CRP100-00E Vs CRP800-00E-8 | Which CNC router control kit is better ?

As we all know, a CNC router is a computer numeric controlled material processing machine. Any kind of CNC machine processes a piece of material according to the specific coded programme instruction commanded by the computer controller. And it doesn’t require any manual operating system to control the machine’s activities. This is the reason most of the industrial companies prefer to use this automation for their machining operation.

However, there are a few different softwares that help to control the CNC machines automatically without any manual hazards. The best part is that such softwares is quite accurate and reliable in their operating frequencies and services. One of those softwares is Mach. There are several versions of Mach. You can use any Mach edition according to your convenience and compatibility of your CNC machine. 

Among all the Mach versions Mach 3 and Mach 4 are considered as the fastest edition and reviewed as the most user-friendly and easy Mach version that can be used for any DIY to industrial project. Mach 3 and 4 software are such platforms that help to turn most of the computers or PCs into the CNC machine controllers by importing the LazyCam process and managing the speed and motions of the generators and motors of the CNC machines.

There are several hardwares and electronic packages that need to be set up in the controlling computer of any particular CNC machine. Such electronic packages or versions are known as CRP100, CRP300, CRP500, CRP800 and so on. Here we will discuss the features and functions of CRP100 and CRP800. So, let’s zoom in!


CRP100 is also known as 4-Drive DIY NEMA 23 Electronic Kit. This entire kit comes with all the useful components that you need to control the motion of your dual drive 3-axis or 4-axis CNC machine smoothly. The CRP100 kit includes a bundle of specially designed and tested equipment that are made to work together to enhance CNC machines’ motor performance. This is the best set up kit for rack and pinion or any other dual-drive CNC machines.

Kit’s Inclusion

  • Leadshine MX4660 4-Axis Digital Stepper Motor driver

This model of the digital stepper motor driver is specifically optimized for 4-axis DIY NEMA 23 CNC machines. This particular motor driver solution offers excellent torque, digital signal processing technology for high precision service, low sound pollution, minimal heat production from spinning motors as well as smooth rotation of the motors. Moreover, it is also well compatible with older versions of the analog multi-axis drives.

  • High flex or high current CNC motor cables

The standard kit comes with several different lengths of configuration cables. You can choose some that suit your machine. In case if you need longer cable, you can opt for additional cables as all the cables are designed to plug together. So you can easily create your desired cable size for your machine.

  • 4 high torque/ low inductance NEMA 23stepper motors

There are two types of motors that can be included in the kit according to your CNC machine’s compatibility. The motor variations can be of 420 oz-in motors with ⅜” shafts that generally come with standard CRP100 kit. Or else you can also choose 380 oz-in motors with ¼” shafts. Both the types of motors are specially designed for CNC motor operations. 

  • 48V 12.5A switching power supply

This part of the kit supplies all the required current to activate the 4-motor system.


CRP800 or pre-wired Plug and play NEMA 34 CNC Control System is the perfect fit for industrial CNC machines control solution. This electronic package has the power to move the largest motors and also includes impressive IO for supporting a lot of other accessories. With the facilities of all-digital stepper drivers the electronic package resist to create excessive motor temperature during spinning, ensure low noise production etc. Along with that, its anti-resonance and ripple smoothing technology help to precise the motor motions.

This one is a ready to use plug and play electronic package that has been tested by the experts and professionally assembled. The additional but jaw dropping part is that the electronic package also ensures complete power entry connection, motor ports, a e-stop remote control system, auxiliary AC outlet for routers, dust collector, an optional spindle control port, powered industrial M12 signal ports etc.

Package includes

  • Industrial steel NEMA enclosure
  • 4 Pre-wired all digital CRP8070 drivers for power terminals, motor plugs, logic boards as a supportive supply for 5th motor driver
  • 4 7A rated plug and play motor terminals
  • 4 powerful minimal inductance 960 oz-in motors with ½” shafts
  • High flex or high current 7A motor cables that are available in various length configurations that would fit in with your CNC machine 
  • 2 AC power cables. One of them is for the main control unit and the other is for auxiliary power input for router or dust collector
  • Automatic plug in E-stop unit
  • High quality 5V and 12V regulated power supplies for logic and sensor power
  • 2 600W 48V regulated power supplies for 5 NEMA 34 motors
  • Plug and play CNC controller technical manual

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