Handibot Smart Power Tool Review: How good is this Shopbot Router?

Handibot CNC Router is a power tool made by the company Shopbot. It is a great tool to have for various works like cutting, carving, milling, machining, etc.

The router can be used to worked on wood, foam, plastic, and even aluminum. It is easily movable from one place to another.

This has a few differences from other similar CNC tools. CNC tools are usually hefty, and it takes a lot of strength to move them around.

Handibot CNC Router is less bulky compared to other machines. Someone who is used to using traditional tools will be surprised to use it.

Handibot CNC Router is made with advanced control software named FabMo, which allows the user to use the tool in various ways not possible before.

The advanced new technology allows for more freedom on the part of the user. It can cut through anything as long as the material is placed on a solid base.

The tool also comes with the built-in digital fabrication that maximizes the power of the CNC router and minimizes the challenges that previous CNC routers had.

It comes with servos that corrects the defects of posture while using it. This router is a step ahead of all the earlier routers in terms of technology and effectiveness.

Important Features to Know

Handibot Smart Power Tool Review

One of the critical features of the Handibot CNC router is that it is small in size, which makes it easy to use. Someone does not need to know the procedures of CAD and CAM software to run the tool. CAD to CAM is the traditional way of operating the tool. However, if someone wants to go that way, they can use VCarvePro ShopBot Edition and Autodesk Fusion360 software. If you are looking for more options then check out other, best cnc softwares for your machine.The control software FabMo provides more freedom to the user. If they have access to a Mac, PC Computer, an android device, iOS phone, any tablet, they will be able to use the tool efficiently. It comes with many user-friendly features like: 

  • Handibot Console: It is a computer specially designed to control the tool. It has touch screen features and tiny size for easy use. It can be used to load various files, connect the machine to the internet, create designs, and do a lot more things. 
  • Open Front Design: The device comes with an open front design that will allow the user to move the equipment around as required. It also allows the user to change bits as they wish.
  • Dust Extraction System: The device comes with a dust extraction system that will collect the dust from cutting or craving and keep the place of working clean and tidy. The system can take away all the gunk and dirt without much hassle.
  • Clear Hood: The device also features a transparent hood that is built in the system. The clear hood reduces the noise created by the tool. Not only that, but it is also able to keep the dust created by the saw and other wastes away from the device. The clear hood is also useful for keeping the fingers of the user safe and protected.
  • Aluminum and Steel frame: The tool features an aluminum frame and steel bearings that make the device so precise in its cutting and scaping. 
  • The location of the electronic tip: The location will also make it easy to change the tool. It will be no hassle to change it during a job. It is a significant part of the device, and this feature makes sure that it gets done reliably and effectively.

The Software that Can be Used with Handibot CNC Router

Handibot Smart Power Tool

It is a very versatile tool that can be paired up with various kinds of software and can be used in many different ways.

There are many software that can be used with Handibot CNC Router like DeskProto, Cabinet Parts Pro, Visualmill, Vector CAD-CAM, Shape 3D, eCabinet System, OneCNC, MillWizard, MasterCAM, KCDw, EnRouter, Cabinet Vision, Vector Art 3d, ArtCAM, SketchUp, Rhino 3D, AutoCAD, etc. 


Just like everything else in life, there are some downsides to the device. The working volume of the device is small in comparison to other products. One needs to have a Windows PC or similar device to operate the thing. The company Shotbot has expressed its plans for future controllers, but it will only be available to the premium investors who will get a Windows 8 tablet to control the tool.

Using a tablet to control a router is innovative and modern, but many people like their routers to have the controller attached to it. It would be even more beneficial if it can be accessed to an Android or iOS device. There is currently little information about attachments and accessories that will be available with the device.

Overall Verdict

The company Shopbot is well known for its high-quality CNC routers that are also very big. The Handibot CNC router is compact router and does not come with the hefty weight like other routers.

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Experts agree that their Handibot router is a very well designed and useful product. The design met with the funding that was given by the crowd to make it a truly commercial product. The design is the most exciting part of the device, and many people want it to come to life.

It is the advanced level of the CNC router, and that is why it takes a lot more user attention than regular CNC routers. This device is handy and portable. The technology used in it is advanced, and can be used with various PCs.

The device is made with solid aluminum and steel material and has a dust cleaning system that does less cleaning after doing a job.

The durability of this product is relatively higher than usual and that’s why the product is highly demandable among the users.It can cut and drill into the toughest of materials without any problem.

However, the application of the tool needs a bit more work to function even more smoothly. Overall, it is a lovely product for any construction work.

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