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Router Bits are something we need quite often, maybe for commercial or household work. If you are planning to buy  some decent Router Bits then you should know about Craftsman router Bits to decide if they are good enough for you or not. 

For people looking for a bit set for a one time job, then a long term investment or a well-known brand router bit will be a waste of money. But if you want to keep them as a safer side for any requirement in the future and do not want to waste money buying a new one, then it makes sense to get a branded one. 

To be honest, craftsman router bits are way too affordable than others on amazon. These can work best also for small fluted moldings. Well crafted and finished, unlike other cheap ones. When we came across these, we thought since they are low in price, they may be of inferior quality or some one time use product. But now we can say they are the best from all the other costly ones, but they assure good quality and make your work done for sure. 

Brand Overview

Craftsman Bits are smooth with fine edges, not like cheap ones; it has a thick carbide knife to fit the router. According to the manufacturers, they are made in Japan, but I’m not too sure but do not even seem like cheap bits of inferior quality. It has six-speed settings to get your work done. We tried it on cherry, oak, and maple, and it worked well with no scorch marks. Even on the speed setting, 2 cuts were clean.

4 Best Craftsman Router Bits Reviews

1. Craftsman Router Bit set 30-PC

Craftsman Router Bit set 30-PC

In the one with 30 bits, you get each bit in different sizes. This is one of the most comprehensive set that you can buy. If you buy this set then you won’t need any other bit set. Let’s look at the most widely used bits that you get in this 30-PC set.

Of the many router bits you get in this collection, Straight bit is for dado grooves, rabbeting, box joints—dovetail for sliding dovetail joints, Round nose bits for shallow and deep round-bottom grooves, and flutes. V Groove bit for v grooving and chamfering with an edge guide

Flush trim bit for laminate are trimming for countertops and cabinet work, fine veneer trimming. Cove Bit for for tabletops, cupboards, drawers, molding, and trimming. 

What’s inside the box?

  • Round Over bit for curve edges for shoe moldings, corner rounds, and base moldings. 
  • Bead Cove router bit for decorative tips for moldings, furniture, and cabinet. 
  • Roman Ogee bit for for molding, furniture and cabinet. 
  • Rabbeting Bit for cuts rabbet grooves for cabinet, framework, and lap joints—veining bits for grooving, fluting, for delicate carvings and intricate detail work. 
  • Core Box router Bit for fluting for door jams and fluted columns, used as cove bits with an edge guide. 
  • Mortising Bit for use for mortising hinges, make rabbet joints, and dado grooves. 
  • Panel Pilot bit for Drills entry hole and follows patterns for internal cutting—chamfer bits for doing multi-sided projects where a slight flat facet is desired. 

If you are looking for all of this purpose or any of the above work, then this set offers all the above bits in different sizes. This is only about the set where you get 30 pieces. Bits are made of alloy steel that may make it more durable and 1/4-inch shank for smooth performance.  This set is not for you if you are specifically looking for a key hole router bit.



  • Brilliant build quality

  • All included bits can handle heavy load

  • The entire collection comes in a wooden case that gives added protection

  • Transparent door make it easy to recognize

  • Wish there was also option for 1.2” shank

2. Craftsman 10 PCs Bit Set

Craftsman 10 PC Router bits

In the ten pieces set, you get Chamfered, Straight, Edge forming, and joinery bits type in different sizes. Well, the latch on it is quite flimsy. Even better for beginners, the bits come in a wooden case, and the window is not of glass but suitable quality plastic. You can also hang the set on the wall. In order to run a more significant diameter bit, you may need to buy additional sub-bases. 

Even after using them on hardwoods many times, the sharpness of edges is the same, and we always get the same cut on any wood as desired. We can’t assure you that it will be the same all the time, but it will be best for occasional routing.

They are mechanically excellent, so your work will be done for sure. We are also positive about the life span and sharpness of the blade with the time and use, but they serve your purpose very well, like other expensive bits. We hope they will stay same in the long term as well. 



  • Great collection for beginner woodworkers

  • Users get 3 different sized bearings with hex wrenches

  • They can withstand RPM of 27000

  • All the router bits included have a solid carbide tip

  • The only issue can be the latch, it could have been better

3. Craftsman 8-PC Router Bit Set

Craftsman 8-PC Router Bit Set

All the bits in this 8-PC set have a solid carbide tip and fully heat-treated shanks and bodies which means they will last longer and won’t wear down easily.

These bits also get ball bearings which will smooth the process of operation and rotation and sustain router vibrations. The router bit set also gets a control feed shoulder that will prevent and save the workpiece from any overfeed.

The entire package comes in a neat wood storage case which is a great advantage since it will protect the sharp cutting edges from any external damage. 



  • These have high quality ball bearings for better movement

  • Heat treated shank that increases their durability

  • Wooden case for added protection

  • Great choice for beginner woodworkers

  • Not really many cons for this router bit sets but yes they could have given option of two different shanks

4. Craftsman 6 Piece Carbide Tipped Router Bit Set

Craftsman 6 Piece Carbide Tipped Router Bit Set

If you are looking for something that has bits that are used more often and serve multiple purposes then you should go for this 6 piece carbide tipped router bit set. The set comes with a ¼” shank diameter that is one size fits all for most craftsman routers.

You can also use them on most handheld routers and bench-top routers. All the bits included inside the case are straight and very sharp which is why they can do their job even at 27000 RPM. 

These are really high quality bits which are carbide tipped and come in a very elegant wooden case that protects them from any outside damage. If you are a newbie and want to play around with the most basic and affordable router bit set then this has to be your buy. 



  • Extremely sharp

  • Carbide tipped

  • Wooden box with the set that adds extra protection

  • High quality ball bearings

  • Excellent customer service

  • High quality material at affordable price

  • There could have been more variety in the 6 PCs and 8 PCs set

  • The latch on the case could have been of better

Final Verdict

Craftsman bits have much better reviews on Amazon; 4 or 5 star rating that are more than any other manufacturer. These reviews genuinely help to decide as they are from genuine buyers and users. Reviews and the affordable price is something that makes you think about these bits ignoring the rests one.  They are at par with the best ones like Freud and whiteside router bits

Even if you are a beginner with bits, it will work best, we are very optimistic about the durability and most of the reviews we sought were after asking Bill Baum and his professional woodworkers friend who said that they have been using it for years without any issue.

The sturdy alloy material gives them a better lifespan, according to the product description. We hope as it’s working great till now it further does. 

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