Hiltex Router Bits review: Hiltex 10100 Carbide Bits Reviewed

So, you have some really cool woodworking ideas about new cabinets or tables, and all you need to get started is a proper router bit set. You must be looking for something that meets both of your criteria of cost and quality. 

If you have already started searching for the right router bits, chances are that you have come upon the name Hiltex router bit and its range of products. 

Maybe, even some of your friends who are into woodworking have suggested the brand. And, if you are in a dilemma about whether or not you should go for the brand and its tools, here’s a detailed review to help you out.

A brief overview of the Brand Hiltex

If you are a woodworker who has been in this business for quite a while now, then the name Hiltex is not something that would need much of an introduction to you. And, if you are new to the world of woodworking, then you have surely heard the name of the brand through your fellow workmen or in the online forums.

Hiltex has been around for years now, and the company mainly deals with all kinds of power tools and accessories. You will find high-quality routers and router bit set at the right prices under this brand name.

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The aim of the brand is to increase your productivity with tools that are designed for workflow improvements and delivering maximum efficiency.

The products are made to undergo strict quality checks for ensuring that they get the job done, while ensuring absolute safety for the users. 

The brand caters to both the professional woodworkers, as well as the ones who are new to the arena. You will find many different types of router bit like cove bit, flush trim bit, ogee bit and others.  There are also options of solid carbide router bits based on the nature of your project. 

The most popular Carbide router bits from Hiltex

Hiltex has quite a range of tools to offer, one of their most sold router bits which also gets the maximum attention from the woodworkers has been discussed below in detail.

1. Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set

Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits

The 10100 Router Bit set from Hiltex are made from high quality tungsten carbide and these are known to deliver clean and accurate cuts every single time.

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Thanks to the commendable heat resistance, you have the option to use the bits for cutting all types of wood. For added durability, the rest of this router bit is made from a tough steel alloy.

It comes bounded with bearing rollers, and every bit has an aligned and smooth operation with all the bits having a ¼” universal shank for fitting quickly and attaching to all kinds of routers.

However, it also means that you cannot use the product unless you want to create really thin profiles. This is a fifteen piece set that comes in a sturdy wooden case, which has labelling about each bit type.

It also has an image that you can follow every time you have to keep the bits inside. The wooden box wins on both counts of storage and portability. 

Now, in terms of durability of the product, these bits from Hiltex have powder coating on them that adds an extra layer of protection.

You can Hiltex 10100 tungsten carbide router bits for as many times as needed without having to worry about whether you are compromising their longevity, which is a good thing.

This is a good set when the aim to do edging, trimming, veining, and grooving, and both professionals and DIY enthusiasts would find this one helpful.



  • A good variety of router bit in one handy wooden set that is easy to store

  • Comes at an affordable price and offers great value for your money

  • Works for professionals, and is great as a starter set for the beginners

  • A great option for small projects and creating perfect thin profiles

  • A durable set with the tungsten carbide bits having powder coated bodies

  • Smooth operation with clean and accurate cuts delivered all the time

  • The bits might get gummed up if you are using these for trimming veneer

  • This set from Hiltex is not made for large projects

  • Might not work as well not hardwood as it does on softwood

A critical assessment of Hiltex Router Bits

Now, you already have a bit of an idea about the brand and you have read the reviews of the popular router bits from it. It is time now to take an overall account of all that is good and not so great about the tungsten carbide router bits from Hiltex.


  • First off, Hiltex is commendable for keeping the prices really low and getting you value for money. It has one of the most inexpensive products in the market, and in fact, the prices are cheaper when you buy during offers and discounts.
  • Secondly, most of the router bits from Hiltex are perfect for the DIY enthusiasts and the amateur woodworkers. The sets have all the things that the newbies and hobbyists need, and these are durable enough to last when used once in a while. 
  • Thirdly, it is great that the universal shank sizes of Hiltex router bits ensure that these fit all kinds of routers. So, the bits are pretty flexible when it comes to going with different kinds of routers.
  • Finally, if you are working solely on wood, Hiltex router bits will not really disappoint you with clean cuts and added longevity.


The biggest issue that most users mention when using Hiltex router bits is that the products are not durable enough. The bits tend to give up when used on a daily basis, and thus, these are not a great fit for professional usage. For the professionals, Hiltex mostly serves as a good additional set, and not something to be used the first thing every day.

Moreover, most of the router bit set from Hiltex are not too great when cutting through metal, though they work fine when it comes to wood. In fact, users complain that some Hiltex router bits have difficulty in working through even aluminum. The brand really needs to work on improving the built and longevity of the bits.

However, with that being said, you will have to keep in mind the price at which you are getting these bits. So, it is pretty value for money as a purchase.


To sum it up, Hiltex router bits are commendable products when you compare the price with the other quality router bits. Surely, you will find better bits in the market, but keep in mind that you will have to pay way more to bring those products home.

If you are a professional, then paying more might not be an issue, but for a newbie or a DIY enthusiast, it is better to go for something like Hiltex.

It will get the job done and will not cost a bomb, which is great because you will not be using it daily anyway.

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