How to do Engraving With the 3020 CNC Router in 2022?

Before starting with the steps of how to engrave with a 3020 CNC router, let’s understand the machine first. This CNC router is designed solely for engraving countertops of timber, bamboo, non-ferrous soft metals, and plastics. Application of this machine on any other surface may damage the project. This mechatronic engraving tool  requires the machinist to have relative pro-grade knowledge to handle the router proficiently.

This article will give you a vivid description regarding the application environment of 3020 CNC router followed by some safety tips. 

So, let’s begin. 

To get clear understanding of how 3020 router can engrave, let’s check out the fundamental workflow of the machine: 

  1. Install the CNC control software “Mach3” on the computer, and do the necessary parameters setup to control the software according to the engraving requirements of the router
  1. Design the project which is to be engraved on the workpiece via design software, and output Geometric code (G code) or Numeric Code (N code)  .Tap files as recognizable by Mach3 control software 
  1. Clamp the workpiece (to be engraved) tightly on the operating table of the 3020 CNC router
  1. Transfer the engraving code to Mach3 control software and deliver the engraving moves or instructions to the CNC router machine. Finally, the 3020 CNC router will begin the engraving operation on the clamped material surface

So, the entire procession of a 3020 engraving router on the workpiece. Now, let’s check out the entire procession in a stepwise manner for a better understanding of the engraving task.

Step 1: Installation of the workpiece workpiece on the operation platform 

Firmly fix the material to be engraved on the work table of the engraving machine. 

Step 2: Set the engraving tool of the CNC router 

After the workpiece is installed on the engraving table, tool setting, i.e., setting the starting position of the engraving tool as programmed by the programmer, is required. Also, if the user is a beginner, then he/she might be new to the concept of X, Y, and Z coordinates of this 3-axis machine. Considering that and to make the first engraving project work out well, one should try to keep all the starting coordinates of engraving at the center of the workpiece. The point at which all the diagonals intersect is the starting point.

  1. First of all, operate the X and Y axes via manual control, and pass the principal axis near the starting point; clamp a pointed  knife with a flat base
  1. Switch off the electric cabinets’ power (when the power supply is cut off) and then move the cutter nose to the starting point, by slowly turning the hand wheels to maintain fine control on 3 stepping motor 

Step 3: Proceed to tool path code

Transfer the Geometric code and the test file to Mach3 control software. Then begin with your first ever engraving project with that file.

Step 4: Start the engraving operation

  1. Hit “Zero X, Zero Y, and Zero Z” sequentially, to reset the X, Y, and Z axial coordinates, respectively
  1. Switch on the Power button of the 3020 CNC machine’s electrical cabinet. Next, switch on the Spindle button. This will cause the spindle motor to start moving slowly. Also, check if the principal axis is moving in the clockwise direction. If yes, it means all correct. Else, contact the model dealer shortly. Then, gradually wring the speed adjustment key of the electrical cabinet clockwise to the highest speed, which will then cause the spindle motor to run at a full speed of about 11,000 cycles
  1. Finally, hit the Cycle Start switch in Mach3 software to start the engraving on the workpiece surface. 

Attention: Once the engraving is done, level down the high revolving speed of the principal axis to the least magnitude. Then lift the Z axis in Mach3 by controlling it manually and turn out the spindle motor from the engraving

surface of the workpiece. Finally, switch off the power and make sure to clean the engrave generated scraps, each time you are finished engraving.

Safety Tips

  • Do not stay any closer to the engraving machine during the operation, especially one’s hands shouldn’t be close to the cutter turning at high revolving speed. 
  • Keep a distance while observing the entire procedure. Also, wear safety goggles to protect eyes from scrapping eruptions
  • Never try disassembling the electric cabinet of the machine for fixing or reconstruction, unless it is serving a warranty period 
  • Be careful with the electricity as  only an authorized standard voltage is used by other electric appliances, use ratified standard voltage. Also, check if the electrical grounding is safe or not
  • Avoid installing the 3020 CNC router in a dusty or moist environment, and keep it out of children’s reach 
  • Timely maintenance and cleaning can keep a good operational  condition of the engraving CNC router, thereby extending the machine’s service life

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