How Does a Tool Length Sensor Work on a CNC Router?

It is very simple; you just need to place the tool length sensor on the work table and move the gantry exactly above the sensor for hassle free setting of the zero point Z. Just a click on the computer and you get the accurate Z value automatically before starting your CNC machine operation. 

The best thing about using a tool length sensor is that it is accurate, user-friendly, and long lasting. If you ask for a suggestion, then Schutzklasse IP65 is one of the most accurate and widely used tool length sensors by professionals CNC machine operators.

“Schutzklasse” is a German term meaning “Specified Protection Class”. The IP indicates overall safety of the sensor against the penetration or contact of water as well as other foreign particles.

The first digit “6” indicates dust protection and the second digit “5” indicates water-ray protection. So, you won’t have to worry about the sensor getting damaged or showing faulty value due to the presence of water or foreign elements inside or on it. 

The sensor has a magnetic foot which has to be mounted with the help of two screws. This magnetic foot is generally used to secure the sensor position on the table while checking the Z setting of tools of varied lengths. If you want, you can keep the sensor loose beside the CNC device and place the sensor directly on top of the workpiece to simply take the tool length measurement.  

Note that the magnetic tool will not require any additional protection from shavings and dust during the CNC operation. Also, it takes only seconds to install the magnetic fit to the work material. With an accuracy of 0.02mm, the sensor along with its foot is perfect to match most applications of a CNC router. The KinetiC-NC control software is what you have to install in your computer as it perfectly supports the Schutzklasse IP65 tool length sensor. 

The tool length sensor is capable of utilizing in two settings or variants: 

(i) Automatic tool change variant with extra tool changer followed by the corresponding High Frequency spindle

(ii) Manual tool change setting with following measurement of exactly up to 0.01 mm.

Smart handling of a tool length sensor 

To avoid manual measurement of tool lengths everytime after parts tool change, use the zero point button to make the entire procession automatic. The offset between the work material holder (work table) and the touch point is stored in the controller software once and for all time.

Now you only have to set the thickness of the workpiece and allow the CNC router to run the measurement through the controller software within 2 “clicks” to save the zero point of the job and the tool length automatically.

The tool length sensor is, therefore, a significant accessory that you will require, typically in the CNC projects that employ multiple tools simultaneously to get the job done. It eases your job and also saves you time, increasing productivity and efficiency.

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