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Fusion 360 and Aspire are two of the many trending CNC machining software preferred by professionals. Let’s dive deeper to see the features, benefits, and details of both of these software, respectively.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a cloud-specific software platform for CNC routers to do 3D modeling, CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing), PCB (Printed Circuit Board), CAD (Computer-Aided Design), and CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) of products. From simplified multi-axis machine control to Adaptive Clearing high-efficiency roughing with Tool Orientation, Fusion 360 allows you to quickly and easily program your CNC router. 

Product manufacturing with 2.5, 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC mills, turning, probing, profiling and mill-turning operations combined with a powerful post engine everything included besides the  prograde design tools. The productive design algorithms allow Fusion 360 to repeat a design program for hundreds and thousands of times per minute, saving you immense time in the procedure.


  • Easy to Understand PCB Designing Software

Fusion 360 relieves the CNC machinist from struggling with electronics workflows and swap between the file  format manually. Also, you get access to the advantages of a fully featured graphical capture, mechanical CAD, and PCB design on this software platform. 

  • CAM cum CAD Integrated Software

The software significantly reduces risks of rework or defect in the product and missing deadlines. With Fusion 360, you can employ HSM (Hardware Security Module) technologies to manufacture high-quality machined parts and do additive manufacturing by utilising PBF (Powder Bed Fusion) or FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) for metal-based 3D printing.

  • Impeccable Software for 3D Simulation 

Design 3D models, simulating it with Fusion 360 in a single simulation software tool, during the early development phase to check the product performance and find out costly faults (if any) beforehand.


  • Can design and machine the products, ensuring aesthetics, fit, form, and function of the workpiece
  • Use productive design tools and simulation to ensure manufacturability and reduce the effect of engineering, design, and PCB changes 
  • Straightaway modification of the existing model fixtures or features with integrated CAM cum CAD software tool
  • Machine products using a set of comprehensive modeling tools to ensure the required shape, fit, and function of your workpiece following varied methods of analysis 


Aspire is one of the most feature-specific and top-shelf CNC software apps till date. The great thing about this software solution is it is easy to learn to implement any complex designing and machining 2D, 2.5D and 3D projects with CNC routers or others.

Aspire shares an intuitive and easy to use user-friendly interface for product designing and CNC routing, besides including several additional features. Moreover, Aspire includes tools to help you turn 2D photos, sketches, drawings, and other digital artworks into detailed 3D models, whose roughing cum finishing tool tracks are then calculated to precisely cut the model into an exact 3D shape as it is.


  • Consists of a wider collection of 2D + 3D clip-art files of more than 1300 that include Weaves, Panels, Textures, and over 150 of 3D models from “Design & Make”, which alone worth around $5000
  • 2 sided CNC machining to implement double-sided project requirements 
  • Wrapped rotary-axis routing besides in-software simulation
  • 3D model designing from 2D vectors
  • Vector drawing using smart snap and transform shortcuts
  • 3D surface modeling from image files
  • Import 3D documents in a number of formats including – STL, V3M, OBJ, DXF, CRV3D, SKP, and 3DCLIP
  • Creative 3D editing including carving, blendin, and smoothing
  • 3D roughing cum finishing tool path options
  • Online access to clip-art 
  • Installation USB including more than  35 hours of comprehensive cum high quality video-training tutorials, illustration files, and an inbuilt user guide
  • Text editing with single stroke fonts
  • Nesting true shape increases material usage
  • Import 2D vectors in a number of formats including – DWG, SVG, EPS, AI, PDF, DXF, SKP, etc.
  • Import 2D Images in BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, etc.
  • Picture cropping and editing
  • Lithophane modeling
  • Export 2D + 3D files in DWG, TIF, EPS, SVG, AI, STL, etc.
  • Helical arc support
  • Immersive vector positioning, sizing, and node editing
  • Tool paths moulding to develop constant cross-sectional arches, profiles, frames etc.
  • 2D profiling with riveting tab hold-down, ramping, leads, and other possibilities 
  • Tool paths tiling for slicing larger projects into smaller sections to compatible fit  the smaller machines
  • Tool path templates to automatically apply commonly used strategies and settings to new designs
  • High quality cum multi-color tool track preview for verification of parts and client approval
  • Project setup sheets 


  • The exceptional 3D component modeling of Aspire with an all-inclusive editing and designing tools makes the software easy to work with the imported 3D relief models or existing 2D data, plus giving wider access to  creating customized 2D and 3D models  from the grassroot level
  • You can easily create, edit, and join the dimensional shapes to build the final design
  • Aspire lets you rework and import the existing clip-art and 3D data to integrate with 2D data as well as a wide assortment of tool path options, enabling your CNC router to cut and shape diverse parts

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