Hand Saw in 2022

The hand saw with an ergonomic design and quality blades is a must-have in your kit if you are engaged in woodworking projects. One cannot do away with this tool as it gives the desired professional cuts on wooden and plastic surfaces.

With multiple sharpened teeth on the blades, it is easy to use it. Apart from these features, your purchase decision should depend on your budget and usage.

So, try to get the one that suits your requirement. As you go through the list of the hand saws mentioned below, it shall give you a suitable idea about the feature. 

Hand Saws in the Market

1. Stanley 20-045 : Handsaw Overall

Stanley 20-045 15-Inch Fat Max Hand Saw

Are you in search of a quality hand saw tool? Well, there are several options available in the market and picking a quality one may seem to be a daunting task. In this regard, it is better to try the above said Stanley hand saw. It is affordable with easy accessibility. This is a 15 inch saw that is perfect for sharp cutting around the edges.

As the teeth of the saw are similar to induction hard, it is suitable to get cutting edge results on different wooden surfaces for woodworking projects. Moreover, the ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold its handle. It makes it comfortable on your hands when you have to work for longer hours. 



  • It is a complete value for investment

  • It offers excellent cutting performance

  • It has a 9 teeth-per-inch quality blade of 15-inch length

  • The hard teeth are five times longer compared to others

  • It is installed with an ergonomic handle coupled with a quality

  • The blades go to the back of the saw, extending up to 45 and 90-degree angles

  • It is not suitable for cutting firewood

  • Not perfect to work on hardwood or thick


2. Stanley 20-065 : Alternative to Stanley 20-045

Stanley 20-065 26-Inch 12 Points Per Inch ShortCut Saw

To add an efficient hand saw tool in your woodworking tool set, the above mentioned one can be a suitable pick with affordable range. This gives professional cutting results and is perfect on different wooden surfaces.

With hardened teeth, it is possible to get the much required precision of cut even in difficult edges and corners. However, the teeth are five times stronger from normal hand saw tools that makes it perfect for the beginners and professionals to use it in different woodworking projects.

Adding to this, the tool’s ergonomic design handle is a comfortable one with a comfortable grip for ease of use. The tooth design in 3-sided makes it easy to cut the wooden pieces with the help of this wooden saw. When looking for an all-rounder one, investing in this is suitable. 



  • It gives easy and comfortable control even when using it for hours

  • It comes with a quality blade that helps get professional cuts

  • It gives suitable cuts on different surfaces such as wood and plastic

  • It is installed with an ergonomic handle grip that gives comfort

  • The cuts are suitable for beginners and professional

  • It is available for available range

  • The handle grip could have been better

  • The fixation of the blades could have been better


3. IRWIN Tools Universal Handsaw, 15-Inch : Budget Pick

IRWIN Tools Universal Handsaw, 15-Inch

For handling DIY projects or professional woodworking projects, the above said hand saw tool can be the pick within budget. With super-fast ability to cut on a different wooden surface, this makes cutting an easy task and reaching out to the challenging corners or edges on a wooden surface. It comes with a 15-inch blade that gives the perfect cut.

The tool’s excellent design makes it one of the sought after items if you are engaged in woodworking projects. It is a triple ground tool that is suitable for a rip style cut and helps to get faster results in a quick time. The tooth grind is a quality one that helps to cut easily with the much-required precision of work. However, this one helps to get accurate and clean cutting on different wooden surfaces and this makes it one of the hand saw for straight cuts. 



  • It is perfect with a quality design

  • Ergonomic high quality handle with comfort grips

  • Offers fast, clean and accurate cutting results

  • It gives good stability of work on a different surface of woodworking projects

  • The 15-inch blade is perfect is perfect to reach out to difficult spots

  • It is easy to apply fat cuts and rips on wooden surface

  • Blades cannot be re-sharpened

  • Tool is not perfect for long cuts or to be used on hard surfaces

4. Ryoba 9-1/2″ Double Edge Razor Saw : Premium Pick

Ryoba 9-1 2 Double Edge Razor Saw

The hand saw comes with a beautiful design with comfortable to hold handle grips. To cut different wooden items hardwood, abrasive wood, teak, oak, and the like, this hand saw helps to get cutting-edge work precision. With a strong 24 inch blade, the teeth are hard to get the desired cut on different wooden surfaces. Therefore, this saw is a versatile option to try that helps get fine cuts on a wide range of wooden surfaces.

To have professional cutting results and correct control when cutting wooden parts, this tool is the perfect to try.



  • Excellent option as value for money

  • Hard quality of teeth

  • Installed with the latest design

  • The blade can be used both sides

  • Ideal for wooden furniture construction

  • Not perfect to be used in heavy-duty cutting projects

Other Great Choices

5. GreatNeck N2610

GreatNeck N2610 - 26 Inch 12 TPI Cross Cut Hand Saw - Hardwood Handle

The GreatNeck N2610 Hand Saw is a finely designed one and offers the results when working in woodworking projects. The handle of the saw has quality and weather resistant hardwood material that will not catch moisture easily. With its beautiful look, it is beneficial to work with and invest for.

The overall design of the product is perfect such that it is not overweight. Therefore, it is easy on your handles even when engaged in long hours of working which is why this is the hand saw for cutting logs.

In this product, the tool’s teeth are manufactured with quality teeth that do not rust easily and give the much-required sharpness in cutting wooden pieces. Moreover, there is high carbon steel that ensures better sharpness for a longer period of time.

This 26 inch saw has the capability to cut at the rate of 10 TPI making this a great option to be used in different building projects. Therefore, it is one of the high end saw tools for professional results within affordable rates.



  • It is a great value for money option

  • This gives smooth and fast cutting

  • The blades are replaceable

  • It offers flush cutting with the flexible blades

  • The blades are balanced and offer easy handling

  • Easy cuts are possible on different surfaces

  • The blade of the tool is not that stiff


6. Crown FLINN1 10-Inch Dovetail Saw

Crown FLINN1 10-Inch Dovetail Saw

This is one of the recommended tools that is available at an affordable range with ease of usage. Installed with both the latest and the old metallurgy techniques, it is suitable to be used and get precision cuts on difficult to easy surfaces. For the cutting performance, this hand saw has an easy to hold handle that is comfortable on your hands even after long hours of work.

When looking for a functional hand saw, it is none other than the above said one. Even for tabletop work, this hand saw tool is the suitable one with a 1 ½ inch blade. Also, it offers high TPI with 17 teeth per inch. The brass’s quality blade gives better strength and helps in smooth cutting and goes for a long time. 



  • Steel blade made from high-quality item

  • Each tooth is 17 inch

  • The handle has an easy grip with a quality item

  • The tool is perfect for joinery work

  • It is suitable for cuts in professional and DIY projects

  • It is correct to be used for rip and cross cutting patterns

  • Requires frequent re-sharpening

  • Comes with wide kerf

  • Not perfect for heavy-duty projects

7. Vaughan BS240P Pull Stroke Handsaw

Vaughan BS240P Pull Stroke Handsaw

Are you in search of a handsaw that gives high-quality cuts on different wooden surfaces? In that case, the above said one is the perfect to try as it is a versatile one. Addicting to this, the tools are available at an affordable range. It comes with quality steel blades that offer professional cuts and it is rust proof.

To accomplish wood working projects in a quick time, this tool is the correct option to invest for, even to get professional wood cutting finish; this can be the perfect pick for beginners and expensed ones. 



  • It is an excellent quality hand saw for various carpentry works

  • Blades are easily removable

  • It has secure blade locking functionality

  • Thin blades operate fast and give perfect cuts

  • It is suitable for cuts in professional and DIY projects

  • It is correct to be used for rip and cross cutting patterns

  • Requires frequent re-sharpening

  • Comes with wide kerf

  • Not perfect for heavy-duty projects

8. Shark Corp 10-2312 12-Inch Carpentry Saw

Shark Corp 10-2312 12-Inch Carpentry Saw

This is an excellent rip style saw to get the much desired professional cut on wooden surfaces. It has a quality stainless steel blade of 12 –inches with 14 teeth per inches for professional cuts. Whether using the tool for cuts through wood or plastic surfaces, it gives ease of usage when used correctly. It helps to offer smoothness of cut which is why we think its the hand saw for cutting trees.

Installed with a pistol style handle, it offers a good grip and is comfortable on your palm even when you have to hold it for a long time. With easy operation control, you can cut with the tool’s help on difficult surfaces and difficult corners and yet get the professional results. In case the baled becomes dull, it can be replaced to get satisfactory woodcutting results



  • The perfect blade for flush cutting

  • Helps in great cutting for treated and untreated wood finish

  • Gives professional cuts on a wooden surface

  • Blades can be properly balanced to get a professional finish

  • Easy to use fast with quality cuts

  • Not suitable for cutting metals

  • Pistol type handle is not perfect for holding

9. CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw, 15-Inch

CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw, 15-Inch

This hand saw tool comes with excellent tooth shape that offers professional and accurate cuts on a wide range of surfaces. To get long-lasting sharpness, it is manufactured with quality blades. These do not catch moisture easily preventing rust issues.

The ergonomic design of the handle makes it a comfortable one to hold for a long time without causing any pain to your palms which means its easily the hand saw for cutting logs as cutting them takes lots of time.

The handle is flexible enough as it can be moved in 45 and 60 degrees for ease of usage. Therefore, for beginners and experienced, it is a suitable option to try to get the required results in a quick time. 



  • It offers a flexible angle of cutting

  • It has an ergonomic design that offers easy and comfortable handling

  • It gives the precision of cut with the perfect sharpness in the blade

  • The tool is suitable for experienced and beginners

  • The blades are made from quality steel that prevents rust issues

  • The fixing of the handle on the saw body could have been better

  • The sharpness of the blades is not up to the mark

10. WilFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw

WilFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw

Installed with a 16 inch premium quality blade, it offers speed and power. With the help of this tool, it is easy to get professional results in cutting. Moreover, the hand saw makes it easy to reach out to difficult corners and edges with ease. There are 9 tri-cut teeth fixed on the thick blade of the hand saw that are sharper compared to regular hand saw.

Owing to this, you can get the desired cut on a wide range of wooden and plastic surfaces based on the woodworking project you are involved in. In addition, the rubber handle gives the required comfort of holding the handle for a long time.

As it is constructed with induction hard material, it gives durability to the item. With this, it is easy to get smooth and sharp cuts. This hand saw is also the hand saw for plywood due to its ability to get on a wide variety of wood types. 



  • Handle is comfortable and secured to be used

  • The blades are sharp to get quick and easy cuts

  • Quality blades do not catch moisture resulting in rust

  • Dovetails and tenons enable easy usage

  • The fixing of the blade could have been better

  • The sharpness of blades tend to get dull after prolonged use


Therefore, after going through the list of the products, it shall help make an informed decision to incest for a quality hand saw. You can also decide depending on the type of woodworking project that you are engaged in.

When buying it the first time, purchasing the correct one may seem to be a daunting task. But the details in the above part can be of great help to pick the correct one. Do not go for any random option as you may not get the desired cut result. With products from reliable sources are suitable to invest for.

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