Hand File Sets in 2023

Craftsmen and woodworkers always want their tools to be smooth and sharp all the time.  Having the file set allows a woodworker to get better output when working. Without the correct tools, it may be challenging for the craftsmen to give the desired shape in the woodwork. 

To make tedious wood projects hassle-free, you need the hand file set as a craftsman. There are different file sets available in the market but the correct one has the required fine textures to work perfectly. 

With the file sets installed with the correct handles, it helps get the required shape and cut on the woodwork. The design manufacturers have the correct knowledge on how to design the hand files for the help of the woodworking team. 

Hand File Sets

1. JOEBOE 17 Piece Premium Metal File Set  : Hand File Set Overall

JOEBOE 17 Piece Premium Metal File Set

Without a complete toolbox, it can be difficult for the craftsman to provide quality service. To get a complete one, the above said one could be a suitable option to try. This is an excellent versatile hand file set that helps to accomplish the woodwork correctly. 

This is packed with 16 sets of files with pointed ends along with a file card. Also, there are other shapes of files like round, triangle, needle and files. So, to get the correct precision in woodcuts, the above said it is the correct alternative that will help you complete the project with care.    



  • It is a perfect and durable handicraft

  • Perfect to be used on plastic, woodwork, and metalwork

  • It comes with a special coating of T12 steel

  • The large sized files lack a comfortable handle

2. Premium-Grade 6pc High Carbon Steel Needle File Set Soft Grip : Budget Pick

Premium-Grade 6pc Carbon Steel Needle File Set Soft Grip

When working on hard surfaces, get sharpen cuts with the help of this file set. The file blades are quality ones that would go a long way. To have a proper toolbox that boosts efficient performance, the above said file set is the suitable one to try. The correct set of tools will help you get the desired cut on hard surfaces.   



  • Each of the files have 3 to 3.5mm width

  • Quality steel blades made from quality carbon and proof resistant

  • Files have good grip to work on for long time

  • Handles could have been better

3. Nicholson 22040HNN 5 Piece File Set : Premium Pick

Nicholson 22040HNN 5 Piece Hand File Set

It comes with rugged construction, making it the perfect file set to accomplish different applications. Moreover, the file blades have double cut design to get the desired cut on different materials.  



  • To get precision cut, this tool is the correct pick

  • It comes in suitable package with latest designs

  • Handles are oversized and it offers good grip

  • Does not have any complimentary accessories

Other Great Picks

4. SE 6-Piece Flat Diamond Grit File Set – 74330DF

SE 6-Piece Flat Diamond Grit File Set - 74330DF

Are you in search of a quality hand file set that comes with fine-grit? Well, in that case, the above said diamond grit file set could be the suitable option to try. This is one of the premium quality ones that give the ultimate strength when working on touch surfaces. In this set, the models of SE files are given in such a way that it helps to get the perfect cut. 

Moreover, you can sharpen the large-sized knives for perfect work. The knives are coated with the latest materials for the industrial applications. However, this can also be used by beginners to get the desired result with the help of this file set.



  • File sets have plastic handles with round designs

  • Set of the file has different grits like 80, 150, 240 and the like

  • The diamond file has 2 -3/4 inches length with a width of 10mm.

  • The file has a steel part which is a not made from durable item

5. 20Pcs Metal File Set for Shaping Metal

20Pcs Metal File Set for Shaping Metal

When you have to make big holes on hardwood surfaces, a sturdy file is of utmost importance. Therefore, you can try the above said one which is a suitable one. This is the ideal option to get the précised big cut and smooth one on the surfaces easily. In this, you can get many hand file sets at once. 

For excellent performance, this file set helps get the required cut on the surface. This is yet another durable set in which the files are available in different shapes like half-round, rectangle, round and the like.    



  • The teeth size of the hand file is made from good quality item

  • The file has anti-slip ergonomic handle that gives good grip

  • It offers précised and smooth cutting in different angles and edges

  • The carrying case is not a durable one

6. KALIM File Set, 16Pcs File Kits

KALIM Hand File Set, 16Pcs File Kits

When looking for an affordable hand file kit set, nothing can be a good option than the above said one. Made from good quality steel, it comes with sandpapers and brush. The file set helps to accomplish a wide range of industrial work with ease.  



  • File teeth are grease resistant and work well on the slippery surface

  • Perfect for beginners and professionals

  • Has plastic handles

  • Has high carbon steel material that is not a quality one

7. Amartisan 20Pcs Premium File Set

Amartisan 20Pcs Premium File Set

The above said is the correct file set suitable for handling a wide range of metal and woodwork projects. As these are made from quality alloy steel, it has the required toughness and goes for a long time. The wire brush offers precision cut and prevents the tool from catching moisture



  • File is made from quality metal

  • Rubber handle offers better grip when working for a long time

  • File has an excellent coating with anti-rust materials

  • The handle tends to slip

8. MulWark 9pcs Premium Grade Tempered

MulWark 9pcs Premium Grade Tempered

When looking for a file set for sturdy construction, this is the suitable one. Made from tempered carbon steel, its high quality coupled with ergonomic design offers a good grip. Each of these is 4-inch needles which are available in different shapes. 



  • It comes in pro-grade plastic box

  • File teeth enable précised cut

  • File is made from premium quality steel item

  • Offers impact-resistant construction

  • Plastic toolbox quality could have been better

9. Preciva 16PCS File Set

Preciva 16PCS File Set

Nothing can be a great option than having a portable set of customised files with 16 pieces of the different file sets. For efficient operations, the above said product is the perfect one both for beginners and experienced. The design supports comfort grips and great performance. It comes with a wire brush with which you can brush off rust on the metal surfaces.   



  • Offers durability due to design and quality steel construction

  • File set is perfect to work on metal and wood surfaces

  • For projects on hard surfaces, this tool set is not suitable

10. Neiko 00109A Heavy Duty File Set

Neiko 00109A Heavy Duty File Set

With an excellent design, it is easy to work with this file set. It is suitable for heavy-duty work and offers efficient performance. It has a vinyl pouch with both moisture and water. Therefore, to get a high quality file set that would go a long, this is the correct option to try. The rasp blades are of different shapes with 7 regular files to get precision cutting results.  



  • Portable and convenient to use

  • File blades have different intensity of coarseness

  • Movable plastic handles easily fits with the blade

  • Plastic handles are not suitable for long hours work

Buyer’s Guide

Ease of use

When the hand file comes with quality construction, it offers ease of handling. Moreover, the grip should be made properly due to this it becomes easy to hold the file and get the précised cut on the surface. Most of the handles are interchangeable and you can change it as required. This gives durability to the file set and with this, you can get a perfect toolbox for woodworking projects. 

Tooth patterns of the file 

File set with hard steel teeth enables flexible cuts. The more coarse the file, the better result you can get. With better materials, you can have aggressive cuts on the wood or metal surface you are working on. The perfect choice of tooth can determine whether you can expect a professional cut using the file. To work on multiple applications, a plastic body with a half-around file has curved and flat sides.

Purpose and affordability 

The cheap quality file set is suitable to be used for different DIY projects. Get professional touch and the precision of cut on wood or metal surface, get a quality file set. Based on the purpose for which you are buying the file set, you can decide how much money you want to spend on it. 


Therefore, You need to have only the hand file sets are that are versatile and efficient. A quality set is sure to help in handling a wide range of applications. Most of the file sets are designed to be used both by professionals and beginners. Get the ones designed with premium quality steel blades to get a perfect cut.  

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