CNC Router Spindles for your Machine in 2023

The CNC spindle is the fundamental part of any milling machine. It comprises a rotating assembly associated with a taper, where you can install the tool holders. Choosing the CNC router spindle can have a significant impact on the end result of your project. The CNC spindle motor rotates the spindle with a type of optional transmission. This transmission matches the spindle’s rpm to the maximum power rpm level of the spindle motor, which is suitable for the specific speeds and feeds of the job being shaped and cut.

Product Name


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220 V/60HZ

Works With Lathes, Mills, Car Hoists, Pumps & Conveyors

Best Product

220 V/60HZ

Best For Beginners Who Are Working On Their Own DIY

Runner Up

220V 2.2KW

VFD Can Be Used For Constant Torque Loads (Such As Hard Starting: Air Compressors

CNC Router Spindles

1. CNC Spindle Kit 500W by SZCY LLC : Product Overall

CNC Spindle Kit 500W

The operating voltage of CNC Spindle Kit 500W is around 100 VDC (Voltage Direct Current). The input alternate current 110 V followed by 500 Watt power supply. The speed ranges between zero to 12,000 Revolution Per Minute and torque of about 5000 Newton Metre.The insulation resistance is greater than 2 megohms with the dielectric strength of 400 V. The dimensional parameter is 52mm (diameter), the length and diameter of the chuck portion are 45 mm and 16 mm, respectively. The length of the spindle motor is 200 mm. Overall, it is a high precision spindle device running out 0.01 to 0.03, ensuring high level of service satisfaction. 



  • You can utilize both the controller and manual knob at a time by connecting diodes to the potentiometer wiper and Mach3 input.

  • Easy to assemble and delivers excellent performance

  • Compatible to mill light to medium materials.

  • The motor is quite strong and perfect to mill aluminium.

  • This is the most cost-effective and functional among the other similar products.

  • May face issues with the spindle motor and the coupler.

  • You may face issues in the spindle performance with Mach3. If so, detach the potentiometer by setting the pins and ports of the spindle in Mach3 to zero. This will rectify the problem and the spindle will work great.

2. VFD CNC Spindle Motor by HY HUANYANG : Premium Choice

VFD CNC Spindle Motor

As the name suggests, the VFD CNC Spindle Motor is another top product that needs to be fitted with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) during use. The frequency rate of this spindle is around 400 Hz. You need to be cautious while giving the input Voltage at a certain frequency range. Else, it may end up damaging the spindle. Suppose, by inputting a voltage of 220 V at 50 Hz to 60 Hz will affect the entire spindle arrangement.

Note: External resistor is not supported by VFD. Plus, the fan keeps rotating all the time, even when the motor is not running (fan functions must have to be personalised).This VFD product is capable of operating at variable torque loads (for instance, fans and pumps, etc.), and constant torque loads (like, the hard starting: HVAC units and Air compressors).

Also, you can use the product as a phase converter and for controlling the motor speed. This CNC spindle employs Sine waves for process control systems and works perfectly with a Mach3 controller.You can use this spindle motor for engraving machines, or for wood carving, for commercialising CNC and engraving machines, in high speed centrifugation, in small sized workshops or processing centers, etc. VFD Spindle motor is one of the cnc spindles for wood. 



  • The bearings in this unit will last for about 6000 hours despite its regular application.

  • It has the automatic speed control facility with an input speed control range of (1 to 10) V.

  • Has a 4 pin plug. However, you will have to ground the 4th pin through soldering as only three pins can be connected to the spindle side.

  • No wrench available for this product. You may have to purchase it separately.

3. Konmison Mini CNC Spindle : Pick under $100

Konmison Mini CNC Spindle

Konmison Mini is an air cooled spindle of 110 VAC with MACH3 analog input. The torque value ranges about 5000 Newton/Metre. It is a high precision spindle with minimal runout of 0.01-0.03 and has a speed ranging from idle up to 11000 RPM. The spindle motor operates at a voltage of 100 VDC and requires a power supply of 500 Watt. The diametric value of the spindle is 52 mm. You can utilise this product to conduct your lathe related tasks, for milling, car hoisting, and can also apply to conveyors and pumps, etc. So, if you are striving for a spindle model that can provide you 100% work satisfaction then this is it. 



  • Perfect for conducting light material carving (including low weight aluminium or wood) tasks. NOT for high density aluminum or steel.

  • It has a brushed DC motor.

  • The mounting bracket is non-threaded. So, you must bolt the bracket to a threaded housing to hold it. Also, the bracket only consists of clearance holes.

  • Not suitable for heavy duty steel or high density aluminum carving operations.

  • It does not come with a plug and a cord. You may have to purchase it separately, in case you don't have one.

Other Great Picks

4. CNC Spindle 500W by MySweety

CNC Spindle 500W

The operating voltage of CNC Spindle 500W is around 100 VDC supporting a power supply of 500 Watt. With an input of AC 110 V, the speed ranges between the idle value to 12,000 RPM at a torque of 5000 Newton/Metre.The insulating resistance value is more than 2 megohms having a dielectric strength of 400 V. The spindle diameter is 52 mm along with its chuck portion diameter and length being 16 mm and 45 mm, respectively. The spindle motor is 200 mm in length with a high precision spindle that operates with a runout value of 0.01-0.03. Overall, the above operational ranges can assure you with 100% service satisfaction.



  • Does not require a Variable Frequency Drive to operate the product.

  • The product arrangement consists of a wired key switch and an emergency stop. So, you can both enable or disable where you can even stop or start the spindle. The E stop is to cut power supply to the stepper motors and the spindle.

  • Some users marked this product to be inappropriate to perform milling operations, but only engraving.

5. MYSWEETY CNC Spindle Motor

MYSWEETY CNC Spindle Motor

MYSWEETY CNC Spindle Motor consists of a VFD motor requiring 2.2 KiloWatt power supply. The spindle diameter is about 80 mm. Apart from that, the package contains 13 pieces ER20 collets (size range: 1 mm to 13 mm), a 70 mm brush, and 10 drilling bits, etc. It is a high precision spindle with runout value less than 0.001 mm. The operating voltage is 220V with a speed ranging between 0-24000 RPM. Employs AC inverters with the frequency range of 0-400 Hz. You can employ this spindle motor to perform lathe related tasks, for car hoisting and milling operations, conveyors and pumps, etc.



  • The speed can be controlled by the knob on the Variable Frequency Drive.

  • Is suitable for milling very sturdy materials.

  • The product can only be operated by an inverter (AC) for controlling the spindle's rotating speed. 

6. Huanyang CNC Spindle Motor

Huanyang CNC Spindle Motor

Huanyang CNC Spindle Motor is a water cooled item that runs with an operating voltage of around 220V, at 2.2 KiloWatt power supply. The product package consists of 4 high precision bearings and one 6 mm collet. Note: You must equip the spindle product with a frequency converter during its application. Also, make sure to take care of the input voltage range. Else, it may damage the product and affect its performance. Suppose, if you give an input voltage of 220v voltage with (50 to 60) hz, it will affect the stability of the spindle and its functionality. The rotating speed of the spindle ranges between 6000 to 24000 RPM. The product can be applied on engraving or wood carving machines, CNC machines, high speed centrifugation, and small-scale processing centers, etc.



  • Its four bearings facilitate greater stronger rotating torque force.

  • Made of durable material and being a water cooled product, it is a good and silent item to purchase.

  • It does not come with the mount. So, you will need to purchase it separately.

  • Sometimes the spindle gets quite noisy and hot, indicating poor quality bearings.

7. TOPCHANCES 400W CNC Spindle


Top Chances 400W CNC Spindle is a low voltage operated device within the range of 12 to 60 V (DC). It can support the maximum voltage of upto 65 V. For the voltage ranging from (12 to 60)V, the control power corresponds to the range of (120 to 600)Watt. The device has a soft-start function and it hinders the excessive current generated by the motor and power damage (zero seconds soft start by default) which can be adjusted between (0 to 5) seconds.Note: You need to disconnect the Potentiometer while using a Pulse Width Modulation signal control mode. Else, it won’t be able to utilise the PWM mode.



  • This product is the ultimate value for money.

  • No such negative response received from the user-end yet.

8. Mophorn CNC Spindle Motor 0.8KW

Mophorn CNC Spindle Motor 0.8KW

The diametric dimension of Mophorn CNC Spindle Motor is 65 mm with a length of 180 mm. Other technical parameters of the product consists: the operating voltage ranging between 220 to 250 ACV. The required power supply is 0.8 KiloWatt with a spindle rotating frequency rated at 400 Hz.The imported bearing of the motor makes the product stand out from the other ordinary spindle motors. The high speed motor ranges between 0-24000 RPM. The product package also contains 3 ER11 collets of sizes (3.175 mm, 4 mm, and 6 mm). The runout value is even less than 0.005 mm.The product is widely used in the engraving as well as wood carving machines, in small-scale processing workshops, in advertisement engraving machines, and high speed based centrifugation, etc.



  • Super quiet product to use for both carving and engraving operations.

  • Comes with both collets as well as collet wrenches.

  • Cannot operate the product directly with Arduino. You will require a Network Protocol, such as RS-422, Ethernet, or Modbus in order to control a VFD, which will then operate the induction motor autonomously. Note that VFD has to be set to V/Hz mode.

9. Mophorn Spindle Motor 1.5KW

Mophorn Spindle Motor 1.5KW

Mophorn Spindle Motor 1.5 KW is an air cooled item, requiring a power supply of about 1.5 KiloWatt. The operating voltage is 220 V at a rated frequency of 60 Hz. The spindle motor speed is ranging between 8000-24000 RPM. It is aVFD based spindle. So, you need to pick the correct VDF that matches the spindle’s power rating. The product comes with 4 pieces of ceramic bearings and ER11 collet, a tapered bore of dimension less than 0.005 mm.

The runout is lower than 0.01 mm.Lastly, this Square spindle motor is used to perform lathe based tasks, for car goisting and milling operations, and in pumps and conveyors, etc. Mophorn is one of the spindle motors for metal milling since milling is a heavy operation sometimes and you need a spindle motor that can withstand the pressure. 



  • Can undergo an extraordinarily high rotating speed for a prolonged period.

  • The product works just cool, quiet, and perfect for any lathe or CNC router based projects.

  • No such negative remarks received from the user-end.

How to Choose the Right Router Spindle ?

An accurate selection of a spindle for conducting your CNC based DIY woodworking projects depends on certain conditions like, for how long would you run the machine, the RPM range and requirement for light or hard materials like fibres, soft wood, heavy duty steel, then size of the cutter that you want to employ, whether the product can offer automatic tool changing advantage or not, and many others.

There is a long list of other such necessities that you must consider to determine whether your chosen product will properly serve your purpose of buying it. Experts generally recommend enlisting all the choices associated with your work and requirements. Try to pick the most inexpensive off-the-shelf spindle and its accessories as possible. However, the choice should well-serve the value for your money. Choosing a rather exotic spindle with the same functionalities as in the inexpensive one will take you over the budget. 

Types of spindles

1. Cartridge Spindles

This type of spindle simply comes with a rotating assembly, where you do not require a motor or transmission.Cartridge Spindles are mostly used in the modern Vertical Machine Centers. The reason behind its application in VMCs is that the spindle can be conveniently swapped and rearranged during an ongoing machine task., this spindle type is easier to manufacture than the fabricated spindles. The cartridge spindles generally deliver the work output.Let’s discuss each of its components one by one:

Angular Contact Bearings

The cartridge spindle has 2 angular contact bearings along with 2 deep groove ball bearings. The bearings are the essential structures of this spindle and measure its maximum rpm along with the robustness and suitability of the CNC.


As the name suggests, this component is used to “draw” up or install the tool holder into the spindle taper of the CNC.

Belleville Washers

These are the flat type spring components with which the drawbar’s tension is balanced on the tool holder.

Pull Stud

It is a removable portion of the spindle that is fitted to the roll holder with screws. The Drawbar Clamp holds on to the pull stud so as to pull it (Drawbar) up into the Taper.

Drawbar Clamp

There are certain arrangements, however, the Drawbar Clamp keeps the Drawbar locked onto the Pull Stud when it has pulled up the Stud close enough into the Taper.

Drive Pulley

The motor or transmission causes the spindle to rotate through the Drive Pulley. Though several styles of pulleys are available, the above given link (attached to cartridge spindle) shows the arrangement of a timing pulley.

2. Self-contained Spindles

This is another spindle type and can be of several kinds. For instance, Trim Routers are popularly utilized in the DIY CNC projects, typically designed to fit CNC Routers. Self-contained spindle consists of a rotating assembly followed by an all-purpose motor. 1.25 HP: The spindle is capable of supplying power galore for the scale machine. Plus, an outstanding frame stiffness that a DIY avid would generally look for. A rotating speed range of around 10,000 to 30,000 rpm is fairly broad enough.The spindle can be mounted on a simple spindle clamp with ease. Added to that, you can mount another spindle on the side of the existing spindle in order to achieve a further greater range of rpm.There are certain setbacks of this type of spindle:The tool holder is non replaceable. The spindle comprises a collet that is generally compatible with 1 size tool shank. Plus, there is no facility for instant changing of the tool holders. Manual tool changing process is quite slower with no availability of automatic tool changers. Routers along the spindles of similar kind could be pretty noisy. However, it is not the case with all types. 

3. Fabricated Spindles

This is the final spindle type where the components including the spindle bearings are typically used in the cast iron housings. This type of spindle is generally the toughest of all to work with. Plus, it is hard to change as it is fine-built into the spindle head casting. So basically, this spindle type does not allow much room for personalization. You will notice this type of constructional arrangement in a Bridgeport milling machine, or in other China Imported devices, like the RF-45, for instance.Besides, a common approach is to at least mount up the adjustable quills to attain maximum rigidity. Another usual type of modification is a transformation from gears (pretty slow and noisy) to belt drive.


We put in a lot of research while putting together the list of top 10 CNC router spindles. There are a lot of these spindles that we regularly use at our own garage for woodworking projects as per the nature of the project.

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