mechanical modes. It is appropriate for both the AC and DC control circuits.

The hole center point distance is 1 cm and the size of the switch body’s 2 X 1 X 0.7 cm. Podoy limit switch is mainly made up of green color and is very easy to use. This microwave switch can be used very easily for the DC circuits also. The packaging of this micro switch contains 5 limit switches in it and weighs 12 gram. The US buyers need to keep an eye on the voltage, to ensure that the product will operate in your condition before buying.

6. TEMCo Plunger Limit Switch

TEMCo 6 QTY Plunger Limit Switch Tools - NC-NO CNC Mill Plasma Router Lathe home 5 YEAR WARRANTY

This TEMCo limit switch is a plunger type micro switch and has the contact structure in snap action. The snap action contacts of this switch ensure repeatable output in low-speed actuator applications. The amount of touch movement also doesn’t depend on how far the actuator flies. It has a very strong aluminum frame that makes sure precision is maintained over time. It also has resistance to high vibration and shock that makes it the option for using in tough conditions and applications.

It can resist shock under 98m/s² (10 G) in free state and under 294 m/s² (30 G) in fully loaded state. Other than this, the vibration resistance is 10 – 55 Hz, 1.5 mm double amplitude. The micro switch has a gasketed body which is water-proof, oil-resistant, and dust resistant. It is equipped with silver cadmium oxide contacts approved for operations of 10,000,000. Also has a 5 YEAR WARRANTY OF US Company named NON-GENERIC.

7. WINOMO Mini Micro Limit Switch

WINOMO Mini Micro Limit Switch Roller Lever Arm SPDT Snap Action LOT 10 Pcs

WINOMO micro limit switch is a single pole double throw type and has two contact configurations. The two contact types available in this micro switch are 1 normally close and 1 normally open. It works in a momentary action and has a hinge roller lever actuator in it. It is very easy to install and can be used for a longer time. This micro switch is used in refrigerator, microwave, oven, interlock NO NC switch, and many other electronic equipment.

In contacts with snap action, the actuator’s motion applies force to a device with an over center. This mechanism produces a rapid change in the contact state upon hitting the trip point. The size of the switch body is 20 x 6 x 10 mm 0.8 “x 0.2” x 0.4 “(L*W*H). The NO and NC contact types used in it can make this product ideal for multipurpose uses. Not only this, but the limit switch is also very handy and portable.

8. OdiySurveil (TM) SPDT Micro Limit Switch

OdiySurveil (TM) 6 In Pack V-156-1C25 SPDT Micro Limit Switch, Long Hinge Roller Momentary Snap Action LOT

The OdiySurveil micro switch is available in a pack 100% new product in the market. The fixing hole diameter of this switch is 0.32 cm / 0.13″, whereas the button height is 0.3cm / 0.12″. On the other hand, the actuator size is 2.8 x 0.45 cm / 1.1″ x 0.18″(L*W). This limit switch is made up of plastic and metal which is available in two different colors that are red & black. This micro switch is built to regulate the movement of a mechanical part in the electronic equipment.

It is usually used in industrial control applications to automatically track and show if the travel limits of a specific system have been exceeded or not. It works in a high precision mechanism and provides the operation for a long time. It has the snap action contacts, in which the movement of the actuator applies pressure to an over center system. They are very easy to use and are affordable. 

9. HiLetgo ME-8108 Limit Switch

HiLetgo 3pcs ME-8108 Momentary Limit Switch Roller Lever CNC Mill Laser Plasma

The HiLetgo limit switch is also one of the used switches for the CNC machine. It has the actuator of a rotatory adjustable lever arm with a roller. The actuator works in the momentary action. This micro switch is made up of the reinforced plastic and zinc alloy which makes it very durable and also increases its shelf life. HiLetgo micro switch features the double circuit limit switch. It is a really new brand and has promisingly provided the high-quality products.

This limit switch has 4 contact configurations out of which 2 are normally close and 2 are normally open. The voltage at which it operates is 380V for AC and 220V for DC. The advantage of the limit switch is that it works as per the double reed mechanism ensuring the longer mechanical life. Not only this, the limit switch can also be used to turn off something even if it is in activated state. 

10. BIQU Optical Limit Switch

BIQU Optical Endstop with 1M Photoelectric Light Control Optical Limit Switch for 3D Printer (Pack of 5pcs)

BIQU Optical Endstop limit switch is an optical switch which is a trustworthy switch/stop solution for all the types of CNC machines, 3D tools, and 3D printers. It is very easy to use this limit switch as it works with high precision and is also very durable. The main advantage of using this limit switch is that it works on the basis of transmissive principles of the design. It operates as per no loss and no noise principle.

On triggering this limit switch repetitively, it remains sensitive and quiet.One of the main tips for using this BIQU limit switch is that it needs to be used with at least three optical switches. Even if you position this limit switch repetitively, the limit switch works with high accuracy. You will get five optical endstop limit switches in this packaging. It is available in a handy size which makes it portable.


These were the limit switches that will ensure smooth functioning of your CNC. Almost all of them work as per the two contact configurations out of which one is NC and one is NO. Apart from this, the limit switch works in the momentary action and makes it for CNC devices. They are very easy to use and work with high precision & accuracy. This limit switch, unlike many others, is made up of the material which is durable and can last for a longer time. One out of these is surely going to be your preferred choice for using in the CNC devices. 

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