Featherboards For Table Saw

A Featherboard is an important accessory to work with as it helps to keep the saw and the workpiece securely in place. Usually when a saw blade moves, you may fail to get the desired cut for your wood but with the help of a featherboard, the workpiece gets firmly pressed against the work table allowing for better movement of the saw. 

Unlike the traditional featherboard design which was used to be made using scrap lumber, the modern ones are secured and manufactured keeping in mind the safety of the users. Today featherboards allow for better operations like less kickbacks, firm pressure against the workpiece and ensure safety. 

The following information shall help you pick the quality ones from the different table styles and designs available. It would make your woodworking task an easy affair and end up investing for the correct one. You can look for the featherboard based on the type of woodworking project that you need to handle. 

Featherboards for Table Saw

1. Milescraft 1406 FeatherBoard : Featherboard Overall

Milescraft 1406 FeatherBoard

When buying a featherboard for the first time, you may wish to get a hands-on, low priced one. So, pick the above said featherboard perfect for table saws, router tables and the like. With this tool, you have to give the right amount of load on the tool when cutting wood. 

Other than this, this tool has a dual slide design due to which you can quickly fix the board on the work table. The board’s versatility is due to the fact that it has a ¾ inch and 5/8 inch of miter bars fixed for ease of work. It offers great compatibility with table saw, router table and the like and thus, it is a perfect pick for different applications.



  • Has a pre-loaded tension design that makes it sturdy

  • Very less kickbacks when in use

  • It has a curved track which can make the adjustment difficult

2. Kreg PRS3020 True-FLEX Featherboard : #1 Runner Up

Kreg PRS3020 True-FLEX Featherboard

Are you looking for an entry level featherboard at a low price? The above featherboard would be the perfect pick. For efficient work results, the above said the design would be an easy option to use. Made from high-quality plastic materials, this offers great durability and it is installed with both T-slots and miter slots. 

For using this tool on band saws, table saws and the like machines, the woodworking tool is the suitable one to try. It gives good grip with better holding capacity on the tool and gets the perfect cut on the wood. As it is durable and sturdy, it is worthy to invest for it even when it is a bit on the pricey range.   



  • One of the most versatile and budget friendly featherboards

  • You are going to have clean and smooth edges with these featherboards

  • May be too tough when adjusting to the saw for the first time but once done, they fit perfectly

  • Not suitable with all feed adjustment

3. Featherboard, DRILLPRO Double Featherboards : Budget Pick

Featherboard, DRILLPRO Double Featherboards

Nothing can be like having a multipurpose featherboard to accomplish different wood working projects with ease. One such is the above said DRILLPRO featherboard that is perfect on table saws and router tables. With an excellent miter gauge slot, it gives better protection to hands with an additional grip. It also prevents sudden kickbacks when trying to get a proper cut on different wood materials. 

One of the unique features is the premium quality polymer used in this featherboard that ensures suitable pressure on the tool. With two knobs, miter gauge and T- slot gauge, it helps in the perfect cutting. It is easy to set-up and uses the machine for beginners. It should also be known that the gauge slot should be released quickly when in use.



  • Build quality is top notch since its made using hi-tech polymer

  • Easy to adjust and install alongside the miter joint of T slot

  • Safe when making sharp cuts using the saw

  • Doesn’t come with instructions on assembly

4. Magswitch STARTER KIT Includes Base : Premium Pick

Magswitch STARTER KIT Includes Base

Do you wish to invest for a high-end featherboard that is packed with the latest features? Well, the above said feather board is a suitable option to try. This featherboard made from plastic has a solid base with two magnetic parts of MagJig 150. 

For the perfect woodworking, this kit from Magwitch is a suitable one to use. It enables both left and right tilt on the saw providing solid grip on the featherboard when working with it. This can be used on a saw that is made from steel or cast iron material. Therefore, it can be a good option for beginners as it is comfortable to use with a good grip to get the perfect cut.



  • The kit has a reversible feed for left and right feeds

  • Best tool for newbie woodworkers who will be using it with saws

  • The Magnets which come with the kit are very strong

  • Not feasible if you have a thinner steel table

5. Premium Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard : Pick for Beginners

Premium Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard

To work with reduced kickback and easy grip on the machine, this above said spiral featherboard is perfect to work with. With a single comfort grip, it is easy to work with. The hedgehog spiral featherboard is a right one to invest as it comes with unique features. For simplicity in operation, this is the one for the beginners. 

Adding to this, the spiral shape of the featherboard provides easy grip to hold it and get the précised cut on the wood. It also prevents kickbacks. As it has one pivot point, it is easy to adjust it when working on different board widths. In order to support pressure while working, it has high-impact nylon making it a user-friendly one. 



  • Best for woodworking operations due to its unique spiral design

  • Gives the ability to hold the wood against the fence

  • Using a spiral featherboard is both safe and has reduced kickbacks

  • The locking bar may be too narrow for some fences and saws

6. Bosch Feather Boards : for Bosch RA1171/RA1181 Table

Bosch RA1171/RA1181 Feather Boards

This featherboard from Bosch is manufactured in such a way that it is compatible with most woodworks. Enabling easy installation, this featherboard is a perfect one to use. With two featherboards, it offers efficient wood working functions. To use it on table saws, band saws and the like items, this would be the perfect one to put in the vest.

As it is made from sturdy items, it offers durability even after using it for a long time. The simple to use operations coupled with its durability makes it an appropriate one to buy. 



  • Sturdy build quality

  • Are firm against the saw and routing table

  • Only fits well as replacement for Bosch products

7. Magswitch – 8110015 Table Featherboard : Can withstand upto 95 Pounds of Pressure

Magswitch - 8110015 Table Featherboard

This is another budget friendly item that works perfectly on the fence and blade. It has two easy to use on and off Mag Switches with 95 pounds of pressure on each. Moreover, this helps to cut on both sides of the blade in wood works. The body of the featherboard is a durable one and sure to pay off even when used regularly. 

For fast-working, this is one of the versatile options to choose from. It offers a good grip and perfect security when preventing chances of kickback. There are no limitations on the miter slot, and therefore, it can be used for different works. With the help of the two switches, it holds on tightly on the saw table.



  • Built from ABS UL94VO which means it will last long

  • Process of setting up is easy plus precise positioning and tensioning

  • Works on both sides of the saw blade

  • The magnets will stay right at the top of your miter slot (T-slot)

8. Bow FP1 Products Featherpro FeatherBoard : Made out of Foam

Bow FP1 Products Featherpro FeatherBoard

Unlike other featherboard manufacturers who are using good quality plastic, Bow FP1 feather boards are made from foam. Though foam is a soft material, here only durable foam is used to make the featherboard hard compared to the traditional one. Due to the use of the premium quality foam, you can have a good grip on the tool and it is also easy to change the feather. 

For the correct work precision without any injury, this would be perfect for experienced and amateurs performing different woodwork projects. With mounting hardware protection, it can prevent kickbacks when using it on different wood surfaces.



  • Quality of feathers ensure the vibrations are absorbed

  • Feathers are interchangeable, replaceable and reversible

  • Very less kickback

  • Moves when you attach it to the wood

  • Not firm enough to be secured on a table saw track

9. JessEm 4015 Feather Board Single : Can also be used with Bandsaw & Router Table

JessEm 4015 Feather Board Single

Installed with easy to use features and adjustments, this one can be a perfect option to be used both by beginners and experienced. This featherboard is a quality one, offering versatility and goes a long way even after regular use. This featherboard from JessEm is worthy of investing in the unique features it is installed with. 

You can place this featherboard horizontally on the surface to cut wood pieces or on vertical slots. It is perfectly designed to work with band saws, route tables, shapers and the like. Made from quality plastic, it is sure to pay off for the money you invest for it.  



  • Made out of high impact molded plastic to give it the sturdiness

  • Feather tips are molded with round edges

  • A bit expensive compared to its features

10. Bench Dog 40-011 Feather-Loc Double Featherboard : Made out of Polyester

Bench Dog 40-011 Feather-Loc Double Featherboard

To get a good grip preventing chances of kickbacks, this multipurpose featherboard would be the buy. It comes with an advanced design with ¼ inches of tacks along with an in-built feather setup for perfect cutting results. Made from premium quality polyester items, it has 13 angled gripping fingers with which you can give consistent pressure when cutting with the help of this featherboard. 

It is both easy to install and work with, the featherboard package is a good one for the beginners to get professional results in different wood cutting works.  



  • Built with high tech polymer which makes it easier to retain original shape

  • Hold the stock very firmly without the need to do much adjustments

  • Design is not user friendly

Things to consider when Buying Feather Boards 

Sticking to a budget

The cost is an important deciding factor to pick a premium quality featherboard. Make sure that you do not exceed your budget and yet it is a quality one. When looking for cheap ones, make sure that it has the required features to help you accomplish the wood work properly. You can compare the prices charged by different manufacturers to get an idea of whether you are paying the correct one.

Choosing correct materials

After the price, the material of the tool is another vital point to consider. Do not go for a cheap quality one as it can ruin the wood work. A sturdy tool is sure to pay off in the long run. Check the foam and plastic quality of the featherboard before you buy it. However, every plastic featherboard may not offer similar quality.  

Weight of the feather board

Based on the material used to prepare the featherboard, the weight may vary. The featherboard can vary from 1 pound to 2 pounds. There can be a difference of usability based on the weight of the machine.

Durability of the tool

If you do not want to waste money, make sure that you get the tool with correct durability. The durability of the featherboard depends on the materials it is used to prepare the machine. Mostly, ABS and premium quality plastic are used to manufacture the featherboard. However, a durable item will go a long way and pay off in the long run. So, even if you have to pay something extra to get a durable item, it shall pay off in the long run.

Maintenance required for the tool

To get an item with better durability, you need to invest time for its maintenance. But most of the featherboards require little to no maintenance. To get hands-on the correct product, you need to research well to ensure that you get a quality one. This would be the perfect choice and help you make the right cutting on different wood surfaces. Avoid buying a good quality item that would pay off in the long run. This also includes easy installation of the featherboard. 


With proper research, it is easy to get hands-on the featherboards for table saw. Try to consider the features mentioned above and buy a professional one. Every component is important to check before you invest in a quality featherboard machine. 

Go through the products and factors discussed above to better understand which tool would give the perfect results for your woodworking projects. Check the price of the products to ensure that you are paying the correct price of the product. 

Going through the feature details of the featherboards and its efficiency level should help you pick the correct one.    

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