How to Fix Wavy Text on a CNC Router Table in 2022?

The most obvious reason for getting wavy text on a CNC router table is either the tool or workpiece chattering. Now what does that mean? Well, chattering is a vibration that gradually grows violent, generating a typical noise, either in the CNC router or the workpiece on the table. Anybody facing this issue with their CNC machine must know that the machine chattering can affect the tool life,  thereby affecting the accuracy of the  machining task and shortening the machine’s durability.

For example, many machinists, especially the CNC routing professionals while carving texts on a workpiece kept on the router table, noticed wavy texts on the countertop. However, people also mentioned other reasons behind the appearance of this wavy text on the CNC router table. That’s a topic for another day. Today, this article will cover how to overcome chattering of a CNC router tool on the workpiece.

Before that, note that there are two types chattering that one may experience during the text carving project:

  • Tool Chatter: Here the resonant vibration of the CNC router tool is transmitted to the job installed on the table. Consequently, the (text) carving operating on the workpiece follow the wavy pattern 
  • Workpiece Chatter: Here the workpiece experiences the vibration and could have a severely negative impact on the end product compared to what achieved through tool chatter 

The article is focused on the first type of Chatter. However, the techniques mentioned to reduce tool chatter can also be applied for reducing workpiece chatter similarly.

How to Eliminate Tool Chatter And Fix Wavy Text on CNC Router Table? 

Let’s suppose that the spindle of the CNC router is powering up the machining tool, and during the carving process on the workpiece, that horsepower generates force, acting on the job and hence, eventually on the workpiece. The tool deflects with enough force which creates a chattering resonance effect on the router table workpiece. 

However, the intensity of this deflection can be reduced significantly below a certain threshold value. This will cause less vibration and hence, reduced tool deflection. The reputed tooling manufacturers suggest that the deflection value should not exceed 0.001″, else the high frequency tool chattering can spoil the end product. That doesn’t totally solve the deflection issue, however, less the chatter, less is the certainly of tool chatter.  

Note: Use the Cut Optimizer function of  G-Wizard software. It helps to optimize the cutting depth and cut width of the CNC router tool on the workpiece and keep the critical value of tool deflection below 0.001″, reducing tool chatter way down.  

Now try carving texts on the workpiece on the CNC router table and get zero or relatively less wavy text engraving results. 

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