How Much does a Small CNC Machine Cost in 2022?

After reading this article, you will have a clear idea about what a small CNC machine is and how much it costs, what are its types, and which is the most-sought small CNC machine on the market today?

The cost of a small CNC machine is something that significantly matters to the buyers with a tighter budget. So, be it a small CNC lathe or mill, the first thing is to check on its price before checking on its features and specifications.

What is a Small CNC Machine?

A small CNC machine, as the name suggests, features miniaturized outlook. So, the machine is also called a mini CNC machine. A mini CNC machine has the similar functioning as an ordinary 3-axis CNC machine. Small CNC devices are ideal for using in startup machines CNC workshops, personal studios or so. 

There are some particular mini CNC mechanisms that are regulated by CNC controllers, whereas some are managed by CNC software. Both the types have their own set of usefulness and specialties on the market. The former type where the machine is operated by the CNC controllers provides more accurate machining output and maintains stability. Conversely, the latter type using computer software controllers is way easier to operate and affordable.

Types of Mini CNC Machines 

Several types of mini CNC machines are there, each with different functions. Every type is used to produce different end results. Selection of any small CNC machine type, hence, depends on a specific user-requirement. The types are as follows:

  • Mini CNC Mill  $1k to $10k
  • Small CNC EDM  $10k to $30k
  • Small CNC Mill  $10k to $30k
  • Small CNC Router $3k to $30k
  • Small CNC Lathe  $10k to $30k
  • Small CNC Grinding  $3k to $30k

All these types occupy less space and the above calculations are only rough estimations. They are relatively cost-effective compared to the industrial and pro-grade CNC machines. Plus, Also, the price variation depends largely on what brand product you are choosing. However, your selection should be based on your manufacturing needs. Still, I have recommended the best mini CNC machine below if you are unable to settle for one.  

Best Small CNC Machine Manufacturer Recommendation for Buyers 

TAICNC CNC Machine and Mill manufacture is one of the leading manufacturers of affordable miniature CNC instruments. You can use it for large-scale production of small parts/accessories. The company’s machines are equally workable for an entrepreneurial user, personal user, and also for educational purposes. The company also provides ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services at a time.  

  • TAICNC mini CNC mills are compact, stable, fast, and efficient. Plus, they are one of the company’s competitive products. So, selecting the one that suits your needs will not only increase your work potential but also quickly recover the amount you spent on buying it
  • Minimal maintenance cost and fast installation and less space consuming
  • TAICNC develops an array of diverse range of CNC machines suitable  for industrial applications
  • Dedicated designed for machining  small parts
  • TAICNC mini CNC mills are fit for using on harder material surfaces
  • Delivers high-end performance while maintaining precision and an attractive surface gloss
  • TAICNC small CNC milling machine has the best structural design, which is very suitable for batch processing of small parts. Whether you are a personal or business user, it can meet your needs and is suitable for various materials.
  • All their machines have it for tapping, milling, and drilling functionalities

All in all, if you are looking for an ideal small CNC machine manufacturer, a precision CNC  tapping  center or a pro-grade, high power vertical CNC mill, then TAICNC is the most reliable one.

General and Optional Configurations

The general configuration includes spindle,, lead screw, automatic tool changer, guide rail,, and CNC controller. Out of these, the controller and spindle speed of the CNC machine are the optional configurations.

  • Highest spindle speed of 10,000 RPM/Min (Optional)
  • SYNTEC controller 22 MA (Optional)
  • Auto-chip removal mechanism (Optional)
  • Auto-tool changer (Optional)
  • 5-axis rotary table
  • 4-axis rotary table

How does the Cost of a Small CNC Machine Vary?

As mentioned earlier, every type of small CNC machine has different price ranges based on their applications. Other than that, the origin of development or brand of the CNC product is also responsible for the price variations. For example, the CNC machines developed in America, Japan, Europe are quite expensive, whereas in Taiwan or China, the price is really pocket-friendly. That’s the reason I have recommended the Taiwan based CNC machine manufacturer in the above section. 

The good thing about mini CNC machines is that they are really handy, even for the amateurs. So, it also costs a notable amount that is relatively higher than the manually controlled machine tools. The manual machine tools cost less because of their low work efficiency and low precision. 

How to Select a Small CNC Machine?

Choice can differ based on your project requirements. For example, if you are looking for a small CNC machine for cutting, engraving, and polishing stone material, then an ATC(Automatic Tool Changer) CNC machine featuring a servo equipped spindle is the best. If you want to process metal projects, then the mini CNC mill stands fit for this purpose. If it is about any sort of furniture manufacturing, a normal spindle is enough to get the job done. For normal processing of stone, a high-power spindle is the best.

Well, here I only talked about the spindle type to meet different CNC-specific projects. There are many other factors which you must consider, including the guide rails, motors, and positioning cylinders (if required by your project). 


Doesn’t matter which type of CNC machine you pick for your project, if you know its proper application, then the machine can cause wonders! You just need to question yourself about two things: what type of material do you want to machine? What type of projects do you have to do with a small CNC machine?

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