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As the name suggests, Freud Quadra cut router bits are special types of bits that have 4 cutters which is a trademark of Freud. They have two cutters shear up that do fast material removal and two cutter shears down to clean and finish the cut. If you want the type of bits that are both efficient and quick then you can opt any of the 5 Quadra cut bits for your woodworking projects.

Although when it comes to strength, there are things you need to consider like the material you will be working on and the material of your quadra-cut bit. When woodworking, you need to figure out the nature of the project since you can’t use the quadra cut bit for every type of cut that you will make on your material. 

5 Freud Quadra Cut Router Bits Review

1. Freud Quadra-Cut (34-136)

Freud Quadra-Cut (34-136)

Freud Quadra-Cut (34-136) is best known for it’s high quality and unmatched accuracy in cutting. Plus, the product has maximum longevity in trimming life. This product vigorously designed with ideal materials followed by high-end industrial manufacturing processes. The bit includes certain exclusive features of Freud, like the non-stick red Perma-shield coating on Titanium Cobalt Hi-Density Carbide. 

The innovative and revolutionary cutter designs of Freud’s Quadra-Cut router bit deliver flawless job finishing without requiring rework. This rounding over bit consists of 2 small cutters for downward cutting and 2 large cutters for upward cutting. This mechanism is meant to get a splinter-free finishing.

With this rounding over bit, you can create soft edges, decorative beads. You simply have to use the bit on a table-mounted portable router or with a handheld router tool that supports a ½ -inch shank for perfect shear and finish of any wooden furniture piece. 

Additionally, the bit can generate a precise  cut of (1 to ¼) inch radius cut for smoothening the uneven edges. 



  • Maximum product longevity

  • Can soften wooden edge and deliver precision trimming

  • Developed with protective coating to withstand heat and corrosion

  • Nothing too serious to consider as a con

2. Freud Quadra-Cut (34-120)

Freud Quadra-Cut (34-120)

Freud Quadra-Cut (34-120) is another good quality bit that delivers exceptional cutting experience for working of substances like composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods. The product is also best suited for the woodworkers and can also be used by architects to create rendering models. 

The best part about these rounding over bits is consistency in serving the purpose. If used properly, it can be used for any type of hardwood sharing, like oak, hickory, hard maple, and cherry, etc.The bit processes smoothly as compared to other locally manufactured bits, and can last for years working the same. This rounding over bit is personally preferred by most workshop owners.  



  • The bit allows easy trimming of hard-wood

  • Perfect to get smooth finishing

  • The product requires a ½ inch bearing which does not come in the package. So, you may need to purchase this bearing separately to achieve this type of cut.

3. Freud Quadra-Cut (34-110)

Freud Quadra-Cut (34-110)

Freud Quadra-Cut (34-110) is the multitasking bit and can shear all composition materials, including softwood, plywood, and hardwood. The bit is either used on the table-mounted portable router post, or with a trim router. This model is well-known for their quality trimming with unmatched precision. Crafted with durable, ideal materials and manufactured with sophisticated industrial processes. 

This bit is coated with non-stick, protective TiCo Hi-Density Carbide cum red Perma-Shield. 

Freud’s innovative patented design ensures splinter-free for finishing which requires no rework. The quadra cut design, as the name suggests, includes 4 blades- 2 cutters are for upward shearing and the other 2 are for downward shearing. 

The TiCo Hi-Density carbide is the compact formula of Titanium Cobalt Carbide. It is engineered and produced by Freud to enhance the functionality of all the cutting tools.



  • Titanium Cobalt compact shearing technology ensures splinter-free finish

  • The red Perma-shield protects the bit from corrosion and increase longevity

  • Can be used for shearing any type of wooden job (plywood, softwood, or hardwood)

  • Zero side-effects since you may have noticed, some bits are too intense in their operations. With Quad cut bit, you won't get any extra churn.

  • -

4. Freud Quadra-Cut (36-124)

Freud Quadra-Cut (36-124)

Freud Quadra Cut (36-124) bit is again a long lasting product in the list with exceptional trimming accuracy. This is perfectly designed and developed with ideal materials. Plus, the bits have gone through advanced industrial manufacturing systems.  

The features of this bit model includes non-stick coating of red Perma-Shield on Titanium Cobalt Hi-Density Carbide with. These patented, comprehensive bits provide faultless shear finishing requiring no rework. 

The 4 blades of this router bit set are compiled to perform both upward and downward shearing at a time. Two blades perform upward shearing, whereas the other perform  downward shear, and deliver a uniform finishing.

The TiCo Hi-Density carbide is engineered in all the Freud cutting tools, to maintain their performance throughout. 

Developed with a concoction of Titanium Carbide, Tungsten, and Cobalt and along with other proprietary elements to manufacture a sturdy bit.  

Note: Carbide size determines the sharpness and the shearing rate of the bit. The bigger the carbide grain, the smoother an edge will shear.



  • Sturdy to withstand the quality of performance throughout

  • The carbide is sharper, and hence produces softer edge

  • You can mess up the joints or edges if you over-do the cuts

5. Freud Quadra Cut (38-106)

Freud Quadra Cut (38-106)

Freud Quadra Cut (38-106) is a sturdy bit which can shear  all composition materials ranging from plywoods to softwoods to hardwoods.

This product is usually suited for the woodworking professionals. The product can be used on a table-mounted router post, or on a hand-held router.

The router delivers flawless precision wear with splinter-free finish. These quadra cut bits are perfectly manufactured with most sophisticated industrial systems. The revolutionary Freud quadra cut are patented with innovative design that can provide glitch-free finishing.

The 4 blades ensure both upward and downward shearing – two for upward and the other two for downward. It can help with decorative edging with a distinct look. 

The 38-106 roman can be  installed on a table-mounted router that supports ½ -inch shank, or  with a handheld router post. 

The product particularly ensures Roman Ogee-style on every wooden furniture, cabinetry pieces, and molding. Also, this bit can generate a precision cut of ¼ -inch radius for soft and smooth edges.

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  • Less prone to kickbacks

  • Quite simple to use

  • Carbide coating resists heat

  • Renders the smoothest cuts

  • It is ideal for fewer operational cycles

  • It tends to strain just after a few sessions

  • It can handle only two applications at a time

Final Verdict

Every Quadra Cut Freud bit follows almost the same features in terms of better quality, precision cutting, and maximum longevity. You should consider Freud not just for their router bits but also excellent customer service. If you are looking for varied segments of quadra-cut bits, don’t miss out the above alternatives. 

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