CNC Touch Plates in 2023

CNC Touch Plate is basically used for precise setting of the location at “Z” Axis. You have to simply connect one end of the plate to the  controller, fit the magnet to the collet, then lower the tool bit right on top of the touch plate.

A regular touch probe usually comes with a sturdy metal construction, however, other materials are also used to build the piece. 

Designed for accuracy, a touch plate comes with a user guide and cable. Overall, the piece is very simple to use but it becomes a challenging task to pick the right piece to suit your purpose. So, we have profiled a list of top 10 CNC touch plates here. Go through and pick the one that serves your CNC project.  

CNC Touch Plates

1. Mysweety CNC Touch Plate : Product Overall

Mysweety CNC Touch Plate

Mysweety CNC Touch Plate is the first one on the list due to its excellent working quality. It features a CNC Z-axis router mill with a touch plate Mach3 tool setting probe new milling hot kit. The CNC router can engrave very easily with the help of a Mach3 machine tool setting and an auto-check instrument of a diameter 1.38 inches. 

It consists of a tool setting block and a feeler gauge to assess the clamp’s relative location with respect to the cutter. While positioning the tool, shift the tool towards the setting block; put the feeler gauge between them to monitor the distance.



  • Works very well with Bob's CNC e3 or e4

  • It does exactly what it is supposed to do

  • Too much hot glue on the touch plate does not rest properly on a flat surface.

2. Dog River Tools : Premium Pick

Dog River Tools

The kit of Dog River Tools CNC touch plate includes 2-3 pin adapter cables. These pins make the touch plate compatible with all the ShapeOko configurations like HDZ, Z, and Z-plus. Its touch probes help reduce the setup times, improve dimensional accuracy, and enhance machine usage. 

One of the features of this CNC touch plate is that it supports four types of probing. The probes include corner probes (X, Y, or Z probe), Y-front edge probe, X left edge probe, and Z top. The probe plate has an aluminum block and a 60-inch cord that can connect to the control board. In addition, the kit also has 10-inch wire alligator clips at the tip. 



  • The setup of Z-axis is precise.

  • Affordable price and enhanced efficiency

  • It does exactly what it is supposed to do

  • Cannot be used on ShapeOko

  • Corner probe of the touch plate does not works

3. Huanyu Plate : Cheap Pick

Huanyu Plate

The CNC Z-axis router mill measures up to the diameter of 1.38 inches, the thickness is 0.79 inches, and the surface diameter is 0.98 inches. Router mill used the NCStudio system to operate. The aluminum head of the mill is soft texture and has excellent electrical properties.

Huanyu Plate is available with a black and red cable whose length is 43.3 inches. Its bottom insulation knife block is ideal for measuring the object in woodworking, construction, carpentry, etc. The black base of the tool is made up of organic insulating material. The tool setting component comprises mostly a tool setting block and a feeler gauge to assess the clamp’s relative location to the cutter.



  • It is very faster to use than the paper method

  • Easy to set up and works excellently

  • CNC touch plate is flat and gives accurate results

  • Not recommended to the beginners

Other Great Picks

4. SainSmart CNC Touch Plate

SainSmart CNC Touch Plate

The second most preferred CNC touch plate is the SainSmart CNC Touch Plate. The Z-axis tool setting the touch plate of this CNC works using Mach3. It also comprises an auto-check setting probe, which makes checking tool height an easy task. The CNC touch plate has its diameter as 1.38 inches, the cable length is 43.3 inches, and thickness is 0.79 inches.

CNC machines can automatically return to the predefined location with just a single mouse click. This allows a very quick adjustment of the device. Other than this, it will also allow easy calibration of the tools. SainSmart can also work very well with the Genmistsu CNC 3018-PRO router kit.



  • Affordable Price

  • Simplified working method

  • Work perfectly with BonCNC e4

  • Not perfect for beginners

  • Though it works very well, précised results are not guaranteed

5. Bachin


Bachin touch plate features a CNC Z-axis router mill touch plate that works using the Mach3 tool setting probe new milling hot kit. It also has an engraving Mach3 machine tool setting auto-check instrument that is of 1.38 inches diameter.

The effective surface diameter of the blade of Bachin is 0.98 inches. Depth of the touch plate is 1.38, whereas the height is 0.79inch.

This CNC touch plate makes it very easy for you to set the tool height and also zeroes your Z-axis. It can very well function with Mach 3 and many other CNC controller software available. The experts can also use this CNC touch plate seamlessly with Shapeoko. 



  • Worth the money

  • Simplified working method

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Not spring-loaded

  • Poorly assembled

  • Wired used in this are quite flimsy



CNCTop touch plate has been used a lot by the professionals due to the easy functioning and setup. It allows easy Z-axis setup without any inaccuracies while operating it. This one features a Z-axis tool setting touch plate that also has a USB port. The length of the stepper motor fuselage is up to 34 mm. 

With the help of this device, 1.33 A of current can be passed. 12 V of torque is applied for the rotation of the tool device. This pack of CNC touch plates includes one CNC router engraving machine tool. The tool is made up of solid alloy material which is very durable in nature. Using these touch plates, the tool height setup and zeroing the Z-axis becomes very easy. 



  • High-quality tool

  • Works very well

  • Useful tool for engraving machines

  • No negative responses from user's end

7. Magic & Shell

Magic & Shell

The Magic & Shell CNC touch plate provides a precise tool setting that guarantees accurate results. It is ideal for processing steel, acrylic, plastic, aluminum, iron, wood, and many other materials. The tool measures up to a diameter of 1.57 inches and 0.79 inches of height.

In addition, the effective diameter of the blade’s surface is 0.98 inches, whereas cable length is 3.9 ft. It comes with a crocodile toothed clamp which provides a very high clamping force. 

When you use this tool, the results are quite accurate, and also the position accuracy of the output signal is high. To make this CNC touch plate, high-quality materials are used, and the manufacturers work excellently.

One of the things about this Magic & Shell touch plate is that its bottom is insulated for safe use.



  • Works perfectly

  • The tool provided highly accurate results.

  • The thickness of the tool is not consistent

8. Ratt Motor

Rattm Motor

Rattm Motor is yet another widely used CNC touch plate that helps in getting an accurate Z-axis setting. It consists of a CNC router mill with a Z-axis tool setting touch plate that works with Mach3. The effective surface diameter of this touch plate is 30 mm. 

The dimensions of the engraving machine tool are of height 20 mm and diameter 40 mm. On the other hand, the diameter of the knife’s surface is 30 mm. It also features smooth yet alligator shaped clips for high-pressure clamping force.

You need to connect the wire of this device to the tool connector, which is in the Control board of the machine. It then makes the Z-axis setup very easy.



  • It is very easy to use.

  • Does the job nicely

  • The base is flat, and the thickness is consistent.

  • Not spring-loaded

9. Kehuashina


The last one in the list is Kehuashina, which is a new brand that offers high-quality devices. It is made up of solid alloy material, which is very sturdy and extremely durable when put to use. With this device, you can enhance efficiency by accurate results in very little time. Other than this, the Kehuashina CNC touch plate is very easy to install and operate.

Professionals have considered it to be a perfect and ideal tool for engraving machines. The pack of this touch plate contains one engraving machine tool in it. You can connect the wire of the touch plate to the tool connector of the machine’s control board for using it.



  • Worth the price

  • Overall this product is great due to the high quality and good results.

  • The wire of the touch plate is not connected to the plugger button.

  • Zero conductivity


As per the options discussed in the CNC touch plates, Magic & Shell Touch Plate is the great deal for its precise performance delivery. Kehuashina is the first runner on the list if you are looking for a budget friendly option. Mysweety CNC Touch Plate is recommended in the third position because the hot glue does not properly rest on flat surfaces. Otherwise, it delivers exactly what the user requirement is. Other products on the list are also equally profitable to use.

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