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Greasing any garage machine or equipment, or in a car becomes quite a challenging job, especially because of the holding hassle. However, you are still bound to do the job regularly, if you are a truck or car owner, or own an equipment farm. The good part is that lubrication is a lot easier with a grease gun coupler. With it, you are free from the hassle of holding the lubricant on one hand while pumping.

Plus, narrow or multi-target greasing is invincible through a grease gun coupler. Therefore, we have come up with an inventory of the grease gun couplers on the market. Additionally, we have discussed some considerable factors in the buyer’s guide to make the purchase fruitful to your purpose. So, let’s delve in. 

Grease Gun Couplers

1. LX-1400-2 Silver Standard Grease Coupler : Grease Gun Coupler Overall

LX-1400-2 Silver Standard Grease Coupler

Lumax LX-1400-2 Silver Standard Grease Coupler is a pack of two that fits all types of ⅛ inch NPT threads. This standard grease coupler has 4500 PSI (310 Bar) which is the maximum operating pressure. The coupler has four hardened steel jaws made of steel of high-quality steel which make it durable. The grease gun has air-powered equipment.

The gun coupler provides accurate service. The built-in spring-loaded Ball Check Valve prevents pressure loss and leakage of lubricant. The slightly pushing action snaps the jaws into fittings. The outside diameter is small which allows recessed fittings with a simple action. The body of this standard grease gun coupler is knurled and the flats which make it easy for installation and removal. The gun coupler is zinc plated that provides the grease coupler with maximum protection against corrosion.



  • Durable and fits every ⅛ inch NPT thread

  • Outside smaller diameter allows easy connection with the recessed grease fittings

  • The spring-loaded Ball Check Valve prevents grease leakage

  • The gnarled body and flats make both the coupler installation and its removal simpler

  • Provides accurate greasing service
    Coupler is zinc plated, hence protecting the connector against corrosion

  • The lubricant may leak at times.

2. LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler XL : Premium Pick

LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler XL

The LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler XL is probably the great choice in case you are free to invest some extra bucks. This LockNLube Grease Gun delivers the most premium quality and aptly justifies its cost on the higher side. This grease gun is perfect for shielded PTO shafts, axles, U joints, harvester heads, and other such common grease fittings. Once locked, it hardly ever leaks or pops off under pressure.

The intact nature ensures better grip and control over your work. The LockNLube XL is fit for greasing heavy-duty machineries, typically the harvester heads of excavators or any such relevant fittings that are hard to access. The coupler needs you to hold it with one hand while aligning it with another hand for leak-free operation of the grease gun.



  • Rebuild unit enables replacing the coupler seal and jaws without buying a new coupler

  • One hand lock into the grease zerk fittings

  • Supported by non-slip feature

  • Spring-loaded thumb lever makes coupler lock-in and release easy

  • Proprietary design renders minimum leakage

  • Fits most of the DIN and SAE Zerks

  • Can handle maximum pressure up to 10,000 PSI

  • Comes in regular and XL sizes for recessed fittings

  • Easy to use for greasing heavy equipment

  • Might turn out to be a bit expensive

  • Extra coupler jaws are not provided

  • Slightly bulky

3. DEWALT DCGG5702 Grease Gun Coupler

DEWALT DCGG5702 Grease Gun Coupler

DEWALT Grease Gun Coupler Right Angle (DCGG5702) is engineered for reaching difficult to access zero fittings. The grease gun coupler usually attaches itself with a jerk fitting in the extension and the sleeve slides over the gun nozzle. The Dewalt Grease Gun Coupler is very strong and long-lasting. This gun coupler is suited for all types of applications.

The maximum operating pressure of this grease gun coupler is 10,000 PSI. This coupler is right-angled which solves the complication of removing the fitting of the coupler on the adapter and makes screwing the hose to the right angle part of the coupler very easy. This coupler attaches itself swiftly to a Dewalt grease gun. The gun coupler is very handy for handling tight spots. This gun coupler does not fall off while you are pumping the grease gun.



  • Sturdy, durable, and is fit for any type of greasing requirement

  • Made to reach the difficult-to-access zero grease fittings

  • Ideal for using on tight spots

  • 90 degree angled coupler model facilitates reduced complications while removing the fittings

  • Does not allow you to tighten or loosen the tip.

4. LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler

LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler

LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler is known for its genuine lock-in coupler design and is the only model with rebuildable capability. This gun coupler accurately fits into zerk fittings. You can expect zero grease leakage during the gun operation. The coupler diameter is ⅛ inch that fits all NPT threads sizing the same. LockNLube Grease Gun Couple is compatible with all the three types of greasing tool, namely; manual, air powered, and battery powered.

The good part is that you get a spare coupler kit within the package. The coupler has lower maintenance cost followed by having an exceptional patented lock-in design. The piece contains 4 hardened, steel spring jaws, which are flexible under high pressure, for example, at a pressure about 10,000 PSI. This coupler is compatible for fitting with any SAE or metric zerk fittings. The coupler exhibits a quick release feature from a jammed/tightened fitting even under higher pressure.



  • Rebuildable coupler as the package includes a spare unit

  • Secured lock-in to zero fittings

  • Unique and proprietary coupler design

  • Fits any grease gun model

  • Flexible four hardened spring jaws and can withstand high pressure

  • Low cost and the coupler never leaks

  • Best suited for all SAE and BSP zerk fittings

  • Sometimes fitting issues occur with the coupler to the grease gun.

5. Lumax LX-1406 Silver Grease Coupler

Lumax LX-1406 Silver Grease Coupler

Lumax LX-1406 Silver Grease Coupler is a complete all-round 360 degree Swivel Grease Coupler. An easy reach to the majority of the Grease Fittings is provided by the 45 degree angle. Loaded with LX-1400 Standard Grease Coupler this product is just the perfect one to get your job done on time. In particular, the Lumax LX-1406 is designed at par with the “user-in-mind”, this hand-operated Grease Guns are to swivel a complete 360 degree and can also lock in the place. This product is aptly suitable for every application and hence serves as an all-purpose grease gun coupler.



  • The Lumax LX-1406 supports 360 degree swivel and comes with anti-leakage locking feature

  • The 45 degree angle allows easy access to most hard-to-reach fittings

  • The product comes with a ⅛ inch NPT and female inlet

  • Zinc coated coupler surface prevents it from corrosion

  • The product comes with a standard grease coupler- Lumax LX-1400 for free

  • Anti-Leak Grease Coupler

  • Resistant to maximum pressure of 4500 PSI (300 Bar precisely)

  • It can rarely turn out to be incompatible in certain greasing applications.

6. UTOOL Grease Gun Coupler

UTOOL Grease Gun Coupler

UTOOL Grease Gun Coupler is yet another option with great features that make it stand apart from the rest; the tool supports both manual and powered grease guns thereby increasing its productivity. Weighing just about 6.3 oz, this grease coupler gun can resist pressure up to an astounding 10,000 PSI.

The ⅛ inch NPT thread works perfectly with all the popular grease guns including electric, pneumatic and manual. The adjustable 4-jaw fits with all the metric and SAE specification grease fittings that are popular in the market. The extra thickened jaws increase the durability and endurance of the tool. The sealing gasket prevents leaking from the grease gun locking tip and which is why we think it’s a great adjustable grease gun coupler. 



  • Quick lock-in to the grease gun fitting is facilitated by the elastic spring handle of the zerk fitting

  • Highly compatible to be used in greasing heavy machinery

  • Works fine with all type of grease guns; electric powered, air powered, and manual grease guns

  • 100% refund warranty, in case the coupler fails within 12 months of purchase

  • Can get difficulty while holding onto grease fittings

  • Coupler jaws do not protrude into the zerk housing to hold the gun fitting

7. Lumax LX-1403-XL Heavy-Duty Grease Coupler

Lumax LX-1403-XL Heavy-Duty Grease Coupler

Lumax LX-1403-XL Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Grease Coupler is certainly one of the most-sought in the market for being within a reasonable budget. This product features a ⅛ inch NPT. The fast and easy connection makes it very user-friendly. Moreover, proprietary locking and a quick-release mechanism are also provided with the Lumax LX-1403-XL. The coupler renders a strong lock-on, thereby ensuring a leak-proof seal.

This heavy-duty grease coupler can support up to 1034 bars of pressure. The pioneering Design enables quick release and saves your precious time. Hitherto, you need not worry about broken-off fittings. No jetting or splashing during disconnecting the Lumax LX-1403-XL. High-Performance Hydraulic Seal enables a multi-year service life.



  • The seal remains undamaged even after thousands of uses

  • 4 hardened jaws ensure a leak-proof seal

  • Flawless for recessed and hard to reach fittings

  • Comes with an ergonomic thumb lever that needs just one finger to install and remove

  • Compatible fitting with all type of SAE and other BSP fittings

  • Non-return valves secure easy disconnection of units at pressure up to 15000 PSI

  • Can turn out to be too big to get set to some grease fittings

  • Supports vendor lock-in and quick release mechanism

8. VARSK Grease Gun Coupler

VARSK Grease Gun Coupler

VARSK grease gun coupler’s enhanced reinforced jaws and quality sealing gasket ensure extended-lasting and durable performance. On top of that, it prevents leakage even at extremely high pressure. VARSK grease gun coupler never lets you down regarding its durability and leakage-free service. Once it gets locked on zerk fitting, it dwells on and loosens both the pointers to operate the grease gun.

Additionally, it comes with three replacement claws, one rubber accessory, two extra screw caps, and one 2mm allen wrench, which can sum up altogether to meet all your cravings. It can truly supersede other existing grease gun couplers in every way. Its excellent fittings are sufficient for your motorcycle, tractor, and other mechanical devices.



  • Durable performance

  • The coupler can be handled single-handedly, to connect to the grease gun, as it allows smooth retraction mechanism

  • It is reinforced with heat-treated, premium quality medium carbon steel

  • Chromium coating on the coupler surface provides maximum protection against resistance

  • It will work on any standard grease gun

  • High maintenance is required if you want to use it in the long run.

9. DEWALT Grease Gun Coupler

DEWALT Grease Gun Coupler

DEWALT DCGG5701-03 Gun Coupler is a heavy-duty grease gun coupler. Loaded with the ⅛ inch NPT this grease gun coupler is specially designed for the use with the hydraulic type of grease fittings. With a maximum operating pressure of 10,000 PSI, this tool is rated for cordless grease guns. It is lightweight and extremely easy to handle.

Since this DEWALT model is a 3pk of replacement couplers hence you can use this one-handed with ease. The precise dimensions of the product are 3.56 inch Length x 2.94 inch Width x 1.25 inch Height. You can get an extension of 30 days money-back guarantee, in case the product does not fulfil your purpose.



  • Package includes three pieces of heavy-duty replacement couplers

  • Typically designed for hydraulic type grease fitting

  • 30 days refund guarantee is available

  • Firmly fits into the grease fittings

  • Handles maximum operating pressure up to 10,000 PSI

  • Leakage might be an issue.

10. Macnaught KY Plus Safety Grease Coupler

Macnaught KY Plus Safety Grease Coupler

Macnaught KY Plus Safety Grease Coupler’s patent-pending waiver mechanism provides enhanced safety. It is easy and faster to use. It maintains and provides a strong, leak-free connection while enhancing protection and usability. It provides you with a two-year warranty. It can be handled by one hand. The item only weighs about 3.98 ounces.It empowers you with self assisting ability. It comes with a perfect size and lightweight. It is one of the most promising products available in the market. It can withstand high pressure. Internal pressure relief lessens the hardship of high-pressure grease release.



  • Easier and faster to use

  • Ensures leakage-free fitting

  • Provides 2 years warranty

  • Can be managed single-handedly while fitting it to the gun

  • Compact size and lightweight, yet sturdy
    Value for money

  • At times, it may not function properly due to improper fittings.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider While Buying a Grease Gun Coupler

Sometimes, even after getting a good collection of your required products under one roof, selection of its kind stays challenging. In order to make this entire procedure if selection and purchase easier, you must have the knowledge of some critical factors. Here are some of the crucial ones, to be considered, as follows:

Thread Size

As the coupler is provided with a ⅛ inch National Pipe Taper thread to connect to the grease hose, make sure that the coupler supply to the thread is appropriate. A ⅛ inch taper thread is compatible on manual, electric (battery operated), plus on air operated (pneumatic) grease guns. However, thread of any different size available can also be used if your greasing tool or gun is compatible with such specifications.

On the contrary, if you are making the coupler purchase for the first time, it is better to go with the standard NPT of ⅛ inch only, as almost every greasing tool is made to support this thread size with ease.

Pressure Rating Quality

Care must be taken to confirm if your grease gun is capable of handling maximum pressure or not. If the pressure range of your greasing tool is within (8,000 to 10,000) pounds per square inch, then it is one among the quality grease guns. If the gun can manage pressure over 10,000 PSI, then it has better capacity of compressing more grease than others.

NoteRemember that when too much lubricant is released at one gun press, it has higher chances of getting the tool leaked, and the coupler may get damaged and broken, as a result.

So, first check the PSI capacity of your chosen coupler, like if it can manage pressure of about 10,000 PSI, then it should be an electric grease gun to operate with. Else, the coupler having a pressure capacity of 10,000 PSI must be used with a manual grease gun.

Coupler Model

There are different models of grease gun couplers available on the market. The most widely used gun couplers generally have a 90 degree push-on model, a thumb lever, a 90 degree slide-on, plus a 360 degree swivel.

The 90 degree coupler models are fit to be used on any type of hard work spot/surface. Similarly, 360 degree coupler models are perfect to use with pneumatic or hand guns. Whichever type you pick, make sure it fits your purpose. 

Coupler Jaws

Jaws are a crucial part of the coupler as they ensure proper fitting to the grease gun and securely locks it (the coupler) to the gun tip. More number of coupler jaws, the better is the lock-in and the least is the chance of getting grease loss during lubrication. 

Easy Maintenance

Make sure your selected coupler model is easy to maintain after each use. Sometimes the coupler channel gets jammed with dried or thickened film of grease inside it, which stops or blocks the coupler passage if left uncleaned. So, make the choice and purchase accordingly.

NoteUse a clean rag or lint-free cloth to clean the couple channel.


Well, there is nothing much to check in a greasing tool coupler. However, the ones enumerated above are the must to be taken into account before making the purchase. Though all the coupler models listed above are unique with their individual capabilities and setbacks, here are our top three picks from the same:

  • LX-1400-2 Silver Standard Grease CouplerFit for use on any Air-powered or hand operated greasing tool. Plus, it is compatible with all NPT threads sizing ⅛ inch. Plus, it is corrosion resistant and delivers precise greasing service.
  • DEWALT Grease Gun Coupler Right Angle (DCGG5702)Long lasting cum 90 degree coupler model and fit for using on tighter spots and any type of greasing requirement. Hard to access zero grease fittings is easier with this option.
  • Lumax LX-1403-XL Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Grease CouplerFit for getting a leak-resistant seal as ensured by its 4 stiffened jaws, if that’s what you are looking for. 

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