Corded Drills for Woodworking in 2022

Most of us have a wrong conception that the corded drills have limited applications compared to the revolutionary cordless drills. But, that’s not the fact. The developers say that corded drills have the maximum work output capacity, as there is a constant power supply to the tool. Whereas, the cordless ones, having a limited battery supply, have chances of running out of power anytime in the middle of the task. Plus, the corded ones provide better speed range and extended longevity compared to the wireless drills.

So, in this article, we will be talking about 10 such trending corded drills for woodworking. You will get a detailed review of each of the drill models followed by an efficient buyer’s guide. Lastly, you will get top three product recommendations for a quicker overview. 

Corded Drills for Woodworking 

1. DEWALT Electric Drill DWD210G : Corder Drill Overall

DEWALT Electric Drill DWD210G

Dewalt Electric Drill DWD210G is the one known for its versatile design and longevity. Being a dynamic drilling tool, the DWD210G can be utilized for drilling wood as well as steel material. The tool features 1 and ½ inch capacity auger or spade bit to work on wood projects. Other than that, you get a 2 and 9/16 inch if used with a self-feed drilling unit. Moreover, this drill can manage 3 ⅝ inch and ½ inch twist bits while using it on wood and steel materials respectively.

The drill features a keyed chuck grip of ½ inch that can securely hold the bits, avoiding slippage. The metal gear case adds to the durability of the tool. The patented motor of Dewalt can generate power 50% more than any other conventional motor unit of similar dimension. Lastly, the tool promises overload protection, thereby confirming increased durability.



  • Ergonomically designed with 2-finger trigger made of rubber, ensuring a comfortable grip and control over the tool

  • 360-degree auxiliary soft side-grip enables improved comfort and control

  • Lightweight tool, weighing only 4.9 pounds

  • Some users reported that the device stopped working soon after a little use.


2. SKIL 6335-02 Corded Drill : Alternative to DEWALT DWD210G

SKIL 6335-02 Corded Drill

Skil 6335-02 Corded Drill is a pro-grade drill meant for drilling tough wood or other hard surfaces. The drill features 7.0 Amp that impels the tool to perform any hard drill with absolute ease. The drill works smoothly in various metal surfaces and wood. It can also drill holes in concrete surfaces. The keyed chuck of ½ inch is fit for woodworking projects as it allows using bits of wider diameter.

The ergonomic design of the drill handle is such that it is light in weight. Plus, it allows easy maneuverability cum portability. So, you can carry the tool on the move. Also, the auxiliary side handle renders added support to the user and good grip on the drill. The two-finger drill trigger with safety lock-on ensures extended control and lesser risks of mishaps.



  • Variable speed control lets you set a desired speed range based on the type of material to be drilled

  • Availability of the horizontal bubble level lets you drill perfectly and precisely, every time

  • Powerful drill motor that ensures hardwood drilling applications and other tough projects

  • The manufacturer must work on the insufficient power supply of the drill motor, as reported by some buyers.


3. PORTER-CABLE Corded Drill PC600D : Lightweight and Efficient

PORTER-CABLE Corded Drill PC600D

Porter-cable Corded Drill OC600D features a highly efficient motor that stands out from the other drill motors on the market. The motor delivers a power output of 283 Units Watt. Other than that, to ensure consistency in the performance, the drill includes Li-ion batteries of 20V Max with 1.3 Amp per hour cells. The instant drill bits changing capacity from the ½ inch keyless chuck saves your time and effort. Else, you might have to use a bit key for changing the same, every time. Being compact in design, you can use this tool for drilling in confined spaces. In all fairness, the device is lightweight, weighing just about 3.5 Pounds and is only 8.25 inch long. 



  • LED light adds ease to the tool application, especially in the low light work environments

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Powerful device motor, ensuring high power output

  • Comes in a nice storage box which also makes for a great woodworking gift

  • The manufacturer should work on the chuck quality.


4. Meterk Hammer Drill : Forward and Reverse Drill Function

Meterk Hammer Drill

Meterk Hammer Drill features a 7.0 Amp motor of pure copper that generates enough power to get your drilling work done easily and comfortably. The adjustable cum non-slip speed impact drill with a speed range of 3000 RPM, delivering a substantial hammer strength. You get extended longevity and overload protection that lets you chip or drill wood pieces, steel or masonry surfaces, concrete, and other hard surfaces. The dual-mode functions selector makes it a two in one tool; that is, you can either use it as a hammer drill or regular drill with the swipe of a button. The tool features a variable speed control mechanism that lets you set the speed range between (0 and 3000) RPM. Other than that, you get both forward and reverse drilling functions here.



  • Perfect for installing smart TVs, blinds, doors and windows, chandelier, and more

  • Supports both forward and reverse drill functions

  • The dual mode selector switch us placed at the mid position of the drill handle, thereby locking the setting from accidental modification

  • Detachable cum adjustable side handle gives you a consistent grip on the drill trigger, thus decreasing chances of fatigue

  • Convenient cum simple operability

  • Not fit for doing tough jobs.


5. TACKLIFE Hammer Drill : Budget Pick

TACKLIFE Hammer Drill

Tacklife Hammer Drill features a high performance motor of 7.1 Amp with no-load speed of 3000 RPM providing about 30% more power. So, you can expect quick and easy drilling with overload production and durability. The tool is typically meant for wood projects, concrete, solid steel, and masonry works. You get 12 speed knobs to set the tool speed as per your project requirement. Added to that, you get both forward and reverse drill functions (makes the screw tightening or loosening easier) with a 360 degree easy rotatable metal handle. 



  • Excellent choice for the versatile projects

  • Precise speed control feature with speed lock key to maintain constant control, thereby reducing fatigue

  • Two in one functional drill; hammer and drill functions

  • Keyed metal chuck of ½ inch ensures better grip on the drill bits

  • Some buyers complained about the poor consistency of the motor; the motor keeps on stopping frequently.


Other Great Picks

6. GALAX PRO Corded Impact Drill

GALAX PRO Corded Impact Drill

Galax Pro Corded Impact Drill is a pro-grade and commonly used drill. The tool is equipped with a 5 Amp high torque motor, making the drill ideal for any type of demanding projects. You get 105 pieces of drill accessories (stored in a durable blow-mould case) that meet all your requirements. The speed of the tool is easily adjustable anywhere between 0 to 3000 no-load speed, as per your need. The lock button decreases chances of fatigue even after prolonged use at a go. The metal keyed chuck of ½ inch diameter is durable enough and can support different bits to drill different materials.

This drill is also equipped with two in one selector where you can select between the drill or hammer function, depending on your tasks.



  • Dual-mode selector button for choosing between hammer drill and conventional drill functions

  • Variable speed control feature available to carry out different drilling tasks

  • Lock button secures the function to be performed, thereby reducing fatigue feeling

  • -


7. Toolman Electric Power Drill Driver

Toolman Electric Power Drill Driver

Toolman Electric Power Drill Driver features a heavy duty drilling tool voltage ranging 110V/120V ~ 50/60 Hertz. The double-insulated security followed by a 360 degree adjustable drill handle makes the drilling task way easier and comfortable. The product package includes 2 pieces of High-speed steel drill bits. The device renders a speed limit of 2800 RPM, plus, it is light in weight, weighing only about 5.59 Pounds. That means you can carry the tool to the workspot and can work constantly for a long period.



  • Versatile and sturdy tool

  • Worth buying

  • Portable

  • The manufacturer needs to work on the drill quality.


8. Neiko 10503A Corded Hammer Drill

Neiko 10503A Corded Hammer Drill

Neiko 10503A Corded Hammer Drill features a ½ inch chuck with a maximum speed limit of 2,800 no-load speed followed by 120 Volt motor. The drill promises an overload protection for drilling concrete, wood, bricks, and mortar blocks. You get 2 functional modes; for rotation drilling and hammer drilling in soft masonry components as mentioned above. Other than that, the forward and reverse directional mechanisms with variable speed setting dial and trigger are supported by a lock button to achieve the required drilling speed. Detachable side handle with a pistol grip renders greater ergonomics (while drilling) by it being 360 degree swivel adjustable for better control and comfort.



  • Forward and reverse drill functions available

  • Detachable, 360 degree swivel auxiliary handle for increased control and convenience

  • Good quality drill

  • Some users complained the product is self-destructive while in use

  • Motor keeps stopping frequently


9. Ironmax Professional Corded Hammer Kit

Ironmax Professional Corded Hammer Kit

Ironmax Professional Corded Hammer Kit is the one that features hammer-mode (chiseling), drill mode (rotational), and hammer drill (hammering and rotation) modes. You can utilize this tool for chipping or drilling steel, masonry, wall, and most importantly wood, by using drilling bits of various diameters. The vario-lock promises optimized chiseling angles.

The drill chuck, of ½ inch diameter, features an automatic bit lock feature. The maximum drilling capacity of the tool is about 1 and 3/16 inch. The product package includes 3 drill bits of sizes 6mm, 8mm, and 10 mm, two chisels (pointed and flat), two detachable carbon brushes, and grease with a blow-mould storage box to carry the accessories conveniently around. Bidirectional drill switch (forward and reverse) lets you both tighten or loosen the screw, as required. The variable speed trigger lets you control the speed, as required to deliver optimal work results. The lock-on button makes it easy to work longer with that drill, while reducing the fatigue. The high performance sturdy copper motor of 1100W output with impact rate of 0 to 4000/min and 1100 RPM makes hard projects easy to conduct.

The protective clutch system guarantees the user safety when the drill is running at high torque force. Lastly, the auxiliary handle of 360 degree swivel adjustability allows extra comfort and control over the tool. This added handle is easily detachable without requiring any accessory to do so. The removable depth strap makes you correctly determine the drilling depth.



  • 3 drill mode are available followed by a vario-lock for optimized chisel drilling angles

  • Drill chuck with automatic bit lock feature available

  • Depth strap makes drilling depth measurement accurate

  • The manufacturer must work on the overall drill quality.


Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider to Buy the Right Corded Drills

Choosing one among many top brands of voided drills becomes a challenging task. It becomes hard to decide which one to stick to in terms of safety features, tool speed, and others. So, we have prepared a researched based analysis on the factors that might help you pick the one that precisely suits your purpose. Let’s delve in:


Now that you have a better grip on the knowledge of a corded drill, we hope this will make your product selection and purchasing task easier. Or, help yourself with our top picks from below:

  • Dewalt Electric Drill DWD210G This is for those who are looking for a lightweight drill to work on large wood projects while maintaining utmost precision in performance.
  • Utool Rotary Tool Kit This is for those who are looking for a versatile and portable drill that can be fit for intricate woodworking, DIY projects, and others.
  • Galax Pro Corded Impact Drill This is for those who are looking for a professional drill to perform the most demanding woodworking projects. The dual mode selector in terms of two different drilling functions -hammer and drill- make it a two in one efficient power tool.

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