Drill Bits Set in 2022

Your garage toolset is incomplete without a drill bit set. From wood to metal, whatever be the strength of the material you are working with, an efficient drill bit will make your work easy and comfortable. There are different materials in which drill bits are available. The life of the drill bit you purchase relies on the material from which it is made. There is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing drill bits. Prices vary according to the material from which the drill bit is made.

A soft low carbon steel drill bit set might be an affordable option, but it doesn’t work well with all material. The chances of a low carbon drill bit wearing out is high when compared to that of tungsten carbide one. So, before you buy your drill set, make sure you know the nature of the material that you would be working with and the frequency of use. This will help you determine the drill bit ideal for your work. 

Drill Bits for wood 

1. Dewalt Titanium drill bit set : Product overall

Dewalt Titanium drill bit set

The Dewalt titanium drill bit set consists of 21 pieces. This makes it a minimum mandatory kit for anyone who is working in carpentry. The entire set is made from Titanium, that makes the product sturdy. Bid goodbye to messy drill holes. Right from 1/16 inches to 1/2 inches, you can now work with absolute accuracy. The pilot point technology in this set is the reason behind such perfection. All the contents are carefully enclosed in a sturdy plastic case, so you can pack them up neatly after work. The tapered web in these drill bits increases the durability. This means that there is less chance for breakage while at work.



  • Available in various sizes from 1/16th of an inch to 1/12 inches

  • Plastic case to enclose all the contents

  • Sturdy Titanium blade for a long-lasting drill bit set

  • There are 2 drill bits in each size, therefore only a few unique sized drill bits are available in this set.

2. Irwin drill bit set : Premium Choice

Irwin drill bit set

Irwin offers one of the most professional drill bit set for wood and metal. This set consists of 29 pieces of varying size, all enclosed in a box that is just the size of your palm. The entire set is arranged in 3 different cartridges. You don’t have to carry the entire set every time, you can carry just the cartridge of your choice to your work site. The split point is designed at 135 degrees, that lets you drill on any material instantly by minimising walking distance. The individual pieces are designed with 5 % cobalt, that increases the durability of the kit by making it heat and abrasion-resistant. 



  • Easy storage and highly portable

  • Contains cobalt for high durability

  • Perfect drilling every time with a perfectly designed split angle.

  • High pricing when compared to similar products

  • Ideal for wood and soft metals

3. Makita T-01725 Contractor-Grade Bit Set : Made of S2 Grade Steel for Longer Life

Makita T-01725 Contractor-Grade Bit Set

The Makita contractor-grade set consists of 70 piece drill and driver tools. The individual pieces are coated with black oxide to avoid rusting and corrosion. The driver set is manufactured using S2 grade steel and heat-treated for longer life. The set is ideal for working on wood, metals and plastic. This is one of the available choices for DIY projects and household repairs. The 135-degree split angle reduces drill bit walking for instant and clean holes. 



  • S2 steel grade pieces that are heat-treated, with black oxide coating for a longer life

  • 135 degree split angled drill bits for clean holes

  • Compact and easy to hold the box to contain all the pieces

  • The drill bits are not suitable for working with rigid and hard metals

4. Bosch NS5006 6 pc. Bit Set : Drill Bit for boring through wood

Bosch NS5006 6 pc. Nail Strike Wood-Boring Spade Bit Set

The design of this drill bit is unique and ideal for drilling through wood with a nail. This is one of the first drill bit sets that is ideal for boring through the nail. The paddle design makes it easy to remove the chip pieces and increases the pace of boring holes. No matter what the condition of your wood is, you can work with ease on the plank with this extremely durable drill set. The tip of the cone is threaded to create better boring on the wood surface. 



  • Perfect for drilling clean and perfect holes on wood.

  • Hex-shank for a perfect fit and reduced slippage while working

  • Contoured paddle for chip removal

  • Reduced performance after hitting on a few nails

5. EnerTwist Drill Bit Set, 246-Pieces Drill Bits and Driver Set for Wood : Multipurpose Drill Set

EnerTwist Drill Bit Set, 246-Pieces Drill Bits and Driver Set for Wood

This is a Mega-drill bit set that contains drill bits for almost every purpose. There are around 246 pieces that are ideal to work on wood, metal and even cement in a few cases. All the drill bits are made extensively out of titanium for a sturdy and long life. Individual pieces are placed in a moulded casing that fits perfectly. This ensures that all your pieces remain in place and also makes it easy to carry. This kit is not just for DIY projects. The several options available in this kit makes it a perfect choice for household repairs. This kit is recommended extensively by professionals.



  • Contains drill bits that are perfect to work with almost any material

  • Built-in Titanium that ensures durability

  • Each drill bit set in the case has a role to perform. This makes it the ideal kit for all your drilling needs

  • There are 4 copies of each drill.

Other Great Picks

6. Milwaukee 48-89-4632 Kit Tin Shockwave

Milwaukee 48-89-4632 Kit Tin Shockwave

Next on the list is the Milwaukee Tin shockwave drill bit set. This set consists of 29 drill bit pieces, each of a different size. It is ideal for all metal and carpentry works. The tin shockwave set is easy to use and handle. It is also highly portable as it comes in a perfect plastic casing that encloses all the contents. You can carry it along to your site and work with ease. Designed completely in titanium, the kit is sturdy and durable. The red helix design incorporated in this kit makes it easy for chip removal, so you get a clog-free perfect drill each time. the 135-degree split angle reduces walking distances and improves the pace of your work. 



  • Easy to handle and use

  • Built with strong material for enhanced durability

  • Incorporated with Red Helix and 135-degree split angle for a better performance

  • The casing is quite packed that makes it difficult to remove the bits that are placed in the second row

7. Von Haus 100 piece drill bit set

Von Haus 100 piece drill bit set

The Von Haus 100 piece drill bit set is a complete package of everything you will ever need for woodwork or metalwork. From drill bits to screwdriver bits to nut drivers. The advantage of this set is that all the pieces are colour coded and hence is easy to identify and pick while at work. The drill bits are titanium coated for a sturdy and long-lasting life. The set also contains driver bits that are coated using vanadium. You can organise the entire set within the plastic casing that comes along with the kit. 



  • This is a complete package of tools essential for regular maintenance and even for DIY projects

  • Available in multiple sizes and colour coded for easy identification

  • Coated with Titanium, chrome and Vanadium for durability

  • Taking out the bits from the casing is quite difficult

  • The bits are not suitable for working with very hard metals

8. IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR Blue-Groove Pro Spade Bit Set

IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR Blue-Groove Pro Spade Bit Set

For any woodworks, a spade bit is a must-have tool. Irwin Speedbor blue spade bit set is the choice. The kit consists of 17 spade bits Each bit consists of a double cutting spurs that make sure you get a clean and mess-free hole after drilling. The large shank on these drill bits an added benefit that helps you work with comfort. The shanks in this drill bit are designed for a quick change with ease. 



  • Spade drill bits with SpeedBor technology for quick work

  • The double cutting spur for reduced breakout

  • Standardised shanks for a fast change with durability

  • The casing is not sturdy and doesn’t hold on to the drill bits in place which makes it difficult

9. IRWIN Marples Forstner Bit Set

IRWIN Marples Forstner Bit Set

Irwin Marples Forstner Bit set is yet another must-have kit for carpentry work. The drill bits are sturdy and work fine on any wood material. The drill bit is designed with a sharp cutting edge that makes it easy to drill holes on any surface, be it soft or hardwood. The technology reduces the cutting time and fastens your pace of work. The bits are designed from stainless steel that keeps it durable and long-lasting. 



  • Easy to drill with ultra-sharp blades

  • Available in multiple sizes

  • Designed extensively to drill flat bottom or pocket

  • The casing is large and lacks proper latches that make it difficult to carry

10. INTOO Forstner Bit Set 16 pcs Wood Drill Bit Set

INTOO Forstner Bit Set 16 pcs Wood Drill Bit Set

The INTOO Forstner bit set consists of 16 pieces perfect to create a flat bottom hole. The cutting spurs are designed with super sharp blades that can bore through almost any kind of wood. The drill bit fits perfectly on almost any kind of electric run drilling machines. The perfect fit reduces slippage and makes it easy to work. The drill bit also offers reduced chipping and makes sure the drilled holes are clean and perfect in shape.



  • Extra sharp cutting blades for a perfect cut

  • Suitable for drilling flat bottom holes without chipping

  • Sharp blades with resistance for a reduced cutting time

  • Drill bits of various sizes are also available

  • The casing is not sturdy

  • Comparatively high priced


There are several hundred brands and options when it comes to choosing a drill bit. But you have to choose the right drill bit that can serve your purpose. When working with wood, its better to go for a durable drill bit, so that you can work with any kind of wood. You might have to purchase more than one type of drill bit, to create drills of various dimensions from sharp to a flat bottom. From the above-listed choices, the Dewalt titanium drill bit set and the Irwin Speedbor blue groove are considered to be the option for woodworks. These kits are compact, handy and efficiently perform their work when compared to the other extensive kits. However, if you are looking for an extensive set with multiple options then you can choose the drill bit sets that contain several pieces. 

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