How to Cut Tiles With a CNC Router?

To cut tiles with a CNC router, the most basic requirement is to avail a Stone CNC router. Why? This is because tiles are also made of stone materials including marble, granite, slate, etc., other than ceramics. So, your machine should be sturdy enough to withstand prolonged cutting operations without affecting the router’s durability.

In this article, we will find out what a stone CNC router is and its utility. Also, we will check out how the machine works in cutting tiles. For further assistance with the machine selection during purchase, top 3 trending CNC routers have been recommended further below. 

Stone CNC Router

Stone CNC Router is an entirely automatic machining device designed and developed for deep cutting of stones and other stone-made materials like tiles, artificial stone, onyx, and other hard composite materials, etc. All these materials are suitable for grinding, drilling, cutting, and milling functions of a CNC machine (router). 

The primary functions of this type of CNC router  is to design 3D reliefs for wall decor,  carving lines and sharp bottoms, chamfering, cutting, and many more.

This model of CNC router is widely used in the stone cutting industry, tiling industry, art and decor industry, where the project requirement includes procession of hard materials, other than wood/metal/plastic(fiber). 

How a CNC Router is Operated to Cut Tiles?  

Considering a stone CNC Router machine, which is a 3D CNC system, a typesetting software and special design are installed in a single-chip microcomputer, where the machinist designs and typesets texts and graphics. This then auto-generates the processing path instruction, transmitting the information via a USB or other data interface.

The interface sends the tooling path data to the general microcomputer. As the CNC system receives the pat details and completes a sequence of functions like user interaction and display, the system utilizes a certain algorithm to transform the input path data into CNC data, and the CNC controller converts this data into the machine drive.

The converted pulse train signal of the servo or stepper motor controls all the three: X, Y, and Z axes of the CNC router and finally, realizes the auto-cutting procession as per the graphics designed on the microcomputer. 

Top 3 CNC Router Recommendations For Tile Cutting Projects

  1. STS3113 CNC Stone Cutting Router is specially designed to cut and polish, drill, and engrave real as well as artificial stones, quartz stone, marble granite, marble, etc. The product is available on the market at its best price ranging through $32800.00 to $36800.00.
  1. STS6090 Stone CNC Machine is a versatile option for anyone looking for a router that can work on any material including, wood, metal,  jade, acrylic, stone, etc. This product is available within the $2800.00 to $3500.00 range.
  1. STS1318 Stone CNC Machine is a newly designed model for cutting and carving stones and stone-made materials. It is yet again available within an affordable range from $5000.00 to $9800.00.

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