DDCSV1 4Axis CNC Controller

The DDCSV1  have been researched and built by Faster CNC for four years. It is worth noting here that the highest uniaxial output pulse is around 500 KHz. Interestingly, the pulse width of this controller can be easily adjusted. If you are building a CNC machine all by yourself, keep in mind that this controller only supports stepper and servo motor. 

On the other hand, the numerical control system of the DDCSV1 is compliant with the ARM and FPGA design framework. ARM ensures the proper execution of codes and human computer interface. While on the other hand, FPGA can execute the underlying algorithms. So let’s take a glance at the various performance parameters of this CNC controller. 

DDCSV1 4axis CNC Controller Review

DDCSV1 4 axis CNC controller

Performance Parameters

Here is the list of performance parameters of the DDCSV1 controller:

  • Comprises of ordinary digit input interface
  • Comes equipped with 3-circuit optocoupler coupling isolation
  • Features an output interface of 0-10V spindle control port with analog quantity
  • The main control chip is the ARM9 processor
  • Equipped with FPGA core algorithm chip
  • DDCSV1 features 17 operational keys
  • It comes with 4.3 inches TFT screen which has a fairly good screen resolution
  • One of the highlighting traits of the DDCSV1 is that it supports USB flash drives. Thus, there is no need of Gcode file
  • Fully supports multi-coordinate systems
  • Saves data automatically when there is a sudden power cut

Design of the DDCSV1 CNC controller

DDCSV1 4 axis CNC controller review

Interestingly, it adopts the embedded shell structure. This enables it to punch a square hole on the cabinet to embed. To be precise, the DDCSV1 controller uses two locking mechanisms. Note that one locking mechanism from the inside can fix the device on the equipment cabinet. It is worth noting here that the panel size of this controller is 163mm*102mm*5mm. Hence, it is evident that it is ergonomic enough to fit in your newly-built CNC.

Power supply of the DDCSV1

If you are an avid fan of CNC machines, you might be well-aware of the fact that the power supply of a solution of industrial controls is a bit complex. Usually, the DDCSV1 comprises various ground levels.

The Master Power Supply input along with the MPG module and the stepper control module have the same ground here. On the other hand, limits ESTOP along with the other input models usually aids in electric isolation amongst them.

Note that DDCSV1 regulates frequency with the help of frequency conversion spindle in the circuit. It usually considers three types of input signals to provide you with a steady output. Being compatible mostly with FANUC G models, this is unarguably one of the CNC controllers out there. 

Features of the DDCSV1

One of the main advantages of this product is that they are great for daily work and tasks. You can even prep stock your machine for edge gluing and 3-D sign making when you have DDCSV1 inside it. 

Another highlighting trait of this controller is that it can accommodate fairly large codes and program files. Even when you run a program that has 100000 lines, the controller would not freeze. 

In other words, the processor used in the DDCSV1 is a sophisticated one. Another plus point of opting for this controller for your newly built CNC machine is that it is easy to wire and setup. 

DDCSV1 4 axis CNC controller reviewed

After putting all the hard work of building a CNC machine, it is natural that you would like to connect it to your machine. The package has instructions that are sufficient enough to aid you in the wiring process. 

In case of any difficulties, you can always contact the customer support team. The customer support team is very responsive and would address your concerns in a short span of time. They would also send technicians if you are finding it difficult to connect the DDCSV1 controller to the main machine.

Input of the DDCSV1

Note that the DDCSV1 CNC controller supports input through a dedicated USB drive. Interestingly, you have to generate Gcode in the third-party application. You can even write it as a text application. 

Also, you need to be careful while selecting the job form as it can mean all the difference between efficiency and non-efficiency. The DDCSV1 provides you the option to manually control the front so that you can jog the machine to the position along with home/zero. 

The front panel also has got dedicated controls with the help of which you can switch the spindle on and off. Moreover, you can do all the CAD and CAM work in a place you are comfortable with. 

All you need to do is to transfer it to the controller. Phenomenally, the DDCSV1 eliminates the need to source obsolete PCs for latency and tests. It doesn’t comprise any breakout boards or adapters which is an added bonus. 

In other words, this CNC controller is quite affordable than a Mach 3 license plus all the important hardware.


There is no doubt that you would get reasonable step rates. You can also test the controller by coupling it with an Ethernet interface. From the points as mentioned above, it is quite clear that the DDCSV1 is the device for your CNC machine. It supports external flash drives which makes sure that you can write your code anywhere. This controller no doubt can augment your machine’s performance to great levels. 

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