Freud Router Bits Review: Freud vs Bosch vs Whiteside vs CMT

Freud is mainly one of the iconic brands in a woodworking community. There are only few companies available that invest technology and time into making the high-quality router bits and blades as the company does and also their performance always speaks.

A lot of experts out there always praise the versatile routers and there are plenty of versatile routers available in the recent market as well. But have you ever thought what makes a Router really versatile is the use of Router Bits. There are ample people out there who are starting work recently and do not have much idea about the router bits, they will have to ask an expert and professionals regarding the router bit. 

Once the person will start searching on that, they will simply get to know all its features. This is why; a proper background research is extremely significant. Freud router bit offer clean cuts and ultra design and that permits people to buy the router bits. The features of the bits absolutely stand out as this will save time in following up and extra passes with the router.

Some think the Routers do nothing but make an edge look pretty, and while yes, they are certainly pro’s at that, it’s only a small portion of what these bad boys can really do. So, here are a few freud router bit set to consider:

5 Best Freud Router Bit Sets

1. 91-100 13-Piece Super Router Bit Set

Freud Carbide

Freud’s 1/2-inch shank super router bit set features the complete host of the high-end extras and fine details. This contains the long-lasting MicroGrain carbide/titanium tips, tri-metal brazing, and also the anti-kickback design.

Each and every router bit is computer-balanced to simply run vibration and chatter-free at speeds well in excess of the typical 22,000 rpm of most routers. 

These router bits have the high shear angle, which mainly produces less tear-out and also chatter marks leaving the cross-grained cut, which needs little or no sanding.

Multi-axis grinding also assists in ensuring the proper relief angle on the cutting edges regardless of how the router bit is oriented. This kit contains the variety of useful bits most frequently used by woodworkers, containing “V” grooving, chamfering, flush cutting, and dovetailing bits. All router bits come along with 1/2-inch shank and Freud’s unique shadow case for maximum router bit protection.

2. Freud 3 Piece Premier Adjustable Cabinet Router Bit Set

Freud 97-260

The set includes 2 raised panel adjustable cabinet bits along with the solid back-cutters, both have 1/2″ shank diameter: Part 99-761 Ogee backutter bit, 1-11/16″ dia.; 13/64″ large radius.

The new 3-Piece Door Bit Set combines the New 99-761 Premier, which comes with the adjustable rail and stile bit along with raised panel router bit with back cutter. The whole set permits the woodworker for building doors from 5/8- Inch to 1-1/4- Inch thickness and any length long tenon construction for rock-solid joints that last a lifetime. 

The upper portion of the cutter contains the bearing and spindle and this is removed to produce the front of the long tenon profile for blind tenons, through tenons, or bridle joints. This is made with the high quality material and that is why it is durable, solid and long lasting as well. This set produces an ogee profile. All bits are 1/2- Inch shank, plus the set comes with an attractive wooden storage case.

3. Freud 5 Piece Round Over/Beading Router Bit Set

Freud 5 Piece Round Over/Beading Bit Set

Amongst all the sets, this is also considered among the top level router bit set. There are some of the serious woodworkers that choose serious accessories. Apart from that, they also select the topmost brand Freud. The Freud name equals quality, precision along with the craftsmanship.

The router bit features TiCo Hi-Density solid Carbide for maximum cutting life and are individually balanced; it also offers the precise cut above the rest. When you are looking for a serious router bit, look for Freud red.

This 6-piece round over as well as beading bit set softens all the edges of fine furniture. A 3/8-inch bearing is included for converting all five bits to beading bits and that assist you in producing the simple, decorative edge on furniture and moldings.

Housed in the wooden storage box, these 1/4-inch shank router bits cut all composition materials, plywood, hardwood, and softwood, and can be used on hand-held and table-mounted routers.

4. Freud 15 Piece Advanced Router Bit Set

Freud 15 Piece Advanced Bit Set

This 15 Piece set is also among the popular bit sets, which has gained a massive popularity amongst people. This set also comes in Freud’s unique shadow case, which can hang on the wall or mount on the bench to keep router bits handy and safe.

It cuts all the composition materials, hardwood, plywood and also softwood. In fact, it also utilizes hand-held and table-mounted portable routers.

The Freud’s bits have 1/4″ shanks. The whole set actually comes in unique shadow case. It also provides a variety of useful bits, from “V” grooving and flush cutting to chamfering and dovetailing. You can easily buy this product whenever you want.

This is made with the high quality material and that is why this is actually sturdy and long lasting. As a matter of fact, the whole set has lots of amazing tools.Check Out: Freud Quadra Cut Router Bits

5. Freud 96-100 8-Piece Dovetail Incra Jig Router Bit Set

Freud 96-100 8-Piece Dovetail Incra Jig Router Bit Set

This product comes with the whole set that makes Dovetail and box joints by combining all these router bits along with the proper table-mounted router equipped along with the Incra Jig. The razor sharp as well as well-machined bits are simply built to last, solid carbide/titanium-tips, an anti-kickback design, and tri-metal brazing. 

They also cut smoothly through all kinds of composition materials, plywood, hard and soft woods along with virtually no burning or tear outs. Compatible with table mounted portable routers equipped with Incra Jigs and 1/2-inch shanks. The set can also be utilized with some other joint making jigs or fence systems.

These bits cut all composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods. These are also used in a proper manner and the whole set comes with lots of amazing tools. The best part is that you will be able to use it whenever you want but you will have to need the proper utilization. This is made with high quality material.

Freud vs CMT 

There are a lot of talks about Freud router bits and CMT router bits. But a lot of people still want to know whether to choose the Freud products or CMT products. There are lots of better blades available but choosing the right kind of blade is also significant. 

As you know that power saws would be simply useless if this does not have blade. This is why updated power blade come in different materials and sizes but one of the most common and most trusted is solid carbide blade. 

There are only two top carbide saw blades accessible in the recent market and these are the CMT and Freud Saw Blade.

The CMT Saw blade is mainly built for crosscuts and rip cuts with its large gullets. And the CMT blade is used on the radial arm saws, hardwood and plywood saws, circular saws, table saws and more.

On the other hand, Freud Saw Blade that has laser cut stabilizer vents the trap vibration and noise. The Freud Saw Blade reduces heat and stays cool. The materials used to make this are also amazing and sturdy.

Freud vs Whiteside

Whiteside is also a popular and reputed brands that offer the best kind of router bit. But if you compare the router bits to Freud, then you will have to know that this is actually a router bit more expensive than Freud.

So, if someone is actually a beginner and learning the work, then there is no such point that they spend so much money in buying the whiteside router bits. This is where you can simply go for the Freud. As this is quite an affordable one and people can buy it without any hassle.

Freud vs Bosch 

When it comes to buy the router bits, then you will have to know that Bosch is one of the very popular brands. Sometimes Bosch router does not come along with the proper set of tools and that is why people love to get their hands on Freud. Concerning the features, price and tools, Freud are comparatively among the best brands to consider. Check Out: Bosch Router Bits


There are lots of router bits available in the recent market but choosing the best Freud router bit is very significant. Freud is mainly known for the solid carbide and definitely with the good reasons. Their entire testing actually shows the two times longer cutting life and also it also enhances overall finish quality over other router bits. Ultimately, this enhances the efficiency, precision and also productivity.

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