Diablo Router Bits Review: How good is this Freud Backed Product ?

In the market of router bits, there are several manufacturers to choose from. These options appear to be similar in price and quality, creating a difficult decision for those who are uninitiated. To purchase the right woodworking tools for your specific jobs, you need to do your research. Have an educated idea of what products you need, and what store or manufacturer is going to be able to meet these needs? 

The mark of an amateur is to follow all the advertisements, which may prove not entirely true. A truly experienced shopper knows the best product before they even lay eyes on it, allowing for a truly smooth experience where false advertisements hold no sway and fail in their traps.

For router bits, the choices are fairly numerous, but the search would immediately fall upon the top manufacturers in the industry, those who are able to rise above the sea of manufacturers all vying for the same opportunity to be the one a buyer purchases from. 

Though ultimately the choice of the right product does not necessarily come from the top manufacturers, looking at the top is a good place to start. And of the top manufacturers, one that makes its attempt at the spot to shine for the buyer would be Diablo Tools.

Diablo Tools: The Brand

Diablo Tools is a manufacturing line of its parent company, Freud Tools. It is a manufacturer of contractor and remodeler tools, specializing in circular saw blades, reciprocating blades, sand paper, bonded abrasives, router bits, and forstner bits, all of which are advertised as being made according to top industry standards. Diablo produce their own carbide, a durable substance often used for the tips of the products for maximum longevity and increased durability. 

Apart from Diablo there are lot of companies that make high quality carbide router bitsWith the wide range of products Diablo manufactures, it also advertises an equally wide range of bits it has on its product line. The range is divided up into three main diameters, from 1’’ to 1-⅞’’, 1/16’’ to 31/32’’, and 2’’ to 2-¾’’, with nearly all possible combinations in these sizes. These bits are further divided into categories, from edges and grooves, straight, spiral and  flush trim, and cabinet or joinery. Whatever bit type you are looking for, it’s almost certain that Diablo will stock it. 

Check out some of the best router bits for cabinet making rail and stile bits, tongue and groove bits.

The Good

Among the Diablo line, there are some positive reasons to drive someone to buy from the manufacturer. Given that it makes its own form of carbide for its tools, router bits are quite literally like no other. 

  • The bits are also highly durable given the carbide used in its construction, leading to longer lifespans for the bits.
  • They are the most positively user-reviewed bits, in regards to their durability and longevity. Diablo offers a very wide range of bits for many woodworking projects, facilitating the easy customization of your woodwork, without the need for significant searching.
  • This range also provides the correct piece for every job, so there is no need to compromise on the intended outcome – the right router bit will be able to perform any job.
  • The prices of Diablo bits compares well to other brands on the market that offer relatively similar tools in terms of quality.

While they are not necessarily the cheapest option out of the upmarket brands, their durable nature helps to offset this, making it a justifiable purchase.

The Bad

Though there are several reasons to buy Diablo router bits, there are some reasons that detract from that pull as well. Diablo is known as a premium tool manufacturer, a rather significant money-maker for Freud, its parent company. 

  • Diablo bits are oftentimes more expensive compared to its competitors. Diablo’s brand of router bits are nearly identical to Freud’s own line (including the carbide solution that is marketed as unique).
  • The similarities are so apparent, that much of the time the only difference between the two lines is that Diablo’s bits are painted red whereas Freud bits are painted gold. The red paint has an added drawback in that buyers have complained of the red coming off on several Diablo tools, affecting the project being worked on.
  • It also seems pointless to buy from Diablo when Freud products are clearly the exact same quality, and can often be slightly cheaper and potentially more accessible in physical shops.
  • Of course the full range of products are available online, but shipping times can be a huge inconvenience for some.

3 Best Diablo Router Bits

1. Freud 1-¾” Adjustable Groove Bit set ½” shank(99-036)

Freud 1-¾” Adjustable Groove Bit set ½” shank(99-036)

If you are in woodworking industry then you have heard of freud router bit set being one of the most sought after due to their exceptional build quality and precision while cutting. The adjustable groove bit set is made out of TiCo Hi-density carbide and red perma shield non stick coating and all the router bits come with quadra cut and double grind. The adjustable groove bit set weighs around 14.1 ounces. 

From our personal experience at the workshop, these bits stayed sharp till the very end and that too after using it at as many different cutting jobs as possible. This bit is very easy to set up and you can adjust the thickness in just a few tries. Although If you are a beginner then you should focus on the depth of cut, make sure to go slow initially instead of going round and round the profile. 

When it comes to use cases, this set can be used to make rail and cabinet doors, styled door panels. If you have a router with 2.25 horsepower then it’s enough to unleash these router bit’s potential. This CNC bit set may be a bit expensive but worth the price.



  • Easy to set up

  • The fence adjustment is also easier with these bits

  • Made up of carbide which means better stability and strength

  • The paint may wear down at times

  • There are issues with the cut depth since its adjustable

2. Frued ¾” Double Flute Straight Bit with 1⁄4” Shank(04-140)

Frued ¾” Double Flute Straight Bit

This is a bit that is going to do an excellent job if you are clear about your purpose. If you are working on say cutting a channel through plexiglass or a piece of ply then this will work like a hot knife going through butter. Also if this is going to be your first them you should also pay special attention on the RPM of your router since the double flute straight bit works well enough if you have the RPM between 12000-15000 RPM. 

You can use this router bit set across plywoods, hardwoods and softwoods. As far as the routers are concerned on which you can use this router bits, they can be used on automatic router, handheld router and even table mounted portable routers. 

When working, precision as a factor is very important and Freud ¾” double flute straight bit with 1⁄4” shank are among the most stable and precise router bits. More stability means the machine won’t vibrate much. Some of our woodworker friends did notice that there was some chip rewelding when they ran it at 15000 RPM.



  • High precision when running at the right RPM

  • This bit is strong and long lasting

  • The design allows this bit to be stable

  • Chip rewelding when running at high RPMs

  • If your purpose isn’t clear, it may chip off

3. Freud 1-¼” (dia.) Mortising Bit with ¼” Shank (16-106)

Freud 1-¼” (dia.) Mortising Bit with ¼” Shank (16-106)

The mortising router bits are designed in a way that they have deep center gullets which allows them to remove the material on which you are using this router bit without much chip loading. This CNC bit has a carbide height of 29/64” 1⁄4” shank and a 2-⅛” overall length. You can use it for hardware, making dadoes and also mortising hinges. We at the workshop have even worked on boards as deep as ¼” and you can easily work on materials like oak, cherry and mahogany. As you may know that there exists no such CNC bit as the perfect bit and so if you find yourself adjusting the router bit, you can use a rubber hammer. The mortising bit is sharp and makes the cut very well. Use cases can vary from creating custom tables to even levelling uneven boards. Since this is a wider bit, it actually gets the job done much quicker. 



  • Great for purposes like shredding and cutting

  • Goes pass hardwoods, maple and mahogany very easily

  • Versatile bit and remains sharp for long

  • A bit expensive

  • If you are not aware of the cutting depth, you may break it

  • Not for newbies

Freud-Diablo Vs. Whiteside

Whiteside offer a wide range of router bits, but these are expensive, and the range is limited. This Whiteside do offer low-cost re-sharpening services, which aides in providing precise cuts for longer. Whiteside are a proud family owned and operated company from here in America, and the desire to purchase local might be important for some.

Whiteside router bits offer both solid carbide and carbide-tipped bits, each with their own pros and cons (Diablo currently only uses carbide tips which are faster, but don’t perform as well for certain specific tasks). Whiteside bits are generally more expensive than Diablo counterparts, although many argue that this is justified due to better standard and easier re-sharpening, leading to a longer lifespan.

Diablo is an offshoot of the Freud brand, and many people see uncanny similarities between their products. Because Freud is the parent company, there are many of the more high-quality bit pieces that are sold through them exclusively, with a different-quality alternative sold through Diablo. Although there are certain Freud router bits that have and edge over Diablo counterparts, there are just as many Diablo bits with favorable reviews, maybe putting it down to personal preference.

It also appears that due to the fact that Freud is the parent company of Diablo, in some cases they appear to sell the exact same bits, just marketed differently for each brand. If they look as though they are the exact same router bit, it’s very possible that they are. As Freud has been around for much longer, they tend to be a slightly more well-known brand, and are stocked in physical retailers more than Diablo, which may play a significant part in what choice buyers eventually go with. 

Things to consider when buying Diablo Router bit

The reviews for Diablo drill bits are fairly positive, but there are a couple of examples of unsatisfactory results. For example, the ½ in. x 2 in. Carbide Straight Router Bit has been known to create massive chips, and overall create an unsmooth finish. Other straight routers such as the ¼ in. x 1 in. have also created issues for users, with multiple people stating that the bit was dull, and didn’t provide a single satisfactory cut.

The straight bits are not the only ones that users have found fault with – there are multiple people who have also expressed frustration at the fact that their ¼ in. x 1 in. Carbide Up Spiral Router has snapped in half, after only a few uses. It’s possible that the spiral designs are not structurally sound, and prone to easily breaking when too much pressure is applied. Although excessive pressure is likely to damage any router bits, most reviews state that for the price paid, the quality of these bits is extremely subpar and should be much better.

It’s always important to consider human error when it comes to tool reviews, as the users may be the ones at fault, not the tool. But when multiple users experience the same poor outcomes, the possibility of a faulty router bit does also become stronger. Take these reviews with a grain of salt, as each negative experience also came with multiple positive reviews of the same product from others. 

  • Be clear about your purpose: if want to build a custom table or a wooden door or just a mahogany art. Knowing what you are going to build will enable you to choose the correct router bit for your woodworking project.
  • Know more about your own CNC router: If you are aware about the RPM and variable control speed then it is going to be very easy to operate any router bit. If you are new, get more experience and knowledge so that you can choose the correct router bit. If you don’t know anything, better buy one under a professional’s advice. 
  • Know the material on which you are going to operate: Some CNC bit may work great for hard fiber while some may work butter smooth on plastic. Knowing your material can help you narrow down the best router bit.

Why we love Freud Router bit?

Of the numerous router bits Diablo makes, some shine as truly superior among the rest. These superior ones tend to be the most standard of cnc bits, that are guaranteed to get the most use, and still remain functional. Numerous online reviews rave about the quality of bits such as the 1 – ½ in. Forstner bit, perfect for getting straight or angled holes.

Customers praise the accuracy and smoothness that this bit affords, and note that they had no problems with dullness, even after repeated use.

The majority of reviews for Diablo routers, no matter what model, are overwhelmingly positive. No wonder they are almost similar to router bits by Freud. These speak to the reputation that the brand has built, of quality and longevity. These reviews come from actual users of the tools, who can often be a lot more trustworthy than the actual company when it comes to positive experiences. Overall it would seem that the entire Diablo range is worth purchasing. 


If you are looking for best router bits and don’t mind spending a little more to get a better product, Diablo is a great brand to look at. Diablo bits are certainly an investment, but their long lifespan helps to offset this cost, and they are known for producing excellent results. The price point is also not that different to other brands of the same caliber, and generally good quality is going to cost more.

While Diablo router bits are a good choice, avoid buying them in bulk as a set. As with any brand, often it’s better to buy the specific bits that you need, as opposed to buying a whole set. A set might look like a bargain when you consider the individual price per bit, but most sets are not going to cater to all of your needs. Many bits will go unused, and you will still need to buy more bits separately for specific purposes. If you are determined to purchase a set, perhaps go for a cheaper brand, and then purchase any extra bits you need from Diablo or a brand of similar high caliber, so you get the most use out of bits.

Diablo bits are not without their faults (no brand is perfect), but a skilled user who understands how to use the bits safely and appropriately, will not struggle. If you already have a strong loyalty to an opposing router bit brand, it is unlikely that you will find Diablo any better than them, and certainly not good enough to exclusively switch. But if you are looking to upgrade your bit collection to higher quality pieces, or you want a couple of bits that will get a lot of use, Diablo is a great choice. 

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