How Long Would It Take to Drill Holes with a CNC Router in 2022?

Well, nowadays the CNC routers are a hard competition to the handheld cordless drills, which we once considered to be much faster. You can easily get the best and fastest CNC drilling machines on the internet. 

However, how much time it will take to dril, holes depends on the material on which you intended to drill, the spindle speed, and the drill bit speed. Again, the material of the drill bits determines the feed rate. 

For example, soft drill bits like low-carbon drill bits are recommended to use at lower drilling speed, similarly Cobalt drill bits can be employed at higher speed on hard materials, however, not too high to burn out the tool life subsequently. For your information, there are CNC routers that can drill 120 per minute (circa) and it could be even more based on the model you choose to buy. 

Mazak Integrex i-400S Multi-Tasking CNC machine is one of the fastest CNC machines that is fit for faster hole drilling, engraving, and more. You can also check out your desired CNC machine from here to get additional information about how long a CNC router usually takes to drill. 

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