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Router is the most-sought tool in the woodworking industry. While it is quite workable to use this tool as a handheld equipment, it is even safer if the router is mounted on a router table during the use. Plus, you can make different types of cutting, cabinetry, molding, and much more with precise adjustments. So, here is a list of 40 such top router table plans from which you can choose the one that fits your requirements.

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List of Top 40 DIY Router Table Plans

1. DIY router table plan from Instructables

DIY router table plan from Instructables is the one of the top choices for DIY hobbyists. With it, you can conduct complex tasks in the simplest way. Following this table plan, you can create one to get precise woodworking results with your router, that too with the use of only a handful of hardware and other materials. 

The constant problem of sawdust is also sorted with the use of Instructables’ plan-based router table.  Instructables render a copy of a number of router table plans. These router tables are demonstrated in pictures, so it’s easy for you to instantly grab the idea of router table building. 

2. Patrick’s router table plan from Ana White

Patrick’s router table plan from Ana White appears more like a router system than just a table plan. The plan comes with the table-top to conduct the actual task, but with sufficient storage space for wood and other hardware parts.  Also, it has got a storage to wind up the power cable after your task is finished. This portable table plan allows you to move it to the desired workplace and put it away as you are done. 

Though it’s Patrick’s table plan, it’s found at ana-white.com. Instructions are clear yet complicated. Plus, it comes with plenty of well-illustrated pictures to guide you in making the table. 

3. Router Table Plan from popularwoodworking

The best thing about the Router Table Plan from popular woodworking is it features  multiple functionalities of the table you may possibly need, but at much reduced cost. It means if you are looking for a budget-friendly table plan with good workability, then this is it. The plan is capable of producing DIY results which make enthusiasts get attracted to buying the popular woodworking plan. 

Instructions are provided in both written notes and pictures,  so you don’t  get stuck in the middle of compiling the table parts.

4. Wall-mounted router table plan from Rockler

Wall-mounted router table plan from Rockler has much to like about it. For easy storage, the model can be kept folded when not in use. So, it is definitely a space saver. The Rockler table plan is the best choice for those who occasionally use their router tool, as things which are rarely used are only preferred if they don’t take much storage space. This table model is more complex compared to other table plans. This implies that more features and facilities to play around with varied woodworking tools.   

Detailed Instructions are provided along with photos of how to set up the table and how it looks at every step.

5. Benchtop router table plan from Instructable

Benchtop router table plan from Instructable is another model with complex designs. So, this table plan is best-suited for the skilled woodworking professionals rather than the beginners. The plan ensures precise and accurate routing requirements for a well finished project. The best part about this table model is it fits on the bench top. You just need to pull it out when required. 

Detailed steps to step up the table are provided from Instructables. However, if you are not familiar with certain jargons involved in the instructions, it’s best to deal with the less complex projects.  

6. Router table plan from Fine Woodworking

Router table plan from Fine Woodworking is best for the DIY hobbyists, who are looking for a quick-to-build router table model that’s lightweight and easy to disassemble after use. This portable router table plan has a simple design and includes simple materials with high-end features, like the in-built like dust collector. This table plan budget fits your wallet. Plus, you can conduct even the complex task with this simple model.

Instructions come both in pictures and written notes. You even get a demonstration video of the table setup, in case you prefer learning this way.

7. Fold-away router table plan from Woodsmith

Fold-away router table plan from Woodsmith is perfect for those who are looking for occasional use, to do light woodworking projects. It is fitted to the  workbench so you can do the instant router table setup. However, one setback is that it is not that rigid with a set of legs at its bottom end. The table model’s snap to store feature makes it easier for the woodworker to manage the table instantly after use. 

PDF based instructions are available from Woodsmith. That means you can save the instructions on your computer and also can print out the same, as per your convenience.  

8. Three Shop-built Router Table Plans from Popularwoodworking

The Three Shop-built router table plans from PopularWoodWorking comes with an instructional PDF containing 3 plans of 3 different table models for DIY enthusiasts. The package is cost-effective as it only costs $50..

The designs of all the three table plans are simple and each serves a specific purpose, with one being a horizontal router table and the other two being vertical tables. The first table is suited to the lightweight benchtop, and can be easily mounted and stored after use. Plus, it contains a dust collector with a neat paling. The second one is a dust collector, whereas the third table is a perfect joint maker.

9. Router table plan from Scott Moore

Router table plan from Scott Moore looks more like a kitchen or washroom standing cabinet. The only difference is it is designed to be used with a router. The model has got plenty of space to store accessories that fit your woodworking tool. Plus, it has a spot to drag the power cord to the table. The table model is lightweight, so it can be carried around. However, the model does not have supporting wheels. It is designed to place it in one position.

Detailed instructions from Scott Moore will help you in faster table setup. The 3 feet tall table with a large working space is perfect to conduct the woodworking tasks comfortably.

10. Router table plan from Creston Wood

Router table plan from Creston Wood is an unusual model compared to the other table plans. The model has got a number of cabinets and drawers to store the accessories and woodworking tools during the project operations, making it easier for the crafters.

You will not get a direct plan at Creston Wood but a downloadable zipped document, which can be extracted to derive the whole set of table-building instructions, including the hardware and other materials. This router table plan is basically convenient for the DIY hobbyists as well as the regular running heavy woodwork workshops.

11. DIY router table plan from One Project Closer

DIY router table plan from One Project Closer is a basic table model meant to help you with precision cutting and grooving. The good part about this table plan is it is constructed with a special eye to the power cable. When it is about a tool meant to stay in one position and plugged in, then it is pretty  great deal.

As there is nothing exceptional to talk about this model, the table plans are quite basically and straight-cut. One benefit of this plan is its simplicity, so it is easy and quick to build and get started.

12. Router table plan from Sawdust Making

Router table plan from Sawdust Making is probably the easiest model you will find in the list. The plan enables a stable work surface which can be placed on the benchtop. There is no flash to it. It is a simple workbench router table which can be instantly set up to quickly  get started with your work. There is one thing to note about this table plan; the instructions of fencing building are provided, which is the most crucial part that enables the user to make repeat cuts swiftly on the table.

13. Bob’s Router Table DIY Plans

Bob’s Router Table DIY Plans is one of the detailed woodworking plans among a few. The plan covers about 23 pages of clear instruction zipped in a downloadable PDF file. Plus, it contains pictures of well-explained diagrams and measurements.

The countertop is constructed with MDF, or other suited material. The dimensional measure is 22 x 16 inches and is quite thicker to handle the task.

You have to drill pocket holes in this task, so a table saw, a Kreg Jig, a miter saw, and a drill are the tools you will require in this plan. There is no such cost estimate given by Bob, however, it will cost between $50 and $100 to buy materials for this table plan.

14. Simple & Nice Router Table DIY Guide 

You can make this table plan from melamine, plywood, and some 2x4s. It is an easy cum functional router table model. Start with setting the table legs, then attach the remaining frame, finally followed by the tabletop.

The tutorial includes only 6 steps, including T-tracks on tabletop for guiding the fence. The tabletop measures 32 x 18 inches and is made of a half inch plywood. Add a paddle switch by the side to make the woodworking process on the table safer. A drill, a nail gun, and a Kreg Jig are the required tools for this project.

15. Free Compact Router Table-Top DIY Guide

Free Compact Router Table-top DIY Guide, as the name suggests, is a compact cum simple table plan. It is easy to use and store when not in use. The tutorial is provided for the tabletop that can be fitted on the foldable Workmate benchtop.  

The table plan includes a dust collector, enables height adjustment feature, and also includes an easy to adjust, long fence. The best part is the table is cost effective, not more than $50 in materials, in case you have a Workmate already.  

16. Combination Table Saw & Router Fence Guide

Combination Table Saw & Router Fence is not precisely a router table model. However, it’s worth having a look. It is basically a design cum construction plan for the fence which serves both a router table and a table saw.

This guide is quite time saving and interesting, plus is a great deal. But make sure that both the tables stand adjacently. In this guide, to the right of the circular saw is the router table.

Probably it may not be a project for everyone, however, if you are interested in building such a fence, then you will find all the required instructions and help in this tutorial.

17. Minimalist Router Table Free DIY Guide

Minimalist Router Table Free DIY Guide is best for folks who prefer everything minimalistic. That is what you get in this router table plan. The table model is straight-cut and simple. It is just an easy router table which has to be clamped on the workbench and that’s all.

The plan includes a pivoting fence that has to be adjusted using a C-clamp. The table is made from plywood, while the fence is 1 x 4.

Added to that, it costs less than $20 to set up the router table, plus the table hardly takes an hour to assemble.

18. Chalk-Board Top DIY Router Table Tutorial

Chalk-Board Top DIY Router Table Tutorial is a 15-step DIY guide from Instructables. The guide includes a chalkboard for laminating a Medium Density Fiberboard before transforming it into an attractive router table-top.

The tools used in this project include a hole drill, a miter saw to build the table fence, a router, and clamps to laminate the table-top.

This project costs within $50, however, purchasing the router base plate will increase the overall price.

19. Trash Can Router Table Base Guide from WorkBench

Trash Can Router Table Base Guide from WorkBench points to an ingenious way of limited space management in your shop: make a stand for your router table by simply using a trash can.This table guide doesn’t include the instructions of how to construct a router table. The actual purpose of the plan is it stimulates interest regarding the factors of how to collect chips during the ongoing task and maintain the router at a convenient height.

20. Almost Free Homemade Router Table Plans

Almost Free Homemade Router Table Plans from Instructables is for those who have enough wooden stuff lying around their home. This router table plan is built from various wooden scraps, and which when assembled together, turned out beautifully.

In this project, you will require screws, bolts, glue, a screwdriver, a router, and a miter saw as well. This plan comes with detailed pictures and diagrams, demonstrating how to build the router table, and how efficiently you can make use of scrap wood.

21. Easy Benchtop Router Table Plans

Easy Benchtop Router Tables are not not that complicated or big deal. You can construct the router table with MDF sheet or plywood, plus a solid sheet of wood scrap.  

The guide is quite simple and straight. In this project, you will require a drill, a screwdriver, a hammer followed by some suitable clamps.  The clamp is needed to mount the router benchtop on the workbench during the time of use. Additionally, you need to clamp the table fence as well. The only setback is it costs a little higher which is quite a reasonable price for its simplicity.

22. DIY Mini Router Table Tutorial

DIY Mini Router Table Tutorial demonstrates a standard table plan which doesn’t have a fence, neither does it include a dust collector. However, the table is quite handy to be clamped anywhere you desire. It is only about  9.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches high.

You can make a little larger or smaller table than the one discussed here though, so that it’s able to accommodate the grooving tool. The guide demonstrates how to set up two clamp blocks that can properly hold the router in position.

Just the woodworking tools will be required in the project. If you want to get the curves, include a router and a jigsaw in the list. Lastly, it costs not more than $20.

23. Elegant Router Table DIY Guide

Elegant Router Table DIY Guide is contained in 19 pages. Consider this the ultimate router table tutorial and is absolutely accurate. That’s the reason only a few bases are as descriptive as the Elegant router table guide.  

Select between an enclosed base and an open base before getting started with the construction procedure, which includes the elegant fence and its table-top. Different types of woodworking tools are required in the project, that include a jigsaw, a drill, clamps, router, and a miter saw for slanted cuts.

24. Full Cabinet Body DIY Router Table Plans

Full Cabinet Body DIY Router Table Plans aim at offering plenty of space to store the table when not in use. The table model measures 60 inches deep, 82 inches wide, and  86 inches high. It consists of 4 drawers that are 17 inches high, plus 6 drawers with 12 inches in height.

The plans contain all the details starting from illustrated fence drawings to the magnified photos showing all the  table parts. However, no stepwise instructions are provided in this guide. So, this is not an appropriate choice for the beginners.

25. Garbage Can DIY Router Table Top Plan

Garbage Can DIY Router Table Top Plan demonstrates a store-bought router table that is placed on the trash can to make it a router table. Well, it perhaps not the best table plan, however, it has certain interesting features. This 8-step router table guide demonstrates a tricky method of fixing the router underneath the router table, which requires doing some electrical settings.

Though the clamp system is specifically constructed for a particular tool, you can adjust the clamp to fit any other tool in it (only if you go through the construction well).

26. Fancy Router Table DIY Tutorial

Fancy Router Table DIY Tutorial demonstrates the plan of a fancy router table. The table model is colorful with a stylish look,  and is really affordable, plus it has got wheels.

The plan includes plenty of shelf space, plus, three drawersThere are 3 drawers plus lots of shelf space. This 11-page router table guide contains detailed information of all the parts required to build the table, including detailed measurements, a materials list, picturised view of the entire table.  

A foldable flap enables you to use bigger pieces with the table fence, plus, letting it fold away when not in use. Lastly, this fancy table features a dust collector system. 

27. Portable DIY 3-in-1 Bench / Saw / Router Table Guide

Portable DIY 3-in-1 Table Guide lets you build the router table on your own way featuring extra features, including a table saw and a fence. So, this router table plan is definitely worth trying. 

Being 3-in-1, the plan allows enough space like a workbench. This bench measures 24 inches deep, 30 inches high, and 44 inches wide.

If purchased along with the other requisites like a saw and a router, then the overall cost will be around $70, which is a bargain, from the functional point of view that it provides. You could also add a jigsaw to the lost to develop  a band-saw station on your router table.

28. Simple DIY Router Table From Reclaimed Desk Guide

Simple DIY Router Table from Reclaimed Desk Guide is for those who have frequent access to old furniture which could be  reclaimed. The guide contains 5 steps demonstration of how to transform an old desk into a valued piece of furniture to keep in your shop. However, note that you might require  slightly different steps, based on the desk you  have.

Once the desk is suitable, then what you need to do is make holes on the desk to fit the router and also its cable.

29. Free DIY 21-Page Router Table Tutorial

Free DIY Router Table Tutorial contains detailed plans of the router table. The router table measures 18 deep, 32 inches wide, and 38 inches high. You will require 60-tooth blades, a table saw with triple chip, a jigsaw, a pocket hole jig, a miter saw, and a drill, in this project. The router table consists of a paddle switch, an adjustable fence, caster wheels, and a dust collection port.The table parts are mostly made of melamine and plywood, however, on purchasing the hardware parts, the overall cost of the project increases to $50.

30. Elegant 4-Drawer DIY Router Table Tutorial

Elegant DIY Router Table Tutorial demonstrates an elegant looking functional router table. Though the table-top is store-bought, it contains casters, a paddle switch, and a special drawer for router bits.

The complete table construction is 28 inches high; suitable heights for most wood crafters. Other than that, the table is 19.7 inches deep and 28 inches wide. The required tools in this project consists of a circular saw, a drill, a brad nailer, a sander and Kreg Jig. The table guide includes 13 steps demonstration and includes a number of diagrams and pictures, so that it is easy for you to understand.

31. Wall-Mounted Router Table DIY Guide

Wall-Mounted Router Table DIY Guide is evident that most folks limit the use of the router table by their vague imaginations. A wall-mounted router table is quite practical and doable too.

The entire table setup consists of a dust collector port that connects to a vacuum-stand below, a safety paddle switch, a table fence, ability to lock the router table and keep the shop clean. In this project, you will require a drill, clamps, and a router. This tutorial demonstrates the steps in detail and convenient manner. Plus, it comes with photos  for visual orientation.

32. Free Router Table Cabinet DIY Tutorial

Free Router Table Cabinet DIY Tutorial from Sommerfeld Tools to construct a cabinet for the aluminum-based router benchtop. If you don’t have the aluminum tabletop, then also you can be benefitted from this tutorial.

The cabinet has 10 drawers and looks really great. Here you will get the detailed plans of the frame along with the different drawer sizes.

Note that the drawer slides can enhance the overall project costs as there are around 10  drawers here. In a nutshell, this project is only for those who can afford a high-end range.

33. Compact & Portable DIY Router Table Plans

Compact & Portable DIY Router Table Plans demonstrate a lightweight, plywood cum solid lumber based, portable router table. The cost is much less than $100, inclusive of the hardware, a router mounting plate and others, which come under $60.

This router table tutorial comes with plans available in a downloadable file with detailed measurements. The purpose is to have an easy to fold router table to store when not in use or to carry it where needed. Lastly, the table model is quite sturdy to handle heavy woodworking projects.

34. 14-Page DIY Router Table Tutorial

DIY Router Table Tutorial is a 14 page detailed plan available in a downloadable PDF file. The plan includes precise diagrams of cutting, magnified views and plenty of other detail to assemble the table parts stepwise.

You will require several clamps and glue in this project. The tabletop includes a store-bought mounting plate followed by a plastic laminate.

The good part of the table guide is it ends with a list of some recommended accessories which you might require in the project. These include, a paddle switch, an aluminum T-track, feather-boards, and nice fence.

35. Up-Cycled Spool Rolling Router Table DIY Guide

Up-Cycled Spool Rolling Router Table DIY Guide is a useful cum fun activity to do.  If you have a spool in your thread box, you might use it in this creative project. Or, you may consider using other waste furniture to use in the project. 

A circular saw to shape the spool, a router, and a jigsaw for cutting out the mounting plate is required in the project. This router table plan is quite understandable and easy to read. The plan comes with 8 detailed pictures of how to build the router table.

36. Quick & Easy Router Table Building

Quick & Easy Router Table Building demonstrates a table plan by simply using a single sheet of ½ inch plywood. You can develop this functional, sleek router table with a benchtop measuring 20 x 32 inches.The table model is portable and even consists of a drawer to keep different woodworking tools and a table fence. The plan comes with a precise cutting diagram, illustrating the process of cutting the required table part from the single sheet.Note that it is not a full-size router table. You either will require to mount it on sawhorses or fix it to the workbench.

37. Clean & Solid DIY Router Table Tutorial

Learning how to construct a router table is far different than learning how to develop a good quality router table. The Clean & Solid DIY Router Table Tutorial promises to guide to develop a solid table model. 

The entire construction of this project costs within $100 to $500, based on how proper you are in choosing how to build it. There is a bit holder, a dust collection, a fully adjustable table fence, plus, a safety paddle switch.

Here you also get to learn how to make the table-top sturdy with a stylish look. In this project, you will require glue, a drill, clamps, a table saw, and a jigsaw.

38. DIY Router Table Using Dowels Tutorial

DIY Router Table Using Dowels Tutorial is genuinely designed for the Dowelmax users. However, anybody can follow this guide to construct a lovely homemade router table with the help of dowel joints.It is an 8 step tutorial, plus it comes with three video clips for those who prefer video illustrations. Some woodcrafters prefer dowels, while some don’t. So, it is important for you to understand that making this project is more like pursuing a hobby.Doing this project you will require a Dowelmax or other similar tool to make the dowel joints, glue, clamps, a drill, and much patience.

39. American Woodworker DIY Router Table

American Woodworker DIY Router Table is a quality router table model, which functions and looks like a professional instrument. The router table guide consists of 15-steps of to-the-point instructions and includes cutting diagrams with magnified view and labeled pictures, so it’s easier to understand the construction.

The router table features an adjustable,  easy to use fence, a dust port, a fence-mounted T-track, plenty of shelf space, and a plastic laminate table-top.

40. Simple DIY Router Table with Split Fence Tutorial

Simple DIY Router Table with Split Fence Tutorial is a simple, small router table which can be placed on the workmate or any similar platform. The tutorial is simple and includes the fundamentals, such as the table parts’ lengths and basic model drawings.

A split fence facilitates the use of the router  with a straight bit, which acts like a jointer, for straightening the boards. This router table guide demonstrates the best way to develop this split fence and then moves to the dust collection part.

It is a simple project which can be done simply with a circular saw and a drill. Plus, the table model is quite affordable to build with the maximum cost being on the router plates.


Hope the list is pretty informative to choose one from that suits your purpose and budget. All the router tables are unique and useful with their own set of features and setbacks (if any). However, I would personally recommend the topmost DIY router table plan from Instructables as it comes with zero setbacks, plus, is available at a standard price in the market. Happy to help!

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