Hook Knife for Spoon Carving in 2023

Hook knives in woodworking are used to create spoon carvings, bowls, and cups. They are nifty little tools that are an absolute essential in the Arsenal of a woodworker, whether you are a professional, or a hobbyist. These knives also have a crooked blade at the end which makes it easy for you to create rounded edges.

They also feature specially designed handles so that you can perform the necessary movement with your wrist. For a lot of woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts, it becomes very necessary to choose the hook knife for spoon carving. 

Hook Knives for Spoon Carving

1. BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife SK1 : Hook Knife Overall

BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife SK1

Although this is a very generic looking knife, it can get the job done pretty well, and all of it under $20. The handle of this knife is made of hardwood oak wood also processed with organic linseed oil. Also, both the ends of the handle have rounded and tapered edges which will look generic, but it will make it easier for you to come wood for longer periods of time.

This is because this type of design is not as strenuous on the hands as some other designs. Additionally, it also allows you to get a good grip on the knife. Secondly, the blade is made of full tang high carbon steel, that makes it much more durable than partial tang. This is because this type of blade is hardened properly when ideal firmness.

This makes it easier for you to use the blade for long term without chipping. It is also a single bevel blade, which means that you will have to sharpen it quite often, but this is to be expected with all types of wooden knives. All in all, when it comes to comparing the cost with the durability and performance, this is a pretty good choice. 

2. Gaxcoo Wood Carving Tools Kit : Budget Pick

Gaxcoo Wood Carving Tools Kit
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This tool kit for beginners features 4 different tools to make all your woodworking dreams come true. It has a hook knife which is designed specifically for carving round edges of any kind, including cups, bowls, and kuksa carvings. Other tools in this kit include a sloyd knife for whittling and roughing out the wood, a detailed knife for delicate wood cutting, creating small details and perfecting your work.

Each of these tools, including the hook knife, featured a handle that is made of hardwood, and a blade which is made of premium carbon steel. The hook knife is sharpened on only one side, and it is suitable for use by right-handed people. If you prefer using the push cut style for creating a spoon carved in the wood, this is a perfect tool for you, because it allows you to use the blunt side of the blade as a stabilizer.

This kit also comes with a sharpening stone, which you can use for keeping your knives in razor sharp shape. However, there are no instructions for how to use this stone, so be careful. The company also offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product. 



  • Great quality knives are available at very reasonable price

  • Designed specifically for spoon, bowl, cup, Kuksa carving and any round edge carving

  • Comes with rubber protectors for each blade

  • Plastic sheath on the longer blade does not cover the entire blade

3. Morakniv Wood Carving Hook Knife 164 : Made of Swedish 12C27 Steel

Morakniv Wood Carving Hook Knife 164
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This left-handed knife by mora has an internal radius of 0.5 inches and this is why it is absolutely perfect from carving wooden spoons of any size. The blade is single edge steel, which is top grade Swedish 12C27 type of steel. The knife is perfectly suited for pull cuts using one hand and for creating push cuts using the other. Besides making wooden spoons, you can also use it for carving cups, bowls, or for any other kind of detailed relief carving. The handle is made of oiled birch and is ergonomically designed.

It is perfectly balanced and crafted with a comfortable design, making it easy for you to use the knife even for an extended period of time. If you are comfortable with using the push cut technique more often, this knife is made for you, because its single edge blade allows you to use the blunt side as a stabilizer. The blade of this knife is resistant to corrosion, shows high hardness, excellent edge performance, and is razor sharp. It is 2.2 inches in length and 0.08 inches in thickness. The knife also comes with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. 



  • Easy to use even with single hand for making pull cuts

  • The knife is ergonomically designed

  • Comes with a sheath that protects the knife from causing any harm

  • A bit expensive

3. Flexcut FLEXKN52-BRK : Premium Pick

Flexcut FLEXKN52-BRK

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If you are a full-time spoon carver, or a professional woodworker, you will understand the value of this knife. It is a little bit expensive, and people who do not have a lot of experience with spoon carving all are hobbyists may find it difficult to justify the price tag on this tool. It has one of the highest quality handles in the market when it comes to hook knives.

The handle is made of cherry and just from the look of it, you can tell that it has been painstakingly carved. It just looks and feels absolutely great. For the experienced spoon carvers, it won’t be difficult to see the difference between this tool and the cheaper coke knives available in the market. It has an iconic traditional swedish design and besides using it for spoon carving, you can also use it for hollowing bowls. The color of the blade on the knife is made of high carbon steel.

The overall length is 8 inches and it has a radius of 0.5 inches. It’s also a full tang knife, which means that the length of the blade runs all the way through the handle. There’s also a brass ferrule which not only gives it great looks common but also makes it corrosion resistant. The knife is a little bit on the heavy side. In a nutshell, professionals will understand the significance and value of this knife, but most people do not need to spend so much. 



  • Has an iconic swedish design

  • Code made from high carbon steel

  • Best for making spoon and hollowing bowls

  • Size could have been a bit bigger

4. Narex 822101 Small Spoon Carving Hook Knife : for Left-handed People

Narex 822101 Small Spoon Carving Hook Knife
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For left-handed people, this is the perfect tool because the blade is on the opposite side of the knife. If you prefer pulling with your right hand and pushing with your left hand, this is your holy grail. The blade of this knife is made from manganese alloy. It has a hardness of 61 hrc, which means that it can take and hold an excellent edge. It is also a very strong blade, but unfortunately, it does not have the same corrosion resistance that you can find with stainless steel knives.

The blade is 11 by 16 inches wide at its base, which may not be enough for some users, but it is good enough for those who are just starting out and want to make smaller scoops. It is also quite narrow and short, with just one-inch radius and two inches length.

Lastly, it is a curved blade and it does not taper along the length. The knife is razor sharp and ready to use right out of the box. On the other hand, the handle of the tool is a full 1-1/4 inches in breadth and 4-½ inches in length. This will help reduce grip fatigue and allow you to maintain a strong hold on the knife, ensuring comfortable usage for an extended period of time. The handle is made from european beech wood that has been stained and finished. 



  • Scooping out convex surfaces from spoons or bowls

  • Knife made from manganese alloy steel hardness of 61 HRc

  • May feel assembled and not like a one piece knife

5. BeaverCraft S13 Wood Carving Tools Set for Spoon Carving : Beginner’s Kit

BeaverCraft S13 Wood Carving Tools Set for Spoon Carving
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This spoon carving kit features three tools – a sloyd knife so that you can prepare the wood roughly for processing, a detail knife which has a thin tipped blade for shaping the details of the workpiece, and a spoon knife that will form the hollows and trenches finally. Some people find this kit the for beginners, especially because the wood carving hook knife that comes with it has a blade that narrows gradually.

This allows you to create hollows and trenches in any size.The kit also comes with a bunch of other tools that you will need to take care of your knives – a tools pouch, a stropping leather, and stropping compound. BeaverCraft has also modified the handle of the hook knife in this kit – it has a longer handle.

It is also slightly thicker, which will help you maintain the grip on the knife without getting fatigued. You also do not have to worry about the quality and the durability of the knife in this set, BeaverCraft is well-known for its excellent quality products, and this kit is no exception. 



  • Best in class knife kit that can be used to carve out spoons and bowls

  • Quality is top notch and very durable

  • Since the kit has many different knives, it is very versatile

  • Not all the knives may have a razor sharpness in the blade

6. Elemental Tools Wood Spoon Carving Knife : 30 Days Money Back Gaurantee

Elemental Tools Wood Spoon Carving Knife

Created to meet the needs of beginners as well as experts, this is a very affordable hook knife featuring that can be used for creating gouges. You can create spoons, bowls, kuksa wood cups, and a lot more with this knife. The blade of the knife is made of high carbon steel with a hardness of 65MN. The knife is razor sharp and ready to use right out of the box – plus it maintains its sharp edge for an extended period of time.

This means that you will not have to bother with sharpening it for a long time. The handle of the knife also features an ergonomic design, and is made of black walnut. Not only does it stand out because of its beautiful finish, it also gives you increased usability and versatility with its design. This is because the edges of the handle have been rounded off, making it easier to use it for hours without getting wrist fatigue. The company also offers a money back guarantee on this product if you are not satisfied with it after 30 days of use. 

8. WAYCOM Carving Knife Set : Comes with a Polishing Kit

WAYCOM Carving Knife Set
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This twelve-piece set of carving tools by WAYCOM features all the carving tools that you can possibly need, but the hero of this set is the hook knife. It features a comfortable wood handle which is made of high-quality hardwood. The handle is quite smooth and gives you an ergonomic, strong and firm grip while you are carving. From personal experience, we can tell you that even after using this knife for a long period of time, there was no blistering or fatigue. The hook knife also features a steel blade.

Everything from the thickness of the blade to its hardness, weight, finish, etc. Have been uniquely made using high-end craftsmanship which ensures that the knife is optimized for woodworking. Other products in the kit include a bamboo box for keeping your tools safe, cut resistant gloves to protect your hands while you are working, and a leather sheet to protect yourself from accidental injuries.

There’s also a polishing that comes with the kit which you can use for making the blade of the hook knife sharpener and glossier, and also prevent any rusting of the blade. 



  • Excellent kit for beginners

  • Comes with gloves to protect from any unwanted cuts since the blade is very sharp

  • Comes in a nice storage box which also makes for a great woodworking gift

  • Great only for left handed people

Other Great Picks

9. BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife SK1SH with Leather Sheath

BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife SK1SH with Leather Sheath
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Featuring when it comes to hook knives, this product by BeaverCraft is perfect for wood carvings, especially for beginners. You can do everything from wood carving bowls, spoons, cups, scoops, and other types of rounded edges with this knife. And the thing is that it comes with a knife sheath, which will prevent you from getting injured when you are carrying it somewhere or even pulling your knife out of your work kit.

The handle of the hook knife is made of ash wood and is then processed with natural linseed oil. It has been designed in such a way that it is ergonomically compliant and does not strain your hand even if you work with it for hours. The blade is made of high carbon steel which is also hardened further to improve the strength and durability.

It is also a single edged blade, so that you can use the flat edge for stability. The rounding diameter of the knife is 1 inch. This knife is meant for right-handed people and you can also get the same model in left-handed design as well. 



  • Has easy to grip handle and an ergonomic design

  • Comes with hook knife and a safety sheath

  • The leather sheath protects the sharpness when not in use

  • They should have provided it as part of a kit

10. SIMILKY Wood Carving Tools 5 in 1 Knife Set

SIMILKY Wood Carving Tools 5 in 1 Knife Set
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The carving set by SIMILKY features a variety of wood carving tools, and is the hook knife. It features an arc anomic handle which is specifically designed for ensuring maximum comfort wild Woodworking. The blade of the knife features a single bevel and is well suited for right-handed individuals who can use the flatten side for stability.

Other products included in this get include a whittling knife to give the wood a rough shape, a detailed knife for finishing up the carvings, art resistant gloves which will prevent any injury, a wooden spoon blank, leather strop, and polish to keep your knives sharp for a long period of time. The company also offers a 30 days money back guarantee on this product if you’re not totally satisfied with it. 



  • Sharpest blades in its segment

  • Kit also comes with a first aid kit

  • You get safety gloves and a box to store your knives

  • Some knives are dull while others are sharp

Buying Guide 

Here are the most important factors worth keeping in mind when buying a hook knife. 


When you are using handheld tools like hook knives, it is important that the tool is properly designed in order to reduce the chances of injury and drama to your hand and wrist. The most important thing for this is a nonslip handle. Although you may find it pretty to look at when a handle has a shiny finish, they can be quite difficult to work with. Therefore, it is recommended to go with knives that have textured handles.

Moreover, the width and length of the handle is also important. If the handle length is too small, it will cause pressure on your palm. Ideally, you should buy a handle that extends through the entire length of your palm, that is, at least 4 inches. The width should be 1.5 inches to prevent stress on your hand as well.

Blade length

The internal radius of the carving angle of the hook knife is the most important factor for determining the performance of the knife. You will get finer carvings if the blade is shorter and more detailed, whereas a long and significantly curved blade will give you less fine carvings. Moreover, smaller blades can also improve accuracy of the carve and can be used to create carvings even in the smaller crevices of your workpiece.

However, this does not mean that a short radius is always better. When you are working with larger wooden pieces, you want to get a hook knife that can produce bigger carvings in a single scoop. Smaller knives, in this case, will increase the amount of time required to finish the work. Therefore, the preferable length of the blade is largely dependent on the types of projects you will be undertaking. 

Single versus double edge

When you are working with a hook knife that has a single beveled edge, it can be advantageous because it allows you to place your thumb on the blunt side of the knife and this gives you more control over the task. This type of design also gives you freedom to create push cards which are very important in maintaining the precision and accuracy of the carve.

However, single edged blades can only be used by either right-handed people, or left-handed people. Therefore, you will need to buy separate knives if there are a lot of people working in your workshop. Double blades, on the other hand, can be used by both, but they do not offer you the option to create stability with the opposite edge of the knife


We hope the list of the hook knives for spoon carving and the guide helps you choose a type of hook knife that will work for you entirely depends on the kind of work you’re going to do, what your experience level is, and whether you are a left-handed individual or a right-handed one. In any case, the products mentioned above are truly the market right now. As long as you pick one of them, you will be golden. 

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